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  1. HELL YES ROSA!! I think she feuds with Shida first tbh, so Britt can build a decent reign as champion and Rosa can get a win over probably the biggest face of the division, before we circle around to Rosa vs Shida again. Then again, they might say *censored* it and just throw it on All In since it's probably the biggest match they can book in the division right now.
  2. Man, I do wish you put that one in spoiler tags
  3. Eh, maybe, but I just can't watch Charlotte anymore. Especially not in title matches.
  4. So I watched the show after work. Jimmy Uso gets DUI, gets a title. lolwut Womens MitB was pretty fun, but wtf, Nikki? This feels like Otis 2.0. Granted, I'm not watching the main shows, but I was so invested in Liv winning and it sucks seeing MitB used for a joke character. Nikki was great in Sanity, but this weird hero thing? WTF man... I genuinely expect her to lose the case to Alexa in a few months. I actually really liked the way the finish was done too, very creative, but... should've been Liv. Skipped Raiders vs AJ/Omos. Don't care about non-teams tbh, and I figured Raiders were taking the L. Bobby vs Kofi was... ok. I get what they wanted to do with Bobby, and the man looked good. But I'm just really bored of World title squashes. Skipped Rhea vs Charlotte. I don't bother with Charlotte title matches these days. She wins and my day is ruined. Mens Mitb was awesome. I was LOSING MY SHIT when JoMo was climbing near the end, thinking they were actually gonna pull the trigger on him. Big E is still a great choice, and I'm content with that. I do think he should cash in as a regular match though, as a powerhouse face he'd probably benefit from that more. What did bother me so much more was Seth's promo about "I get next". If it's that easy for this man to get a title shot, why was he in MitB over Cesaro? Just seems pointless. Yeah yeah it could guarantee him an easy win in kayfabe, I get that. Just from a booking perspective I'm scratching my head a bit. Edge vs Roman was pretty solid. Nothing crazy, but they really cranked it up in the last 15 minutes or so. Seth sneaking in... eh. I'm super down for Edge vs Rollins, just not sure I liked Seth getting involved here. DO DODO DOOOOOOOO I popped hard for Cena. It's funny how Face vs Face Cena vs Roman was a total meme, but Face vs Heel this shit has me hyped enough that'll I'll tune in at least a bit. edit: lol ok, eating my words on one of those things, still think it was a bad idea
  5. That was THE single moment in time I can point to where I stopped being a wrestling "superfan". I'm glad AEW came around and gave me a platform to revive my fandom, cuz man, Brock winning the "make new stars" match was the perfect metaphor for how it felt trying to give WWE more second chances.
  6. At least their win was awesome. They got that Mania pop.
  7. Oh snap MitB is this weekend?
  8. It was for me. That entire match felt like a big deal because of the hot crowd.
  9. I actually agree with both of you. The match itself was a lot of fun, but the finish and post match were stupid as hell.
  10. There's nothing THAT good about him is what's wrong. Dude is boring in the ring and out of it. Plus getting hotshotted to the title tends to sour people on you unless you do something REALLY special with it.
  11. Random, but I found some Dark Order BTE compilations on youtube last night and I gotta say... Amazing, amazing watch when you're a lil high. I was laughing my ass off, shit made me miss Brodie so much.
  12. Should be suspended at least...
  13. Is 14 really too many though? And are people really complaining about the signings of Black? Andrade? FTR? Brodie Lee? Like, anyone who complains just because they were "WWE guys" needs to stfu and reconsider their fandom. "Ay F this company for giving jobs to talented people just for having a certain ex employer".
  14. I mean, it's pretty obvious looking at them that Pillman has more potential. Griff needs a major makeover once the team splits if he wants a chance to hang around.
  15. I snagged an All Out ticket. I'm probably dumb for it, since I gotta BS myself a flight from LA to Chicago like a month after I move, but something is telling me it'll be a good ass show.
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