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  1. I know he'll probably beat Lee soon enough, but I'm glad Kross wasn't the one who beat Cole. It'd feel a bit hollow.
  2. This was a great episode. AND KEITH LEE DESERVED IT!!! Crazy how like a year ago I didn't care for him at all, and now I popped like hell watching him win this.
  3. That McIntyrte/Slater promo was incredible. Amazing acting on both sides. Heath played it super serious, and Drew looked genuinely heart broken. That's the kind of promo that should get Heath job offers from all other companies.
  4. It's not like Mox is gone for months, just a few short weeks (assuming he and Renee have completely self isolated). No chance they'd just throw the title to Cage.
  5. Girl I'm talking to is in a cult, just told me last night. Like some creepy orthodox cult. Her parents are crazy southern US conservatives and apparently she has an arranged marriage. She fully plans to run away from it within the next year, but um, yeah, holy shit. It's weird, she seems super confident and casual about the fact that she's just gonna walk out on all their plans, and they're just gonna be ok with it. I mean, apparently her brother already did. But the whole thing is royally *censored*. Like she's cute as hell too, but *censored*.
  6. That's her current plan yes, but if they're able to make her a nice offer, then who knows. They have Riho and Bea Priestley going back and forth with Japan after all.
  7. I don't know who that is, but that video is enough for me to know I need more of him in my life.
  8. Since reports are that Kairi Sane is leaving WWE when her contract is up, I wonder if AEW would be able to make her an offer?
  9. I love Page and Kenny, but FFS I wanted Best Friends to win. It was their time damn it.... Penelope vs Hikaru was my MOTN honestly. It was a really well put together match. I know Penelope isn't as crisp as some top tier womens talents (yet) but this match did a great job in highlighting her strengths and hiding her weaknesses, while Hikaru was able to fill in all the gaps. And I agree with you guys, Hager's attire was shit. Even his debut trunks were better than these. He just looks boring with plain blue.
  10. I feel like AEW needs one more big name. But specifically, someone who the casual audiences know and admire, but who is also in their in ring prime. My reasoning is mainly because they need a proper rival fro Kenny Omega, someone to light a fire under his ass again. I feel like the man has been coasting recently, and I think part of that is he doesn't have that Okada to push him to be the absolute best. It wouldn't happen, but Seth Rollins would be perfect.
  11. Did it have a very large audience? I only watched the odd episode when I was bored and something got hype. But even just going off the threads here or on reddit it seemed like very few people cared about the brand. And tbh, there weren't that many "Must See" wrestlers on it. Or rather, the womens division seemed pretty good, but the mens was boring. You had Moustache Mountain, Grizzled Young Vets, Devlin, IMPERIUM....and kinda struggling to think of anyone else I would tune in to watch, or even ever see generate any hype on the forums. Dragunov I guess but he did nothing for me.
  12. Christian AF was fun the first one or two times, but I'm not digging it as a weekly thing. In general a lot of the BTE running gags right now aren't really sitting with me.
  13. Chelsea should be repackaged, her character does nothing for me. Aliyah with Robert Stone is already a much more enjoyable pairing, especially since they're running with Stone being a terrible manager.
  14. Literally anyone but Mia Yim winning
  15. Karrion Kross's finisher is so shit. Dude has such a vicious energy and he finishes people with either a slow saito suplex or an overused choke. It's so freaking lame. Choke finishers in general are boring and overused as hell nowadays.
  16. Not sure how you can say that with all the texts and voice messages coming to light. I get if you're a fan of his but....c'mon man.
  17. It's a shame because Velveteen Dream was really an incredible worker and character. But if Patrick Clark is a creepy pedo....get him the *censored* out of here.
  18. If AEW stops running shows, they're basically going out of business.
  19. Right, it really seems like they're doing everything right, so not sure where the "sloppy' accusations are coming from.
  20. So Moxley tested negative, meaning Renee got it via WWE. Kayla Braxton just posted she got it for the SECOND time.
  21. It's not rude to call out some asshole who's belittling your rape story....
  22. I think it's so funny that WWE had Ziggler on fire for years, stomped him into the ground every time, and only once people really don't care for him anymore do they regularly put him in high profile matches and feuds.
  23. Keith's story hit hard. Maybe because it felt so normal (but then, I guess to start off most of these probably did), or maybe because he wrote it out so calmly and so detailed. Or maybe because he's a guy and because of that I can put myself in his shoes a little more. This world is pretty *censored* up huh?
  24. Regarding Mania Matches: HBK vs Taker 1 > HBK vs Jericho > HBK vs Angle
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