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  1. I can’t say I was a fan of the angle last night. We’ve had so many invasion angles like this over the years — I’m kind of numb to them now. It was also a bit stagey for my liking.
  2. The last I saw Rey was sticking with WWE because they offered him more dates.
  3. Really solid NXT. Glad the show is back on track. The road to TO has been good.
  4. Ah, this is good. lol Lee/Grimes - solid match. Exactly what it needed to be. Lee's reign as NXT champion has been stellar so far. Hahaha @ Pat heeling on commentary.
  5. Shit, look at that welt! Easily my favorite three-way theyve done so far for this NA title match. Holland made a great first impression for me.
  6. Too soon... Rhea/Mercedes could've been a nice title match...
  7. Yeah, it was spoiled right after the taping. lol WOR has referenced it as well.
  8. Probably saw what happened to Spears, Archer, and Cage. lol
  9. You didn't need to post this twice. Your other topic will suffice: Closed.
  10. Shayna could be off doing her own thing as they rebuild her but instead they chose to have her mingle with Asuka and Sasha when none of them is positioned to lose. No wonder we got that awful finish last night. Drew, Orton, and Joe were all fantastic last night, though. Heated, passionate promos that sound believable are always a plus for me.
  11. Just finished the latest Dynamite, that skateboard thumbtack stunt they pulled was such bullshit. *Censored* them for doing that. I feel both pity and disappointment for Ricky Starks for having to have his back torn up for a stupid, needless spot like that. Also, Moxley is a terrible champ and it’s becoming clear that his pro wrestling instincts are completely misguided and honestly, idiotic. I’m sorry, but I don’t find what’s so appealing about lumbering around outside the ring and doing lame hardcore shit. He’s good cutting promos but his matches are awful. Also, I can’t believe they booked Darby to face Moxley in a title match tomorrow when he’s the #5 contender. Nice job there. Brilliant booking.
  12. I don't think adding new twists to current matchtypes is the solution. The problem is the fact that we get these gimmicky matches so frequently and as a result, they mean less and feel less important. HIAC, for instance, as a PPV event every year is such a mornic thing to do because it makes a match that be should be saved to end an epic blood feud an arbitrary thing that takes place once a year around Sept/Oct. It's inorganic and shallow. So the better solution isn't to add novel concepts to it, it's to use it less frequently and only when the story calls for it. RAW
  13. Brawl for All was much, much worse since that was actually very dangerous and reckless.
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