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  1. Same. I'm on a 320 day streak so far.
  2. So since I got the new characters this game has froze so damn much. Mostly when you enter in to do fatalities... And mostly with RoboCop...
  3. You're tired of WWE guys being in? What, a whopping 3 guys from the last 12 months (I don't even count developmental job girls), and another 3-4 guys from over 10 YEARS ago, and a legend from 25 years ago? WWE talent sells games. Major Bros have a huge following thanks to their podcast now too. You gotta think business and not just “PuSh YoUnG TaLeNt” that's became so passé with modern fans.
  4. I'm not a developer in the slightest but it confused me why they started with models first over gameplay? Cus ultimately every character they've done Jan-June is gonna be outdated by the time they've finished their engine / gameplay / everything else they've said they're adding. I'm sure there's reasoning for it. But it seems weird when someone could go get a haircut, tattoo, new attire (which WILL happen with 100% of the roster) new gimmick, next week, before they've even sorted the gameplay out. Like I said, I'm sure there's a reason beyond my comprehension. I just would have thought aesthetic would be one of the last things you do.
  5. My only wish would be The Major Broski’s tbh. But seems a decent roster!
  6. Kinda weird for a company as tiny as Impact is these days. Would be basically free promotion and advertising for their guys and gals?
  7. Yeah that's true. Suppose I never really thought of it like that. My train of thought was they could potentially be Mark the Mailman in a years time and no one will remember their indy name (since a handful are kinda unknowns to begin with) but perhaps it's my naïvety of modern day Indies so good shout on your end. I'm excited regardless. As long as the gameplay is good, I'm happy. Believe it or not I'm not too big on custom content.
  8. That's gonna be the weird thing. Because by the time the game hits retail, I dare say 90% of the roster will be signed to WWE, AEW or elsewhere with different looks, names and gimmicks. Not a biggy, but for a new game it'll make it seem dated. (Imo)
  9. People wanting the No Mercy/Def Jam gameplay has become such a tired trope in this community imo. Sure, it was great. But the GameCube games didn't exactly sell enough when we did get those types of games again.
  10. Hi,

    You're going to have to change your display name as we can't have religion forced on our members. If you'd like a suggestion then I think (-DoinkIsGood-) may suffice. 

    Thank you for understanding 


  11. So has anyone picked this up? I'm torn. Part of me wants to try it but at the same time it's too little, (far) too late.
  12. Pretty heartbreaking and beyond vile. Too much negativity these days. Far too much.
  13. I was guessing it was health related after her accident last year.
  14. I know there's a small bunch of creators still on 19 in some weird protest, but realistically how many of them *actually* play the game? Like, actual matches, universe, etc. Other than just being stuck in CAW mode making people they never used even when they were in the game 2 years ago.
  15. I think that's kinda the point.
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