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  1. Nah, the BCC are anti-dimes to me, Claudios felt like an absolute stand in since he got there. - Danielson came in HOT and had a good few months but has dramatically cooled off, due to injuries and Khan's booking. - Moxley was undeniably great for the first few years of AEW. However he's gotten considerably worse over the years to where I feel he's regressing as a wrestler! I genuinely think he's one of the worst 'top guys' currently working (considering his continued exposure). - Christian I can't argue with, he's been phenomenal WHEN allowed time to shine. - I'm happy for Edge so I don't want to bad mouth him but his run has been underwhelming. Don't think anyone's going to argue that. - FTR are great in spite of Tony at times, he didn't strike when the iron was hot on several occasions. I do agree they're way more over now than they ever were in WWE. My main problem always was and still is how the product is booked. People come in over or get over and they have stop start pushes. Get put in ludicrous matches with people they have no business wrestling, who they end up having competitive matches with. Getting chucked on ROH or other lesser shows which they have no business being on. Up and comers get hot like Hobbs, Takeshita, Starks and ate rarely capitalised on. Why Swerve is so refreshing as Tony seems to actually be sticking with someone's that's gotten over with the audience and doing it WHILST he's hot.
  2. Can't say I'm a fan of hers but my concern however is with how she will be presented. There's been more cases than not of big stars coming in and been considerable cooled off due to Tony's booking. It keeps happening, everyone that comes in ends up less over than when they debuted! There's outliners such as Swerve but man, Khan has a pretty rough record.
  3. This must be so disheartening for everyone involved in its resurgence. They genuinely had some buzz going for them for the first time in nearly a decade, due to all the hard work they all put in. True shame to see it p*ssed away almost immediately.
  4. TNA doing the most TNA thing here! I just assumed he was involved in some sort of scandal (as that seems the normal now), did they just sh** can him to replace him with some suit from Anthem?!
  5. That title is nowhere near the level of Romans. It's like getting 2nd place. Cody winning in the rumble and not avenging his wrestlemania loss to Roman isn't a good look. There's no good way to dice it, he lost his spot to The Rock.
  6. Man, feel bad for Cody
  7. Punk injured? Looked like he was nursing that elbow alot.
  8. It do be like that! lol When he's was mugging about Hangman and the Dark Order, he was phenomenal. The BCC are SO lame, it drags him down. Like Moxley is the worst anyways, so it doesnt really affect him being in that group but it really dragged down Danielson.
  9. Rock Band 4 Like a Dragon Ishin! Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gotham Knights Last of Us Part 2 Remastered Yeah, juggling quite a few at the moment. Like a Dragon 8 will soon take up all my time.
  10. Platinumed LAD Gaiden Bought Gotham Knights on ps5 for 8 quid. Games mid as hell! Traversal is shocking.
  11. Like a Dragon: Gaiden and Ishin! before 8 comes out next month.
  12. ..Pretty much like everyone else in that company that gets some buzz.
  13. Couldn't agree more, he's got go away heat with me these days. How many years was his current deal? I feel he ain't going away anytime soon. Also are they gonna do some with Kenny ever?! He's been coasting for so damn long, he repeatedly gets dragged down by his Elite buddies. At this point I don't know if he's the problem and he's fine doing this slop or he easily led by the likes of the Bucks and Jericho? He's meant to be the 'greatest wrestler alive' but he's spent a good 75% of his AEW run doing absolute w*nk with his little divvy friends that literally can't draw a dime.
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