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  1. Nah, backdrops/greenscreens are fake and kitschy.
  2. I swear if Rhea loses tonight... Wow. Just wow.
  3. What an awful cover of Bullet with Butterfly Wings.
  4. This is illegal. Please do not promo illegal ways of obtaining the video game.
  5. People are really underrating the Bryan/Zayn match. Aside from the iffy finish, that match was fantastically worked. It seems people can't get past Zayn working a different way than we're used to. Which is a shame to me because he plays the loudmouth, full-of-himself chickenshit heel so damn well. Both this match and the Owens/Rollins match did the best job at working this new, unusual environment. They told their stories so skillfully that the lack of crowd was barely a hinder. These two matches were my favorite matches of the night and imo were better than the two gimmick matches that nearly everyone is going gaga over.
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