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  1. Hey y'all, Just got to buying the game this week and having an issue with the CAWs that have hidden entrance animations (Keith Lee, John Morrison, Malakai Black, etc). When I select one of them, the load screen just freezes on me and the game either stays frozen or eventually the "2k23 has stopped working" box pops up. Same with opening them in CAEntrance. However, I can open them in CASuperstar with no issue. I'm on PC and have tried reinstalling the game & updating my drivers. No luck. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  2. This is what I'm hoping for now. But I have this weird feeling it'll be Solo. He keeps being THE reason Roman is retaining in big matches and they're really protecting him. Idk, a hunch.
  3. With the nuclear heat Dom is getting, a reconciliation would be an HORRID move. It'd kill any and all momentum Dom has built immediately. Highly recommend giving the 4 team showcase a watch, it was super fun.
  4. My first time live at Mania in the books! I was way up top and facing the stage, so my read on the mass crowd reaction might be off on some things? -I was one of the few booing Cena, not even very seriously, but all the kids in my section were rather upset with me when he lost lol -4 Way Showcase was fun, wish Alpha won -Sucked hearing how quiet people were for Damage Control at first, but I was glad more people started reacting to them as the match progressed -I wasn't super invested in Rey vs Dom, but the crowd was hot and it was very fun to be part of it -Rhea & Charlotte delivered, but gotta say it was SUCH a relief when Rhea won, def my second biggest pop of the night. There was one lady right behind me who looooved Charlotte (one of very few I could hear) but she brought out these god awful pteradactyl screeches for this match that really hurt my ears -McAfee was a huge letdown for the surprise, but an appreciated chance to run to the bathroom before the main! -The main event was so great. Not an amazing wrestling match per se, but an awesome emotional spectacle. It felt so awesome watching Sami & KO main event a Mania night and so many of those near falls worked me. Obviously went nuts for Sami winning. My throat is kinda killing me so while I was thinking about snagging a ticket for Night 2, I might hold off and enjoy from home. Especially since the matches I had emotional investment in were tonight. Tomorrow has matches I'd like to see, but maybe not drop a whole lot of money to see lol
  5. Found some decent seats at a good price for Night 1, guess I'm making my Mania debut lol. Wish them bastards put the IC title match night 1 as well. Might go to Night 2, but I'll prolly buy the ticket day of if I do. Mainly just wanna be there for Sami/KO vs Uso's
  6. I think Bronson works better as a face. I always thought he had this weird natural likeability. Anyway, very fun show. Mens chamber was insane. Womens was very fun, I just didn't care for half the field. Lashley/Lesnar was my chance to go make a drink. Zayn/Roman was such good storytelling. The way that crowd just... died. Wow. Still hoping beyond hope good guy Cody demands that the right be wronged since Sami had Reigns pinned and says Sami should get one of the belts at Mania because all he really cares about is the WWE title...
  7. Sasha was excellent until she started incorporating high flying moves into her arsenal. Her general psychology changed after that. But in NXT? Girl gave us some of the best womens matches of all time against Becky & Bayley.
  8. Hangman's promo was so dope. Dude is such a natural face. I keep blissfully forgetting Jeff Jarrett is a thing and any time he shows up I get a rude awakening. I hope they get this feud over with. I liked Ruby vs Tay a lot. MJF should never take a powerbomb again lol. Overall match was really good though, so were both solo promos. Solid Dynamite.
  9. Vince was just accused of rape by a former ref the other day. Between this and all the other allegations... why would anyone want him back? https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianbushard/2022/12/13/vince-mcmahon-reportedly-facing-another-sexual-assault-allegation-and-wwe-referee-asks-for-millions-in-damages/?sh=2654fab93705
  10. The stigma around sex work of any kind is egregious. What a shit reason to be let go. I haven't watched NXT or Mandy's work in ages, but I feel for her.
  11. I watched the two scramble of the mountain matches, actually very fun. I didn't know the people very well, but I really liked Roxanne so glad she won.
  12. I really dug Kross's trainer room promo to Rey. And the look is working for me. I really wish the dude wasn't a sleeping pill in the ring.
  13. They really have a star with Starks. Obviously MJF needs to win this one, but I'm in on Ricky dethroning him in a few months time.
  14. Quick thoughts, in reverse - I don't know/care about Ishii but the main event was fun. Glad they ditched the interim BS for the womens belt. Can't help but think the women should've had two proper segments though? Let Britt & Hayter have a full promo, then do a standard tag for TayJay vs Willow/Blue. Are they really shackling the dull, drab, uninteresting carcasses of Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal to The Acclaimed for a program? Elite vs DT was very fun. But ffs this whole post-brawl out situation has been so unbelievably toxic. The FU chants for both Punk on Saturday and Elite last night were uncalled for in my honest opinion. This is wrestling's equivalent of investing too much in random celebrity drama that has no effect on your life and it's bringing out the worst in everyone. Glad Starks beat Ethan. The latter offers nothing overly new or interesting to me. Starks needs to get some fire back though, but I'm sure he and Max can duel on the mic. HOUSE OF BLACK ARE BACK LETS GOOOOO!!! Orange/Hager was so much fun. It's dumb, but this "I LIKE MY HAT"" gimmick for Hager is genuinely entertaining as hell and meshed with OC's shenanigans so well. Opening promo was... interesting. I'm kinda curious what happens next? Danielson to ditch Moxley, join with Regal/MJF for a while? Maybe eventually be the one who beats MJF?
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