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  1. Yakuza 7 Immortals Fenix Rising Deadly Premonition 2
  2. I agree, the guys a complete tool. His podcast is infuriating to listen to, he just shouts over everybody with his idiotic opinions and the conversation goes nowhere. He puts himself over to no end like he was some big deal, he's f**king disco!
  3. This is truly awful news, he seemed like such a godd man. Rip.
  4. Goddamn. Hoping he comes back like Jason Vorhees did in Part 6 now
  5. Yikes, let's be fair they flat out lied and mislead everyone up until launch and tried to hide the broken game they were about to release. They deserve every bit of the sh*tstorm that has came there way. I'd like to think this be a warning to other developers/publishers to stop releasing these half baked messes but the cynic in me thinks that'll be unlikely.
  6. How long is Gallows out for? You not reckon Kenny is just going to step in as his replacement with Anderson. Gives him another title with very little effort.
  7. What's the deal with alot of these guys man, seriously? None of them can take critism and seem to genuinely resent any veteran that offers them valid advice and critique. Alot of this stuff these guys do is complete amateur and should be buried so that they don't do it again. Yet they just dig their heels in and continue to goof off with with the comedy spots and over the top videogame wrestling on national TV. I know it'll be the likes of the Young Bucks and the rest of their little stooges that likely got their knickers in a twist for JR rightfully sh*tying on alot of their; to quote Cornette 'indy mudshow' matches.
  8. Yeah, I've heard that's been happening to quite alot of people. Not good.
  9. Trying to finish some of my Switch games before I get hammered with more at Christmas. Finished Deadly Premonition, nearly finished Xenoblade then I'll be on to Luigi's Mansion 3.
  10. I've seen alot of people in twitter praising CDPR for their transparency and I've got to call it out for the BS it is. They weren't transparent hence the shitshow they find themselves in. It's essentially a message apologising for being dishonest and shady about last gen BUT they were still dishonest in order to capitalise on day one sales. They screwed the pooch and now that they are backed into a corner they're trying to save face with their 'pro consumer' stchick.
  11. Is JR wrong though? It always looks like sh**. If anything these guys need to be criticised more often for the amateur stuff they do. Too many there seem to love the smell of their own farts.
  12. What a crock of sh**, embarrassing trying to cover this shambles.
  13. What an absolute sh*t show. Its really scummy to purposefully hide the console issues up until its release day. The writing was on the wall with this one with CDPR shady reviews dealings leading up to it. Appalling from what was once a well respected company. Bad crack.
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