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  1. I can't wait to see Roman destroy Jey. I want full on heel Roman!
  2. Psycho Bliss! Loving this side of Alexa.
  3. Please, for the love of god.....end this shit feud!
  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha.... the *Censored* they smoking?!
  5. Vince is the problem with this company. Until someone stands up to him? These shows will continue to completely SUCK! Ripping up scripts half an hour before shows go live? What SANE person does that shit? Jesus!
  6. Retribution = Comic Con Slipknot rejects This isn't a Wrestling company, it's a *censored*ing circus.
  7. That only means one thing.............FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS 2!!! Seriously though, that was a bold move by Microsoft.
  8. Corona isn't an excuse. They chose to work on the game and release it. Thank god I didn't waste my money on this.
  9. So yeah....I've decided to wait till March as well. I've got games to finish, including the final Outer World's DLC that releases early 2021.
  10. Decided to wait til around or after Christmas to upgrade.
  11. Hmm.... disc drive or digital.........man, I'm torn on that decision. I'd love to go digital, but not sure.
  12. Translation: Vince is pulling shit out of a hat to excuse 'that *censored*ing ref's' *Censored* up.
  13. Lmfao. Why does Vince have a fetish to ruin NXT Talent? WHY?! Keith Lee in a *censored*ing singlet?! Jesus Christ!!
  14. The Outer Worlds | PS4 Got the DLC installed, still at Edgewater. Haven't played this in months lol. So, doing a melee/energy weapons playthrough. Oh and yeah, I *censored*ing hate we can't *censored*ing disarm the *censored*ing mines in this *censored*ing game!
  15. So, I was browsing the backwards compat section...and since when did Microsoft allow 360 games to be bought without a credit card?! I've since downloaded FONV (disc wouldn't load for some stupid reason) and Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath. So yeah, started a new FONV playthrough on the XB1.
  16. Gotta be honest.....All Out didn't do jack shit for me.
  17. I hope to god they've been working on 2K21, cos this series needs a *censored*ing new paint job!
  18. Vince loves to bring up NXT talent just to destroy them. I don't know why, seeing as NXT is the show to build *censored*ing talent for the main *censored*ing roster for *Censored* sake.
  19. Well Hell has frozen over. Decided to reinstall this game. And had my first match in almost a year. Was a fun match, went 30 minutes. I was playing as Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton. Tried to win with The Claymore, but Orton kept kicking out of that sumbitch. So, after 3 failed attempts of that? The Future Shock got 'em!
  20. Bray/Fiend is dead and buried. Sad to say really, WWE had something special with The Fiend, and they have a sick fetish for ruining good things.
  21. Ok, back to reality here. Jey pinned Riddle. Let that shit sink in folks. Sure, the reason for this is to have Roman beat the shit out of Uce, but Riddle taking the L? Should've been Corbin.
  22. FFS! Can't they just say hospital?
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