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  1. It just feels like he's been through so many trials and tribulation already to get where he's at that adding more to it just seems unnecessarily excessive. If they don't pull the trigger at some point in the very near future it could turn into a complete farce.
  2. Actually wrestle and get wins instead of having him do angles where he or his team are swiftly foiled by the babyfaces after they do something dastardly to them.
  3. I rather have Rhea or Charlotte champion than Nikki. She should have never won.
  4. Please don't have Zelina take the pin, that's all I'm saying.
  5. Balor needs to get Corbin back (ideally tonight) and have some strong words with Cena at some point. The guy needs to get mad to salvage his credibility.
  6. Fun segment. Cena has so much charm and charisma. Corbin played his role well, too.
  7. I don't get why they felt like they needed a new group of baddies with masks when they already had a group of baddies with masks that they could have used if they didn't dispatch them.
  8. Moxley, John Silver, Jungle Boy, Powerhouse Hobbs, Darby, MJF, Thunder Rosa, countless guys.
  9. Heh. Either you’re not listening or maybe you’re just hearing what you want to hear?
  10. I only recall him sarcastically shouting “This is fun! This is fun!” when Gage brought out more light tubes. Pretty much everything else was JR playing his role and selling what was occurring. I would say the opener is where I could hear JR’s frustration more.
  11. Boy, you’re making this a bigger deal than it needs to be. lol When MJF announced Juvi as the next labor after basically a deathmatch, I was underwhelmed with the choice. Oh well. And no I haven’t given much thought who his opponent could have been because I’m not interested enough to search over Jericho’s massive list of opponents.
  12. No, the perfect pick is someone who has beaten Jericho more times than Jericho has beaten him. That’s playing mind games while also providing more logic to MJF’s choice. Sure, the stipulation makes it more palatable but it sucks to have that stipulation regardless of the opponent.
  13. I’m not acting like it makes no sense. I get it’s a callback to Jericho’s past. I grew up watching Jericho and Juvi wrestle against each other. And guess what? I remember Jericho winning most of their matches together. So maybe MJF should have googled the guy’s W/L record against Jericho, too? To me this labor just screams contrivance and Jericho wanting to get to wrestle a friend one last time which is nice for Jericho but in kayfabe I don’t find it very convincing.
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