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  1. Been a while... Seth Rollins Monday Night Messiah attire added. Only used in-game logos because I wanted to see if I could. Max layers means I can't add a jacket unfortunately but still pretty happy with it.
  2. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. Wasn't expecting much but I'm actually really enjoying it so far.
  3. Just bought Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter. Original total was $227 but with the PS Store holiday sale it only came to $62.
  4. Ashen. Didn't realize this was getting a PS4 release, was super excited when I first heard about it.
  5. Code Vein and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Really enjoying Code Vein but it's getting quite difficult, or I just suck which is highly possible. Also not a huge fan of the whole "you die you lose everything if you can't retrieve it" thing. But I am enjoying it. Only played a bit of Fallen Order but I'm enjoying it. Not really into Star Wars but the game looked fun.
  6. Doing Finn's showcase and just did the handicap match, holy *censored* that was annoying.
  7. You can check objectives and it'll tell you how to do the move.
  8. When was it confirmed we'd be getting a patch on Monday? Or are people just speculating?
  9. So they added Jeff Hardy's armbands to CAW mode, that's pretty awesome! Now if only we could edit his face paint so I wouldn't have to create a CAW of him. And the armband on his right arm floats on top of his arm, oh and his hair is floating too. Goddamn this game... Exhibition and showcase only for me I guess until they hopefully fix the multitude of problems.
  10. So is playing in exhibition the safest bet to avoid major issues? For whatever reason I'm still kinda looking forward to this game, maybe I'm foolishly hopefully the major stuff will get fixed in patches, but I'd like to avoid bugs/glitches as much as possible while playing.
  11. World War Z. Will be playing it solo so I dunno how much fun it'll be but I liked what I've seen of it. Been in the mood to play games but nothing I play does it for me and this was the only game on PSN that remotely interested me, plus it's on sale so why not?
  12. Could it be that's when it releases for everyone that didn't pre-order to purchase and those who pre-ordered get it at launch?
  13. I'd prefer brand exclusive PPVs, minus the big 4, but instead of 2 a month they just go back and forth each month. But yeah, having 2 a month was massive overkill.
  14. *sigh* Guess Ricochet will have his sound effect too, wonderful. Entrance and model is really good though.
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