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  1. Oh yeah, i mean i get the idea and all...but for those who only do caws, its a bad thing to having to unlock everything. 2k20 had a few cool things but you had to have a certain rank for that...and that was really awful. What do you mean "make up"? What have they shown or said so far that should make us go "Wuhu, 2k22 F yeah, this will be awesome"? We have a path of breadcrumbs we can follow that validate peoples worry. What have they done to deserve any trust or so? They couldnt even keep their "more and better communication" promise so far...something so simple and easy in this day and age.
  2. This rumor about GM mode, doesnt ease any worry to be honest. I dont trust them to do all the big things we expect or hope for. A lot of modes and stuff need new life in them, i dont know if they can do that AND add a GM mode that has depth in it. We will see.
  3. Ooookkay, this Company is very weird.
  4. If you want a clean start, its smarter to have a tournament or big Title match for the Vacant title to start a new Era fresh. I dont know, this seems way too neat for my taste. He is injured and must relinquish the title so that it can be fought for in the Main Event of their NXT 2.0 debut event, which coincidentially starts soon after that? But you are not wrong, especially if the rumors are true and Joes new role is being a Trainer/Mentor. Taking the title off of Joe would have given the new Champion incredible momentum. I dont know, i dont want this to be a legit injury because that would suck for Joe in general.
  5. Right? Pretty neat isnt it? Good that we could talk about it.
  6. Its called Cause and effect...My goodness.
  7. As long as we get better Raw episodes than we have in the recent months, im not bothered by the why. If its AEW or NFL that puts pressure onto the WWE, as long as it makes Raw better i take anything.
  8. Sad that Lashley lost the title, he was a fantastic champion. But happy for Big E. Interesting however, people scream for years that they want Big E as champion...one week after AEW beats Raw in the Ratings, exactly that happens. Im "suuuure" this just a coincidence, since AEW is no competition right? so its not like they paniced and decided to do the Orton vs Lashley title match and Big E cash in which was announced via Twitter...to compete with AEW, right? XD XD XD Anyway, im happy for Big E.
  9. Mani-Man

    Some Caws.

    If you are disrespecting fellow forum members because they dont do what you want...it has to do with me. Be a decent human and apologize.
  10. Mani-Man

    Some Caws.

    Alone for that i would ban your ass if i could. We have a request thread for stuff like that. Barely a Day here and already bothering people in their thread requesting stuff, and when they dont want to, being a dick about it...your disrespectful ass would be banned if it were up to me.
  11. Mani-Man

    Some Caws.

    YEEEESSSS, Mvp...was waiting for a Good Mvp caw. This looks really Good.
  12. Most i can understand, but the thing is called World WRESTLING Entertainment...how they hell do you ban the word wrestlers or wrestling? They are so very weird.
  13. Dumb Name, but im surprised that many didnt saw it coming or are upset. The Man tried to build a Brand around himself while the wwe wanted to take their workers Twitch Accounts from them to prevent any Brand building. Did people Really expect him to keep his unique Name? Be glad it wasnt something even dumber.
  14. They specificly made a video with her about it, and i think thats not even the only one.
  15. I get it business wise, a 30 minute edge vs rollins segment draws more than having a 5 minute zelina match...but of course its shitty from a person standpoint. Everyone knows how much this day means to her, the toll it takes on her. She prepared for the match and all, had a lot going on in her mind, probably wanted to honor not only her father but many who were affected etc...and they simply decided to cut the match. And that while releasing a documentary, counting on the peoples feelings to get views on this. You could have easily done a 5 minute match in her Hometown, at 9/11 and have done a "feel good" moment here no problem. But it shouldnt surprise anybody at this stage.
  16. I have no clue if Steveson is a big name, for that as a European i cant grasp how big his signing is. But definitly a win for the WWE for now. Lets see where this goes.
  17. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Well, she is a good Wrestler, that cant be taken away from her. Training a young white girl that does everything Tessa says, hiding her abuse behind "toughen her up", seems like a dream for Tessa. Especially since she hasnt been booked for a year now . XD But thats quite a old video, its from June...i thought it was very recent and kind of in support to Tessa who yesterday or so made a kind of "cant hold me down im tough" post in which she put some fake quotes on how people dont want her in wrestling because of her looks...completely ignoring the reality that people dont want her in wrestling because she is a racist, toxic bully.
  18. Looks neat. There is of course no way to be as revolutionary as The Matrix once was, people should be aware of that. Be it visual effects or World building. It makes me curious as to what they can do, what the purpose even is doing a 4th movie. But the trailer got me excited. According to leaks, there is a good reason for that...lets leave it at that.
  19. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Ah the yearly PWI List...always good for discussions. Personally i dont see why Kenny shouldnt be number 1...especially Kayfabe wise. Yeah what Reigns does is great, but he does it in one brand which is even considered B brand. In a company that lost a lot of steam and against mostly people who didnt had that much of momentum. Omega held big Titles in several promotions, was headlininig said promotions big PPVs and is currently champion of the hottest promotion in Wrestling. In terms of In-ring, Kenny really had a rather quiet year for a Kenny Omega. But still, now more than before i find Reigns wrestling style personally very boring. I keep trying to remember anything memorable in his last 5-10 matches from him, but i only remember the choke.
  20. God lord, i got scared as i saw this on Twitter. Glad he'll recover.
  21. Wow, another Promotion to look out for? Really great to see Promotions getting TV deals. But i really cant grasp if this is big or not since as a German i know little about the Tv landscape in america. But 50 Markets sounds good.
  22. It was once even more cartoony, which i liked more to be honest. I do like the stylised look they go with. I dont want to lean too much out of the window, but part of me hopes that if this game is a success, they will expand on that front and maybe go with a second, full simulation styled, realistic looking AEW next to this more arcady. But lets not get ahead of ourselfs, lets see first what this game does. On that note, one really neat detail i noticed is that the camera angles during the moves tend to show us the Entrance ramp and i like that.
  23. Mani-Man

    Some Caws.

    Malenko looks a bit off, but i find the man has a very strange face in general that not many can get right. Jackson and Finlay look incredible good in terms of the faces...you really show how good the textures in 2k20 can look.
  24. Does Nobody in this Company talk with each other? This wasnt a 5 Minute decision, we Heard about the rumors before they started the mit vs Morrison feud...so why did they still go through with starting the feud then?
  25. Mani-Man


    So im throwing this out here because asking on Twitter so far hasnt really done much. Its part Request and part simply asking for advice or tips. I recently finally got a hand on doing Female Face textures well enough that i can say im excited to do Female caws. I was wondering how those of you who do female caws, create the Tops, if there are Templates i could use etc.
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