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  1. Dark is such a fun "I'm stoned and bored" show. I barely pay attention except for Taz & Excalibur's banter and the finishers/moves that make them react, which seeing as the matches are usually short as hell, is a pretty fun amount.
  2. HELL YEAH. Go get yours Kendrick. Dude was awesome when the CW Division restarted, I always thought he should've been used more after the fact. GM DBryan would've been so much for for Kendrick to try and manipulate for opportunity.
  3. Hook is pretty obviously still training. His matches are just a teaser showcase of "check this kid out, he's doing cool moves, he's got a lot of potential, and we know you're all simping for him anyway"
  4. So... was that Cody promo amazing or awful? I slept on it and still don't know how I feel.
  5. Wonder how long WALTER puts up with the bullshit?
  6. They were untouchable in NXT. NXT Revival > AEW FTR > Main Roster Revival That said, I do like that they're in total throwback mode right now. I don't think it last forever, maybe until they separate from Pinnacle, or even a return feud with the Bucks could push em back into rough n tough mode, but I'm digging their gear, theme song, etc right now and I think it's gonna be something I look back on pretty fondly.
  7. You absolute f'n mad man. I need this to happen immediately.
  8. As long as we agree the HFO theme is a banger, we can agree to disagree.
  9. This would be the equivalent of saying "I failed" for Cody. AEW is partly his company, him throwing out the title would be him shitting on his own creation. His own body of work since leaving. That's not heat, that's just stupidity. That said, I wouldn't put it past Cody in the Rumble. Frankly, I could see Tony pushing for it to happen. Gets AEW in the mind of "WWE only" viewers potentially. Even if it just leads to "What happened to Cody Rhodes?" google searches, it could potentially drive a bit of traffic their way.
  10. Good! Dude is an incredible talent who can thrive anywhere else. Looking forward to seeing him turn heads.
  11. Character wise maybe, but Private Party's ring work has definitely benefited from being with Matt. I'll agree his massive stable ain't great, but I like him with Private Party (and TH2 to a certain extent).
  12. I don't really get the Matt Hardy hate if I'm honest. And it's everywhere. Here, reddit, insta. I like Matt and his spot doesn't bother me. I don't really wanna see Jeff in AEW. His debut would be cool I'm sure, and I'd probably give him a nostalgia pop, but otherwise.... meh?
  13. I got a new job an now work full time as a Talent Agent's Assistant! FINALLY QUIT THE DAYJOB.
  14. I feel like a lot of these AEW originals are starting to see the writing on the wall. Janela's gotten in pretty good shape lately, and Kip's pushing this weird "Forgotten Boxhead" gimmick, and I'm honestly expecting to see both guys contracts expire. Admirable that they're doing "something", but I think it's too little too late with this much competition.
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