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  1. I mean... it looks like a professional photo shot? Pretty sure we've had women wrestling in skimpier outfits than that. And like was pointed out, Santino probably knows this kind of photo is gonna snag their attention more than just some random selfie.
  2. lmao, dude is reading the dirtsheets from those sketchy "misclick and you've got a virus" sites, isn't he?
  3. Bryan working cross promotion would be great. Bryan vs Andrade outside the WWE? vs Omega? Okada? Gimme.
  5. So Roman finally got a new theme eh? I'll take it. It's...not what I would've chosen, but anything is better than the Shield theme. Maybe I'm just picky cuz I've been using this for him in my Universe Mode.
  6. lmao Bronson in general calls people tf out for being right wing nutcases. Same with Mustafa, Sami and KO, bless their souls. It does seem like most of the current generation is more open minded, but I think any "brawn over brain" thing is typically gonna attract a lot of right wingers to it unfortunately.
  7. Hm... I really still like Judas tbh, but I am over the singing along bit, especially if they're instructed to do so. Shit was fine with a live crowd, but that's different. That said, I always think back to his first time using it at Wrestle Kingdom, and how badass it felt. It definitely fits modern Jericho more than Break the Walls, but the latter will forever be an iconic theme, especially with the countdown.
  8. FACTS Deonna openly said she wanted to go to AEW after she got cut from NXT, and I can't believe they let her just slip through their fingers. She could've been killing it with Shida and Rosa right now... Her character and presentation is so unique too, ugh. I know there's not a whole lot of prominent women free agents atm, but Tessa is a weird ass choice given her drama. Just wait for the IIconics and Mickie James 90 days to end this summer. Peyton is all around great, Billie is an awesome character and Mickie's a vet that could really help shape some of the younger talent. Seems like a no brainer they'd throw money at them, but I'm a bit nervous.
  9. This boy Griff needs a repackage if he's gonna actually keep showing up. You don't get taken seriously after WHO THE F IS GRIFF GARRISON
  10. Just watched the episode, actually very happy with it all around. Lot of really good stuff. Also really glad they listened to the criticism's about Darby's reign and he's doing regular defenses now. Also hoping he drops to Archer fairly soon... The one thing that was so dumb was the end of the Mox/Eddie bit. They have ALL the leverage and they use it to get.... a meaningless tag match. Bro, come tf on. You could ask for anything in that moment. Ask for a triple threat with Kenny, get a title match, something! But just a tag with Kenny and Nak? Boooooo.
  11. I thought Alberto was in jail or something? Kinda sucks. I'm sure the payday for Almas will be real nice tho.
  12. Doesn't he have some kind of health issue and is trying to get cleared?
  13. It's freaking tragic really, considering how over he was during his feud with Roman, and the, idk, year or so that followed. I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU Braun was so dope. He might be the biggest victim of the Lesnar reign of terror, honestly.
  14. Braun's here to take the pin. Crazy how far he is from the unstoppable force a few years ago.
  15. That's so unfortunate. Her version looked good too. Why fans gotta be dumb and toxic?
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