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  1. Bo Dallas had an amazing title run. I'm trying to remember my least favorite title runs....probably between Balor, Joe and Nakamura. But then...their reigns spanned my least favorite era of NXT. Outside of that....maybe Big E? And I say that only because I can't remember it at all.
  2. I'm thinking AEW are gonna let him ref one last really big match and that'll probably be that, which is fine. Aubrey is their head ref now anyway.
  3. Doing a 24 hour fast and just made it through work. Smooth sailing from here since I can sleep through most of what's left.
  4. Dang yeah, Randy has shared some suspect views in the past, so this is really awesome to see.
  5. Yo did Chelsea actually fire Robert? Cuz I'd be very happy about that. Their whole shtick wasn't hitting for me at all. I liked the Danny/Oney promo. Just them hanging at a bar over a pint. It grounded them so well. That cage match was insane. Them boys were hitting STIFF. Props to Thatcher for powering through so long after that first big shot. Rest of the show was pretty meh to be honest. Edit: Oh I forgot, the NXT version of a crowd is so weird. They sound like they don't give a shit. That one guy just booing monotonously at everything pissed me off. AEW's "crowds" add way more.
  6. New Nexus was total ass, but SES started off well. When it was him and Gallows, I loved it. Punk was cutting some incredible promos. It all kinda went to shit when he lost to Rey at Mania that year for....reasons.
  7. FTR!!! I'm so hyped!!! I popped hard when they drove out! Low key, kinda cheering for Sabian and Havoc next week? That team is doing it for me. Happy for Jungle Boy. I like how he and Luchasaurus are simultaneously in tag and singles contention. I do want them to win the tag belts sooner than later.
  8. Just realized how amazing it would be to have Kevin Owens in AEW. Ideally just as Jericho ends the Inner Circle, and they reunite JeriKO... Good God, I can only imagine how amazing they would be on a show where they are so lenient with their material.
  9. I think there's a difference in saying "Hey you're a bad wrestler, you should probably go learn what you're doing" and saying "Hey *censored* you go kill yourself*
  10. Incels band together. It's pathetic.
  11. I think early 2012 they seemed like they were actually gonna pull the trigger until his injury. That shit was awful, killed his entire momentum. He got it back as BNB and then bam, another horribly timed injury.
  12. Wade Barrett is one of the biggest missed opportunities in WWE. Like, an easy top 5 waste of talent. It depresses me so much that he doesn't even wrestle anymore. Listening to him on podcasts, it sounds like he wouldn't particularly want to go back to WWE, but man would I love to see him swing by AEW for a little run.
  13. Speaking of them, Butcher and Blade have probably been the most worthless signings AEW has made. They became instantly irrelevant.
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