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  1. We also watched Outside The Wire a few nights ago and I thought it was really really bad, honestly. We watched Terminator Genisys the same day and enjoyed that way more. Also on Netflix, we saw The Midnight Sky and we all really liked it. It's got some gorgeous cinematography so that's always a plus for me.
  2. My nana didn't make it. She passed this morning, not even half an hour after I said goodbye to her. My step grandfather managed to beat it but he's completely devastated. *Censored* COVID. Awful start to the year.
  3. My entitled, stupid, horrible *Censored* of an aunt (who I've posted about before in here) got my grandmother and step grandfather infected with COVID and now they're both in the hospital in really bad way. They're the only grandparents I've got left. Literally everyone else in the family knows my aunt is to blame (including her children) and she still refuses to accept responsibility and continues to pull her "woe is me" bullshit. If she wasn't 200 miles away my mum or I would end up knocking her out. I *censored*ing hate her so much.
  4. Abhorrent bunch of pricks. Criminals, terrorists, all of them.
  5. Don't forget to watch the Broly movie if you haven't already (think you said you were gonna finish your rewatch first).
  6. 1v1 me on Legends of Wrestling 2 bruv
  7. This is *censored*ing awful, man. Just... *Censored*. R.I.P. Brodie.
  8. Oooh o like that shot of all the flames.
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