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  1. Clean shaven Sheamus is not something I feel comfortable looking at.
  2. Just finished the main story. I love this game.
  3. Andor is, by a huge margin, the best the to come from Star Wars since the original trilogy, in my opinion. Amazing show. I hope we get a second season and more Star Wars of this quality.
  4. Platinum'd Bloodborne. GOAT game. *censored*ing love it.
  5. I just beat Bloodborne! Never thought I'd be able to say that.
  6. Taking a little break from Bloodborne at the moment. Got through a truckload of Chalice Dungeons just to fight the Pthumerian Queen. Still got to finish the DLC and main story yet. Ludwig might just be my favourite boss fight ever. Holy shit. Playing Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (PS5) and really enjoying it too. The first game is so unhealthily adorable.
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