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  1. I can’t stand Bullet Club. It’s so old and tired. It feels like late stage NWO when Jarrett was in the group. Genuine question: how is Jay White still associated with Bullet Club? I thought they kicked him out?
  2. Why is Joe randomly paired with BCG for this Collision match? Hopefully they give Joe some promo time to smooth things out at least. I hope Nigel will do the color commentary on Collision. Statlander without the alien gimmick is such a big improvement. Get in the *censored*ing ring! Wtf?!? Ok, who produced this match? This is beyond ridiculous. How can they allow this shit?
  3. Nah Cole, MJF’s material was strong (perhaps too strong), it made you look like a loser. Cole’s promo is bad. Weak material. Poor rebuttal.
  4. There are ppl who actually think OC has a brilliant mind for wrestling. This match exemplifies yet again why he does not. He has no clue on how and when to end a match. Absolutely no clue. Terrible wrestler. Jericho, Tony, and Cole himself failed to get Cole ready for MJF.
  5. Really not looking forward to AEW’s programming being spent on building Forbidden Door for the next few weeks. I don’t care about “dream matches” and “bangers.” Many of these guys won’t be here after the PPV anyway, so little of this will ultimately matter much. At least there’s Collision this year, so hopefully that show won’t be derailed by this crap.
  6. *Cough* Jungle Boy. *cough* Usually the guys who take this shit seriously and have an idea what makes for good pro-wrestling tend to be the guys I gravitate towards. The ones who ass off and are more concern about getting their shit in usually deliver poor, empty content that doesn’t mean anything.
  7. The Roman segment was great. The belt… eh. Glad LA Knight won, too. Hopefully he can get some real momentum going.
  8. I don’t know if I would call him stale. But his booking and creative has been poor for sure.
  9. I trust Punk’s instincts at producing good, compelling content way more than the other top-level talent with substantial creative power on the roster (Elite, Mox, Jericho), so I’m very much looking forward to his return.
  10. Editing your post is probably the best option most often but if someone double posts here and there, it’s not a big deal.
  11. Yeah, that match was absolutely superb. Great action. Great selling. And they didn’t revolve the match around elaborate weapon spots. Terrific stuff.
  12. Cody still. He’s got the talent. He conducts himself like a star. He’s super over. And the story is there. Gunther is a distant second because he’s been booked very strong and he’s talented — but a heel shouldn’t be the one to beat Roman. When/if Cody wins it, Gunther is the guy to beat Cody.
  13. Caster’s rap on House of Black was hilarious; all-timer right there. Hahaha.
  14. Yeah, the fake audience noises have been really bad lately.
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