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  1. Wasn’t really talking about him doing hardcore spots — or I guess how he does them per se (the stuff he does in AEW is your usual relatively safe smoke and mirrors bullshit except with superficial blade jobs). I’m talking about how he generally works his matches. He sees himself as an ultra badass so he spams a bunch of shit that makes him look like a “badass.” The overuse of blood. Barely selling. Burying the ref by spending significant time outside the ring. Spamming hardcore spots. Unprofessional shit like constantly swearing on the mic. He knows better since he was in the WWE, but he’s so full himself and has some machismo complex that continues to do all of that crap. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he suggested Punk should work hurt even for a dumb little angle.
  2. YEAH JUSTIFY IT PEARCE! We don’t want shitty three way matches; there’s too many of them!
  3. GUNTHER has been treated tremendously well on the main roster. Great first year for him. Hope it continues.
  4. About *censored*ing time. lol Although Dom should have disrespected his mom more to cause Rey to hit him.
  5. Totally what I predicted to happen when this match was announced… but a win’s a win. And LA Knight reallllllly needed that win.
  6. I still can’t believe Mox (and Tony) would pressure Punk to work hurt. Well, I guess can believe it because Mox’s whole wrestling mentality is completely deranged but the audacity of him doing that is boggling. What a *censored*ing ego. Guy was so hellbent to legitimize his shitty championship reign that he shoehorned this crappy Rocky 3 knockoff story to build to their PPV match.
  7. Effortless. Absolutely effortless. Well done with that promo, Cody. Heyman’s promo was solid as always, too.
  8. Btw Punk is responding to this slimey, misleading comment Meltzer made about Punk:
  9. Rey had some bulk later in WCW and I don’t think he was on the juice back then. How am I not making sense? That was an observation I had when he made his entrance. That was a statement of fact. The crowd went mild. During the match? Sure, they popped for moves and were chanting for tables. Good for them. Congrats.
  10. Pure cheese. Stealing ambulances. Stupid in WWE. Stupid here.
  11. Yeah when Rey was like 17 years old. lol Yeah. Exactly. The crowd went mild.
  12. They were hot during his entrance? No they weren’t. This guy is not built like Rey. lol
  13. I don’t like this guy’s attire. And the crowd goes… MILD! This guy is really small.
  14. Fakest looking chair shots I’ve seen in a while. Oh man, Cole’s opponent will be… Daniel Garcia? Ugh. This guy can’t cut a promo. Cole is such a smooth talker. Fine Moxley.
  15. Tonight’s card looks like trash. No MJF. No Bryan. No FTR advertised. This episode is going to be a struggle. I’m so sick of OC.
  16. Another brilliant Roman/Cody segment. Absolutely love how both are getting under each other’s skin. Beautiful build for this match. We need more quality segments (and feuds) like this in wrestling.
  17. CODY! Sami and Jey were excellent in that segment.
  18. I don’t get why they keep having LA lose. Wtf?
  19. This is like Banshees of Inisherin. lol
  20. I don’t get why they do that. It’s so ineffective to build matches like that. They should have just made Asuka a no nonsense, mean-mugging heel who has slight psychotic bent to her and have Bianca be the determined babyface champ too busy to smile and skip around because she finally has a formidable opponent presented to her.
  21. They’ve done a really poor job building both of the women’s title matches. Both are so heatless and dull. And now it’s too late to juice them up. Charlotte is a boring, lifeless babyface. Rhea is too busy goofing off with Dom and Judgment Day. Bianca is extremely stale and has regressed to being a generic smiling babyface that WWE loves so much. And Asuka, despite the new look, is still basically the whacky cartoon character that they’ve pigeonholed her as. They’ve really dropped the ball on these feuds.
  22. Man, why’d you guys have Hobbs associate with a bunch of losers? TMZ parody? Seriously? Lame shit.
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