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  1. The only potential winner I see beating Shida is Thunder Rosa.
  2. On paper this is one of the weaker PPV cards they've had. I'm hyped for Omega vs Mox, and the ladder match is probably gonna be good, but the other matches don't do much for me. Casino battle royal could be fun, but the last one was eh. Edit: If it's Shida vs Rosa, then add that to the stuff I wanna see.
  3. YES. I hate how meaningless they all feel. I miss when HiaC ended violent feuds, or the Chamber was pulled out because the title scene was in chaos.
  4. Damn, the reactions here vs reddit are polar opposites lmao. I'm not crazy about seeing Show wrestle in 2021, but I think the dude is gonna bring a lot of value backstage. He's a legend and could really help out any potential big guys AEW shows interest in. He shouldn't be winning any titles, but if he shows up to have the occasional match, I can deal.
  5. Triple H's water bottle is actually the lamest shit in retrospect.
  6. Here and there. I've never really liked Lashley though.
  7. I'm salty, I really wanted Drew vs Edge. Zero interest in Lashley getting a main event spot on this.
  8. I think that's what it was with Flip? That or spouting some other shit. Marty tried to sleep with a drunk 16 year old.
  9. Holup. BO DALLAS is with LIV MORGAN??? Bruuuuuuuh that's it, I quit
  10. Flip lost me with his weird "Covid is fake" BS, but I desperately need Dalton Castle to jump to AEW and be relevenat again.
  11. Just watched the show last night. Kai/Raquel vs Shotzi/Ember was a lot of fun. I dug it. It had like two false finishes too many near the end though. Kushida vs Gargano was MotN. I had so much fun watching this. GYV vs MSK, I dunno, wasn't bad, but GYV losing again took the air out of me Womens Triple Threat I've completely forgotten about. Dunne vs Balor was solid stuff. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention but some cool sequences. AYYYY COLE DONE DID THE THING. That's enough for me to watch the next episod.e
  12. Why sad? Just a verbal slip, not really drama.
  13. Oof.... That sucks man. I really expected so much better from Jericho, dude is world traveled and seemed pretty forward thinking in all his books. I kinda wonder if he was very "Meh, whatever" on politics and his wife got uppity and dragged him down? Cuz if she was at the damn riots then she's.... er, well nothing I can post on this forum.
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