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  1. No one should be seeing it in true 8K since neither FOX or WWE broadcast in 8K anywhere as far as I know. It's all down-converted to a lower resolution. Real Cinema/True Motion setting is what I think you're talking about. Aka the Soap Opera effect. It's awful and insidious.
  2. Roman and Heyman are absolutely brilliant. They're hands down the best thing in wrestling currently. No competition at all. They're on a whole other level. Heyman's facials are so incredible. I cannot get enough of him.
  3. ^ No. Which is lame. --- That match was incredibly irritating. It was like the same cooperative gymnastic stunt over and over again. And they gave the loser way too much.
  4. There's a chance that the Young Bucks actually didn't beat up Callis and that Callis just faked being beaten up (since the lenses were covered) so he can get Omega to alienate them even more. I didn't read it like that when I saw it but when Meltzer brought that up on his show, it made me rethink that part. I guess we'll see what happens.
  5. Still haven’t finished yet but AEW frequently has this babyface/heel weirdness. -There’s the Brandi stuff where she was just flip-flopping between babyface/heel. -Cody back in the spring where it looked like they were doing a slow heel turn because he kept playing dirty to get the edge. That went nowhere. -The notorious YB’s turn around the time of the FTR feud. Then a week or two before their match, they realized how dumb that was and so they did a babyface injury angle last minute. -Matt Hardy inexplicably going heel right after his big blowoff match with Sammy and then using the flimsy reasoning about how the fans turn their backs on him at All Out. Bullshit. This is worse than Rollins’ heel turn that certain people like Meltzer and Alvarez constantly bitch about. People were pissed at Tony Khan and AEW with the way they handled the situation, not Matt. -The YB’s AGAIN. Their long-time, heel friends are beating down babyfaces. They come out and they have two choices. Either a) help their friends. Or b) do what’s right and help the babyfaces in despair. They help their friends and they Too Sweet. Fine. Heel turn, right? No. Next week, Omega *censored*s with them. Apparently he doesn’t want them in his group. What? You had them superkick the babyfaces the week before and now you have Omega indicating he’s not interested in them? What good is that? Are the YB staying heel? It doesn’t seem so since they’re being lined up for a match against the Good Brothers (w/ Omega). So why go that route if that was the plan? If they weren’t committed to them joining the stable, then don’t have them superkicking the faces. Because the way I see it, what they’ve accomplished is that no sensible babyface should trust these guys. This is one of the reasons why I roll my eyes when people say AEW’s storytelling is so good. They lack sense on to handle babyfaces and heels. And this isn’t due to the post-heel/babyface, everything’s grey nonsense. They still have clear babyfaces and heels. The problem is poor, strange timing of turns and illogical motivation/reasoning behind the turn. This not good storytelling to me. It’s confused and muddled storytelling.
  6. “A little longer than expected.” No, I expected the Cody match to be that long. BTW the Snoop Dogg remix to Cody’s theme is bad. Like really, really, really bad.
  7. Whoa. That guy looks like Dwight from Walking Dead.
  8. Despite all my bitching about NXT’s booking, Balor/O’Reilly has been booked pretty nicely. So I’ll give them props for that.
  9. Well, Toni’s in a bad spot right now. She’s got nothing. I cannot believe they’ve booked her the way they’ve had.
  10. I think Io might be the worst Women’s champion since I started watching NXT. Her reign has been so dull.
  11. *Censored* YEAH! Temptation Island coming back!
  12. Match is too damn long. Come on. You know how to get one of these jobber teams over? By not doing a stupidly competive match.
  13. Really liked the aggression from Kross. He just needed keep on the guy the whole match. Never letup. Please be quick. I don't need to see these guys for +8 mins... No reason to care about them.
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