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  1. These turned out well dude. Great work
  2. WCW Rey looks great. Just wished the servers didn't suck
  3. Leva looks great. Always thought she was underrated
  4. I actually watched a stream of GTA Online. Man, it's crazy.
  5. Man, I hope Vince's career doesn't end like this. Not this way.
  6. I can't believe Tom Brady is going to Tampa Bay.
  7. Wow. That long ago? That's crazy
  8. So, apparently Black Widow is being delayed now. A friend of mine is beyond ticked off about that
  9. Man, politics just suck in the USA. I mean, nobody can get on the same page for the greater good.
  10. So, they shutdown every bar in my hometown, and the Doughnut place I could to makes you wait 10 minutes, and you have to he 6 feet away from someone.
  11. Lufisto, Allysin Tara, and Gail look good. Lufisto and Allysin could be a but thicker though. Other than that, well done.
  12. Love the Joe Hendry. Man, I wish we add themes to the game.
  13. These all look great man
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