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  1. He shows a lot of promise. He looks like a natural to me.
  2. I thought it was a disjointed, self-indulgent mess. What did the first half have anything to do with his match with Sammy? What’s with AEW’s obsession with bringing table spots into matches that don’t need them? There were two matches that had them last night. And I’m pretty sure there was one the week before and another one a week before that. Why? The more you do them, the more commonplace they become.
  3. Yeah, I know there are exceptions like Doudrop and the Retribution people but the general tendency seems to be the talent themselves are the ones who come up their name or at least have significant involvement, especially when they’re in NXT. Bron Breakker? That was Breakker. Karrion Kross? That was Kross. Franky Monet? Damian Priest? Gigi Dolin? That was them.
  4. Usually the talent comes up with their name, no?
  5. Terrific match but man, them changing WALTER’s name has me bummed. Ugh, so annoying they do this shit.
  6. -Austin Theory is being mentored by Vince. -Rollins and Owens are best buddies. -AJ & Omos broke up. AJ is a babyface now. -Doudrop is heel. -Shelton & Cedric wanted to reform Hurt Business but Lashley wasn’t interested, so now they keep attacking him.
  7. Superb promo work from LA Knight. Waller did quite well, too. Really great segment that did not feel overly-scripted.
  8. PaperThinWalls

    WWE Drama

    The uproar over their statement is so silly. They’re against people slicing their foreheads open and it’s been like that for 15 years. The only thing I can think of that contradicts their statement are incidents like Lesnar elbowing Orton’s head and Owens headbutting Vince. Stuff like the clearly fake Fiend dummy being burned, the fake eye gouge, and Becky’s bleeding nose are not good counters to their statement. The first two examples were theatrics and the latter was an accident which doesn’t really fit their self-mutilation description.
  9. Breakker, Waller, Creed Brothers, Ivy Nile, and Tony D'Angelo have all been positive additions to the brand. And then you have Strong, Imperium, and Ciampa being used better than were just prior to the rebrand. So, it’s not all bad; its ratio of good/bad is on par with any other wrestling show that I watch right now.
  10. Terrific main event. Waller held his own and his selling was absolutely solid. This guy has it.
  11. That Imperium vignette was badass. Love these guys. Fun match. Dunne/Tony did well.
  12. Happy for Alpha Academy. Good match.
  13. Oh for sure, I can just imagine Hardy’s agonizing selling. It would have been an interesting match-up.
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