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  1. After watching a lot of Videos i can safely say that until they show a vastly upgraded Creation Suite...this is a 20 bucks buy at best. Sure the WarGames match looks fun...but thats about it. Like, this one matchtype will not change the game significant. If 2k22 didnt blew you away, 2k22.5...i mean 2k23 wont either. I had no fun playing 2k22 and if they didnt rework the Gameplay and seemingly the Creation Suite either...what should i look forward? If creation suite still has the same annoying problems and is the one mode i care for, why should i pay 60 bucks for it? It looks neat, the models are great...but thats about it. New Pin System looks okay, but as i dont enjoy the gameplay in general, i will stick with the easy "hold the button" system because i dont have any drive to be competitive even against the AI. The New Animations are neat. Taunting with weapons is nice, but the Physics dont look upgraded at all....and can i have a title as weapon? All in all what i feared and expected. Your yearly update where the focus outside the Usual modes, only was on the WarGames match. It is sadly nothing that makes me want to buy on Release day or week. I think 20-30 bucks is a price that is more fair to the consumer.
  2. First Entrance of course Cody...nice. The Model looks fantastic, but that never was really a problem for the series. Its the rest i have a problem with. Outside of the Model, everything feels so lifeless and sterile. The crowd sounds fake as hell, the arena has no character, it just lacks life. I can deal with the lack of smoke and the weak pyro...i always remember that this is also coming out on PS4 and stuff, so they cant have too much because of last gen. Animations are fine to me. Yeah a good entrance that has the usual problems i have with the series. But the model is really really good, cant say that enough times.
  3. I dont even know if there were any real problems involving Advanced Entrances before, so i do question the "why" of them taking it out. Especially like i said before, when the 2k22 entrances are still Glitchy etc more than once. I dont think sadly that there is done much in the creation suite outside of the Overall quality of the caws. Which is fine, but there is so much stuff that needs to be fixed there for years. So many restrictions and stuff for argueably the most important mode of the game. Like alone that dumb logo fading that is still in, the stretching of logos etc. The layer restrictions or general restrictions with clothing etc. That we only get here and there a few of the wrestlers items instead a complete overhaul of Items. LIke the Masks...its no fun to create luchadors because there is so much wrong with them, there is so little variety etc. And that is just tackling create a superstar...the rest of the creation suite too is in dire need of updates and fixes. I dont have much hope that they focused a lot of energy on the creation suite at all.
  4. There were many reasons why 2k22 sold as well as it did. You had of course the graphics, the new gameplay, you had the two year development time, you had the whole "we listened to fans so hard" thing that hyped the game up. There were many factors in this that made WWE2k22 kind of anomaly. I doubt 2k23 can hit lightning twice here. Of course the sales will be good too, but i doubt they will exceed. For that in the end, 2k22 wasnt the huge shift that people hoped. You can see that outside of Twitter easily, where the reveal was met with far less reaction than 2k22s. We are pretty much where we are before 2k20 in terms of hype level and all. Maybe in General a bit higher since 2k22 did a good job making gameplay changes that benefit casual players, and because the WWE has gained popularity. But its pretty much where we was with Fans knowing they "only" get a full price update and casuals having a fun wrestling game.
  5. Well the matchtype is rather popular so it might get more attention than normally new matchtypes would get. One thing i do like this year more, is that the time between Reveal and Release is rather short. So we dont get months and months of the usual Marketing bullshit. We dont get a handfull of empty screenshots over the course of long months and stuff. It will more than likely be more active now thanks to that. But its 2K so maybe i guess wrong here.
  6. And yet,without it...entrances still were messed up etc. There is no body morphing in 2k22 and yet, clothing etc are still messed up involving bodies. Like, my problem is less that they take out this stuff to fix it...my problem is that they prioritize this stuff over actual huge problems. Glitches, bugs that are in for years and years are ignored while stuff that worked for many, is taken out to "fix". Like i heard few people have problems with the body morphing, but a lot that have problems with the logo fading etc. So many huge deal breakers ignored year after year.
