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  1. So Raw keeps being bad it seems. And you make it worse by bringing back Eva Marie...just *censored*ing great. What could go wrong? Bring back the Woman who got all the chances in the world, got personally trained by Kidd and stood in the ring with some of the best...and still was shit. Bring her back after 5 years of her doing anything BUT wrestling, after you fired great talent and have the other being not used. I dont know what is worse, the idea of seeing her in the ring back or the idea that they give her a Microphone and let her talk...or god help us, Act.
  2. How in the blue hell can stuff like that happen? This is a billion dollar company, how incompetent are the people they hire...how can they make billions despite having seemingly this many idiots running working there.
  3. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Its past that for me, for me this sounds dangerous as hell. Imagine what this guy teaches his children, what kind of world picture this man paints for innocent children who can leave this world a better place than we do? He sounds completely delusional and deranged. Sure some may say "Well he is religious" and? didnt i say delusional and deranged? But its also incredible sad. Look around what guys like Wuertz or James miss because of their small minded world view? What they could do good in their position for everyone and not just those they in their deranged religious extremism feel worthy. Very sad to see. Why would someone 2021 say something this dumb and completely childish. If only you would have said real "Women" sport...that would look at least 40% less dumber, but still dumb as hell.
  4. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Lumis for sure, the guy doesnt just play a lunatic. Wasnt there a rumor about him having covered up some "questionable" Tattoos he got? Anyway, its always said seeing Wrestlers of all people be so often Morons. You would think them being closer to their fans, seeing all the stuff they see because of the closer connection to all kinds of fans, they would be smarter.
  5. Didnt Tony Khan rule out that they would sign her? What they do with the Women in AEW is still so baffling to me, now adding of all people Tessa maybe? But then, they had Ivelisse around. Super disappointing if true.
  6. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Nothing about Drake surprises me anymore, disgusting guy. Now dragging his kids into this, he is the worst. Allegedly there are a few in NXT who are anti vaxxers, Xia, Fish, Kross...sad if true.
  7. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    One simple post crediting the person would have avoided all that, but she rather deletes the post and blocks the artist. The message and "apology" later, also sounded super bad...the apology sounded more like "im the victim here". Last i checked she posted the picture and gave credit, but still a shitty thing to do. Its not hard, it doesnt matter how good or bad art is...if someone created it, they deserve to be credited. It is completely avoidable drama that wasted time. Just credit the person and everyone is happy, why do people think being a good person is so incredible hard...it isnt.
  8. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Allegedly it is taken out of Context...but i cant be bothered to listen to the whole show to be honest. I like Meltzer, but i cant stand listening to the guy anymore...he is one of the worst to give a microphone. He constantly stutters, falls over his words, mid sentence changes direction, hits the Mic and my personal favorite...keeps *censored*ing talking when he starts coughing. I mean dude, we dont get what the hell you are talking about 70% of the time, coughing and talking at the same time is not helping your case. And Charlotte isnt exactly known to have thick skin on Social Media...but still, pick your words careful man. I think half of the bullshit surrounding Meltzer would be non existing if the guy wouldnt be such a mess when mumbling into a microphone.
  9. Thats one thing i dont get. People constantly when stuff like this happens say there are a lot of good cops...but where are they? Once during the last year or so i saw this one cop making a video about police brutality etc. I saw more "blue lives matter" cops speak up than "good" cops. And i know in the police force there is some kind of codex that you stand behind your cop buddies...but *Censored* that. If a cop *censored*s up, speak up or you are not a good cop. A good cop knows what is wrong and isnt silent about it no matter what. Police is not supposed to be a gang that gives each other alibies and protect each other when they did wrong. That we need police is clear, sadly as society we are not even close to be at a place where Police, prisons etc are unnecessary. But something has to happen, and i think starting to not give them advanced weapons etc is the way. They get Shock shields, those god damn rubber bullets they fire point blank at people because they are untrained...that is messed up. Put money into training, into making those people Authority figures you can trust...instead of arming them like an army whos first reaction is to kill people. Stop worshipping Authority, be it police, military...they are not saints nor Gods. They are people that are paid to stand between innocent and guilty and make the right decision. Teach them the right decision, the value of human life, that POC are not target practice.
  10. Personally i dont like the Kane we got the last few years and i like this Kane even less because of the man who is behind the mask and that persons Political Views. To me, its a cowards excuse to go " a person and his political views are seperate things" because a persons political view is who they are as a person, and that is the most important to me. I could never look at some of my friends if i would enjoy someone who i know supports things that hurt my friends. I cant enjoy a Chris Jericho NOW, because i know he supported a man who stands for the worst in humanity, who hates POC, Women, poor people, Transgender etc. I dont give a damn how good Jericho is, how entertaining...i cant be so shallow that i simply ignore all this for something as mundane as Entertainment. I can enjoy past stuff because its a done deal, but i dont need to support and enjoy a present Jericho. Same with Kane, thats why the shirt is extremely cool.
  11. Oh man, Attitude was the game where my love for the mode really started, i had the whole thing full of caws. But i think my first time was with WWF Warzone. And boy was it mindblowing to suddenly being able to create your own Wrestler. Then the wild times with the smackdown series, being Introduced to Fire Pro Wrestling, the tons of paper for formulas, then the paint tool stuff...and now we can upload textures etc. Ah the good old times...but i still cant believe how restricted we are in a game like 2k19. The whole dumb blur effect, the fact that we have a limit on how far we can stretch logos and so on. So many years yet we are sometimes more restricted than in the past. But still, i wouldnt want to be without it and hope they do good things with it for 2k22.
  12. You know, it might be an unpopular opinion...but i would really like to see the game having the Thunderdome or the base of it in the game. Even more the NXT version with the cage walls, that would be neat. I like the concept and it would be cool to have it in Create a Arena. Maybe you could exchange the Monitors with a real crowd and stuff...would be really nice imo.
  13. Rumor has it that Black wont be on the list...but who knows. Joe sadly has the worst luck with Injuries etc, always had. But still, he could have been so much bigger if you wouldnt have incompetent people calling the shots. A few good talents released that many companies could use better. Im not that sad about the releases because if it means people getting used then thats a good thing. What good does it to have them signed with the WWE but not used or badly used...so im rather happy. Yeah its an unsure time for Wrestlers, many indy leagues etc are unable to do shows and stuff, so its limited what they can do...but things are slowly getting better. What pisses me off is the alleged reason why they were released. "Budget Cuts" my ass. The WWE arrogantly walk around showing off their shiny new million dollar contracts, but fire people claiming its to save money etc. Bullcrap, just have the decency to say that you have no further use for some of them. Watch when they have their investors meeting and present their new record earnings. Its not that they release wrestlers, its how they do it that annoys me.
  14. To be fair, so far they have done a far better job than in the last 8 years or what. We got a surprisingly early look at the game...well its mostly the same but more detailed. They have made an effort listening to the community, talked to some of the big shots in the fandom(allegedly) and all in all seem like they do want this series to become good again. But if it stays that way, thats the question. It is possible that this is all just a bunch of nothing, big talk to lure in the easy to fool community...and lets be honest, we were a easy to fool fandom for the longest time. We will see what this all really is about soon.
  15. No self reflection on her part, not a surprise. I dont get her deal, is she really so delusional that she thinks everybody is out there to hold her down because she is so awesome and nice and stuff? Does she really not realize her own behaviour in or out of the ring? I mean what did she think while no selling in the clip @Fight Me.posted? She burns bridges on her own, its not some politics or so that do that.
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