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  1. Which has nothing to do with my point considering its still fact that the whole thing is spearheaded in the name of Religion. A friendly advice, stop telling people to do research until you start doing it yourself...looks very desperate on your part when your major talking point is "bargh, do research" while failing at that.
  2. I know as much, clearly more than you...the only one who paints stuff with a broad brush is you...and no i will not calm down when womens rights are taken away because religious extremists force their way into a sector they shouldnt be allowed in.
  3. So far the DLC looks as boring as the others, Doudrop is one positive...she looks incredible good. But as usual im more interested in the moves it brings, and the powerslams look neat...but nothing i could use for my caws. Lets see what the Patch and all brings.
  4. No way this comes out September, this sounds more like maybe November/December but more than likely early 2023. Either way, cool that cody will still be in. What Kenny says here, again sounds very cool and he does a good job hyping it without being overly arrogant about it. He seems to have a realistic look at the game...i like that.
  5. That is not even in the top 5 of reasons...as if the main thing is that dudes dont pay child support enough. It is literally mainly society issues, the fact that way too often its been said that women "ask for it" when getting raped, that society treats women like some evil beings for wanting to have choices and rights. Its about religious fundamentalists grinding women to dust...and you come in here going "well dudes should pay child support either way". "We could solve every problem" oh put a sock in it, as if that is a wish of you...you lot arent even giving a damn enough about kids that you deal with the gun problem...as if you have any sense of care for children in any kind of state. Be it full grown or be it a clump of cells. Get out of here with this childish "the left would still support killing kids" the only one who does that is you who sit back and watch thousands of kids die on the streets, get bullied into suicide, gleefully want to make guns easier to get, stand in the way of free healthcare etc....please spare us this whole "blame the left" agenda.
  6. Still hyped as hell for the card, how could one not? Look at all that talent god damn it. But of course, considering the original plan...it hurts that we didnt get what was originally wanted. Im sure it will still be an awesome show.
  7. Having watched this without any involvement in the fandom, made this a really enjoyable thing. Sure it has its weaknesses, stumbles here and there...but god is it far better than what large parts of the fandom want people to believe. I definitly would be all for a Darth Vader show, the Vader comics have some pretty cool stuff so i wouldnt be all against it. Stuff like him visiting padmes grave, seeing him outside of the suit and how broken he is...would be neat. Hell you could even do some stuff that is between the episodes 4-6 to fill some gaps or so. There is a lot that could be done with a Vader show. But another Obi Wan season would be neat too. Overall, im happy but definitly would want to see more.
  8. Oh please, as if you ever even tried to knock on that doors. Half assed bans and then wondering why they dont work. This whole "dont ban stuff because it will be pointless either way" doesnt stop *censored*ing republicans from going hard after everything else. After abortions, Transgender etc...there the first reaction is to exactly do that, Ban shit and go hard after it. Its an lazy excuse by people to act like banning guns wouldnt stop people from getting them. Everything that makes it less easy for 18 year old unstable people to buy a gun, is helping the cause. But you gotta have to follow up with actions instead of thinking that just going "okay we ban this" is enough.
  9. Or dont because the pay off will not exist and will make the time invested in it, worthless.
  10. Sir, since Uvalde there were more than 10 mass shootings in america...take every gun ban you can get for the love of god. Nothing about this is "normal" or fine, everything is *censored*ed up. Banning stuff that makes such big holes into kids that they are hard to identify, seems like the least you guys can do.
  11. And people thought it was unreasonable to wish Ciampa would stick with NXT...as if we didnt saw it coming how this shithole of a company would use him on the main roster.XD
  12. I find it okay to use but i did notice that stuff isnt working as it should in terms of Springboard, a lot of the moves have a strange targeting or i sometimes do splashes etc to opponents who stand because the game registers it as them still lying on the floor. Springboard is one of the things where it feels noticeable at times that something *censored*ed it up and the AI on it. I assume that maybe the whole combo feature is breaking the basic gameplay and all surrounding it, because it dont know what else could be the problem. Anway...as with every year...the thing i hate is the Mapping and fade away in create mode. Cant do simple attires with logos, sleeve tattoos get *censored*ed up because it cuts off on the shoulder and you have a incredible hard time rounding the sleeves on the top because the mapping either way makes it look ugly or fades the logo away too much that its pointless. It is so annoying how overly complicated it is to do stuff. It shouldnt be that you need 3-4 logos for a full sleeve tattoo, you should only need one and be able to stretch it how you want. You shouldnt need 4-5 logos for simple stripes or so on the tights because for some dumb reason it cuts off on the upper thigh.
  13. Crazy that this company is around longer than WCW was and keeps holding on, while giving people over the course of its time incredible matches. Damn shame that it still has the baggage of the carter,hogan, bischoff era...without that, i think Impact would be a bigger name and would have a bigger following.
  14. Yeah that is annoying as hell, they have for combos etc directions...but finisher its only press or hold which seems to be weirdly calibrated on their part.
  15. That for sure. I gave up on thinking you can ban guns as a whole...the weird and creepy gun obsession of Americans you can never get rid of sadly. But you can make it safer for those who want to live without them and dont want to worry about them. What i dont get is why so many gun owners are against any kind of regulation etc. As if they worry that they might not be considered a "good guy" with a gun...which opens a whole new set of questions then. Even the Army makes regular checkups on its soldiers if they are still fit to operate their guns...why should the public citizen not have to do the same? Let the people have their guns who are "trustworthy", who can verify that they are not a danger to society.
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