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  1. Dexter was one of my favourite shows tbh, but the last season - especially the last episode - were really terrible. It seems a bit late in the day for a revival now, but still, I'm all for it.
  2. Ehh. Not too hyped if it's the guys who made the CW shows too.
  3. https://twitter.com/MortalKombat/status/1314188797102428161?s=19
  4. He was the worst thing about that shit-show of a film. Weird AF. I'd have anyone ever over him, tbh. Even Topher.
  5. I'll just lost my Tweet thread here. Thoughts on Battlegrounds: • Good base. Probably released too soon • It's not a Wrestling game. It's a fighting game w/ a WWE skin • Everyone is too same’y. You can play 3 matches & you've done everything there is to do. Nothing feels unique • Very paywall’y • Iffy frame rate Its a fun little game to pick up & arse about on. Its not something you'll be playing in 6mths time (well, unless you're still slogging through unlocking everyone w/o paying real cash) It feels like it should have been a free game w/ 4 characters, and you just paywall the rest. But for £30 or whatever it is, it's alright. Not great. And an embarrassment to the WWE license, especially after last year's debacle with WWE2K20, as 2K really needed to knock one out of the park after that, and unfortunately they didn't. But with Corona hitting, its forgivable. Also #NotAd. I actually used real dolla to buy it so definitely not sponsored.
  6. Never fear. A placeholder showed up today randomly. Odd timing.
  7. Has anyone got a placeholder for Mafia 1 yet? It's still not showed up for me and it's out fairly soon...
  8. I wasn't sure if I'd missed something, because the last time I'd (properly) have seen him he was in shape and healthy and now he's really not either. So I thought perhaps he had health issues. And yeah, that hair and attire is... Ehhh . But each to their own. I can't talk. Lockdown got me fat too.
  9. Oh I skip the wrestle house nonsense, that's really not for me that and the obligatory backyard match after that segment are a no-go for me! But yeah I'm definitely digging it lately. Now, I've not watched TNA in the Anthem era, so I've gotta ask (and I'm not trying to sound mean) is Eddie Edwards sick? He looks atrocious since I last seen him.
  10. Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons.
  11. Honestly. I think Impact has been the most watchable wrestling show in the last 4 months for me. It's not perfect, but it's definitely much more digestible than the big two.
  12. Can't decide if I want this or not. Are there enough parts of the game where you get at least a little freedom or is it all a very Telltale-styled-Quick-time-event game like the beta made it look? (Also are there enough Cap skins to make him not look like the crappy MCU Cap? I know it's a minor thing but I really can't deal with that lack of coloured look for Cap.)
  13. I'm probably just shit, but **** it's way harder than I remember
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