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  1. Meh... Dude's a great promo, but I can't say I was hoping he'd stick around.
  2. As much as I love AEW, why tf would they bring in Cameron/Ariane? Genuinely one of the worst in ring workers the business has ever seen. I hope it's literally just for the meme of Nyla losing early in the tournament due to an incompetent partner, then Nyla squashes her and that's that. Bringing in Cardona is funny, since Cody was all vocal about not just signing his friends. I liked Ryder, but can't say I'm overly excited for this. Hope he proves me wrong though, and he definitely has the creativity to do so. Also, Ricky Starks was a weird signing. He doesn't offer too much to stand out, and I feel like the niche he could fill is already being aced by Guevara and MJF. Re: FTR, I think their angle has been cooled down because AEW is trying to get the Elite split postponed until there's crowds again. They know that would be a massive reaction, and they're right, but it's definitely taking a toll on the actual story.
  3. I really enjoyed it actually. Matt flipped through the personalities pretty easy, and usually in funny ways, especially Stadium Stampede! Gonna miss it. Only part of it I didn't like was him managing Private Party, that felt off.
  4. Kairi Sane's Elbow is the GOAT, probably the only diving elbow I've genuinely believed to be a finisher
  5. I kinda like the Thicc Boi being a solo face tbh. Thorne and Vink could easily just redebut themselves, the tag division needs some fresh faces.
  6. Dark Order are the best comedy act in pro wrestling right now
  7. Idk why but I really like Bronson Reed. Dude just seems like a chill guy, so I was pretty happy he won the triple threat. 4 more spots right? Hoping it goes to Priest, Grimes, Oney and....maybe KUSHIDA? I'd say Swerve, but looks like he's gonna be next for the CW title, and a high flier would be a great addition to the match. Hell, if they wanna have tag guys be eligible, then throw Breeze or Dango in there.
  8. Regarding Kingston - I really liked his promo, especially given I didn't really know him other than seeing his name bounce around now and again. The match didn't do much for me though.
  9. Shatter Machine/Goodnight Express looks way cooler than the piledriver anyway. Havoc probably ain't coming back as it is.
  10. Rollins Wyatt Asuka Bayley Crews New Day McIntyre - Extreme Rules
  11. Can you create me a female caw

  12. Tell me why this shit is always so satisfying to watch
  13. Asuka vs Kairi at SummerSlam as Kairi's send off would be so sick. Edit: Or at least, Kairi vs Io at that TakeOver, I've wanted that one since Io debuted
  14. I'd try reaching out to some well known CAW creators, offer to commission them. There's a modder for 2k19 who is currently doing this, I think he only charges like 20 bucks for it.
  15. Cena World Tour incoming ....please
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