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  1. I haven't been watching the shows live and I don't feel compelled enough to talk about them after watching, so that's why I've been quiet.
  2. I thought they fumbled her last episode myself. A lot of it felt like a waste of time to me. You can really feel they were working against Danai's schedule and it hurt not only this episode but the whole season. Bummed about the finale being delayed. I wonder if Better Call Saul will be in the same situation as well?
  3. I’m just pushing back your original assertion that “nobody” saw Goldberg winning. That is wildly inaccurate. There were a number of people aware of the possibility (way more than you’re willing to give credit to (at least originally)). The evidence shows that (including or not including Meltzer). I’m sure if you look around you’ll see people discussing it and showing you their awareness.
  4. At around 1:20 he talks about being told by his sources that Wyatt/Roman was changed. And prior to that he speculated that Goldberg could possibly become champion: https://www.ringsidenews.com/2020/02/09/why-goldberg-may-become-wwe-universal-champion-at-super-showdown/ Again, the point being made here is that people were definitely seriously talking about Goldberg beating Fiend, so his win wasn't as shocking as you're making it out to be. What was shocking was how they easily gave up on Fiend's dominant push less than two months away from WM.
  5. In some sense, yeah. It was in the back of peoples’ heads for those who were aware of the reporting. BTW, here’s Meltzer discussing the WM card changes back in Feb:
  6. Neither am I. I’m talking about Meltzer saying Goldberg/Reigns was very possible, if not likely to happen when Goldberg/Fiend was booked. He was definitely not joking around when he reported this stuff.
  7. No, it really wasn’t a huge shock in the sense that the rumor mill was telling us there was a good possibility that Roman/Goldberg was going to happen. I know I considered the reports for my predictions, but I still ended up going with Bray retaining because I thought surely they wouldn’t throw away months of build for a bare bone feud like this, right? Boy, was I wrong! lol
  8. I thought their stuff was the best stuff on SD last night. My only gripe for the storyline is that Bryan and Drew bonded too quickly, but other than that, I’m digging it.
  9. Oh, they’ve been telling us to avoid people but remember we’re the same state that told people to vote and put people’s lives in danger because they refused to postpone the election.
  10. They have guys like Cena and Goldberg for a small window of time I'm sure, so it's either this or the card would have to change majorly.
  11. For real. The content of the promo did not hit the right notes.
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