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  1. Stupid me, I tried using them for crunches. It didn't work like I hoped.
  2. I had a mishap with some exercise equipment. I was using these resistance bands, and all of a sudden, the ring that kept the bands hooded came off, and the hooks on the bands hit me in the head and under my right eye. I looked like Matt Cardona from when he faced Nick Gage. I was bleeding all over the place. I'm okay though. Just a black eye and and small cut on my head. But I'm never using resistance bands again.
  3. Dynamite was good. Seeing Black was a surprise. I'm not sure about the first name though. He would have went by "Thomas Black" or something. Also, seeing Dan Lambert was odd. He used to annoy me when he was with Impact. All in all, a great show.
  4. Ah, okay. Man, this commentary team is bogus.
  5. Congratulations to Swerve! I'm not sure about the whole Hit Row group, but it looks good so far. (Also, I wonder why he stopped wearing kickpads? Are Kickpads going out of style?) Also, I loved how Kross just got up and choked out Gargano. We need more of this version.
  6. Forearm Smash for works well, but I didn't think of Gulak Attack. Perhaps I should revisit my topic.
  7. Did they really change the Bromission? That sucks. Congratulations to Drew
  8. That's a relief. A friend of mine told me that, and stupid me, I believed it. Then again, she's been in and out of rehab. Thanks for the peace of mind.
  9. I got the 2nd Corona shot today, and I heard all this stuff about becoming magnetic all this stuff. And, my brother had another seizure. So, this week hasn't been fun for me.
  10. I'm still a physical case buyer (I don't trust digital), so I hope the game is at least good. I just want to pretend 2k20 never happened.
  11. They're going to need new tag champs
  12. Gage is going to destroy Cardona. I don't think Cardona would be used to Ligt tubes and glass, unless they're just having a normal match.
  13. Lio has always been a curious case. I know he's dealt with mental health issues, and now he's apparently dealing with a shoulder injury that has supposedly hampered him. Hopefully, he was wise to save his money.
  14. The thing with Jericho is that while he's great on the mic, he does have a tendency to fall into a monotonous pattern. As for Sammy and Santana, you can tell they're not really comfortable. Hopefully they can improve. As for Hager, he should always be the strong and silent type. Also, I think Andrade with Vicki is a unique pairing. Maybe it was Andrade's idea since he looked up to Eddie Guerrero, or maybe it was to get cheap heat. I wonder if this leads to Thea and Tommy End coming to AEW to rekindle their rivalry from NXT? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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