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  1. What’s with Butchers beard? It looks like a fake beard tacked on his face. lol Absolutely terrific segment between MJF and Ricky. Loved the emotions and most of the verbal material. They got me really excited for their match. Really good job. Shut up Moxley. You’re talking right now. And when you wrestle, it’s like watching paint dry. They should’ve made Joe/Darby a full-fledged feud. Their first match should have more weight and build. Pretty enjoyable match. Wish there was a bit more selling, though. Felt rushed. Appreciate Joe being showcased as much as he’s has lately. Heel Joe is always great. OC/Kip feud. Ah, riveting stuff. That “unearthed” Regal video was clunky and unnecessary. I can understand Tony being compelled to tie up loose ends, but that segment came across as a bad plot device trying recon stuff rather than something that would naturally happen.
  2. Not true. PPVs were up. Ratings for his segments did well. And he was their top merch mover.
  3. There’s already a topic for this stuff: https://caws.ws/forum/topic/480776-prettiest-women-in-wrestling-thread-iv/
  4. Why are segments like this still a thing with Vince gone?
  5. Hmm. I never took him seriously. His main roster stuff has been more cartoonish, though. I would agree with that.
  6. He's always been a comedy character? At least since he joined WWE. I dunno anything about his indie run. Orton and Riddle were pretty dang over. Rewatch those shows. Ppl dug the dynamic they had. I will say Orton was the reason why they were as over as they were, though.
  7. Riddle is so less over than he was when he was tagging with Orton.
  8. I bet he’s going to feel more valued in WWE. The culture in AEW was probably very discouraging to him. Based on what’s come out about that place, I wouldn’t blame him for getting out when he could.
  9. I hope Tegan is done dressing up as Captain Marvel while wrestling. I don’t get why they couldn’t let Tegan run the heels off. Even though it was brief, the heels getting the upper hand against her just made look her unnecessarily weak. It’s her return, let her kick ass.
  10. GUNTHER, teach this man how to respect the ring.
  11. I want someone to be making matches and putting heels in line when the occasion calls for it. Regal should be exactly what he was in NXT.
  12. If he does go back to WWE, I hope they use him as an authority figure.
  13. The best of 7 series is so dull. I think the only ppl excited about these matches are their diehard fans. And while I understand the desire to follow up Page/Mox, I can’t say I give shit about either of them since I don’t enjoy their work.
  14. And some knuckleheads wanted him to turn babyface. MJF as a heel has so much more to give. What a promo. Excited for MJF/Bryan.
  15. Dijak wrecking people. Love it.
  16. Meltzer made a correction and says Regal's contract is actually 3 years. lol
  17. Io is a botch machine and has been for a while. Her work is sloppy and weak.
  18. Easy choice. Glad it's just one year. Go back home. You'll probably be appreciated there more anyway, especially with Vince gone. Make sure to really push for MJF when you're there.
  19. I DID IT, GUYS! I DID IT! Edit: Whoa. Look at that... That's my 8th win. You guys know what that means... I'M THE OCHO!
  20. It was one of those video packages they air when they play ads for those who don't have ad-free Peacock.
  21. When she’s with a Charlotte or Becky, she can be good. When she’s with someone of lesser talent like Shotzi, the results are not as good.
  22. I hope Theory wins even though he’s not my prediction.
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