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  1. The interview was really neat, especially since it shows how passionate Brian Williams is about this all. That he documented everything from attires to moves etc for yukes since 2019, shows that the man really wants this to be good. Interesting is that he said the models arent nowhere near finished, could mean they will get more detailed and proportions might change...i like the idea. I do think there is a lot more possible with a more stylised visual look, as we can see with the wwe 2k games...the super realistic style can be a bit of a problem. It doesnt take much for such a style to feel unnatural, which can hurt more since they aim for super realistic. I just think you can be more unique with something like the AEW game. Which makes me think about how the Caw community could benefit from such a style, especially those with original caws. We will see. Wonder how this No Mercy/HCTP mix is working out. Of course the fact that face morphing and importing textures will be in this game, is already hyping me up so much. Cant wait to see the options of the create mode and seeing what will be possible. Man i wished we would get more WIP material already. Not only for this, also for the wrestling code and so on...i cant wait for 2021 and all the stuff we might get to see in terms of wrestling games.
  2. Its highly possible that the move is renamed...which is one thing that annoys the hell out of me. I cant tell you how often i was looking for a move under the "normal" name and couldnt find it because it has some other weird name. On the note of moves...i hate that every tombstone that has a pin, has only Undertakers pin. Especially Undertakers old school Tombstone, which is my absolute favorite. I love the version he did earlier where he had the opponent on one shoulder. Sadly if i want to pin the opponent after that smoothly, i only have the Undertaker animation. Would be neat to be able to choose a few different pin styles in such moves.
  3. Would be cool, im a fan of the wrestler specific Showcase modes...they are a cool idea. It gives you so much nostalgia and stuff. A Undertaker showcase is a must, and yeah it should be about his most memorable matches and not just the streak.
  4. Im either way on that, part of me does like the grappling, it takes you way back to the no mercy days and the key idea of wrestlers locking up before performing moves. Of course it takes away a bit from the flow and natural feeling, but i can live with and without it. To be fair, considering what we "know" about how the whole partnership with yukes, thq, 2k, wwe etc was...wouldnt surprise me if down the line the higher ups stopped them from adding those. Was he the one who overlooked the quality of the moves? yeah then im a bit unsure. Some of the animations in the past were really rough, but when i look at 2k20 and how some of the dlc moves have this weirdly fast speed etc...i dont know where the problem is there. Its really hard to say because we dont know how difficult it was to work they way they had to. Cant be good when people with experience work on it, but could hinder the project too. Oh man, i totally forgot about them...oh the dark, so very dark days.
  5. Nobody ever used it? Why the hell not? Whats not to like about a half nelson like chokehold...people really have become vanilla when it comes to submission moves. XD I dont know what they go after when they decided on adding new moves, seems so super random every year. Like i always say, the best thing they can do is listen to the community and looking for feedback. They could easily make a lot of money with a few additional move pack DLCs. Ask the community for a list, look what they want the most, do that and sell it...easy money. Or they could be cool and add moves via free update...but either way, its key to listen to the community and get a feeling for what people want. Look at what kind of caws the community makes, and add stuff according to it. I do know that every year there is a Tazz caw, but how popular he is...i dont know. But he is one of many caws you see early on every year, just like a doink or boogeyman caw and so on.
  6. Who outside of Tazz ever used it? And tazz hasnt wrestled since a long time. I assume they put only more relevant moves into the games, who are more widespread...but then they have the stormbreaker in it and i dont know anybody else except Ospreay who does it. Submission wise it would be neat to have a few more, although im not one who uses submission often because i hate the systems we have. My caws could use a few more unique ones. In general i would love to see more unique versions and moves in the games, but i understand that its not easy...it takes a lot of time etc to mocap those moves etc. And we do have a lot of moves in the games from wwe to indy people, but still...more is always better.
  7. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    When history should have taught us one thing, then that we are to most fragile beings out there. How people can be so dumb to be against vaccine, is beyond me. The good thing for thosee people is that we as society did a lot to protect even those idiots, which i hate a bit because natural selection would do the job just fine. Kinda sad to see Jax being one of idiots, but not too unexpected.
  8. Its always the question how Vince, Dunn and the other out of touch guys really hold the company back, including NXT. So its hard to say if HHH would do things more different than now. Who knows, but something needs to happen sooner rather than later. The way the WWE handles everything, is not good. You burn too much ground and run so far behind trends that its not even funny anymore. One of these days the TV etc contracts run out and need to be reevaluated...and then when the wwe doesnt bring enough viewers then the partners wont throw as much money at them...and then things can go south very fast.
  9. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Hes a cool dude. I saw a few tweets that say he just said it to get cheap pops and stuff, and my first thought was "And?" The man simply pointed out that white nationalism, chauvinism and neo-facism are bad things...how can this not be universally agreed on? Its like when a celebrity goes "racism is bad" and some assclowns go "Urgh, another celebrity getting political" Dude, in what world is that political and pissing you off that much...what is wrong with you? Anyway...Yeah Reed is cool.
  10. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    It was sadly expected, he had made a few questionable comments in the past that pointed in that direction. *Censored* him.
  11. Not over Twitch, but its another reason on a long list. I wouldnt be so sure it never happens, things change and the wwe seems to do everything they can to push people into creating an union...they certainly dont do a lot to take peoples minds off such a thing. Its super messed up what the wwe pulls here. Absolute shitty behaviour on their part, but so expected. But to be honest, i didnt expect Vega to be the one getting fired...always thought vince was really high on her. And Paige was the one who speaks out about the problems for longer, so i was expecting her to get fired over this kind of stuff. But i guess Zelina having an onlyfans account, adds some reason to it.
  12. It is beyond stupid. They break up the team with her and billie kay for pretty much nothing. Now they put her back into the...well can we call it division? They put her in a tag team again, with someone super random...why? Its like a child books this stuff constantly. They havent even tried giving her a single run, which we all thought was the reason they broke up a perfectly working tag team.
  13. Man, if this continues then they have an even bigger roster than the wwe games...and that without having the same guys with 2-3 gimmicks.XD But i fear that this big roster could be a problem. I imagine its quite expensive to get all those people to sign contracts, makes you wonder how much money the developer has for the game itself. Would suck if they use most of the money on getting the rights for the wrestler and not on the game itself.
  14. Im absolutly fine with the art style, like some pointed out...this could be good for a Caw mode if the created wrestlers dont look so out of place like in the 2k games sometimes. A stylized overall look, makes it easier for created content to fit into that. The last few wrestling games that people overall enjoyed, were games that didnt had a super realistic look. Allstars, Fire Pro, Battlegrounds are all game with stylized art design, and yet people enjoyed the hell out of them in terms of gameplay.
  15. Seems like Sullivan did more than Hogan, who pretty much said: Dont get caught being a racist prick and im sorry you are offended by what i said. Thats something at least. If he has learned from it and wants to be better, fine. But honestly, he bores me as wrestler. He has nothing that makes me want to see him and the story they do with him, does nothing to me.
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