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  1. Oh man, Attitude was the game where my love for the mode really started, i had the whole thing full of caws. But i think my first time was with WWF Warzone. And boy was it mindblowing to suddenly being able to create your own Wrestler. Then the wild times with the smackdown series, being Introduced to Fire Pro Wrestling, the tons of paper for formulas, then the paint tool stuff...and now we can upload textures etc. Ah the good old times...but i still cant believe how restricted we are in a game like 2k19. The whole dumb blur effect, the fact that we have a limit on how far we can stretch logos and so on. So many years yet we are sometimes more restricted than in the past. But still, i wouldnt want to be without it and hope they do good things with it for 2k22.
  2. You know, it might be an unpopular opinion...but i would really like to see the game having the Thunderdome or the base of it in the game. Even more the NXT version with the cage walls, that would be neat. I like the concept and it would be cool to have it in Create a Arena. Maybe you could exchange the Monitors with a real crowd and stuff...would be really nice imo.
  3. Rumor has it that Black wont be on the list...but who knows. Joe sadly has the worst luck with Injuries etc, always had. But still, he could have been so much bigger if you wouldnt have incompetent people calling the shots. A few good talents released that many companies could use better. Im not that sad about the releases because if it means people getting used then thats a good thing. What good does it to have them signed with the WWE but not used or badly used...so im rather happy. Yeah its an unsure time for Wrestlers, many indy leagues etc are unable to do shows and stuff, so its limited what they can do...but things are slowly getting better. What pisses me off is the alleged reason why they were released. "Budget Cuts" my ass. The WWE arrogantly walk around showing off their shiny new million dollar contracts, but fire people claiming its to save money etc. Bullcrap, just have the decency to say that you have no further use for some of them. Watch when they have their investors meeting and present their new record earnings. Its not that they release wrestlers, its how they do it that annoys me.
  4. To be fair, so far they have done a far better job than in the last 8 years or what. We got a surprisingly early look at the game...well its mostly the same but more detailed. They have made an effort listening to the community, talked to some of the big shots in the fandom(allegedly) and all in all seem like they do want this series to become good again. But if it stays that way, thats the question. It is possible that this is all just a bunch of nothing, big talk to lure in the easy to fool community...and lets be honest, we were a easy to fool fandom for the longest time. We will see what this all really is about soon.
  5. No self reflection on her part, not a surprise. I dont get her deal, is she really so delusional that she thinks everybody is out there to hold her down because she is so awesome and nice and stuff? Does she really not realize her own behaviour in or out of the ring? I mean what did she think while no selling in the clip @Fight Me.posted? She burns bridges on her own, its not some politics or so that do that.
  6. Dont know how i feel about this possibly being a Last Gen game only. They had an additional year of developing afterall. I mean yeah COVID was in the way and thats why other developers have to move their game releases etc...but still. Considering how hard it is to get a PS5, i do find the idea good because i dont know if i will get a PS5 this year and it would suck if the game is actually good and i cant play it...and you can play it on next gen consoles too either way...but i dont know. Hope we get confirmation soon and more infos on the game itself.
  7. I assume we get the Answers to that, which is fine, thats not my problem. My problem is a god damn 5:40 match the newly returned Fiend had against Randy Orton, which he lost after 1 RKO. My Problem is shitty booking, not shitty storytelling. I mean couldnt they have the Fiend win, trying to burn Orton afterwards and then pulled the whole Alexa thing? Why even doing the match if you arent interested in doing it? This is Wrestling for christ sake...everything ends up in a Wrestling ring, every story, every turn and twist leads to a Wrestling match. Butchering that, especially at Wrestlemania...is just incompetent as hell.
  8. I can believe it, their incompetence how to do this character is clear since they thought a red light during his first match is a brilliant idea. But i cant believe they had him lose in under 6 minutes after an RKO from a Vanilla Randy Orton who looked like he would rather be everywhere else. And i dont care if this loss was storywise to push the story with the fiend and alexa further...he should have wiped the floor with Orton here.
