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  1. Weird episode all around. Battle Royal was ok. Inner Circle just chilling in the corner was dumb. Like, I get why THEY did it, but seriously no one bother to check em? Like, Miro when he was on a roll just ignored them. Kinda silly. Was actually kinda hyped at the idea of MJF vs Wardlow, so that tease worked. Leyla Hirsh looked damn good in that match. Smooth work. Hope she signs. Tag match was fine. Sting's arrival was so bizarre. While I didn't care for his WWE return, something here made it feel....bigger. Maybe because people haven't been annoyingly pleading for his appearance, or maybe because AEW handles legends a million times better than WWE, but I'm actually interested in what comes of this. Young Bucks current character is so weird. Like, Nick literally had to say a line that essentially meant "Hey remember we're still heels?" I'm down for Piece of Shit Bucks, but the way they're portrayed is so weird. Definitely excited for them vs TH2, hopefully my neon flippy boys pull an upset. Main event was fine. Nothing groundbreaking, and I feel both could have done better. BUT the post match elevated the hell out of the situation. I went from "It's ending with interference? Lame." to "HOLY SHIT KENNY SOLD OUT AEW TO IMPACT?!" Guess I'm gonna watch Impact next week.
  2. This seems all kinds of sus
  3. Tbh I was on board with how they were bringing Miro in at first, because his Rusev Day personality was a million times better than Angry Violent Bulgarian before that, and I thought it'd let him lean into the likeable dudebro douche thing. But he and Kip just don't really have chemistry, and are coming off as more whiney than douchey. That works well enough for Kip, but not at all for Miro. I'm with Lunchbox, no idea why "Miro Day" isn't a thing right now. But I'm holding out hope that whenever they showcase the Sabian/Ford wedding, Rusev is the wedding crasher and it goes from Wedding Day to Miro Day.
  4. My bad, didn't read my own post. Head over to SmackTalks, there's threads where modders are offering their services. PC only, mind you.
  5. It's completely different to everything else on the show, so I'm interested. It could turn out very well or not well at all, but for now it's kinda cool.
  6. I don't play 2k20, so no idea what the CAW scene there is like. Check the CAW section under the 2k20 subforum, that's where creators post.
  7. That was a really good episode all around. Page vs Silver was pretty good. Interested to see how Hangman handles himself going forward. Cody/Taz segment was awesome. TH2 vs Top Flight was good. Glad TH2 seems to be getting a little push. Everything Kenny Omega is awesome right now. And Mox attacking him was great. Shida vs Anna Jay was fine given where Anna is in her career. Abadon showing up surprised me, but I'm down to see what she can do. Main event was awesome. As much as I dislike Butcher/Blade, this was really good. Archer showing up was pretty sweet too.
  8. This new name ain't it. "His name is PowerHouse because he's a powerhouse!" Just Hobbs would've been better.
  9. Watched the show today, first non-NXT WWE show I've seen in maybe 2-3 months. Battle Royal was weird. Most of the people who should've been bigger deals...er, weren't lol. IMO Murphy should've taken it. Opening tag was fun. SD team was kinda trash so this was the right booking. Everyone had a moment to shine. Lee's theme tho. Profits vs New Day slapped. Sami vs Bobby was meh. I get why Sami wrestles the way he does for this character, but it doesn't translate to very fun matches, which sucks cuz I love the guy. Asuka vs Sasha was alright. Last time I was watching they were feuding too so I wasn't super into this. Womens tag was weird. Peyton shined, Liv, Ruby and Bianca all had some nice moments too. Ending was kinda funny, but in a sorta sad way. Why tf they still pushing Nia tho? Drew vs Roman was good, just wish the stakes were higher. Drew was protected like hell in that loss too. I feel like they're gonna book these two in the Mania main event in a year or two, where Drew finally beats Roman. Overall I think the show delivered in a big way. I had fun watching it.
  10. Tbh haven't seen enough of Anna's work to judge her too much (and the little I saw was with Brandi so....) but her character work has been awesome. She plays off of Brodie, Brandi, the rest of Dark order, differently and effectively depending on everyone's individual persona.
  11. I hope Indi isn't in the match. None of her work so far leads me to think she should be in there as anything but a sneak attack when the last Team Shotzi member is being let out. Can't say I'm overly excited for another Undisputed Era War Games either. I think I would've preferred this to work like classic Survivor Series, a bunch of rivalries overlapping to form the teams.
  12. I'm actually here for the Inner Circle cheese. I dug it. Ready for the Miro/Sabin vs Best Friends angle to move on. This is one angle that should be moving through its motions much faster than it is. Have a blow off tag match, then hit the wedding. I feel that's when Miro's gonna do something cool, probably breaking away from Kip. DEATH TRIANGLE!!! I'm so hyped Lucha Bros are staying together. I hope Kingston ditches B&B sooner than later too. I'm down for him to manage someone, but someone better please. Someone on Twitter pointed out that Mox was laid out in the position of the Hanged Man tarot card, which is actually crazy subtle story telling on AEW's part if Page took him out, and I love it. Serena vs Rosa was awesome. This needs to be the future of AEW's division. Rosa dethroning Shida after a Baker feud makes the most sense, contract allowing. Kinda lost interest in Brian Cage a bit after his supporting Drake Younger. So main event was kinda whatever for me. Let's get over this feud and get Darby vs Brodie plz?
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