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  1. I'm just hoping the INDPSPIRIT crew comes back. I'm enjoying their content on 2k19. Also, I'm hoping the carry moves haven't been removed. I'm okay with the two buttons for finishers since when you think about it, in Here Comes the Pain, and they had L1 for finishers. And in 2k19, you it Triangle for it.So, it's basically a fusion of sorts. Also, I hope they kept the entrances for all the wrestlers. That was one thing that ticked me off about 2k15
  2. Motown Saint

    WWE Drama

    This company gives more and more reasons to hate it everyday.
  3. Aubrey was the worst. They could have patched the 2 count glitch, but chose not to do it. 2k should have taken their time with 2k20. Come to think of it, 2k15 and 2k20 are the only games that have really sucked. Hope 2k has learned their lesson.
  4. Well, doing the Signature and Finishers list for the next game will have a huge alumi section.
  5. Thank you. I really appreciate it. I lost my sister in 2019 to breast cancer, and now my Uncle. Cancer sucks so much. I wish there was a way to cure it.
  6. I just lost my Uncle to Liver Cancer today. He was 71 years old.
  7. Dakota isn't finished with Raquel
  8. I'm not surprised. 2k does stupid crap like this. Typical BS
  9. WWE could definitely capitalize on their backstory. Big E beat Seth for the NXT Title, and they have a lot of history due to the rivalry between New Day and The Shield. So, hopefully it should be fun to watch.
  10. I was kinda expecting Edge to Spear Seth, but I guess things are done between them. It's been fun hanging out here. Its good to be back. To everyone here, have a peaceful night.
  11. Seth vs Big E should be great. It has a great backstory as well
  12. Kevin is going to be sore tonight
  13. That's true. It was just a thought. That John Woo kick never gets old
  14. Yeah. That was actually pretty cool. It's a shame he stopped using it. I think the move I was talking about is in 2k20.
  15. Maybe it's me, but Kevin using the Stunner has kinda ran it's course. Maybe use a Package Piledriver, but have it end in a Powerbomb? I think Mia Yim used it in NXT.
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