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  1. Decided to hop online for the first time since SvR 2010 to see what’s changed. Joined an elimination chamber lobby for the heck of it….. Bad idea and was quickly reminded why I avoided the online wrestling game community when it came to multi man/woman matches. Ended up doing a singles match to hopefully ease out the bs I just experienced and won.
  2. Love Liv, but I wouldn’t be mad if Shayna got the championship from her
  3. Love how everyone seems to be having fun
  4. Still hate how entrance graphics for certain arenas are stretched out
  5. I’ll leave my forbidden door open for Anna and Rhea
  6. Not an instant buy but the party mode looks fun minus the Penta stuff
  7. SummerSlam even know most know by now
  8. Not mad at Io/Iyo’s new attire
  9. Halloween is on a Monday this year I’ll rather wait, but if he does resign and show up earlier than October 31st then I ain’t complaining
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