  9. Hm, doesnt blow me away. The models look good for a while, and the 2k20 also looked neat because of that. But it doesnt strike me as a new engine and that is bad because a lot of the problems come from the Engine. So if thats the same then we have the same mess again. Sure the additional year can help fix bad bugs etc, but you still have an engine that is outdated as hell and holds the game back. But lets wait and see what they have done in the end, first teaser was neat but didnt blew me away. EDIT: Also, i want the Thunderdome.
  10. Lets see what they show, dont expect much...maybe coverstar, but who knows. Either way, at least a bit of movement on this, its about time to see if we can bury wwe2k or if the series rises again.
  11. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    It has some hilarity in it. He starts with conspiracy etc bullshit, thinking he gets a lot of people behind him...which of course he doesnt because he is an idiot. Then he comes with this kind of stuff, or some fake good guy nonsense talk, hoping for pity or so.
  12. Uhu, lets see if this leads somewhere...would be awesome.
  13. *Censored*, if that has anything to do with more synderverse...im gonna cut someone. I wanted those two so damn much.
  14. 80$? What a joke. Just the tip of the Iceberg on things that are wrong in Japan. They need to do more faster to help people over there with their mental health and deal with Cyberbullies way harder than this-
  15. For what it is, super early Alpha test footage...its neat. But thats it...it doesnt blow me away. It still doesnt tell me anything about the core gameplay or so. So there is little to say to that...it looks neat enough for what it is at this stage.
  16. There was no way they could come up with something better than the IWGP World Title design, that is just not possible...the thing is a beauty from a different time. But i do like the new one, looks a bit too Flashy but its definitly a design you can get used to.
  17. Man was that Fastlane a waste of time...everything they did there, could have been done in a weekly to build up WM. Fiends new look, i get the storywise reason...but its too much for me. I prefer his original look, this looks too busy and messed up. But i have to praise them for committing to the over the top of this whole feud. I enjoy it as long as possible, because they cant do half of this stuff once fans are back, so i embrace it as much as possible. Whats Low-Kis beef with Rollins? It could be a lot because Low Ki is an idiot, but still, would be neat to have context to it.
  18. Finally, lets see what he does. Would love to see him at NJPW but the world is open for a man with his talent, he would be gold in every company...well almost every company. XD
  19. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, that and her being Friends with Ruby and Liv...you would think its quite impossible for her to be that bonkers. Lets hope its just out of context.
  20. It was such a weird rumor back in the day, i cant believe that this is now actually a real possibility...*Censored* hogan.
  21. I dont know, either that or she has heat...because she isnt promoted anymore for WM currently. https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/news-charlotte-flair-removed-wrestlemania-37-promotional-graphics
  22. Since Charlotte seemingly will not be part of WM, because she shoots that walking tall movie thing...i could see Rhea going against Asuka at WM. Because it doesnt really look like Asuka has anything to do at the moment. And i doubt they will have the raw womens champion without a match at WM.
  23. Its such a shame that they leave Shelton and Cedric behind, and i dont get why. The hurt business works, it gave shelton and cedric new momentum...you could have rebuilt the tag team division with them...but i guess thats the problem. Vince just doesnt care about Tag Teams, that much is clear. Styles going for the tag team titles is so random, but its also clear that they really didnt had anything for him. The few years he has left, would be a shame not to have him at WM, so i guess its better than not being at WM at all. Would be neat to have Omos in his first match as champion. And to be honest, as great as kofi and xavier are as guys...i cant stand new day as tag champs anymore. Other than that, a few short weeks till WM and the build up is awful.
  24. Since the bugs and Glitches thread for 2k19 is achieved and you cant reply, i post this here. Does anybody know what causes Moveable Scars to vanish in wwe2k19? I played around and added a few tattoos to my main caw and noticed suddenly that the two moveable scars i gave him, were just gone. But i never deleted them or so. Dont know what caused this, but its super strange.
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