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  1. Just watched the ROH tribute show on YouTube and it's hard to watch. Seeing Samoa Joe break up got me man.
  2. Anyone picking up the Dead Space remake next week?
  3. What an insane year we've had as wrestling fans, ita actually hard to believe at times.
  4. ....but he was the King of Television. Why Tony?
  5. I have to agree, Ospreay did phenomenal. I can't believe I'm saying this as I've been vocal in my dislike of him but man Kenny just felt different here. This guy needs to distance himself from the Bucks immediately. I don't know what's lost in translation when he's in AEW but it's a massive change in quality.
  6. Aww man, awful news. Don and Mike were great together and I always loved Don's enthusiasm, he made early TNA so memorable. Rip.
  7. It was a one match card and that match got announced last minute with no build. Yet, its still a match of the year contender. The absolute disservice to both tag teams is truly depressing, top 2 tag teams in the world and they barely get air time. Phenomenal trilogy though, no one can say any other team even comes close to these two.
  8. I share similar opinions to you guys, it's been pretty rough for a LONG time now. The only thing even keeping me watching is MJF and even he has had it rough, no fault of his own mind you. However I'm holding on because I can't wait to see him and Danielson work together.
  9. What really leaves a sour taste is the fact that he WAS phenomenal in AEW as a heel, it just lasted about 3 weeks. Absolute shambles.
  10. I used to watch Dynamite every week this time last year. I barely check out the highlights on YouTube now. There's been a massive drop off and it doesn't seem to be improving. It's a real shame. At this point I don't really know what could grab my interest again. It certainly isn't the return of the Young Bucks and Omega. Danielson as a heel again? Punk (not happening). MJF as champ maybe? Even that I feel will be handled poorly, no fault of MJF mind you. What else have they got? Who else have they got that they're actually investing in; who is worth actually investing in? (I'm looking at you Garcia and Yuta). Everything is slapdash, wrestlers disappear for months on end or have pushes dropped after a fortnight. There's no flow to the programme, there's little to no character development. It's all so poorly handled and the fault lies at the feet of Tony Khan.
  11. I'd also much rather have Punk back over the Elite. They're all in the wrong for what happened but if we're purely talking on who'd I'd rather see on TV going forward, it's not even close. It's sad this is how it's likely to end but Punk had a great comeback year. He also gave the company its two biggest moments in my opinion, with his initial debut and his feud with MJF.
  12. Kman

    WWE Drama

    I agree, get rid of all the gimmick ppvs and bring back some old names. I'm all for it.
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