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  1. Have played for about 10 hours and as I expected I love it. Looks beautiful and gameplay feels good. Also don't think I've played a game that was 60 fps before, it's so nice.
  2. Mine just shipped from Best Buy, charged too. Dunno how realistic it is to hope it arrives tomorrow but hopefully by Friday at least. Just happy it shipped, now to wait.
  3. Blessed Unleashed, didn't realize it was releasing on PS4 today. Normally I can't really get into MMORPGs but I'm enjoying it so far.
  4. Really looking forward to this. I liked Odyssey but didn't care much for the setting honestly. This however I'm super excited about. Been a while since I've looked forward to a game this much. My excitement might also be a bit mixed with getting my PS5 too but eh, still stoked to play it.
  5. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. Wasn't expecting much but I'm actually really enjoying it so far.
  6. Just bought Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter. Original total was $227 but with the PS Store holiday sale it only came to $62.
  7. Ashen. Didn't realize this was getting a PS4 release, was super excited when I first heard about it.
  8. Code Vein and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Really enjoying Code Vein but it's getting quite difficult, or I just suck which is highly possible. Also not a huge fan of the whole "you die you lose everything if you can't retrieve it" thing. But I am enjoying it. Only played a bit of Fallen Order but I'm enjoying it. Not really into Star Wars but the game looked fun.
  9. So is playing in exhibition the safest bet to avoid major issues? For whatever reason I'm still kinda looking forward to this game, maybe I'm foolishly hopefully the major stuff will get fixed in patches, but I'd like to avoid bugs/glitches as much as possible while playing.
  10. World War Z. Will be playing it solo so I dunno how much fun it'll be but I liked what I've seen of it. Been in the mood to play games but nothing I play does it for me and this was the only game on PSN that remotely interested me, plus it's on sale so why not?
  11. Recently got back into Dragon Age Inquisition and loving it, obviously. Gonna finally get that platinum. Got Human Fall Flat today and played for a few hours with my cousin, really enjoying it for what it is. Also got it while it's on sale for PS+ members, regular game is $20 and the bundle was only $10.
  12. Zolbot Cabero... well it's interesting. Not gonna lie, don't completely hate it.
  13. Had plans to meet up with a friend today and he had to cancel super last minute. He has a completely valid reason for cancelling last minute but I'm still super bummed. I'm the type of person that doesn't make plans often so when I do it's a fairly big deal, to me anyways, even if it's something super simple. I also feel like I'm super unlucky when it comes to last minute cancellations as they seemingly happen super frequently. Not mad at the people for cancelling, assuming they have a good reason, but rather just annoyed with the situation.
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