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  1. I'm glad it looks like we're gonna get a proper pirate-Mania. Well, maybe not "proper" if there's no fans, but with a stage and all that.
  2. What Gen said is exactly how I feel. SO much good stuff is happening on paper, but the presentation and magic is gone in so many ways. AEW's shows are just, I dunno, more fun? I genuinely think if they went back to 2 hours I might give RAW another go.
  3. Jericho's rubbing me the wrong way with his approach. From some podcast quotes it's coming off as "Hey I made it through, so it's not a big deal!" By the by Chris, those antibodies only last 3-7 months. I feel that needs to be made clear to more people who have had it already.
  4. Jeeeeesus. Can't tell if he's salty of just cheeky.
  5. *censored* man, WHYYYYY, Lance's hair was badass
  6. Dang, that sucks for Drew. I hope he didn't get too bad of a strain. We got it a month back, and it roughed us up. But hey, does this mean Goldberg can *cesnored* off, or does this mean he's gonna declare for the Rumble instead
  7. Yeah I'm not super into management Matt. I liked him constantly rotating gimmicks, that was fun. Hangman being behind the curtains for a week lmao, and then 5 just getting stomped killed me
  8. Where I'm at - I definitely agree EC3 was a main roster guy (who obviously got beyond shafted), but at least EC3 cut a damn solid promo and had some unique moves. Kross just doesn't offer me anything. Like, what does he do that plenty of other guys on the same roster don't already do way better? Dude can throw a decent suplex, but so can every other big-but-agile fella on the roster. Why is Kross set for the mega push when you have so many better options? Like I said, I like his presentation and really wanted to like him as a whole. But every time he has a match all I can think is "...that's it? That's all he's got to offer?"
  9. I only watched a bit of this episode before I got bored. I'll loop back around to watch Finn vs Kyle maybe tomorrow. Just stopping by to say Kross is still ass. Dude has 10/10 presentation but is a bore in the ring. Just leave, man.
  10. I wonder if they plan to revisit this post-pandemic? Or if they're just gonna split into the UK CW title. I hope it's revisited, I want Ben Carter on regular NXT.
  11. I didn't watch NJPW regularly, but I genuinely never cared for the Tama or Loa. And with how much hype Kenny/Bucks brought to BC vs where it is now... maybe sit this one out chief lol. Kenny vs Fenix was a f'n banger. God damn. 2021 just started and this thing is already a MotY contender. It wasn't anything crazy, but I liked Shida vs Abadon. I think Abadon looked pretty good while losing too.
  12. I'd argue Goldberg coming back and having shoddy performances time and time again is only part of the problem. The bigger part is that he keeps beating people he shouldn't. KO and Fiend should never have lost to him, and it breaks me thinking Drew very well could go down to Goldberg's soggy ass. Like you said, that blame is on the people making the calls... but damn, definitely makes it seem like Goldberg doesn't give two shits about helping the rising stars of the business if he agrees to these kinds of returns non stop.
  13. Lmao I heard Goldberg came back? *censored* they just gotta keep bringing back that talentless old fart, huh? Man, I hope Drew breaks the curse, but typically if Goldberg faces the ongoing hot champion act.... it ends in very bad things.
  14. Paige has the worst luck with men. But then, she grew up in the UK wrestling scene, and we all found out how shit that place is/was last year. She needs to sit down with a good psychologist and get herself worked out, and hopefully find less toxic people for her life.
  15. I never thought I'd pop so hard for Erick Rowan in my life, but I went crazy when he showed up. When he and Silver broke down crying, that's what got me big time. Beautiful show all around. I hope we never need another.
  16. Someone on reddit suggested that AEW start using the tagline "It's Wednesday, you know what that means" going forward as a tribute. I'd love that actually.
  17. That's my bad, totally forgot they got released.
  18. I'm freaking heart broken. Like, how the hell did this happen. He was finally in a company that respected his talent and getting showcased.... what the hell....
  19. So.... Epico and Primo about to become relevant again for two weeks?
  20. Damn, was that on 205? May wanna check out the match just for the moves.
  21. Ooh that's a good call. They've definitely tried to blur the VP aspects of just about everyone in the Elite bar Cody, so I'd forgotten about that. Regarding the question about "why would any Impact star want to be associated with either", tbh it's like politics. You're probably not gonna have a boss here that hasn't pissed you off somehow, but ya gotta sign with one or the other. Maybe the Impact crew push against Tony while also starting an uprising against Callis. Maybe they realize Tony is more bashing the company and higher ups and want to get back at Callis by jumping ship? They could definitely show a backstage video of, I dunno, MCMG at AEW for a one off and Tony making them feel much more welcome, causing them to wonder "Shit, Khan is actually a chill boss, while Callis is dunking on us in favor of Kenny." Honestly, if there's one thing I've learned with AEW it's that they take their time to tell a story. So I feel a lot of these dynamics will continue to unfold in the coming weeks and you'll likely get some answers then.
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