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  1. PaperThinWalls

    WWE Drama

    I still wonder if that manager story was distorted. I don’t buy that buy that being the direction they were going to go with Cole.
  2. Yup, that's coward shit. Bryan calling it like it is.
  3. They were right to have Hardy go this far in this match. The guy is super over. Good on them.
  4. Battle Royal - Omos First eliminated - Gulak Final four - Omos, AJ Styles, Cesaro, Zayn Most eliminations - Omos RK-Bro Priest Roman Reigns Becky Lynch Women's - Team RAW Eliminations: Carmella > Nattie > Shayna > Zelina > Liv > Storm > Shotzi > Sasha Survivor(s): Bianca & Rhea Men's - Team SD Eliminations: Hardy > Corbin > Theory > Sheamus > Balor > Owens > Rollins > Woods > Lashley Survivor(s): Drew
  5. They lost the plot with this match. That table spot and them staying outside as long as they did was unnecessary and just halted the match for me.
  6. Bryan spoke nothing but the truth. I like this Bryan. The mark in me really wants Bryan to annihilate Page. Penta is not a great wrestler, MJF.
  7. Yeah, Punk winning makes perfect booking sense to me. Yeah Kingston is a fan favorite but this is not the time to divert Punk’s momentum. You gotta keep giving him wins. Same with Bryan. Idk why some make it seem like booking stars like stars is such a bad thing. Plus, it makes story sense. No one came out of that match looking lesser.
  8. No no, boxer shorts… you know, boxers as in underwear/underpants. lol
  9. They should just get rid of the Brand vs Brand concept for SS.
  10. I didn’t see that as the turn. I saw her as a babyface lashing out at Bianca for getting preferential treatment.
  11. So are they turning Doudrop heel?
  12. I thought his gear at Full Gear looked like boxer shorts.
  13. MJF/Darby: Pretty solid. A little too long and choreographed at times. Darby’s shoulder looked up to me. Good that MJF won. Tag Title: Too long. Too many near falls. Excessive. Finish was unnecessary. Bryan/Miro: Liked most of it. Got a little too repetitive at points. Wanted more selling. Finish was sloppy. Six-man Cluster*censored*: Skipped. Absolutely no interest. Cody Tag: Pretty standard odd couple tag match. Don’t see why Black/Cody is still continuing other than to get them both on the PPV. Their work delivered more than PAC and Andrade’s, though. Post-match: why? Women’s Title: Tay is not a convincing contender. Lethargic match. Not crisp at all. Too much interference on this show. Flat, uninspired finish. Just have Baker tap her out. Punk/Kingston: Overall enjoyable. Punk didn’t quite match Kingston’s energy. I thought he should have been meaner and harder. But I liked the story and pace of the match (except the floor stuff — too much time spent there). 10-man Cluster*censored*: Skipped. World Title: This didn’t really resonate with me like it did for many others. I just don’t care about the story and its participants. There was a really nice lariat that Page did at one point, though, so there’s that. lol
  14. If they want to be creative, they wouldn’t do it.
  15. There has. Teams being built and changed. Becky/Charlotte. And Roman has been dealing with New Day for his match with Big E.
  16. I’m not necessarily calling Punk a serious threat in AEW atm. Other than Darby, he hasn’t beaten anyone that’s high up the card. That’s a fact. But it’s worth pointing out that 1) Punk is a star. 2) He hasn’t lost yet. And I don’t think a mid-card guy like Kingston is the guy to hand him his first loss. As I said, you keep giving him wins and let him continue to gain momentum, so he can become a more serious threat.
  17. I rather they keep giving Punk wins. I haven’t viewed Kingston as a serious threat in AEW… ever? Idk. He does great promos, but Punk is the star, so keep giving him wins. Plus, Kingston needs his comeuppance. You don’t ever interrupt Punk’s interview. Evvvvverrr.
  18. Can’t say I’m against it… The more they separate Rhea from Nikki, the better.
  19. Yeah, they did an inset promo where they trash-talked them and called them names.
  20. See now that—that was compelling. That’s how you build a match. Punk/Kingston is a match I’m looking forward to now. Well done.
  21. Another solid start to the night.
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