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  1. Considering 2ks track record and all, it is a surprise how they dealt with this. This is the same company who for 8-9 years ignores the problems people yearly mention. In General 2k has been tonedeaf for years, so that the outrage was big enough for them to reverse their decision and all...thats huge. It shows that the community doesnt have to just take the game as it is and that making noise, could result in a better game instead of what people for years with fear mongering try to claim...that speaking out would result in 2k cancelling the game when there is too much criticism.
  2. I think it was last year that he literally said that he knows he will get into trouble sooner or later, but doesnt care because stuff like locking stuff behind a mode is dumb and he wont stand for that because its content people paid for. 2k24 was Status mainly taunting 2k to take actions. I dont think him putting a target on others back is nice, but he isnt wrong that a ton of views etc the wwe2k games get are due to mods. The Moderation for these games is trash for a long game, that is not something new. The Problem with the nude Pictures and naked caws is a well known problem that 2k has never really dealt with. Its a unfortunate situation where i could see 2k also kind of having their hands tied. The WWE is allegedly super strict and so i can see 2k also being in a bit of a tough spot. But you wont see me defend a big company...especially one that delivers medicore stuff like wwe2k24. Especially one that once was playing good guys with modders to learn how they get mods into the game...just for them to bring a patch that tried to stop them doing that. There are pretty much two angles, the moral angle where 2k is in the wrong since Status etc are not uploading anything that hurts the game negatively, and the legal angle where of course 2k had to take actions against people who broke the TOS.
  3. Seems like a good place to Post. Hello Everyone, its been a while. A Case of Nostalgia brought me back here, its been a few months i think. Im mostly on Twitter and Discord these days with Caw stuff, it just is simpler to nagivate and all. I was thinking about posting a Caw Showcase that i always plan to do...but uploading pictures and stuff is just very tedious, it works just so much easier and smoother on Discord or so. A Caws.ws Discord server? Anybody ever thought about that? Would be a neat idea imo to keep Caws.ws alive. Because ive been looking into a Caw called Chris Lionheart i was a fan back then, and realized that all the screenshots the caw creator posted about that caw or in general their showcases over the years, just arent working anymore. And thats kind of sad, its like a piece of caw history is gone and only in our memories. But i digress, hope all of you are well, do fun CAW stuff and enjoy wrestling.
  4. Danhausen and Hook are a lot of fun to play...but thats it. Im currently finishing my last Road to Elite run and then im sadly done with the game. There is just absolutely nothing to do anymore. I squeezed everything out of this game i could. And just 1-2 matches every few days are simply not enough for me to keep playing, as fun as the Gameplay is. Its super sad, this game could have run so long on hype and updates...it could have easily run 4-5 years with constant content updates. But the reality is that it cant even hold on 1 year, and that is super sad. Because like i always say, there is not much wrong with the game. It plays well, feels good and works nicely. It has a good foundation that has potential. The game just mainly lacks content...and that sucks. Like, i could deal with it if it would just be a bad game that dies fast. But its not bad, its fun and i enjoy playing it. Its just that there is not much to play in there for long.
  5. Like, there are a handfull of Indie wrestlers already warning indie promotions that they would refuse to do business with them if they hire Riddle. Hardy and Riddle are two different cases completely. Riddle is scum, simple as that. Im not sad he is gone, i will be more sad if i see him in any promotion i like. I could see UFC being the final reason that they released him. From what i gathered, nobody in UFC liked the guy...and that says a lot. If you got some of the worst right wing people in UFC and they dont like a scumbag like Riddle? Wow.
  6. The Releases be what they are, unfortunate but many of them werent used and can elevate themself outside of the WWE a lot more because they have more restrictions in the WWE. What makes it so much more scummy is that this comes hours after they announced this billion dollar deal with the USA Network. Like its such a garbage move on their part. Sure its never good when the company who constantly celebrates how much money they make, fires people. But doint that just hours after such a huge deal, just looks this much more awful.
  7. Isnt that with Emi meant to be "in character"? But yeah, she goes a bit too far with stuff. I often want to give her more benefit of doubt because of the sheer bullying she faced for years and still does...but she goes way too far. Like that one guy said something dumb about Womens Wrestling, but she kept insulting and bullying the guy several times. One tweet is fine, but literally checking out the guys profile and all that is pointless bullshit. And the way she handles it when people call out her shitty boyfriend...is also rather questionable.
