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  1. I might give it a miss, I really don't like anything Tom Kings written, and since this is based on that, yeah
  2. Sucks for everyone involved. Personally they made me hate the show so I probably wouldn't have watched it. But, for the fans of those characters and the production involved, that's rough. It's also annoying that they built to that in Arrow — effectively making the show unwatchable — for no pay off.
  3. Aw man today's Krypt Event hat for Erron Black
  4. Every single one that is involved is a piece of shit. Any cop that let them in, took selfies, and didn't do anything to stop them should have their pensions taken from them. Not to mention there are thousands of people dying every day due to Covid and none of these idiots are wearing a damn mask. Terrorists. Nazi's. The worst kind of people.
  5. Watching 84 before the first film seems weird. The first film is one of the best Superhero films from any of the big two. It's well worth the watch. And you'll at least have a connection to certain characters that reappear in 84.
  6. I'm in utter shock...
  7. Okay so I really don't like Star Wars. I've tried and tried to get into the film's and they just don't appeal to me. Butttt I tried Mando S1 and holy shit I'm hooked. I thought I'd hate it because of the whole Disney-store-shill Grogu nonsense like Baby Groot was, but nope. I'm totally sold and slightly obsessed. Might be my love of Westerns as this almost feels like a space western but yeah. Amazing. Also the score is incredible, as is the artwork in the credits.
  8. It's that time of the year to get the woolies on.
  9. Not possible. It's all cut and pasted together in between takes.
  10. That Rosey debuted in WWF in 1996 for a (very) short lived angle with Fatu, that went nowhere and was quickly dropped, and he didn't appear again until 3 Minute Warning.
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