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  1. Sasha was excellent until she started incorporating high flying moves into her arsenal. Her general psychology changed after that. But in NXT? Girl gave us some of the best womens matches of all time against Becky & Bayley.
  2. Hangman's promo was so dope. Dude is such a natural face. I keep blissfully forgetting Jeff Jarrett is a thing and any time he shows up I get a rude awakening. I hope they get this feud over with. I liked Ruby vs Tay a lot. MJF should never take a powerbomb again lol. Overall match was really good though, so were both solo promos. Solid Dynamite.
  3. Vince was just accused of rape by a former ref the other day. Between this and all the other allegations... why would anyone want him back? https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianbushard/2022/12/13/vince-mcmahon-reportedly-facing-another-sexual-assault-allegation-and-wwe-referee-asks-for-millions-in-damages/?sh=2654fab93705
  4. The stigma around sex work of any kind is egregious. What a shit reason to be let go. I haven't watched NXT or Mandy's work in ages, but I feel for her.
  5. I watched the two scramble of the mountain matches, actually very fun. I didn't know the people very well, but I really liked Roxanne so glad she won.
  6. I really dug Kross's trainer room promo to Rey. And the look is working for me. I really wish the dude wasn't a sleeping pill in the ring.
  7. They really have a star with Starks. Obviously MJF needs to win this one, but I'm in on Ricky dethroning him in a few months time.
  8. Just finished it. Womens WG was.... iffy. Lot of botched/mistimed spots, from some normally excellent workers like Io. Finn vs AJ was such a letdown. Standard RAW match that was frankly... kinda boring. Skipped Ronda/Shotzi, both are ass. Triple Threat was fun but I didn't have a dog in the fight. Mens WG was excellent storytelling. 10/10
  9. I think it comes down to what he wants to do. If it's backstage work, he'll be back in WWE. But if he wants to continue working on screen he'll likely stick around.
  10. Quick thoughts, in reverse - I don't know/care about Ishii but the main event was fun. Glad they ditched the interim BS for the womens belt. Can't help but think the women should've had two proper segments though? Let Britt & Hayter have a full promo, then do a standard tag for TayJay vs Willow/Blue. Are they really shackling the dull, drab, uninteresting carcasses of Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal to The Acclaimed for a program? Elite vs DT was very fun. But ffs this whole post-brawl out situation has been so unbelievably toxic. The FU chants for both Punk on Saturday and Elite last night were uncalled for in my honest opinion. This is wrestling's equivalent of investing too much in random celebrity drama that has no effect on your life and it's bringing out the worst in everyone. Glad Starks beat Ethan. The latter offers nothing overly new or interesting to me. Starks needs to get some fire back though, but I'm sure he and Max can duel on the mic. HOUSE OF BLACK ARE BACK LETS GOOOOO!!! Orange/Hager was so much fun. It's dumb, but this "I LIKE MY HAT"" gimmick for Hager is genuinely entertaining as hell and meshed with OC's shenanigans so well. Opening promo was... interesting. I'm kinda curious what happens next? Danielson to ditch Moxley, join with Regal/MJF for a while? Maybe eventually be the one who beats MJF?
  11. I'm just sick and tired of this still being a conversation point. Can we all move on already?
  12. I just watched. Excellent show. I honestly have very few negatives (and I got to skip Jarrett, yay!) Biggest highlight tho - JAMIE FN HAYTER LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO
  13. Watched Rampage over breakfast. Brian Cage vs Dante Martin was actually really fun. Shame about Best Friends this week, I love them but they were involved with the two most boring groups in the company this week and their matches were insta-skips for me.
  14. Maybe they'll surprise me, but I have a bad feeling about it. Shotzi ain't great and Ronda is very hit or miss.
  15. There were some rumblings a while back Logan was hella right wing, which probably implies Rowe is too given they're married. Sucks cuz like... I love the gimmick. I listen to a shit ton of folk punk so this shit is definitely my vibe, but I'd be lying if that wasn't in the back of my mind when she showed up. Weird given she's tight with Ruby & Liv who don't seem like they'd be down with that at all.
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