  8. Its Unfortunate, especially since they have this fallout in the public and all...really sad to see. I dont think any of them has a big future ahead as Solo wrestlers, but what can you do? If things between that turned this bad, its best to go seperate ways. Nothing wrong with what they want from their Careers, but its sad when this is put out in the open.
  9. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Yeah. Like, we should take these accusations serious, but its Matt Riddle...the man has a questionable track record telling the truth. But again, we should take this serious.
  10. One day, sadly not today or Tomorrow...people will realize how utterly dumb they sound with the Ratings talk. Like, WWE makes record profit, AEWs value rises as we speak, Impact can upgrade their presentation because money is there, Joshi Wrestling rises in Popularity, NJPW does so well, many indy promotions pointed out that the number of tickets sold is up. And some can only think about the childish Tribalism which good running wrestling show on TV does better. One day we will leave this behind and just enjoy wrestling...i hope i will be still alive when that day comes.
  11. A Part timer deal would be perfect for Punk. Go in, get paid...dont have to deal with shit, done. But the question is if the WWE is willing to take the risk, because you just never know what triggers Punk and his moods. I feel like being as involved in AEW as he was, maybe that was part of the problem. Like, he is one who wants to go things his way, if he doesnt get that...he can be hard to work with. A part timer deal would not have him around too much. Also, with NXT etc the wwe has created a environment where there are rookies who will listen and take advice...in AEW you have mostly guys who made it this far on their own and have a certain confidence etc that can make them a bit too cocky where Punk giving advice isnt as good as with these Rookies at NXT etc. Of course going back to the wwe would make Punk a Hypocrite...but that he is that, is not a shocker at this point. People kind of have built this idea around punk that he is more an idealist than he really is. Good enough offer and he would have gone back to the WWE long ago. If you look at it, this in the end could be a win/win for everyone. AEW has one less "problem" backstage, Punk who wasnt happy doesnt need to show up anymore, and as part timer in the wwe, they could have all the benefits with little of the negatives attached to Punk if its done right.
  12. More than likely yeah. The rumor is that Punk visiting Raw was him seeing if he could get back into the WWE...absolutely wild. I just said yesterday he burned bridges there and all...but then, its WWE...wilder things have happened. And i could see a WM program happen for Punk. You know, that could also be a nice way to end his wrestling career. Have him be at the Rumble, start a program there for a WM night one main event...everything he ever wanted. Then he retires. Would be absolutely insane if that happens. We will see what the Cm Punk story holds in store in the next months. Maybe it all turn into a win/win situation for everyone. Gone from AEW who can breath a sigh of relief now, going back to the WWE for one final run. What a weird wrestling year we had either way so far.
  13. Unlikely, maybe NJPW but for that i think he is too old. The Only two companies who have the money to pay him, he burned bridges with. Impact, NWA just dont have the money to pay him.
  14. The Wheeler thing? Well allegedly he just showed people the gun that he was in an altercation with. Do people get fired if they get in fights or so outside of their Job? I would think that literally again punching people during the Job is more cause for firing than what goes on outside of work...but that comes down to what is happening. Punk got fired for the attack but allegedly there were many instances that made the ice thin for him. So its not "just" backstage fight but again i find it really questionable how people kind of downplay the fact that this man when coming face to face with someone, had to resort to violence. Even in wrestling, this should be unacceptable. That is being overly dramatic. Its not like people literally fight constantly backstage. That not everyone is on friendly terms should be clear. Sure a stronger leadership would be good to keep everyone in line...but its not like the wild west there.
  15. In what way? Story goes they go in the fight and several officials etc broke it up, Punk threatened to quit and Samoa joe talked him down from that and all. These are rather fast things, they dont last 10-15 minutes so i doubt he and Perry were on each throats for minutes before finally someone stopped them. Gone probably just a minute or 2. I really wanna know what Punk did here. Like, i dont trust Meltzer on this at all...but im curious what happened there. It must really have messed with Tony Khan, he probably never expected Punk to be angry at him.
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