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  1. What do you mean minding his business? He’s the one who went into business for himself first. lmao
  2. Ah, nice to see that you still get rewarded for your transgressions in AEW.
  3. Dude just disappeared in that match. Odd choice.
  4. Wardlow needs to be booked in something with weight really quick. Him revisiting this dead feud, even briefly, is not what he should be doing.
  5. Surprised HOB didn’t win. Don’t know about that at all…
  6. Haha. Badass. Really digging Solo much more on the main roster. He’s really clicking for me so far.
  7. At least they had Liv beat shit out of Lacey post-match. Should’ve been more fired up and pissed, though.
  8. What’s with that facepaint on Lacey? It’s unflattering.
  9. Such good shit. Absolutely love the Bloodline/Sami stuff. Best thing in wrestling atm. Easily.
  10. If she isn’t cleared, then don’t debut her like that. She seriously ran all the heels off due to her sheer presence. And honestly, is AEW really hurting for another manager?
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