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  1. Because it adds context and drama? The amount of quality interviews or backstage promos that have been relegated to their YouTube channels or twitter is shameful. They should be on the show, drop the nonsensical thrown together matches and try and actually build characters and rivalries. It's something that is severally lacking from AEWs production because "meh it's a great match, who cares"
  2. I feel like it's going to be Cody and I'm happy with that BUT I wouldn't be displeased if it was Sami. As the story is going to likely end with him being a huge baby face, if done right.
  3. Ah man, was really wanting Bryan to win that. Im hoping MJF will pick it up sharpish as I don't want another Moxley reign. Not at all.
  4. I've never been overly active on this board but I do have very fond memories of first signing up back in 06 when the SvR caw scene was really active. Whwn you had to manually write up the caws, fun times.
  5. You animal. Major props considering you've never played a FS game before. How you finding it? Bloodbornes my favourite of all they've done. Also, this make you want to dabble on their other outings?
  6. They have too many beloved IP's to be f**king about making p*ss poor mobile games and pachinko machines. Its disheartening to see how much they've neglected Silent Hill over the years, I hope these rumors are true. Although I'm a little meh about it apparently being Bloober Team working on it. I'll still never forgive them for robbing people of seeing Kojimas Silent Hills.
  7. I dont think they could knock the skin off a rice pudding
  8. It feels to me, it will only resolve if one of the sides leave. Especially when it's escalating to fist fights, and god knows there's some stubborn individuals involved. Chaos.
  9. The fallout of this is going to be significant. Its gotta be right?
  10. Maybe he has tried to speak to them? They're known for not taking critique well and just flat out ignoring advice from people that quite frankly have more experience than they do. Also if there is truth to the allegations that they're the ones stooging to the dirt sheets with these false narratives then Punk has every right to bury them publicly too. Its all very unprofessional but I can see why he's frustrated, there's clearly significant issues. Also people are quick to sh*t on Punk but the EVPs have also had several instances of having heat backstage too, Cody, FTR? Maybe just maybe they're an issue too?
  11. "Tell me when I'm telling lies!" Work or shoot I'm with Punk on this, must be frustrating dealing with these tools backstage. Also nice to see him sh** on crumpets like Meltzer for spreading specific narratives.
  12. Predictions in the main event? Heel turn? MJF? Babyface hometown win? What's happening?
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