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  2. ^ I thought it sounded like Spider-Man too. Damn it this show has me hooked. Natalie Holt has been killing it. From tossing eggs at Simon Cowell to composing music for the MCU and Star Wars. Love it.
  3. Edge's hair... my heart is broken.
  4. Really enjoyed the show overall. Rhodes vs Rollins 2 was great but I'd put this below the first one. Edge vs Styles 2 was so much better than their Mania match (plus Rhea joining Judgement Day is a big thumbs up from me). Ronda vs Charlotte was a fun brawl. Main event was really fun too and holy cow Randy is still so over. I skipped Omos/Lashley and Moss/Corbin.
  5. I really really liked Doctor Strange.
  6. I'm am seething. What a crock of shit. I hope EVIE rules over wherever she goes.
  7. Moon Knight really picked up in the last 2 episodes. But Oscar Isaac's English accent is awful man.
  8. I've missed Asuka so much.
  9. Multi man matches are always no Count Out / DQ unless stated otherwise (like elimination matches). Rope break is still in effect unless it's falls count anywhere, because anywhere on or beyond the boundary of the ropes is considered outside the ring.
  10. I am genuinely loving this so far. Owens losing his marbles at the situation is hilarious.
  11. wELL AcKsHUaLLy I live 200 miles away from the stadium
  12. LET'S GOOOOOO! This is so perfect for me because I've got family that live about a 20 minute walk away from the stadium.
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