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    WWE Drama

    My two main takeaways: Moxley is very overrated. And MVP not even being nominated for Best Non-Wrestler and Best on Interviews is a bunch of bull. I like Taz and I think he’s done a nice job since joining AEW, but he’s a cheap knockoff of what MVP does on RAW. Oh, and FTR/Young Bucks being nominated for Feud of the Year is laughable. I knew the results would heavily skew toward AEW since they have an insane amount of goodwill among online fans as well as having a very devoted cult following — but this one really had my eyes rolling because I had thought even their most devoted would admit that this feud stunk and wasn’t as successful as it could have been. But nope! They thought it was great! Ha.
  2. Now, what a satisfying episode that was. Very fulfilling. Maybe the best wrestling program from beginning to end that I've watched this year so far.
  3. Rollins was much better this week.
  4. Another nice match. See, this is how you book a storyline on a show. This Roman/Bryan program is being build thoughtfully.
  5. I gotta admit, I liked Otis working heel there. Nice TV match.
  6. This might be the first PPV of theirs where I skip most of the matches. A lot of it has no appeal to me.
  7. As long as she’s not signed, I don’t see that happening.
  8. So unfortunate. Charismatic guy. The Question Mark gimmick got a little too Ha Ha for me but what I saw of the Jocephus persona intrigued me.
  9. That Varsity Blonds match was really enjoyable. Pillman is coming along and Starks is so terrific.
  10. Is the objective here to turn Kross babyface or something? I don't get the point of this. Man, Kross is strong.
  11. Now wait a sec, Dain can't be a part of Imperium. He's not an Axis Power. lol @ this Kross/Santos match. But at least it's in the ring now.
  12. The Grimes stuff tonight is too schticky for me...
  13. Io’s moonsault barely got Zoey. Not a bad match. Started rough, but it got better. I don’t think the two gelled great, but I see potential in Zoey.
  14. A good amount of SquaredCircle likes pretty much whatever AEW does, so that doesn't surprise me much if that's the case. lol They have tons of old timers like Arn, Tully, Jake, and JR, but I'm pretty hard pressed to notice any difference they've made to the product. The younger talent are set in their ways and don't seem to care much for these old timers' guidance, so I don't think it matters much. It's all superficial and window dressing to me.
  15. Vince was probably not interested in him commentating and wrestling much while AEW was -- similar to Sting. Sting wanted to be used but WWE were like "No, we're fine with you showing up on reunion shows and doing interviews on the WWE Network."
  16. From the press release: He’s commentating and will wrestle some.
  17. I wish it was only one Chamber match for the event. Same goes for HIAC and TLC. Although in an ideal world these PPVs would not exist.
  18. Man, they're pushing Lashley strong. I love it.
  19. Yeah, I liked how it didn’t have a scripted feel to it.
  20. Lovely. Just lovely. Did Alexa learn that trickery from Papa Shango?
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