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  1. Believe it's for streamers and it'll mute copyrighted music
  2. Any idea if you can make it transparent? Always make a bunch of attires for him and being able to do that would really help. Extremely happy he has No More Words, love that theme.
  3. Been playing Elden Ring. Normally avoid these kinda games because it gives me too much anxiety but think I found my groove now. Just beat Margit, took 3 tries. Really enjoying so far, way more to the world than I thought. Also been playing Cyberpunk 2077 after the next gen update came out, loving it so far.
  4. Overall pretty happy with the roster. Was hoping Bray/The Fiend would somehow be included but oh well, I'm positive we'll get a top notch CAW of him. No Paige really sucks too, but again I'm sure someone will do a great job making her. Only thing that sucks with CAWs is not having their entrance music really. Feels weird not having Lita, seen speculation she could be DLC though so we'll see I guess. Speaking of DLC, really curious to see who all will be included.
  5. Maybe it's CCs that is all platforms but in terms of playing against others online it's just cross-gen? Could've sworn they stated CCs was all platforms
  6. Can't remember where it was said but I remember them saying it was to limit clipping. I'm just hoping we can still edit each body part at least.
  7. Well we've had AI sliders for I don't even remember how long now. Maybe there's new options to go with the stuff they introduced and we can adjust how frequently AI does blocks/dodges and maybe even combos. Wouldn't completely turn it off but it'd help make it less frequent at least. Just a thought, no idea if they'll have something like that. I liked how the gameplay was in previous games and not entirely sure how I'll feel about these changes, I'm just hoping once I play for myself I'll see it's actually pretty good.
  8. It's on Feb 19 Hoping we get a lot of stuff this month, whether through them or leaks, as the buildup has been disappointingly underwhelming so far.
  9. Yeah, hair looks way too puffy there. With some people seemingly having more than 1 attire this year maybe she'll have another attire with a different hairstyle. Might also look better during a match.
  10. Hope they'll start releasing info/gameplay and whatnot more regularly now, more so the gameplay. A nice teaser but yeah, with about 2 months until release I'm hoping they step things up quite a bit. Really like the covers this year.
  11. I thought that it was stated microtransactions were only gonna be in MyFactions mode? Watched the latest smacktalks video and pretty sure he said that as well, could be entirely mistaken though.
  12. More than what I expected, got me looking forward to it a bit more but still cautious. Glad to see hair has more movement again, very happy Jeff's mesh top is in (hoping his face paint can be altered/made transparent), graphically it looks very impressive and the models seem to be looking much better (Drew looks a bit off though), hate real life renders as it just makes caws stand out and everything else it's hard to comment on until we get a more in-depth look. But yeah, quite the nice teaser.
  13. That release date is a bit of a bummer but after 2K20 I happily welcome more time to work on the game... if it leads to a great game that isn't riddled with bugs and whatnot. Can't imagine what'll happen if after all this time we just get a sub par game, or worse. I've completely stuck with 2K19, couldn't be bothered to get into 2K20. Still good for the odd few matches here and there but it has definitely gotten stale despite being one of the better WWE games in a while in my opinion.
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