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  1. Jesus Christ! Those piped in boos are *censored*ing annoying!
  2. I *censored*ing hate that. The mind boggles as to why they haven't fixed that yet.
  3. Why is it NOT showing up on the Xbox store? I am CONSIDERING getting this. But I need to see what the Creation modes are like first.
  4. Yeah. Biting is what toddlers do at Nursery. Adults should know better.
  5. Bad Bunny and Damian Priest stole the *censored*ing show. That was incredible!
  6. The reaction IYO is getting is amazing! Crowd is amazing!
  7. Why in the blue *Censored* are SD guys competing for the World Heavyweight Championship!? Makes no *censored*ing sense!!
  8. Apparently Chavo was "Heeling" when he said that about Rey. Typical excuse they all use when they can't take the heat!
  9. During tag matches, they need to limit the amount of times the A.I breaks up the pins/submissions. 3 times would be fine. And yeah, we need sliders for the A.I in multiman matches.
  10. Yup. Crashed 3 times today when I was trying to make a new CAW! They need to get their finger out their ass and fix the BIG issues. *Censored* My Faction.
  11. Whoa...it's Saul! Now that's a screen name I haven't seen in ages! That Punk looks great.
  12. I hope that actually happens.
  13. Triple H will address the WWE Universe....again, on SmackDown. Yeah....I won't hold my breath!
  14. I watch because I'm a fan. And I have a right to complain how shit the show is.
  15. Vince is back and worse than *censored*ing ever! 24 hrs after one of the best WMs in years, and that was the best they could come up with? A generic Raw?!
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