  7. Things gone pretty fast now did they? I guess the leak played a role in it. Either way, im sorry but im yet again in the camp of not being hyped for this. Cena as cover star and all...Eh. I never was or will be a fan of him, so thats really not something that makes me want to buy this game. Good news is that with this he is off the list now. Means we are closer to a HHH showcase or Edge. Cover is neat in terms of style, but yeah...not my cup of Tea with Cena. Other than that, everything so far leaves me cold. The MY GM etc stuff is of no interest to me. War Games is neat, but when i look at all the other matchtypes that desperately need to be worked on(Steel Cage for example)a new matchtype is just gimmick. Advanced Entrances back and the community loses it being super excited. A mode that never should have been taken out in 2k22...im sorry but thats not blowing me away. Other than that, im a gameplay and creation suite guy...so the announcement did nothing about that for me. Like, the creation suite needs to be reworked so much, the whole logo placement system and all needs to be fixed, we need so many things on that front to be done...but no word on that. Gameplay wasnt broken but probably the most boring one the series had so far imo. I never spent this little time actually playing the game because i was so bored by the gameplay. This is a full price Update, lets not dance around that. The screens are pretty much final, maybe a few model upgrades if we are lucky, but what we see here is what we get pretty much.
  8. Super heartbreaking to wake up to this story. Never was a fan of them, but its still heartbreaking to see how many wrestlers and fans have only good things to say about him. So many lives touched by him and now he is gone...RIP
  9. We will see if it happens. I have to say that im really not hyped for the next game, 2k23 became boring really fast so this hunger for a new Wrestling Game has died down for now. Lets see if something happens and if something happens, it can get people excited.
  10. But thats the problem...that many arent into the 2k games anymore because they are good. They buy it because they dont have many alternatives. Some of the Content Creators buy it out of necessity. The Caw creators etc buy it because its their "hobby" not because they are super excited. And that is making it worse. Because then its really just a matter of Alternative and not of quality. Then when an Alternative good enough shows up, they ditch it so fast. But then i think the market will always be so niche that the Wrestling Fans get them all because its a niche market.
  11. Hopefully not trolling, that man is too good to be used how AEW does. Like dude, his last AEW match was All Out in September...how? Let the man go, maybe Return to the WWE...i want him to succeed and obviously AEW doesnt see that in him, so its best if he goes.
  12. Seems more that people are just silently quit. The amount of CAW/FED people that announced they "retire" or will most likely if 2k23 doesnt throw it out of the park, is getting bigger and bigger. I know its not the best base to go with, but according to Steamchartz, the game loses players since May...from almost 4k to 600. Considering the absolute lack of communication since release, im not surprised the fans arent making a big fuzz...because it doesnt look like anybody at 2k/VC cares at all about this game. So its waste of breath even for fans to make some noise.
  13. Im really surprised at how much this seems to become a game for Deathmatch etc fans. The amount of Weapons in this Trailer, i think thats like 12-14 or what weapons...insane. It looks like it will be a lot of fun to play.
  14. Was hoping for something more solid, like a release date or showing some modes etc. But still, this gameplay looks so fun.
  15. I loved when it began what they did. I liked the vibe and the style, a good Roster and good wrestling...its a shame what happened. *Censored* it, we can spoil it since nobody watches it anyway...Tyrus as NWA champion is dogshit. The dude has to be one if not THE Worst wrestler in the Business. Not because of his god awful political views, but because he is a garbage Wrestler. While i think Aldis is a weak wrestler, he put the work in to make this Title mean something. And Corgan wasted that so that he can have Tyrus walk around at Fox news etc with the title while spewing conspiracy bullshit.
  16. Im probably super slow on this but i just dont get why thats a big deal. I mean you still lose a caw slot right? and it still uses this as if it would load a caw right? Is the only difference that it gives you the commentary of said wrestler? Whats the big deal i dont seem to get? Anyway, patch did just more myfaction if i get that right...yeah people should absolutely not expect anything else. They are deep in work for 2k23, dont think for a second they will add something bigger to 2k22. Until 2k23 they will support the myfaction to squeeze every cent out of it, then its going to 2k23...2k22 is finished in terms of everything else.
