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  1. Finally manages to get a PS5 so I've been playing Demons Souls and Astro.
  2. Opening promo was gold. Also, Bryan Danielson is amazing.
  3. Playing San Andreas on gamepass at the moment and it's sad to say but I'm really not enjoying it. I don't know if its the lackluster remaster or the fact the gameplay is so horrifically dated by modern standards. I was gonna buy this on Switch but considering how poorly that seems to be running coupled with my surprising disinterest I think I'll just keep these games to memory.
  4. Give it to me! I haven't replayed these games since the ps2 days so I'm more than happy to jump back in.
  5. Lacks atmosphere, lacks scares, lacks tension, essentially lacks everything that made the original so great. Story is all over the place, writing isn't too hot, directing ain't all that special. Tries with its commentary on mob mentality and how fear creates monsters of us all but its not enough. If you want a generic slasher with little thrills then this'll suffice but to anyone wanting some of that magic of the original, this ain't it. Not TERRIBLE, just really disappointing.
  6. Psychonauts 2 and No More Heroes 3
  7. Still rewatching and thinking about CMs debut. What a moment in wrestling history. I haven't felt this way about wrestling in forever, as much as I don't like alot of what AEW offers, I cannot fault them on this. I hope they deliver on what is admittedly a fantastic start.
  8. AEW did good tonight, what a moment. This is the first time AEW has felt legit big time to me.
  9. I assume they don't want the impending arrival of Punk and/or Danielson to take away from Hangman's big moment, so Khan is stepping off the gas momentarily. Or they have some MAJOR angles planned, either way its quite jarring considering the build up so far. I've also thought it was far too early to take the belt off Omega considering they're billing him as the wrestling god, gives him time to get some more notable defeats under his belt.
  10. That would be one I could get behind. Great call back to his start in the business and Jericho has spoken in the past about Storm potentially being his last opponent. I do hope that is his final labour. Didn't care for the main event, I know some people like that death match stuff but I thought it was hot garbage. Still, it's very weird to see that on main stream TV even if they had to water it down. Loved Hangman's entrance with the Dark Order, awesome stuff and it's great to see how over he is. Thought the Elite came across as utter goofs immediately after but at this point I assume that's the point. Would like to see them take things a little more serious as it immediately lowers the matches high stakes for me. I just don't think I can ever take these guys as credible threats, ever. It's always the wink winks and comedy cosplaying.
  11. Ahh Gen you really should give them a go man, some of the best survival horror has to offer. Love the atmosphere and lore of it, the 3rd one notoriously dropped the ball but the first two are absolute bangers. It does suffer from a fair few jump scares and the like but it's truely one of the best. They're all on gamepass too if I'm not mistaken, give it another chance.
  12. Dead Space remake just got announced. Weird as I recently replayed the first one and it still holds up incredibly well. However I'll happily take more Dead Space, it's a shame EA killed the studio responsible for creating it.
  13. They just need to recreate the outsiders angle with them two and possibly tease a third man later down the line. Yes, just riff the nwo storyline.
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