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  1. Been awhile. Just seeing how everyone is doing
  2. Shocking. Don't know what else to say that hasn't been said already. What a garbage year. Rest in peace.
  3. @Jpg82 As you can see, this section is called 'Website & Forum Help". As in, it's for help with the website and the forum itself. This is not a game support section. And tampering with the game/console in this manner is against the rules last time I checked.
  4. Are we still taking suggestions for forum skin? Can we get rid of those bars above the avatars? or replace them?
  5. Hmmmm COVID 18 ravaging the planet when Caw.ws gets an updated skin finally at long last. Coincidence? I think not Srsly though, skin looks refreshing. Do wish the forum had better software though. But still, looks good.
  6. i'm surprised people are still bothering with this dumpster fire of a game. >.>
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