  17. From a purely objective perspective, what Punk did was worse...there is no question about that. Page tried in an immature way to take a cheap shot at a fellow worker, shitty but he is not the first nor the worst who did it. Punk isnt a child of innocence when it comes to such tactics, this time it was just him on the other end of such a cheap shot. Instead of dealing with this behind the scenes or in the ring, he however decided to use a Media Scrum after a big AEW Event, to go in for himself and embarrass the company, shame the workers and be unprofessional as hell about it. Not many even noticed Pages cheap shot, it would have been easy to deal with this behind the scenes. He had Tony Khans full attention, he could have done a lot of things, probably could have made it so he never would have to work with the Elite etc. Going on a bitter Rant during a Media Scrum...wasnt his only option, it was the option he felt was most effective and embarrassing for others. That was not a mature thing to do when he is the one who should have known better, the veteran in the business. Objectively, Punks reaction to this was far more unprofessional. The personal opinion on this however, can differ from that...there is nothing wrong with that.
  18. Absolutely not. Have no fun playing the game and since the creation suite has not evolved too, im at the point where im really unmotivated to get into 2k22. Its just all so very boring. Like i could download caws and stuff, but the moment i get into the actual gameplay, im having absolutely no fun in the matches.
  19. He was already walking on thin ice since the last time he attacked another female Talent, how he didnt saw it coming is beyond me. But the worst is that he plays victim going "cant people criticise anybody anymore" like dude was just trying to be sassy by disrespecing Talent and Fellow Workers werent having any of that. If you dont want the smoke, shut up...simple as that. If you go on a social platform where everyone can see your post, you have to deal with people reacting to what you say.
  20. Why did that story not come out before? I dont trust the timing of that...highly suspicious. Like that would kind of twist the story to Punks favor, if Punk for example only lashed out because his dog got hit...totally different look. But this sounds more like a last attempt to get sympathy when everything is stacked against you. Some bring their kids to shows and all, i dont think there is anything wrong with that, especially when you have a friend there that is in the locker room with the dog and all. But yeah, the story sounds suspicious.
  21. Punk in WWE, something i mainly would like to see because of the sheer insanity of it. Because even with your Hogans, Warriors etc...Punk returning to WWE seems like an absolute zero chance thing. Especially since i always got the impression that Vince be the one willing to work with Punk while Triple H would rather eat glass than do that. Now with him in charge, a Punk WWE return would be really something absolutely insane. I dont really have a personal opinion on punk, but if he managed to piss off two companies and two locker rooms that are happier with him gone...that makes you question a few things. There is no way that dozens of people are at fault when the common denominator is one specific person. The truth is somewhere in the middle. We will see. It would kind of suck if you look at the year he had in AEW, it was almost a fairy tale in Wrestling. Personally i would like if they could bury the hatchet and Punk remains with AEW, but if the lines have been drawn and nobody wants to move, there is not much to do.
  22. Oh dont take this the wrong way, it is not directly mentioned or anything. There are some cues that in my opinon pointed towards it being meant to be that way.
  23. Thats actually what i liked, that the beating he took in the previous two movies and his age are aknowledged. But then...its Michael Myers and the previous movies treated him almost as this Supernatural Evil that even in his 60s or what can lift up people bigger and younger than himself etc. So its kind of weird that suddenly they consider the injuries and age. My problem with the movie is that it was promoted as the Final Chapter of Laurie and Michael, while until the last 20 minutes not wasting a lot of time on that. I like the ideas it had, would have even worked if you would have put the work in it in the previous 2 movies...but this was the wrong time and place to do it. With all that the first two did and how the third was promoted...going the absolute opposite direction that, was not the smartest idea.
  24. You wont find creative minds like Bray very often. The way he captures your interest, how everything he says matters...even during his previous eras that ended then with him losing over and over again. The next week he did promos that still worked. Its incredible how he manages to pull you in with everything he does and says.
  25. Im pretty sure the feet going through the floor, nobody adressed because its a alpha version...these kind of things will definitly be fixed. Its not the Devs expectations i worry about. I mean AEW keeps telling people that they dont aim to compete with the wwe games with Fight Forever, doesnt stop the people from constantly speaking about how Fight Forever is not competition etc. The Wrestling Code devs could make a 10 minute video about how they arent aiming to be competition and the People would still treat it as such. If you have a good PC, the early access that is supposed to come 2023 might be a good way to be helpfull. But yeah, they seem to have good people so far helping with the game...things look solid, so thats good. Next step is really to see how the wrestling gameplay is shaping up. How the attacks feel, the moves, how the match flow is and all that...maybe we get something before the year ends, hopefully.
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