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  1. I argue Jade's the only one there that has any true 'star' power atm, even though she's green as hell. Hangman got over as hell for awhile but they repeatedly fumbled his booking and sadly now that he's champ he seems massively underwhelming. Jurassic Express are the sh*ts, the fact they still even have the belts when FTR is right there is ridiculous. Jungle boy although talented in the ring, has the same problems that most of the roster has, nonsensical spot fest matches, with no psychology, and he has very little charisma to boot. The dinosaur is a joke and clumsy as hell in the ring. Thank heavens the got rid of Marko but still, hardly top guys even if you do stick the straps on them. I dont know enough to comment on Thunder, although she seems cool. As for Scorpio, he's another wet rag with not personality. With wishy washy booking and tbh I believe they should be invested more in Ethan Page, if I had to pick out of the two of them.
  2. What music do you think he'll come out to? I'm hoping it's his existing one.
  3. Aw man, hope he pulls through
  4. Death triangle are SO lame, Alex looks straight out of The Dungeon of Doom. Laughable.
  5. Thank god for Punk and MJF man, guaranteed quality week after week. I'll be sad to see it end but the match should be stellar!
  6. The stupid f**kers cancelled my ps5 collectors edition preorder awhile back with zero warning. Luckily I caught it in time so I was able to get it on release still. I've had bother with Amazon a bunch of times when it comes to honoring preorders.
  7. Peacemakers been great, thoroughly enjoyed it.
  8. The next gen patches for Cyberpunk are out, for anyone that's interested
  9. What is happening? Its all very interesting
  10. Apart from Brock like who else other than Goldberg could even take the belt off Roman? I'm not saying its at all a smart idea but they don't really have ANY credible opponents for Roman. Just keep it on Roman forever or have Brock beat him in a month.
  11. 48 more Mario Kart tracks coming to MK8 Also, Switch Sports.
  12. I've hated most of the Disney star wars offerings however I did check out episode 6 because of all the buzz. Thoroughly enjoyed it, I might actually follow the show going forward. I was just gonna come check out Obi Wan when he showed up but it look like I may overlooked the TV shows atleast.
  13. I'd mark out if he comes out to his old tna theme.
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