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  1. Officially came to accept that WWE’s 2K department is gonna take the easy way out 9/10 times by recycling moves and taunts during production. Just seen Bron do this Corner Clothesline Hated it in 2K22 when half the roster had it by default
  2. I hate the quality that the WWE spinner championship has gotten over the years. Always looks less golden to me. Same with a few other championships
  3. Edge’s ‘06 attire is so bland. Didn’t realize it was for copyright reasons
  4. So is The Other Side not in the jukebox menu? figured it was a copyright issue and I was right
  5. Already hate the game thanks to part 2 of the tutorial love the menu graphics
  6. My copy…copies arrived while I was away doing adult things. Need to figure out if I wanna do a giveaway for the extra copy or just sell it *long story on how I got two copies
  7. Got my shipping notification earlier tomorrow pls
  8. Fine ass …. I wish brother FightMe was here to see this post for his reaction.
  9. Willing to be she has a hidden model longshot, but was Sol Ruca‘a finisher featured in any moves overview vids? Only asking cause there’s too many vids to watch got my answer
  10. Bron & Creed Bros Gacy Jacy Dijak Rox
  11. Regarding McMahon’s new look, word is that he arrived with dyed hair and a small mustache, which people described as resembling that of Gomez Addams from The Addams Family. Hilarious
  12. Pleased with the names. Whoever I didn’t want as DLC, I just won’t use like I did last year. *coughs* MGK. Only saying that cause I’ve seen folks complain about Zeus which in my case I’ll prob use once or twice to *Censored* up Hogan….. then maybe have fun with a Friday alt attire lol
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