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  1. I'm guessing everyone's totally different (plus different vaccines too) as I can count on one hand how many bloody noses I've had in my life, but low and behold I've had 2 since the vaccine? I dunno if they're linked but yeah it's been a weird week, but everything's back to normal now thankfully
  2. Actually with AztraZenica, about 3 days later a few random teeth started feeling weird. Not pain so much, just a slight sensitivity. It only lasted a few hours tho.
  3. Yeah, t'was my first dose of astrazeneca. I think it hits young folk worse from what I've seen, as my stepdad said he had no reactions.
  4. Thought I got away with any side effects of the vaccination, but come midnight I felt incredibly cold, and had uncontrollable shivers, and my joints felt really stiff, especially my knees and hip. Not so bad now, just feels like a really bad hangover. But between midnight-8am, then again around 2pm-5pm I felt like death
  5. Yeah I just received my first dose today also so feeling grateful.
  6. Hey, Nah, unfortunately there's never really been a need for those as only a handful of people over the years have requested them, probably due to other forums being dedicated to the AKI games/mods.
  7. Films get dropped ALL the time. Yeah there's places trying to blame Snyder but that's just idiotic, and they don't understand how Hollywood works. WB are playing it safe with films they know will sell. Black Adam is the only odd ball, but it's got Rock attached so that's their hook. Ava and King have been writing that film for 3+ years and they literally got nowhere by the looks of it.
  8. ZSJL was everything I wanted, and then some. I can't stop thinking about it. Incredible.
  9. Thursday 8am, Sky Movies Premier. UK
  10. I might give it a miss, I really don't like anything Tom Kings written, and since this is based on that, yeah
  11. Sucks for everyone involved. Personally they made me hate the show so I probably wouldn't have watched it. But, for the fans of those characters and the production involved, that's rough. It's also annoying that they built to that in Arrow — effectively making the show unwatchable — for no pay off.
  12. Aw man today's Krypt Event hat for Erron Black
  13. Every single one that is involved is a piece of shit. Any cop that let them in, took selfies, and didn't do anything to stop them should have their pensions taken from them. Not to mention there are thousands of people dying every day due to Covid and none of these idiots are wearing a damn mask. Terrorists. Nazi's. The worst kind of people.
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