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  1. I appreciate that the new have been slowly colouring their attire since Elimination Chamber.
  2. How do not have Corbin say "long live the king" there?
  3. Tamina's been in WWE over a decade and I still wouldn't call her a veteran.
  4. Bayley's hair has gone full Karen. That can tho.
  5. Reigns is out of WrestleMania so as to not risk his health, because, duh, he's immunocompromised. https://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/roman-reigns-out-of-wrestlemania-36-match/#.Xn1p5mmnydM
  6. We're never getting 2uper. Some of the big staff members for Super are gonna be on the new Digimon on Dragon Quest series, so hopefully they'll be good.
  7. Their taping Mania today and tomorrow right? God I hope I don't get anything ruined for me.
  8. Looks awful to be honest. When I heard about this sitcom I was hoping it'd be one without a canned audience, but with that and from what the trailer showed of the dialogue I'm not very optimistic.
  9. First thing I watched was The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. All kinds of nostalgia, especially for the blustery day.
  10. The bastard in the green shirt... the solace of Mania having no crowd is not being distracted by that damn thing.
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