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  1. I dont trust them because conicindentially the only game they ripped apart, was also the game where 2k really didnt do much to please them. I dont trust any content creator and least of all in the wrestling games community. If 2k would trust the game, they would have let those content creators film stuff, they would show gameplay already. Ive been around long enough to not have forgotten how many of them attacked video game magazines, reviewers back in the day for saying bad stuff about the games. Neither these people nor 2k has done anything to gain my trust. If you do, be my guest...but i dont put a lot of value into what they say about 2k22...a game the developer doesnt trust itself it seems.
  2. Yeah, people creaming their pants because Mcintyre has a 91 overall...why? If the game is as always then the rating is pointless...show me why i should care about it for christ sake. They hype their gameplay up so much but show nothing...people should be incredible worried at this stage.
  3. God damn it, its about time they show progress of their big AEW game...its been too long already. Also, its about time that they show more so that it can get its own section here.XD
  4. Yeah, the pure idea that this or that former wwe talent could show up in the rumble, has people really crazy and im mostly here going "What? Why? They used this talent like shit, why do you want them to show up there?" Im glad for every wrestlers who says no to the WWE on this. They fired 90 people and now scramble to fill the Rumbles like idiots. It would have been hilarious if they wouldnt have been able to fill the Rumbles, would have served them right.
  5. Cage is more than likely gone yeah, the rest we will see. But to be honest, not names i would miss. About Rush, the man retires 5 times in the year and is all over the place with everything...nothing surprises me anymore with him. The whole thing with Swole could be a reason, even though he said he talked with Khan about this and understanding...never know with Rush.
  6. Why isnt 2k able to show us all this in a video or let the people record this kind of stuff? How the hell do you constantly keep praising and promoting how different the game PLAYS, while showing no Gameplay at all? Get some Uninterrupted Gameplay out you blinking moose. I dont give a damn how a content creator feels about it, i want clear Gameplay because that is where im supposed to spend a lot of my time with. Also, not that i think those youtubers tell shit, most have called out 2k on 2k20 early on...but part of me feels that maybe they are more forgiving because lets be honest, we are all tired of wwe2k19 at this point and need something new.
  7. It does have its positives for sure. The cover is cool, the visuals are good, the new create a wrestler hub doesnt burn your eyes, the cross platform community creations are awesome. But is it really just me that sees here a wwe2k20 like gameplay hiding? They talk so often about the revamped gameplay and how this game plays different etc, but as of right now we dont even have 1 minute of actual gameplay...thats what they did with wwe2k20.
  8. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Guess they go with just Gunther, which still is a bad name...but again, what are they doing in this company? Did really nobody check before they decided to trademark Gunther Stark? what kind of clown company is this?
  9. Gameplay, show me how the game plays for christ sake. Its two months before release, show me how the game works. Cross Platform Community creations is nice and all, but you spoke about how much the gameplay evolved and changed...Where?
  10. He is European...we are polite people, he wouldnt have gone "*Censored* you". I can see them throwing this name at him in the last minute and him being just too nice. Sure because the WWE hate paying their Talent even one cent more than they absolutly have to. And i get that with the character and all they want to stick to the gimmick...and lets be honest, WALTER isnt really the most marketable name...but Gunther? Really? Gunther? We here in Germany and Austria dont like the name very much, couldnt they have choosen a less goofy name? And i dont think people realize how strange it looks that the name they choose is incredible coincidental...its a very strange situation.
  11. Thats kind of were we are...at a very sad state. A game that is just not falling apart, not a good game, not a game that brings the series forward...just a game that works on a basic level. Sorry, 2-3 months before a wwe game release im always in this depressing mood because despite what happened over the years, despite them lying about the "better and more communication", despite them having shown nothing of substance since 2 years...people left and right are ready to press the pre-order button. And that makes me really depressed because they have done nothing or shown anything that deserves this kind of support. But i dont blame anybody on this. The market on wrestling games is so thin, wrestling has become fun again despite WWEs best efforts against that. Many built some kind of career around of it, be it the caw makers with patreon etc, the E-fedders, the youtubers etc. So it makes it more a neccessarity to just have the new game in order to keep this going...cant expect people to make a stand when fans of bigger game series dont do that. Anyway, today is the day 2k could turn things around...i dont expect it, i expect a lackluster trailer that just reveals the cover and editions officially...but who knows.
  12. So, they gave the Austrian wrestlers whos nickname is "Ring General" a new name, that one of a German Nazi Commander? Aha, do we wanna make bets how much more they can *Censored* this up in the next weeks and months?
  13. Haha, sorry but i can see this being legit 100%. Not even on the package of the game having even 1 Ingame screenshot...i can definitly believe that. But honestly, this alleged Rey mysterio cover is pretty cool. The coloring and all, its a cool cover if true.
  14. So after months of silence, which already continues to be the opposite of what they promised...remember the "More and better communication" thing? they throw out a dumb meme, hype the people up...just to give them a teaser that in 3 days they will reveal something? How are people not up in arms over this nonsense? We are right where we were before 2k19, this blind support and excitement over nothing. It feels like they could put out wwe2k19.5 and people would be super excited to buy it just because its new. But being Upset is pointless i guess, after 4-5 years playing 2k19 people starve for anything new, and many creators make money with creations, many have youtube careers because of the game series. Need to keep the ball rolling and all no matter how. Im just Frustrated that people arent tougher on VC and 2k for how they treat the fans and the series.
  15. Honestly, after looking at a few of the things...i dont blame Kenny. Im at the point where i dont blame any Wrestlers and rather wish some of them would get together to wreck Wrestling Twitter a bit, back each other up etc. Because the audacity Wrestling Twitter has thinking they can be toxic to people and then go "Oh you should be professional", pisses me off. I can only imagine what kind of shit Kenny shrugs off daily, especially thanks to asshole Cornette and those accounts @Bushy. mentioned. *Censored* the whole "being professional" thing, more wrestlers should fight back against this...more and more of the AEW/WWE toxics think they have a free ticket to say and act how they want.
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