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  1. Mickie James spitting facts and people left and right getting absolutly tired of the WWE...you love to see it. And im so here for more and more inside the industry finally drawing a line and not seeing the WWE as the almighty dreamplace anymore and instead go: "*Censored* them, we build our own dreamplace". Currently rumor swirls around that one of the reasons he was released is because he got protective over his character and fought creative over ideas they had, making the relationship between him and the wwe rather cold.
  2. But then you dont really create referees, you create wrestlers that pose as referees. I do think such a mode would be nice and it doesnt need to be that deep, just something that gives the people more options to build stuff. Would be neat to have such an option be is own thing. I always thought that it might be a neat idea for efeds to bring in more personality. I can see it being fun having those simulated matches with the referee being the third player and have all three work together to make a good match.
  3. That absolutly, this is all 100% on the WWE and not Alexa. Thank god if true. I mean no its shitty and dumb, they just boasted about the money they made and god knows how many peopl bought this ugly expensive fiend belt...but if it means his mental health is fine, im okay with that. If he is alright and ready to move on, im happy for him.
  4. And Twitter is already toxic as usual and for some braindead reason blaming it on Alexa Bliss. As if she had anything to do with this, they gave her the role and she plays it as well as she can.
  5. Damn, i hope he is okay considering the rumors said he was gone so long because he cant handle Brodies death well. Now getting released, i hope he is mentally in a good place and motivated, the latest picture showed him in fantastic shape and all. I would be upset about this but im not, because this god damn company wasted every one of his gimmicks because of their stupidity. If he continues wrestling, the sky is the limit for a many with such ideas and such a talent on the microphone. He could do so much cool things in a company that actually lets him do his thing and supports him. It says a lot about the state the company is in when guys like Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt leave or get released. Incredible nice people who have ideas and want to push forward, stifled by a company that is so bankrupt on ideas and understanding.
  6. I dont know, it happened tooooo often that Referees were "heels"/"Faces", thats more a special occasion thing. But thats why i would like to have the ability to always be able to have a player be the referee. You could do a lot of fun things especially in efeds if the referee would play a bigger role or maybe even playable. But either way, your ideas show that there is a lot you could do with Referees to have them play a bigger role considering how important they are actually in a wrestling match.
  7. Either im not stupid enough for WWE logic or look at it too hard...but that contract signing was bonkers. And Cena looks like a god damn heel if i ever saw one. He lets corbin beat up Balor, steals the Contract...a "legitim" document that doesnt have his name anywhere on said contract to the match, signs it with his name...and everyone is cool with that? Really? Why? Its not fine, he stole balors place after Reigns told him no. He had no business there, because Reigns already said to him that he hasnt earned a titleshot. The Man signed on a contract that has nothing to do with him and the officials are fine with that, giving a guy a match just because he stole the contract and signed his name on it. But im also the guy who thought nikkis title win was rather heelish, so what do i know. It just looks weird to me, especially considering that Goldberg on the other side also didnt had to do anything to get a titleshot. While the rest of the roster seems to be so dumb and fight over chances. You literally only need to show up in front of the champion in the WWE to get a shot at the most prestigues titles. Thats even for WWE wrestling standards pretty crazy imo.
  8. Oh that would be sweet. In general making the Referees more "important" would be cool. Would love to be able to "create" referees from their look to their behaviour etc.
  9. Yeah i dont even have the strength to start ranting on this because it shouldnt be a question, a thought a "fan" should have to look up a wrestlers or any entertainers home adress and "visit" them...no matter what.
  10. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, it makes his "helping me become the man i am today" tell you quite a lot. The Woman is bonkers. But if they are happy, i guess its worth it for them.
  11. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Its such an obvious example for the fact that the whole "We are family" etc thing is nothing, for Vince at least. He doesnt see those people as more than livestock, as tools to make money. Only if you made him enough money, were good enough of a soldier...maybe then he cares a little, but even then you are measured in your value for the product and not as person. Which just is so sad considering the emotional aspect of wrestling, not only for the fans, but for the talent too. Such stuff or interviews always show quite well how Vince really thinks, bad jokes, arrogance and pretty much living in his own world. Sure i agree on the fact that AEW is no competition...yet. For that the company hasnt made enough money on its own, but if this continue, and vince keeps ignoring the way the WWE loses more and more steam...all those comments will come back and bite him very hard. Yeah he will always have the blind followers who run on nostalgia...but if the product becomes unattractive for sponsors, the casuals etc, then things could turn bad really fast.
  12. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    And nobody is surprised that Russo is an Anti-Vaxxer. The last few years have really taken a lot away from my attitude of wanting every person to get something good. When you see assholes like Russo be proud that they dont give a damn about others, that they could endanger others especially during such a pandemic, you lose sooner or later faith in humanity. Add to that the Trump years...im at the point where im less and less ashamed to wish bad things on bad people. I dont want to wear masks, i dont want to take a vaccine that in my opinion is not researched enough...but i *censored*ing do it because it protects others, because i dont want to be the reason why others get sick or die. *Censored* everybody who is against doing their part.
  13. Its definitly worth it to see how much Vince will bend reality and make up stuff on this.
  14. If i remember correctly, that was all confirmed before...but still pretty cool to hear. 1000 caw slots sounds awesome in general, means you can create at least the top 5 wrestling promotions fully. But it all comes down to how detailed the caw mode is, how good the create an arena is etc. If the game itself doesnt give us at least as much freedom as the 2k games, then it doesnt matter how many slots it has. And its cool if they dont do a yearly release, gives them time to work on the games...if they plan sequels etc. All 4-5 years a new one would be neat. But it all comes down to how this one will turn out.
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