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  1. Good show. Becky vs Sasha was excellent, Sami vs Finn was good, good progress in the Naomi/Sonya feud, Profits vs Usos was fun.
  2. Grinding in Digimon World 2003 is like a full time job. At least I got Ominmon/Omegamon now. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, your ass is next.
  3. Don't make me want to watch thos show.
  4. Hmmmmm Right now I'm most interested in Pan's involvement in the movie. Also, peep who Goku was fighting.
  5. Bought FIFA 22 (PS5) to see if I could get back into it and I just can't. Even after 4 days I can tell it's just going to cause me problems. Gonna return it later this week. I think I am 100% done with the series.
  6. Another potentially great match that I won't be watching. At least they should get paid well.
  7. I might check out Hell Let Loose even though I'm not much of an FPS guy.
  8. This looks like it's getting good reviews. Only real downside seems to be a lack of modes for online.
  9. Just finished the show and I cannot stop laughing. Tell you what, Becky vs Bianca was really really good until the run-in. They work so well together.
  10. I'm in the exact same boat as your brother honestly. This has easily been the weakest season production-wise and the story it's based on is at zero fault. Some of the decisions the studio made just blow my mind. I'm glad you're still enjoying it at least.
  11. A lot of the opening doesn't really work in live action, but I applaud the effort. The show's gonna be interesting.
  12. That was a damn fine show. I need more Omega vs Danielson now please.
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