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  1. I can't believe they released Joe. I eagerly await what he's does next.
  2. Christian is great, he seems somewhat lost in the shuffle. As does almost everybody tbf. He made Hobbs look good though, he's a great seller. Main event was trash. Sting looks like he's rather be anywhere else. It's stale. Darby is stale, we get it he's reckless but when he's reckless every week, guess what, it gets stale. The run ins are stale, the hardcore matches are stale. It's STALE. It's feels like the slop TNA or WCW would serve up back in the day.
  3. Sooo... I can continue to skip Raw then?
  4. I'll have to check that out, really interested in them two shooting the sh*t
  5. Aw man that brings back some memories. AMW were great back in the day, its a shame Harris fell off as much as he did. Also thought James Storm should of been a bigger deal than he was, another example in the list of many great f*ck ups by TNA.
  6. I hope its something fresh, the 2k games have been stale as hell for years. Do something completely different. Excited to see.
  7. Oh I always thought that Hulk film was great, never understood why people sh*t on it tbh. Also prefer him to Ruffalo. You are also correct listing Thor 2 dead last!
  8. I bust out my old Wii U and having been playing some light gun games. Ghost Squad, Dead Space, HotD 2 & 3. Good times, I know the wii gets a bad wrap but there is some true stellar titles on it.
  9. Yeah, Nintendo have this weird reluctancy to catch up with the times. Little excuse for games not to have a photo mode at this point. Saying that Nintendo have big issues to address like their dogsh** online and even having native voice chat for chirst sake. Oh and I'm still salty about them trying to flog Skyward Sword (A WII PORT!) for full price on 2021. Yeah, they bug me on general as they know they can get away with the bare minimum.
  10. ^ Part of the problem is I can't take them seriously as threatening wrestlers when they're goofing about with these stupid gimmick matches and storylines. It's kinda conflicting having wrestlers now being so open about being 'gaming nerds' on the actual programme. Its hard to take anyone seriously when they're feuding about videogames and the like. It also makes the wrestlers a whole lot less badass and harder to take seriously in feuds imo. It just doesn't work for me, comes across like they're playing. No one else bothered about The Pinnacle being bitched out within 3 weeks of them forming? Thought it was WAY too early for Inner Circle to get their revenge. As essentially they've evened the score already in the feud, if not more so as they completely destroyed and showed up the Pinnacle. Obviously they're gonna continue but why on earth should anyone take them as a serious threat now?
  11. Just thought I'd watch Godzilla KotM ahead of watching GvK. Jheeez, what a load of sh** that was! Filled with so much melodrama and clichés it was laughable. Genuinely horrendous. Characters and story was reaaaallly poor too. Makes me hesitant to bother watching Kong Skull Island. Are they all this poorly done? Or are the later films any better? Edit: Kong was better.
  12. Replying to Austin and Gen So it the network still a thing or is Peacock replacing it entirely? It'll be weird if an outside platform can select what is considered sensitive or inappropriate going forward. Let's be honest pro wrestling has been VERY suspect in the past with horrendous gimmicks and storylines. However I'd be very much against them 'erasing' history if you will for the sake of it being deemed offensive. If it was issued with a warning or something then fair enough. Not because I'm insensitive to people's outrage but more the fact there's very little alternatives to viewing wwe back catalogue now.
  13. It's a gorgeous game though. I don't want to blow it too hard as I know it gets all the praise in the world. BUT god is it good, I don't even know what it is. It doesn't necessarily do anything to reinvent the wheel but it's one of the few games that I've actually wanted to fully explore.
  14. Just gimme a good GL Corps and I'll be happy. Something as grandiose as a Sinestro war or Blackest Night would be insane, if not unrealistic with the world building likely involved to make it happen.
  15. I havent got Peacock so I'm not really up to date. What have they been censoring so far? Being heavy handed about it or?
  16. That's honestly pretty cool he's gonna be on BSS, never thought WWE would allow it.
  17. Monster Hunter Rise, really digging it so far.
  18. DC just cancelled the New Gods movie and The Trench. Can't say I'm surprised.
  19. Wait.. Twitter is used for MORE than just those two things?!
  20. Well that really was a kitchen sink episode of Dynamite
  21. Welp, they've got Janela for another year.
  22. Second Sight just announced a Lake Mungo release. I'm beyond hyped for it as its one of my all time favourites.
  23. The problem I have with it is its so low rent. I don't know if that's the intention but for being the 'god of wrestling' you'd expect something abit more flashy.
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