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  1. Tay was SO BAD in NXT, and I am so pleasantly surprised at how she's improved.
  2. If I still lived in Chicago I would 100% drive up for this show.
  3. The rant was meant at Austin saying that the tournament makes it "obvious Page won't win". Soz.
  4. They straight up said the finals are at Full Gear. How does that impact Page? Winner of the tournament could challenge either Kenny or Adam. After a loss, Kenny might be off TV for a few weeks and this gives Page his next feud. It doesn't have to stretch into whatever their next PPV is either. Feud can go on for the next 2-3 weeks and Hangman has his first defense. After the match, unhinged Kenny returns to keep that feud going. Hell, last time it was Kenny who won it and challenged on regular TV too.
  5. I am SHOCKED that's an Impact signing and not an AEW one, given a certain relationship.
  6. I mean, would you prefer them take a defeatist attitude? I don't even think Tony believes they'll beat SD per se, but he knows the fans are gonna be talking about it and he's adding to the hype, knowing the tweet might reel in a handful more viewers. I don't understand how you're spinning it as a negative.
  7. Two. Dynamite is two years old. That's how anniversaries work Austin.
  8. But that comes with balancing fiction with reality. It's not like "Hangman having a child and wanting to go home and support his family" was a story point that was made, it was just life. The Hangman/Omega angle had to hit pause after being very obviously built for All Out, and the Casino Ladder Match was an admittedly convenient yet very exciting way to reintroduce Hangman into the picture. The match may have come out of nowhere, but it was the anniversary show for Dynamite and it was already being built as a stacked card. The match didn't seem out of place. Now if Hangman had a regular return and had to work his way back up all over again, the complaint would be "Ugh they're pushing this feud off again?? But we know it's gonna be Kenny vs Page anyway!", a complaint that was already being thrown out earlier this year during Page vs Cage. We don't need Hangman working his way up, we've already had that. We just need to get him right back in the thick of things. This was best case scenario for Hangman's return honestly.
  9. This literally means nothing outside of kayfabe. If they wanna make a big deal about that, they could just spin it as "Adam Page, the first Casino Match winner to actually win the title he got the shot at!". Typically these matches are used more as a way to push someone's status anyway (showing Ruby is a star on debut, Archer is a monster, Sky shouldn't be slept on, etc) but with Hangman it was a convenient way to reinsert him immediately where he left off. It's just... it's not rocket science guys. It's pretty basic writing that happens to be incredibly satisfying.
  10. Honestly? Because Cole outgrew it. It was a great song, but I don't think it screams main eventer the way Cole's new theme does.
  11. Where's all the smart guys who tried to tell me Hangman's momentum was dead and they'd missed their chance with him by pushing Danielson? I'd like to have a word about your shitty booking instincts.
  12. To each their own I suppose. I enjoy stories as much as the next guy, but that match made Sami look incredibly weak, like he and Bryan didn't belong in the same ring as one another. And as chickenshit as a heel might be, I don't think that should ever be the point.
  13. Meh, Ryo was fine but not anything remarkable. Bring back Maki Itoh you cowards.
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