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  1. Wonder why he did it, its not because of his love for animals or the goodness of his heart. Trying to score a few desperate points i assume. But either way, its a good thing...that trump made it happen shouldnt make it less good. While we are at it in terms of animals, is this still a thing in america that animals in shelters get killed when they dont find a permanent home? I never really had the time to look into this but i heard this quite often that this is a thing in america.
  2. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    I dont care little for the meltzer hate because it is getting laughable at this point, the moment the guy says anything...people jump him either way. He has his credit for a reason if people like it or not, everything else isnt interesting me...he is a journalist for wrestling and that comes with stuff. What puts me off is that graves constantly preaches bullshit he doesnt follow himself on. He more than clearly criticised mauro, which is his own thing...but he did it openly, something he bitched about people in the company or the business in general shouldnt do either way. He was big on that or that social media is bad because people can easily criticise...but then he cant even follow his own advice and instead of owning it up or anything...he lashes out.
  3. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Its a big mess and more entertaining than the wwe program. It started with Graves...mister "dont go on twitter to bitch about your coworkers" doing exactly that, meltzer simply reporting it and even trying to ease the whole situation by reasurring people that it isnt as bad and that mauro will come back on the next nxt. Which lead to Graves attack meltzer, to which BIschoff of course had to jump in because of his weird hate for meltzer, which lead of course to meltzer taking a few shots himself. Shamrock is also involved with retweet a quote that graves himself did a few hours before all this mess. That was how it was few hours ago, dont know what has happened since then, but meltzer gained a lot of points for hitting the right notes on graves and bischoff from many of his critics. Graves has become a real bastard the past few years, i still regret that i didnt made a screenshot of when he called a guy on instagram or so cancer for not liking what that guy wrote. That was when i lost all kinds of respect for him.
  4. You know, i followed the most recent shooting via live stream and all...and something gone through my mind the whole time: How is this that awesome freedom people keep talking about? People were instructed to stay in their homes, hide, sit in front of the news and wait until the police or anybody stops the shooter. People have to wait around and look at their phones, waiting to see if any friend or family member got shot. All this while knowing that it wont be the last time, that maybe tommorrow when they step outside, its their turn to get shot. Is that really freedom?
  5. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    That i can agree with.
  6. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Then my post shouldnt be too hard to get..."bro" My whole point is that Rollins is willing to even throw such a point in a fellow wrestlers face just to "win" an Argument, so its not too extreme to think he could try to save face with the whole "i didnt gave a speech" thing...but since its targeted towards Meltzer, people take it. your argument is that because he told Ospreay he has more money than him, he is now going out of his way to lie to the world about a speech. got it. so thats more likely than Meltzer just being misinformed about a place he doesnt work at? My argument is that its not impossible, Rollins has a track record...not only with the whole Ospreay argument...even before and after. People are so easy to not believe anything that comes out of the wwe unless some journalist reports it or so...then people are automaticly in this wwe defend mode where every bad word is false and some thing.
  7. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Then my post shouldnt be too hard to get..."bro" My whole point is that Rollins is willing to even throw such a point in a fellow wrestlers face just to "win" an Argument, so its not too extreme to think he could try to save face with the whole "i didnt gave a speech" thing...but since its targeted towards Meltzer, people take it.
  8. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    You obviously dont know the whole thing that was going on with Rollins and Ospreay, so i dont blame you on this childish post...but next time please inform yourself before trying to be edgy with me, thank you.
  9. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    I honestly could have seen it go down like this: Seth was trying to act like the leader and wanted to give a speech, until he noticed a few words in that everybody looks at him like he has three heads. And then sitting his ass down while Styles goes in and tells the locker to stick together and all. Then Seth the butthurt baby that he is, sees meltzer(who didnt even report this whole speech thing as the first guy)saying something about this and going "Buhu i didnt give a speech...stop saying that" This whole Meltzer hate is just baby stuff, the guy gets told stuff about a company where wrestlers an hour before an event dont know if they dont get replaced or so. He gets told stuff and reports about it, hardly ever calling it a unbreakable fact...but people have somehow made it their thing to act as if the guy is more and worse than he is. He is wrong as often as he is right, that people are so hellbent on the guy either way is just weird. And after Rollins had the audacity to argue with Ospreay by going "well i make more money than you" i have lost all respect for the guy and can see him make up stuff on his end knowing he has the big bad wwe behind him either way. Someone who throws a fellow wrestler the money card in the face and then getting ripped apart for it, is willing to lie. Not saying its true or not that he gave a speech, its just that i dont trust his word more or less than meltzer or anybody else.
  10. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    I get that Seth wants to defend the wwe, he wants to be the big guy in the wrestling world...but he comes off like a really annyoing guy in the last few months. He sounds so whiny on twitter and stuff and feels incredible unlikeable. He doesnt handle the stuff well, best thing he did was taking a break from twitter...but then he came back and goes right back into sounding like a douchebag. I understand his intention, but the way he goes about is...doesnt help anybody.
  11. Wrestling or UFC is where i thought the guy get cheered, not insulting this fanbase but i just assume that crowd will cheer for him just because being the "President" and stuff. Its a really nice thing to see that someone as vile and awful as Trump gets the deserved treatment when you have him in a more open space which shows that america isnt behind him at all.
  12. It will be interesting to see what the patch fixes for the players. But either way it looks bad. If it fixes most problems then it looks bad because they could have at least pushed the release back a week or two. If it doesnt fix most, people still have a mess of a game at their hands they paid for.
  13. Does anybody have a Invisible Viper Orton in the DLC Cutscene when fighting against him? Watched a few videos now and everything about the cutscene makes me believe the model should be invisible, but the model just doesnt vanish. I find that very strange because i have no clue if that is supposed to be like that or if that is a huge bug.
  14. Its kind of fun to see how he reacted when the same kind of chant he otherwise basks in...turns on him.
  15. The numbers will probably rise a bit once most gaming networks etc have the review out, but i dont expect a lot. Its a "broken" game that was Released way too early for its own good...a good example why yearly releases are a tough thing to do. Same. The CAW scene is what's made the games fun for me growing up and current age too. You can only play with the in-game models for so long before it gets boring so CAWs always makes the fun endless for me. Yeah, CAW scene is what kept me around because sadly nothing else could. I barely spent any time in the last ones i "played" actually playing because everything ingame has become stale and lifeless to me. So i kept around for the CAW stuff, created my attires and stuff for my caw...tried things out and looked at what the community did. Hell i even found joy in the Universe Mode youtubers despite the limits they obviously had to deal with. I could see this being pretty much a hiatus for the whole community if they dont bring out patches that fix huge amount of problems. But i dont throw the towel, i do think 2k and VC are able to release a good game that can breath new life into the community. They just need to be willing to invest more in it. We will see...who knows, maybe the new game from Yukes or the AEW game will be what most of us hope for...or maybe 2k20 was neccessary for the wwe games to rise to a far higher level in the future years.
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