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Jeb β˜…

Official WWE TLC Discussion Thread

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Just checked the show out.

Drew vs AJ was fine. I realized after a few min I was pretty bored of gimmick matches. It picked up when Miz showed up. Still pretty content with Drew winning.

Sasha vs Carmella was really good. Like, damn Mella, I liked you fine, but when did you get so smooth in the ring?

Hurt Business vs New Day was good. I've heard they've faced off nonstop lately so I guess this match was helped by my not watching the weeklies. Cool Cedric and Shelton won.

The moment I heard Charlotte's music I skipped the Womens tag. This is all gonna end with Charlotte vs Asuka at Mania again and Charlotte winning again, so *censored* that lol

KO vs Roman was solid. I liked the emotional moments a lot more than the nonstop weapon spots, but they got me into it. I was legit pissed at Jey in his final intereference.

Skipped Randy vs Bray, but Orton won? Wtf lol

Of all the PPV's I've seen, that sure was one of them

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I doubt they could've executed that ending with a live crowd since the match was pre-taped. Maybe if the lights went out while they switched Fiend's body with the dummy replica lol

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3 hours ago, Motown Saint said:

Bray vs Orton was one of the strangest matches I've ever seen. Imagine if there was a live Crowd

Not possible. It's all cut and pasted together in between takes.

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It would have been a different match with a Crowd, pre-taping and being able to hide stuff works incredible well for The Fiend.
Problem is that the WWE overplays their hand with the fiend constantly.

They always want too much, force way too much so that it in the end falls flat.

The finish of the match was so wannabe edgy, but not thought through.
I mean just look at the build up.
A simple RKO...yeah the fiend was on fire, but still a normal RKO.
And then the fiend, this monster...just lays there? After a simple RKO?

How do you sell me this character that always loses and after the most basic stuff?
It wasnt some RKO on thumbtacks or a weapon, the move itself wasnt made stronger just because the guy recieving it was a bit on fire.

Thats my biggest problem with the fiend or in general the wwe.
They have the ideas but fail on the execution, on the wrestling part of the storytelling.
So many good ideas in the ring fall flat because the wrestling feels more like routine and less like part of the story they are supposed to tell in the ring.

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