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  1. So you agree that the vetting process is very strict and works fine as is yes? Very strict, not everyone gets approved. But you want the refugees to come, as many as possible yes from this situation? That would mean they would have to be much less strict about the vetting process. And if the vetting process is suddenly less stict, then security risk rises. Seems simple right?
  2. Epic fail all across. Some are to blame more than others. People do indeed like to forget Trump started negotiating with the terrorists first. Biden shouldn't have withdrawn especially as the Taliban kept gaining ground like they did. It was a bad deal that he should have reneged on. But yes, it all started for Trump, this is mostly his doing. This is a big embarrassment, even bigger than Benghazi. Trump 2024 is looking like it's around the corner at this rate. The Afgan government was corrupt and inept and failed their people. Despite being 20 years worth of training and tons of money that can't even defeat the Taliban which they outnumber and out-gear. Awful. 20 years and it seems we have come full circle. There is a reason why Afganistan is known as the Graveyard of Empires and the place where empires go to die. Feel bad for the Afgan people that will inevitably suffer And yes, there is no perfect solution for the refugee problem, Taliban/Al-quaeda/IS infiltrators would inevitably take advantage.
  3. Walking home in the rain. No big deal. Annoying when the flimsy umbrella breaks when it's pouring because of some wind. Ordered a new (and hopefully better) one from Amazon.
  4. Can't you guys bump and then delete your bump? Anyways, I forgot JR signed back up with WWE. Thought he parted aways (save for one-time returns every now and then) a long time ago.
  5. Lol at TBG also bringing up TJP and those girls in the comments section on that article
  6. I always thought Tye was lame af. Never liked him really. Never liked TJP either Never really thought Itami would go anywhere really and now but at least now he can do better things elsewhere.
  7. Seeing other people is fine when a divorce is in progress and/or they not together anymore. Its the - Im not being faithful to you and Im doing it behind your back - that would make something cheating. Anyways, As for my thoughts on this situation, meh. Edit: quotation marks not working on this site on mobile smh
  8. When people are referring to both the American continents, people use the Americas or the names of the continents ie. North and/or South America When people say just America its 98% of the time talking about the US. So dont be that guy Muur
  9. Have the weekend off, and got a raise on top of that which starts in the new week *Censored* yeah
  10. Worked a Friday, still get the weekend off plus Monday off in a row
  11. Cities: Skylines City 2 I built a lot more on it since I took those, I'll post those later. I just have these in my Onedrive
  12. GTA Online Smuggler's Run Update I like flying planes
  13. Umm. What even is your avatar

    1. Ernez


      God damnit, ThreeG did that.

  14. Hey man. Nice updates. So, I heard (in public) on here that you are planning to or have changed the sig limits. But there isn't any update on the new pixel limits? I'm just curious so if I get a sig I don't go over whatever limit it is. Thank you sir!

    1. ThreeG


      Hey, yeah thanks! Yeah I've been looking into it, and I don't think it should be a massive problem and will likely be implemented into the November update (gonna try do little monthly updates) but unsure what the resolutions will be. Keep an eye out though!

  15. got a pretty heft raise and i'm due for a temporary promotion which puts me on par with a area supervisor for the coming season, which equals another raise
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