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  1. Pretty heartbreaking and beyond vile. Too much negativity these days. Far too much.
  2. I was guessing it was health related after her accident last year.
  3. I know there's a small bunch of creators still on 19 in some weird protest, but realistically how many of them *actually* play the game? Like, actual matches, universe, etc. Other than just being stuck in CAW mode making people they never used even when they were in the game 2 years ago.
  4. I've been championing this for 3 years now. I'm beyond happy for this. Cannot ******* wait! Give me the Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL score NOW
  5. That's a pretty crazy price tbh. I'm not one to moan about game prices but jeez. I'm fairly certain I've already spent near £100 on this game as it is
  6. Yeah I'm just getting the trilogy even though I've got 3 still installed. It's just easier that way for me.
  7. Mafia 2’s out NOW, Mafia 1 is coming in August.
  8. Not played yet as I'm not a PC boi, so I'm waiting for Console release, however you know I watched your video(s) and found them wildly amusing!
  9. I've been debating it myself, along with a “WWE Mobile” section to combine Supercard, Mayhem, etc etc and whatever future mobile games. I know the latter won't be super busy however I feel like as we should shed the light on these titles more, as I feel lots won't know about half of these. I just hope people get behind it, and post plenty of threads in all the new sections, rather than sticking to 1 thread (ala GamingZone chat)
  10. Taken from their Twitter account. (@RetrosoftStudio)
  11. Just announced, the AFKA Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, now known as Matt Cardona and Brian Myers are officially apart of RetroMania! That's a pretty quick turnaround for someone who only just got released so I'm actually fairly impressed with this additions! Thoughts?
  12. Yeah, I'm quite interested in seeing how it turns out. The models they've shown so far have been impressive, so can't wait to see how — like you said — gameplay turns out. I'll likely create a section for the upcoming wrestling games like this, RetroArcade, etc. Just to try promote them more.
  13. I'm so hyped, Mafia 1 remake looks incredible! And Mafia 2 was one of my favourite games of all-time for last gen, so I hope it still lives up to expectations. Regardless though, I'm happy to get to replay 2 again, and play 1 for the first time. #3rdPersonBoi
  14. So um, that's a shocker and totally unexpected. I need Bo'Rai Cho back though
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