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  1. Are we still taking suggestions for forum skin? Can we get rid of those bars above the avatars? or replace them?
  2. Hmmmm COVID 18 ravaging the planet when Caw.ws gets an updated skin finally at long last. Coincidence? I think not Srsly though, skin looks refreshing. Do wish the forum had better software though. But still, looks good.
  3. i'm surprised people are still bothering with this dumpster fire of a game. >.>
  4. hi there. I see your sig is hosted by photobucket
  5. The skin not being stuck in in the late 2000s would be pretty nice yeah
  6. i counted votes before. there is deffo a more efficient process. (going page by page instead of category by category) It's possible to have this done within a day. But I don't put much stock into awards (as nobody else should) just giving advice. But yes, the ICW skin looked better. Dark backgrounds > white backgrounds on type on)
  7. I remember back when I had a banhammer on here. : /
  8. A green mod? It's like a unicorn sighting grats though
  9. It would be amusing to watch This site's been dry for a long time now. But I would still probably hardly post.
  10. What you could do is just cut the pyramid from the quote (just leave the last message) or just refer to them by name. Or if they are the most recent poster, don't need to do any of that. Anyways, i'd be for unbanning everyone. It'd be something interesting.
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