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  1. Not saying we should rag on him at all. I hope he does well wherever he goes. Just saying I don't have faith that he'll become too big in WWE given their track record with others of similar styles.
  2. You damn right. I have this as her theme in 2k19, no looking back. Dear lord, Shotzi is so bad at promos.
  3. He'll do fine on NXT. But I'll go ahead and fulfill your complaint, dude has no chance on the main roster. If they managed to royally *censored* PAC and Ricochet? No chance. Gotta say it - while Dexter Lumis plays a really good character, in the ring the guy does nothing impressive.
  4. I remember Killer Kelly being pretty good in the MYC, so I'd be down to see her come in.
  5. Just watched it. Show was solid. Tag titles were fun. Miro and Sabin match was whatever. Cody vs Cassidy was really good, finish was great. I really do hope Cody doesn't hold it too long though, I'm salty he even got it back from Brodie. Darby next plz. MJF and Jericho promo was gold. Womens match was iffy. Definitely some noticeable botches in the more complicated sequences. Kinda ready for Shida to drop the belt, probably to Britt Baker? Main event was good shit. Eddie being on commentary kinda gave away Mox would be retaining though.
  6. Regarding Miro, I actually dig it. Not the exact position he's in with Kip or the emphasis on twitch gaming, but I liked DudeBro Rusev a hell of a lot more than "angry foreign heel" Rusev in WWE, so I'm glad he's just Dudebro Miro. That said, I would loooooove once he and Kip split if they bring in English as his manager. Those two had chemistry for dayssss.
  7. Show started strong but got weaker as we went along. Cage vs Hobbs was solid. Hobbs is definitely still a bit green, but man has potential. Funny enough the Sky High he did looks way better than the Spinebuster that's his actual finish. Really happy my boys TH2 got to shine against FTR. They got to show a lot of what they can do, and hopefully this leads to more TV time. Hyped for the tournament. Stand to think it'll be Kenny vs Page in the finals? I like that Kenny has slowly been losing it. Dog Collar match was awesome, but Cody winning was trash. Not only him winning, but the way he immediately shifted to Cassidy? Ugh, that was horribly booked. Maybe Luther is a legend, but dude was baaaaad in that main event. If that's who Jericho wanted on his anniversary, fine, but the was all kinds of lackluster.
  8. Sasha was the best of the horsewomen in NXT. Main roster Sasha rarely hit those peaks.
  9. I can't see ben Carter not signing with AEW, unless WWE throws "dibs" money at him.
  10. Just watched, Takeover was LIT. Had a feeling, but every match delivered. Hyped af for Toni in NXT, and pretty excited for Ember too. Her new look being all Viking like is doing it for me. But.....can we still get Bo Dallas back too Trips?
  11. Wait they're really doing Roman vs Uso in the Cell? Damn ok lol, I dug the last one because it was entirely story based, idk if I want them in a Cell though. I gotta wonder if there's a Jey Uso stan out there who has wanted this kind of singles run from him for years and is finally living their dream.
  12. I mean, owning your actions doesn't immediately mean you should be forgiven for them. Ultimately I don't know Jack, I hope he's being honest, but it's just a small typed out post.
  13. Good episode except for the main event. Pentagon posted that teaser and I was so hyped for Penta vs Mox, only to get.....Butcher. B&B do absolutely nothing for me man, that main event was kind of a slog. Darby vs Starks was really solid, and Cody's promo was a highlight. Also like PTW mentioned, the spots in FTR's match were really intelligent. Enjoyed that a lot. Probably one of the best SCU performances we've seen too.
  14. Haven't followed RAW but....why have they taken Aleister's entrance away? It screamed starpower whenever he came out. The new angry walk to the ring ain't doing it for me.
  15. Cue him then sprinting around the arena escaping security for the entirety of TakeOver until Regal finally gives him a contract-on-the-line match. I know this TakeOver is rushed af, but I have a feeling it'll be a lot of fun.
  16. Bruh I somehow missed that vignette on the show (just got around to it) but if it's Bo Dallas? BOOIIIIIII I'M GONNA LOSE MY SHIT. NXT era Bo Dallas was absolutely amazing. Now with Finn around, they just gotta flip Breeze heel and it'll be like the old days lol. Candice is pretty overdue for a title shot, so I'm happy she won that battle royal. IDK if I want her to beat Io, probably not, but their earlier matches were pretty good so I'm sure they'll deliver. Tag title contendership being done in a super unique way, and I'm here for it. Hoping Oney and Burch get the shot, but I'm guessing it'll be UE again. KOR vs Finn sounds solid, but I'm more here for the way they build the Kyle/UE story. I think it leads to him vs Cole next TakeOver, and the breakup being immanent. Also, Cameron Grimes is so good at playing the piece of shit you wanna punch in the mouth. I want him to win all the belts, while still hating the silly hick.
  17. I agree! Silver and Brodie are amazing, highlights of BTE for weeks now
  18. Of the ones you listed, MCMG vs FTR is definitely up there for me. Not so much the others. Most of my dream matches would be a bit tricky though, as they'd largely involve WWE/NXT talent, as they're the ones I'm most familiar with. Biggest for me is AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega, which I think MIGHT happen once AJ retires from full time competition. Finishes up with WWE, agrees to work a single match for AEW. Also Omega vs Rollins, Andrade or Aleister Black Drew McIntyre vs Lance Archer Keith Lee vs Brian Cage Rey Fenix and Pentagon vs Rey Mysterio Cesaro vs Omega, or PAC, or Hangman, or Brodie...... shit man, get Cesaro to AEW immediately Purely for the comedy, but Breezango vs TH2 would be awesome considering TH2's attires. Using talent that aren't under WWE contract... Shida vs Kairi Sane/Hojo would be pretty sick. Matt Sydal vs PAC in a battle of SSP's (idk if this counts but I guess Sydal hasn't signed yet soooo) Rascalz vs Young Bucks. Heck, Rascalz vs Private Party or TH2 would be a lot of fun. Dalton Castle vs Chris Jericho
  19. Yeah I think I'm jumping on the KOR train as well. I'm kinda ready for a UE split, or at least for him and Cole to go solo. I'm not that big a fan of Fish or Strong (though Roddy is insane in ring) so I'm cool with those two just staying a team.
  20. They should try to sign Serena. Her appearing again is a good sign. I hoped she would stick around on NXT after her MYC appearance, but this would be cool. Heck, I know it's cross company, but it'd be really cool to see her as a fallen disciple type character after SES all those years ago. Like maybe now she's the kind of person who tries to tear down cults, which could mean a feud with Dark Order/Anna Jay and Tay Conti. Oh man, and if AEW could bring in Gallows for an appearance with her? Like maybe just as backup for a week or two? Hot damn. Long term career character work that I am HERE FOR.
  21. Didn't realize Ever-Rise were an actual team. I thought they were just some random enhancement team on NXT who decided to throw a name together.
  22. .....okay I haven't been watching at all, but haven't Otis and Mandy been a pair for like the entire year? And fairly over too? That's weird.
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