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  1. No more velcro! New tag belts look so much better.
  2. Ha. Creative finish there. Loved the jaw jacking at the end between LA and AJ, too.
  3. Alright. I’m gamed. Solo just got interesting again. Looking forward to see how Tama Tonga does in The Bloodline. Bron is a beast.
  4. Idk. I’ve seen plenty of hardened AEW/Elite fans admitting that this whole fiasco probably didn’t achieve what they intended. Punk and WWE are winners because it proved that 1) Punk was right in several ways, two) it brought more interest towards them and Punk, and 3) it made AEW look like a joke. Well, that’s good to know that’s your position because that wasn’t the impression I had.
  5. Scuffles like that happen all the time in wrestling and other sports. It’s really not that big of a deal. Nah, Punk and WWE are definitely the winners.
  6. It’s the fact that despite the universal negative reception and attention that segment has received, you still thought it was a good idea for AEW to air that footage on their programming. Idk I find that funny that you’re still willing to defend it — but have at it.
  7. SRS says the YBs and Ospreay were all fine doing their segments. They all signed off on it and had input.
  8. So many ppl dunking on Tony and AEW right now. hahaha Yup, brilliant idea. Good job.
  9. lol Keep dying on that sword. Even Dave Meltzer is saying that this was a bad idea.
  10. What is with the camera zooms? Sounds recited.
  11. Fans chanting for Punk and now he’s trending on Twitter. AEW did a swell job putting this guy over.
  12. Man, they’re treating Shibata like shit.
  13. That made Tony fear for his life? Heh. So Punk told the truth. Imagine that. Yup. Did not see why showing the video was essential to this build. The crowd didn’t sound like they cared either.
  14. Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with the report button and there’s nothing the moderators can do about that. That’s an Admin sort of thing. So in the meantime I’ll designate this topic to report spam. Thanks for the report.
  15. WHAT IS IT CODY?!? Superb segment. Can’t wait for the match. Ilja!
  16. Really cool Priest had his WM moment. Happy for him.
  17. Yeah, I would have preferred Austin in that spot.
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