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  1. Didn't realize Ever-Rise were an actual team. I thought they were just some random enhancement team on NXT who decided to throw a name together.
  2. .....okay I haven't been watching at all, but haven't Otis and Mandy been a pair for like the entire year? And fairly over too? That's weird.
  3. The "I'm Better Than Better Than" part of that is kind of cringe, but the rap works pretty well.
  4. I feel like complaining about signing someone just because they worked for WWE is so freaking stupid. What, are they tainted goods now because they worked for Vince? I don't think they should sign any and every ex-WWE star that comes knocking, but using "Oh they're a WWE guy!" as an excuse to complain about someone getting signed is just weak. There's definitely former WWE guys who I don't see the point in signing (Cardona for example) but that comes down to him not having any hype around him in 2020, not him being a "WWE guy".
  5. Yeah, she's an odd choice. Pretty awkward during NXT. But then...are there any quality women free agents right now? They should definitely sign Serena after her match a few weeks ago, but even then she's not exactly a blockbuster name. I feel like the kind of women they really need in their division are locked up by WWE or Impact. They were able to share with Shimmer, but seems that's kinda difficult now with pandemic travel restrictions. Did Ivelisse and Diamente officially sign with them? Or are they just independents who are working a few dates for AEW?
  6. Just finished the show Swole vs Britt was fun. Jurassic Express vs Young Bucks was awesome. JE are getting really good, and that makes me really happy. Battle Royal was ok. Too many stables in it for my taste. Personally, I prefer if a team sends in one representative for stuff like this. Probably my least favorite of the ones AEW has done so far because of this. Poor Matt Sydal. Hits the SSP perfectly a million times, and THIS is the time he screws up? Big RIP. Glad Archer won. And he looked great the entire time. Matt vs Sammy....I mean, nothing much to say here. Shame it went down the way it did. Shida vs Rosa was really good. Hope Rosa sticks around, they need more legit names in the division. FTR vs Hangman and Kenny was good/ There was a lot of subtle storytelling and stylistic stuff that I appreciated, but both teams have had better matches. Orange vs Jericho was fine. I didn't care for the gimmick, but the match itself was alright. Mox vs MJF was way better than I expected it to be. Their styles clashed but in the best way, and that finish was pretty awesome. Like others said, I figured Mox was retaining when Archer won the battle royal, but then I kinda figured he'd be retaining anyway. I think in the future of the AEW title, I want Archer to beat Moxley, and then Cleaner Kenny to beat Archer.
  7. Honestly, was never a very big fan of theirs. Good luck to them.
  8. Spirit Bomb has always looked way better than the Big Bang. He never seemed to hit the latter very strong in his bigger matches, whereas the SPirit Bomb was always looking like it murdered someone.
  9. This looks like a dope card. Tag match is gonna be fire, and I'm thinking Shida vs Rosa will be great too! Not really feeling the 8 man tag though. Like, I get why it's happening, furthering Brodie vs Cody, but....meh. I'd rather Brodie just defend the belt against either Dustin or Cardona.
  10. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Eh, he'll be back once fans are allowed again, and probably negotiate an even pricier contract. Dude's like a bad cyst, just when you think he's gone, he's back and booked more annoyingly than ever.
  11. Is Nigel gone too? He wasn't very good tbh... Felt like he tried too hard to play the heel. Losing Mauro sucks though. He was the voice of NXT. Seriously, what a bummer. I wonder if he's sticking to wrestling or not? AEW has a lot of announcers as it is, so idk if that's an option. I could totally see him calling the occasional big New Japan show though.
  12. Y'know, the whole Elite/FTR feud dragged a bit because of their Covid rewriting, but God damn is it in a cool spot right now! Everyone is theorizing about who turns on who, and every angle could make sense!
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