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  1. This is it, guys! This is it! Maximum Male Models! You all ready to get your juices titillated?! Wow, I’m speechless.
  2. When is she going to learn? Stop doing dives, Liv. Wow, what a slap
  3. I don’t get why the BR wasn’t used as a way to get into MITB. What was the point of all that?
  4. Yeah, but I still don’t want to see him wrestle. Like ever. lol He’s not a good wrestler.
  5. He got genuine heat from me because I much rather see him wrestle than Luchasaurus. lol I'm bummed that he's still paired with him.
  6. I’ll make a bold statement: Based on what I’ve seen, much like McAfee, this guy is a better worker than most of this current crop of similarly aged WWE/NXT/AEW talent that you see wrestle every week. This guy seems to get it more than a lot of them. As a talent, I am very much excited to see him work. Bring on Cody vs. Logan Paul!
  7. Ah yes, the sports entertainment time keeper’s table. Very convenient. So is everybody just laying there in ring as they do all this roof stuff?
  8. I like when War Games was strategic and not a bunch of moves and weapon spots.
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