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  1. Right, what I mean is are they still airing it next week or did they bump it up sooner?
  2. If matches were all taped, is this happening tonight then? Or are we still waiting for next week?
  3. How do we hide spoilers on the new site? I wanna comment on that
  4. Strowman is definitely a dick for his comments, but I'd still take him over this old fart.
  5. Austin Theory annoys me. Dude talked so much that match, just feels like he's trying too hard. Was so glad my mans Breeze kicked him in the face and out him down. I MARKED HARD FOR IO. I was kinda annoyed thinking either Xia or Aliyah were gonna get the spot, so I was hyped when her music hit. Ladder match looking pretty good except for Mia Yim. Dakota or Deonna to win next week plz. I guess I'd accept Shotzi, but I really want one of em to get it. Probably Dakota, but maybe Deonna can at least have a great showing? That new tag team looks kinda ass, but I'll wait til I see an actual match. Gargano/Ciampa promo was good. Hope that Kross dude doesn't ruin their match.
  6. This is the one thing I feel they messed up this week. I really liked that last week, a whole lot more than the backstage crowds. Episode was fun. I liked Cody and Kenny on commentary, though they really couldn't focus on a lot of the matches lol.
  7. Can someone just reply to this and let me know if we had an actual episode this week, or just the same thing as last week?
  8. And Rhea vs Charlotte but....yeah, this is bad even by WWE standards. That's where I'm on the fence. On one hand, I can see them being like "Eh, let's push back Brock losing the belt", and as a result Drew just gets screwed out of a title run. On the other hand, they probably wanna try and go all out on this Mania to make up for how weird it'll be.
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