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  1. Did we really need another ladder match? It’s insane how many ladder matches we’ve had this past year.
  2. Poor Grimes. Don’t do this to the man, Regal!
  3. Wrong decision. Priest should’ve won.
  4. Rhea Ripley Santos Escobar Dexter Lumis Priest - Biker’s Chain Match Candice LeRae - Shotzi's Choice
  5. ^ Maybe ECW when he was in FBI? Great talent. Never truly got his due in the bigger wrestling companies. I enjoyed his SMW work where he was a top talent.
  6. Brand warfare is so played out and meaningless nowadays that it’s like “Who gives shit?” On that same strength, the PPV itself has been pretty good these last couple years; so even though the build is a drag (PLEASE no invasion angles this year!), the matches themselves have a higher chance at being good compared to a dumb gimmick PPV like HIAC.
  7. *censored*ing embarrassment. I’m so sick of these privileged mother*censored*ers. They’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity of being paid to wrestle for this entire pandemic and instead of being responsible human beings who take this shit seriously, they continue to make themselves look like selfish, uncaring pricks. They better get the picture soon cause this shit cannot continue.
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