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  1. Right I can't imagine Cole wants to leave the company his best friends and wife work at. He seems like a guy who just wants to be happy and healthy. Definitely see why Andrade and Black would wanna go back, given their partners and best booker they've had are back there.
  2. Genuinely thought she was coming out to align with Hayter and was pretty psyched. Instead they took a step back on that whole angle.
  3. But I mean that's the thing, I was hyped for Claudio in AEW and I think the RoH belt was ultimately weighing him down. He got the win, he got gold quick, cool, now let's move him to something more prominent. If they plan to get RoH a show of its own, Jericho carrying the belt into it and eventually dropping to the person they build RoH around makes all the sense in the world to me (especially given that will very probably be Daniel Garcia). Claudio heading there as champ would've been really bad for him long term. Re: Jericho not putting people over... I do feel Jericho should've put over Eddie in their feud, but remember Jericho in 2013? Dude was losing to Ryback, Wyatt, etc to the point where folks were saying "beating Jericho means nothing". Jericho still puts people over in AEW, but he can't eat so many L's that his stock drops too. I don't agree with him going over every time that he has, but he beat Claudio hella dirty so I can deal.
  4. Kinda surprised y'all are salty Jericho won. I love it. Claudio should be gunning for AEW titles anyway, while Jericho as RoH champ could be a fun little run. Tag titles match confused me. Did Max botch that elbow drop or was he selling a knee injury? It got so weird after that spot. Psyched Acclaimed won but I'm still not sure what went down. Athena with the Cubone gear was so sick. Hayter reuniting with Britt sucks man. Just let my girl run solo ffs. SARAYA! Wow, that's actually pretty huge. Really hope she stays safe. I heard the rumors and actually thought she'd debut as a manager for Hayter, being active is a huge shock to me. Moxley again sucks man. Super lame. Hope MJF beats him asap.
  5. This was a very fun show. Someone on Reddit pointed it out, but very "early AEW" vibe.
  6. If they get Rock, I could absolutely see Rock beating him then vacating the belt the next night.
  7. Nah, Mox is mid. I think he should take the L to Danielson in the finals, then take the L to MJF at the next PPV and dip for that vacation.
  8. They really gonna have Liv drop the belt back to Ronda, huh?
  9. Hey man in my defense, that following era of NXT is when I stopped watching the weeklies as much and mainly stuck to TakeOver's so I couldn't draw on much from that time lol. I did tune in for Breezango's run with the belts because they're my boys, but I will admit they didn't do anything with that reign. They're characters who need segments to stay over, and other than Dango dressing as Sherlock Holmes for what honestly might have been a Youtube exclusive... yeah, they got done dirty. I cannot speak on any other reign really in that era as, like I said, I really wasn't watching the show much anymore. Edit: But that said, I don't think the Profits or Raiders were booked poorly for example, but I also don't think they were necessarily on the same level as Revival, Alpha or DIY ever were. They were solid, over acts but they didn't draw you in as much as those I mentioned. And I do think their booking would be comprable to some of the other mid-card teams like the Vaudevillains & BAM. So if the tag division booking went down in the last two years, that sucks, but can we discredit the previous 6-7 years of booking it like a big deal? The only early era time when the tag division sucked that I remember was Ascension's reign, and that was entirely because there were no good teams for them to face, which in turn inspired the tag team renaissance that brought us all the aforementioned teams.
  10. Doubt any talent would've been interested in signing with AEW 3 years ago if the EVP's were known for ego's & unprofessionalism. Bucks and Kenny seem like genuinely good guys. Regarding the tag team thing: time will tell, but HHH respected the hell out of tag team wrestling in NXT. Let's not forget that's where FTR made their name, and you have a ton of teams like American Alpha, Enzo & Cass, DIY & reDRagon who were presented as huge stars in the brand, and even teams who weren't main event caliber were well presented (your Vaudevillains, BAM, Lucha Dragons, etc). Treating tag team wrestling like "lesser than" seems to be a very Vince thing to me. Edit: Just gonna add, Trips literally had the tag titles main event a TakeOver. I think tag team wrestling will be much healthier under his regime and I think he'd be more than happy to give the Bucks at least a little say in their presentation given how massive of a signing they'd be.
  11. Trips did present him well, but House of Black really felt like Malakai was able to do what he wanted and crank that shit to 11. Dude got two of his friends hired to form a stable with him and really got to get creative with his presentation. He wasn't top of the card or anything, but I can't remember the last time he missed a PPV and I'm fairly certain he'd be winning a title soon enough.
  12. Wild if true. TK really needs to be incredibly careful in how he handles this situation. I think losing Bucks & Kenny would be an enormous loss. Not even in regards to starpower or whatever, but because this is partially their company and if they wanna dip? Definitely a red flag, especially given how (to my knowledge) there's not really anything bad floating around about the Bucks (or especially about Kenny) while seems Punk has made a ton of enemies. That said, definitely holding off on buying into this 100%. Emotions are high right now, frustration that is here now may not be in a few weeks time.
  13. That was a nice lil segment. Bring in Breeze as their new leader you cowards!
  14. This episode was excellent. My only complaints are everyone I want to win the AEW title are on one side of the bracket (Danielson PLZ) and Best Friends still not winning the damn Trios belts
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