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  1. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Its a fan voted thing in the end, so there is that. But can people really honestly say that WWE should have gotten away better? With the product they did the last year? I mean people say that Vince should be booker of the year for reigns and edge...really? Vince who has guys like andrade and black sitting at home for months, who does nothing with his tag division, who has a broken midcard and a raw womens champion nobody gives a damn about? Who had with the fiend a incredible gimmick, and butchered it already in the first match? Is it way too pro AEW while ignoring good stuff ROH, Impact etc did? Absolutly.
  2. I mean i dont want to say that everything they do is some on your nose "we love nazis" thing, but this is yet another thing that looks just way too much to be just a coincidence. Who choose that design even? Knowing that, could answer if that is really just a super weird coincidence...or as it looks, a nazi symbol. Yeah and as i always say, why Trump? You throw money to make your Truck look this dumb, because of Donald Trump...why? I mean why not an eagle, a snake, a skull or something really cool? Why the face of Donald Trump? Its not like has chiseled features or a strong face or some shit.
  3. That does look pretty neat, but i have no clue the type of gameplay it will have. Funny thing is that im watching a few videos of games like Revolt or the older hot wheels games for a while now, thinking how neat it would be to have such a fun racer again.
  4. The last few years the minimalistic marketing was horrible. A lot i think has to do with the timespan of development and stuff like the time when they do the scanning of the people, because they do want to make the game as up to date as possible. I would like to have a steady marketing, then i have no problem it being 2-3 months before release. But it needs to be steady and transparent. Give me early a few screens and some features etc, and im happy for a while, but when it goes on, go all out. I loved the suplex city wrestler reveal thing, that was cool as hell. And i know they cant do wrestler of the day because you cant do that when the roster is 100+ strong. But i would love to see wrestlers of the day, maybe showing 3-4 a day. I just love this idea of showing us the entrance and the signature/finisher...its a cool concept. Maybe with a new highlight reel system they could even do it in a cool style, i dont know. Another problem i feel is that the wwe doesnt seem to take the wwe2k series as important as they might should do. Yeah they do the marketing and all, but when you hear how they worked with the developers over the years, it seems the importance is not that huge. It would now be the perfect time to fully use the fact that the wrestlers dont have houseshows and such a packed calendar, to bring them to the 2k studio for motion capture and stuff...if they want to. Imagine entrances and moves not done by development talent, but by the real wrestlers...that would be so cool. I know that is asking quite a lot, but that would be sweet. But i think that goes a bit off topic, sorry.
  5. Mani-Man

    Logo issue

    In 2k20? Some...best way is to take the hair away completely, equip the headgear and go back into the appearance to see which hair works.
  6. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    He is such a bellend, unbelievable. And to be honest, the guy and the kid also look like there is only air inside their heads and not a brain.
  7. Wow, those are really cool logos. Personally i would go maybe with a yellow version, that would be brighter and be a good contrast to the Dark background etc. But the basic Logo is super awesome. And the name rings great too, which i realized is hard to get because im working on creating my own caw universe too and cant for the love of me find a good name for it.XD
  8. I just checked it and that makes it even cooler. I love it when people do real wrestlers most dont tackle. Its why i did Sinn Bodhi for 2k20 for example. Lesser known Wrestlers that are interesting but get overlooked. Fantastic work, they look really accurate.
  9. Wow, looking all pretty unique, im liking it. My Favorite is Jervis, looks super gimmicky but not fully over the top...like someone you could actually see in a indy company.
  10. Oh man, yeah i too forgot completely about the HOF. Its really a good list that deserves a ceremony.
  11. We live in truly wonderfull times, AEW really does a lot of cool stuff. Hope they dont half ass the Deathmatch. Gotta have to give it to Cage, not many would have dared to be the one Powerbombing a Sting in 2021. Takes a lot of confidence and guts to not get crazy with worry. Has it to do with how Daniel Bryans and Edges comeback went, that people arent as super worried about Sting after the Bump? Or was it because the powerbomb was super clean executed? I was expecting the Wrestling community to be more scared and worried about sting.
  12. How? How the hell do you defend a Texas Senator leaving Texas during a Crisis in Texas? The coward constantly talks shit about any democrat, but runs away when he its his turn to do something. So far the most help for Texas, is coming from the Left for christ sake...the same left many people from texas would love to shot any other day. America...a weird country.
  13. At the end of the day, it doesnt change a lot in terms of the result. We still will have a disappointing first live action DCCU. And considering Snyder had all the chances in the world to do something really good, i doubt this snydercut will do what his other movies couldnt. Worst is that this will be the first time the broad audience will see a live action Darkseid, because i doubt most remember smallvilles version. So we will probably see a rather empty character that will be seen as DCs Thanos, when in reality, Thanos is a poor mans Darkseid. The character has so much potential and i already know it will be wasted because there wont be enough build up or so and the character will return to the shelf until they fix the DCCU and come to the point where they will use him again. Im happy for the (good) fans and that he can finish his movie in the end, but i probably wont be blown away. But we will see, it will certainly be interesting to see how different this is from the Whedon Justice League, the trailers already tell you that its quite a lot.
  14. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    At this stage its really just the money. Exposure doesnt seem to be the big thing anymore, and now with this social media restrictions you cant even promote third party stuff on the side. So you are pretty much hindered by the wwe on a lot of things if you sign. As a indy wrestler in the current pandemic, i could see why the wwe is a good place to go to. You get quite a lot of money, some get it for sitting at home...thats neat while the world deals with a pandemic. But otherwise i dont really see a lot of benefits signing with the WWE when you have to give up streaming, third party collaborations etc and get really restricted by the wwe.
  15. Heard the ones they have sold before, currently are worth around 100 bucks because of all the stuff going on. Selling a cheap cara dune figure for a few hundred dollars to some right wing nutjob, would be pretty neat.
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