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  1. Seen parts of Liverpool and Birmingham have also been locked down again. With how nuggets in our country have behaved during all of this I'm not all that surprised covid is spiking. I've finally been unfurloughed from work but with how it's going I don't think i'll be back long.
  2. Bioshock 2, certainly is the weakest in the series for me. Still good but it feels like it's riding the coat tails of the original a little too much
  3. I assume they'll have him manage a faction or something, as his mic work is strong. Can't really see him actually doing anything mind blowing as a singles wrestler. If it wasn't for the Inner Circle I'd be all for LAX getting back together as I don't like how goofy Santana and especially Ortiz has gotton since signing.
  4. Replaying the first Bioshock gave me the itch, so I did a hard run on Infinite. Likely finish it off by dusting Bioshock 2 next. The games are phenomenal, I'm hyped and slightly worried by the upcoming game.
  5. Red Dwarf - all of series 3. Reckon I've watched this show more than anything else, maybe tied with Bottom.
  6. Goddamn they haven't half neutered the hype of FTR debuting on AEW. Should of been the hottest angle of the year. I understand slow builds and the eventual breakup of the Elite and the inevitable Young Bucks match.. but hell, its been as exciting as watching paint dry.
  7. I've been waiting for quite a while to play it, trying to hold off until it gets a physical release. Initially I was gonna go with the Switch version but now the PS4 got announced, I'm torn.
  8. Cuphead just got a surprise PS4 release
  9. King of the Hill - hated this show when I was a kid but I've grown to love it
  10. If only we could see it reflected on tv eh
  11. Ju-On Origins - Suprisingly decent, thought it would follow the trend the grudge has been on for the last decade and a half but alas its actually good.
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