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Ziggy Vercetti

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  1. I shouldn’t have doubted The Bloodline, deep storytelling
  2. Team Bianca: Becky as the mystery partner Finn Team Brawling Brutes Seth Ronda
  3. More Io and Asuka the better
  4. One thing Jarret is gonna do is make sure he gets a check
  5. Bianca Omos Usos Roman Alexa/Asuka Drew Brock O.C
  6. *sees Toxic Attraction* my thoughts exactly Booker
  7. Hope there’s a big payoff from this Firm/MJF stuff cause this new attitude MJF ain’t it. Would totally make sense for him to go back to his old ways during the match with Mox as a “haha u thought?” moment
  8. Waller (Blindfold Match) Rox Kemp Mandy Lee Bron
  9. Saw it Sunday and it was cool, but I can see why folks didn’t like it
  10. Nah they better be joking with this route for MJF. He’s a born heel and I was hoping he’ll just cash the chip in anyway as a *Censored* y’all to Regal and Mox
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