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  1. Yeah sadly. And i dont really get it why there are so few modes. I mean in HCTP we could jump from the smackdown fist, drive cars etc. In No mercy we had ladder matches. In the newer games we can throw people from the HIAC, through tables, go into backstage areas. Wrestling has the weirdest match types, many of them just scream arcade brawler...yet in arcade games we can be lucky if we get the rumble and a cage match? Whats up with that. I think All Stars had a bit more to offer in terms of the gameplay style.
  2. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    I mean we have the other two who seem decent enough. No reason why they cant work as a tag team, they shouldnt be punished because of the massive idiot that ryker is.
  3. Seems like they missed the goal by only a few inches. The lack of match types and that the wrestlers play almost identical, holds the game back from what i can tell. But overall it seems like a super fun game, especially that king of the battleground mode.
  4. The name and logo works. I was hoping for a screenshot or anything more beefy. They keep hyping this game up, its dangerous because people expect a lot then...if you cant meet those expectations, it falls apart completely. Anyway...name is fine, its nothing super catchy or so...but then, wwe2k also isnt really a name a mastermind came up with. In the end the content is more important than how its named. Its good that we are so far now that they have a actual name for the game, lets see what the future holds for this title.
  5. All in all Harris isnt the worst choice on paper...it makes her the most competent person going into the race. Biden and Trump are two sides of a very awful coin...and Pence is a incredible simple fool that loves the bible more than anything in the world...well maybe he loves Trump a tiny bit more. But in the end they are all not who america needs. Either the country goes down farther or biden and harris try to get back to some status quo...but america needs to evolve. There is too much broken for too long, the status quo isnt enough anymore. Starting with the two party system that even made it possible to have Trump, and forces people to either throw away their vote...or vote with dread for who they believe is the "lesser evil". Thats not democracy. People should vote for whos ideas and plans they support the most, not who they disagree with the least. The country is run not by politicans or the people, its run by companies who teach americas society black/white thinking. If you arent mindlessly for something, you are fully against it. Thats for example why everybody screams socialism, marxism, communism when a politican is a bit more flexible, when people break out of the "republican" and "democrat" mold. Trump broke out of the mold a bit being a businessman, but he still fit well enough for buisnesses because he is a businessman...and as most in america know...a very dumb businessman that is easy to lure.
  6. Whoever proposed the karaoke segment should be fired and never be able to work in the industry. That was absolute garbage.
  7. Oh thank god, i thought its just me.XD I look at the thing two times and one time i like it, the other time i find it horrible. A weird title with a design that i like and dislike at the same time.
  8. People cant possibly be this *censored*ing stupid, i refuse to believe that. We are talking about a *censored*ing virus here for the love of god...a virus that can infect and kill people. This is not some idiotic shit like drinking too many beer or eating too much fast food. It is a aggressive virus that affects people fast and hard. I...i dont...how can you explain this to people more than it already has been tons of times? Even kids understand it...why grown ups dont, is beyond me.
  9. That would mean he wore a mask...but he didnt. His weird obsession with race, his boner for Henry ford whos racism inspired even hitler, the countless actions that showed his open racism. Trump is the proof that in america you can be garbage as long as you have enough money and powerfull people as your buddies. He was always a racist...the sad part is how many support his racism.
  10. Too bad, a Callihan run would have been so cool. But they cant possibly act surprised do they? I mean its not since yesterday that people know that Tessa is Difficult to work with, even before the accusations and stuff. Its always sad to see talented people with huge egos standing in their own way.
  11. Of course this is not as bad as the other things that came out, but he still blackballed her. I mean him defending a friend and all that he couldnt see would do what that friend was accused of, isnt too bad. You know that person or think you know them and cant imagine them doing such awful things...thats understandable. Maybe even butting heads with someone who you heard etc talks bad about you, your girlfriend. But using your influence to keep someone from being booked and so on...is pretty shitty. If that is all, i dont think ospreay should be "cancelled". But getting blackballed for a while and all, having to make up for the shit he pulled...is imo the better way to go. Unless of course he did worse things. Anway...what the actual *Censored* Guevara? How do those people get raised to find rape jokes fine? Seriously, what shitty parents and education do people get who find it okay to make jokes about Rape? Rape...as in Sexual Assaulting another person...*censored*ing hell. This pisses me off so much, what *censored*ed up idiot would joke about rape, would find anything funny or positive about it?
  12. This rally was a disaster on so many levels...i did not expect that...i welcome it, but didnt expect it. But still cant get over the fact he made a big show about drinking *censored*ing water...and looking like a complete fool doing that. Seriously, can this man do anything without looking like a incompetent clown? I dont know whats worse, the way he drank out of the water looking worse doing it than my 2 year old niece, or the fact that people cheered for him doing that.
  13. Oh man, the potential they wasted with Barrett...dont remind me. I really liked him, but sadly it never was enough for him to go to the top...damn shame.
  14. Last i heard the whole thing was fabricated...but the why wasnt clear. Either Racist motivated or messed up fanboys who lost grip of reality. So i dont know about this one, could be the same or this could be the real deal...if it is, he is done for rightfully. Disgusting if true. Part of me wants to mute this all for selfish reasons. I fear that more of my favorites get exposed and handling that is tough. But i cant mute this or ignore it...this needs to happen and i think everybody who has a story, should tell it. Yeah i get many feel ashamed and scared...and me being on the outside makes it easy to tell people to speak up...but this needs to happen. The whole industry needs to burned down, the bad trees need to be cut so that it can be rebuilt on a better ground. Everybody who is a piece of shit, needs to be exposed no matter how hard it is for fans. What i worry is that people who might not have done such things, get thrown into the same mixer as those who did sexual abuse etc. I mean yeah emotional abuse, being a *censored*ing asshole while training people is shitty too...but its a difference if people sexually abused some or not. And we cant treat those the same. Sexual abusers need to get thrown out of the business and never return, those who were "just" assholes need to be called out to do better. Thats at least my opinion...but maybe in general abusers need to be cut from the business altogether...i dont know whats best in this situation.
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