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  1. Fun show! Obvious highlights were OC vs Ospreay putting on a MOTY candidate and MY BOY CLAUDIO YES YES YES!!! I've wanted this man in AEW since they started and this was just surreal. Well deserved debut pop. I don't care he's in his last 5 years of wrestling probably, make my boy World Champion Tony. Fatal 4 Way was very fun until Cole just... died. Not a single Rainmaker all night I do hope we see more Okada vs AEW, I want him and Hangman 1 on 1. And I honestly hope Cole is ok. FTR winning the belts was awesome, but Dax had me worried sick. Much as I love Rosa, this reign has been weird af. She's just not meshing with anyone very well. I think her next challenger should be Shida, they've had great matches before. And if Shida can't get her back on track, it's time to drop the gold (frankly, dropping to Shida might be fun given the new challengers she could have. Soho, Athena and Toni weren't here the first reign). Mox vs Tanahashi I checked out of. I just don't care about either of them very much.
  2. Andrade and Fenix didn't have to go that hard, but they did. The did it for us. Guessing that was TK saying "y'all we know it's BS you can't be on the PPV, go steal the show". I'm curious if they can loophole an Ospreay v Andrade match on an otherwise entirely AEW card? Or if Andrade basically can't touch a NJPW worker. For JB... I wonder how legit that is. On the one hand, that conchairto looked nasty. On the other... could be a worked injury?
  3. AYYY THEY GOT OKADA LETS GOOOOO. I got so hyped for that shit. Gonna go wild when Cesaro pops in to replace Danielson too. Fun episode!
  4. He was the only name NJPW offered up that I actually recognized. Have a feeling that was the case for many who don't avidly watch New Japan.
  5. I like her. She has times she can be a bit awkward in the ring though. And she should never do a moonsault again.
  6. Hate saying it but I agree, booking the Hardy's in hardcore matches left and right with them as broken down as they has been questionable at best. If they wanted to keep going, this was the time to change their style, not embrace the risky stuff twice as much.
  7. That match was definitely a star making performance. Not sure where he'd fit story wise atm, but he's a great "Open Challenge" opponent if like Starks wanted to through one out for the FTW belt.
  8. What a way to end it all. I really hoped Jeff had gotten himself straight but.... ugh, yeah, get him out of here. Idk if the man needs therapy, rehab or jail time, but get him outta here.
  9. I'm so curious what these issues might be. My initial thought was maybe MVP took issue with Jericho's parody of "Sports Entertainers", but the report mentions political issues... so I guess Jericho's Trump support set it off?
  10. I wasn't overly happy with this episode. KOR was a dull Battle Royal winner. Him vs Mox was very good, but everyone and their mother knew KOR had zero chance to win. And honestly, not overly interested in either of reDRagon as solo guys. I really got excited thinking Andrade was gonna win it. New title is weird. We don't need it. I could see it being decent if it's like... a title that is taken to other countries by the champion and defended at other promotions or something? It is nicely designed though. Buddy vs PAC went HARD. King vs Juggernaut delivered big time. Ospreay man, haven't seen this dude in a few. Marina Shafir's entrance might be the quietest crowd I've ever heard in my life. I'm glad she just served to set up for Toni to appear, but God damn couldn't you have used Tay or Bunny instead or something? Wardlow should definitely take the belt off Sky. But mans ain't a hot promo.
  11. Huge bummer about Punk. I was so psyched to see him as champion again. This blows. So... dream scenario here for me is Danielson wins the BR, beats Mox to go to Forbidden Door... but swap Tanahashi for Okada and put the belt ON Okada. That'd make for a pretty dope reign while Punk heels.
  12. Taking a wild guess that this is a publicity stunt/character choice rather than a legit engagement.
  13. I think that last promo between them really split the fans, and I'm loving it. It's the core base of "AEW Original" fans clashing with the "We need to grow and adapt" crowd. Both have valid lines of thinking and Hangman/Punk are excellent representatives for either group. I think this feud is far from over and about to get very good. I also think this opens the door for someone from the former camp to beat Punk down the road. If Punk leans into being a force of "modernization" or whatever you wanna call it, that's practically begging for a guy like Eddie to be the one who dethrones him. Maybe at the Anniversary Dynamite, though that might be too short a reign for Punk. And hell, Eddie winning could be a great transition to MJF taking it, should his issues be resolved.
  14. All around I had a lot of fun with this PPV. Hookhausen was a short-but-sweet Buy In MJF v Wardlow was all it really needed to be. I... hope MJF can figure himself out if this was all legit, but hats off if he's been working everyone all along. My stream had issues during Hardys/Bucks and Jade/Anna, but HELL YES ATHENA LETS GOOOOO!!! House of Black vs Death Triangle was very good and went exactly as it should have. If Black lost, they'd be circling Wyatt territory. But with Julia officially corrupted, they got W's in more ways than one tonight. Very happy, and hopefully everyone can move on to better programs now. Joe vs Cole was very solid. I expected Cole to win, but still a bit bummed over Joe losing. Ruby vs Britt was also very solid, a lot more bummed Ruby lost, especially after she got Rancid!! I wonder if TK switched after the crowd turned on Ruby at Rampage... ATT vs Tay, Sammy & Kaz was what it was. Was it good? Was it bad? Idk man, I'm just glad the feud is over. I want Tay and Sammy to separate on screen though, I miss cheering babyface Tay KOR vs Darby was really good, albeit completely unnecessary. Rosa vs Deeb was awesome. Very technically sound, both women brought it. I really, really liked this one. For her time as Champion, Rosa should be almost entirely in-ring going forward. The woman is an exquisite wrestler, but can't cut a good promo. Get her a manager, or keep her in ring. JAS vs BSS - Holy shit man, this was just... violent. It was a hell of a lot of fun to watch though. Props to everyone involved. I'm guessing next step is BSS vs Eddie & PnP? Tag Titles - I was very excited for this and the match definitely delivered but... man, as much as I love Jurassic it was their time to lose. Both Swerve/Lee and Hobbs/Stark excite me a lot more atm, and we're in dire need of that Christian turn. Great match, but the wrong team won. Punk vs Hangman was a great story all the way through. Punk botching the Buckshot... was rough, but commentary sold it very well. Otherwise, some great character moments all the way throughout. I was cheering for Hangman, but I think Punk will be an excellent champion for the next long while. Overall? Very good show.
  15. What a weird episode. Danielson vs Sydal was awesome. Bucks entrance/Hardy mockery was incredible. Then poor Ruby got turned on HARD. That sucked to see, damn.
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