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  1. Not really sadly. We saw one created goofy caw and the ingame shop with items for it. So far no In-Mode material. The Model looks neat yeah. Cool to see him in the game. Not a huge fan of his earlier look so i hope we get a second attire for him...but incredible cool to see him in a game again. Hard to say, currently there float around some screenshots of the ingame shop and it seems there you can at least buy new attires/Models for some. There they had more modern Young Bucks Models. So at the very least i think additional attires could be a thing. Of course editing in-game models would be super cool, but i wouldnt hold my breath for it.
  2. I hope we get proper Weapons Physics. Because as cool as those 40 or so weapons are, if i cant interact with them...it sucks. The Table physics arent super good, tables fall easily and stuff...that needs fixing. The Material we saw the last few days seem to be of an early build, so its possible that a lot of the stuff is flowing even better than right now. Either way, i still feel like that the one thing holding this game back, will be the lack of Image Uploading and Community Creations. And i dont get why there is not a bigger focus on this. Like even the last one should be aware of how incredible important the Creation Suite is for the WWE games. Many only buy the yearly WWE games because of it...so its weird not to put a lot of focus on this aspect. I feel like this will be one of the problems this game will face in terms of Longevity...that and a possible bad DLC Policy. But outside of this, we are looking at a game that can be a lot of fun and work as a great base for Future AEW games.
  3. The Creation Suite is really the only thing that keeps me going back to the WWE games. I just dont have any fun playing the game and that is the worst. Like the gameplay gives me nothing, there is no spark or anything. It feels so empty and lifeless. I go into the creation suite and do stuff, then when i wanna have actual fun matches, i rather play Wrestling Revolution on my Smartphone or Emulator because that stuff just is more fun to play. And that is sad considering the years i played the Smackdown series.
  4. New Videos of the Bucks and an updated Eddie Kingston. Seems the version that was at this Content Creator event was rather old. Even the TNT Title looks far better now. The Models on a basic level look really really good. Part of me is curious how this would look with a more realistic style...but i still love the visuals of Fight Forever as they are. The Springboard Canadian Destroyer looks a bit too fast but the animation is really neat. In General i like a lot of the hand animated moves, something about them even if a bit clunky etc feel better than Mocap for some reason. Anyway, still good footage and im so hyped.
  5. A few new small things been released, loving the chain wrestling etc stuff. Miro gets a really great Model while Eddie Kingston...well its not Booker T wwe12 levels of bad or Dana Brook/Lita...but its bad. And i dont get it. They all got scanned and stuff, how can there be such a difference in Models? Even wwe2k23 has this problem where some models look incredible and some not...why?
  6. It is a bit like with Football games, NBA etc...its about the details. Like you said, it is about making the gameplay feel rewarding and all. And i feel that is where the 2k games just lack to me. Mainly that is a flavor thing, some like gameplay aspects and some dont. Its again why i love that this game goes a different route, because it gives wrestling fans that want a game to feel different than the 2k games, the option. And that is the best to me because i can sit here and play different wrestling games who focus on giving me different wrestling games experience instead of there just being one. If i dont like something on this game, i go to a different for a different experience. In the end, personally...i win in this either way.
  7. So they had a Live Stream yesterday with quite a lot of footage...actual Gameplay footage not overly cut together. Full Matches and stuff. And again, i look at this gameplay and its just fun, i want to play it myself. That is my most important thing...that i have fun playing. It is what the WWE2k series is lacking. I dont want to play matches, watch matches...because it all feels so sterile and boring. Maybe that is due to the fact we have the same gameplay style etc since what? WWE12? After so many years even the combo feature doesnt help make the gameplay more exciting. Its why i play recently a lot of old Wrestling games, especially Gamecube or still go back to Fire Pro. Like i only do caws in the WWE series, i have no interest in playing. Its pretty much dressing up models, that is all i do because the rest of the game is just not fun. But this game just looks like i will have fun with it, will play it a ton because its fun to play.
  8. Finally a Release Date...and its relative soon finally. Absolutely looking forward to it. The Marketing is awful, there is no room to say otherwise. I hope this picks up in the next weeks. Like we dont even have the full Roster yet. No Community Creations sucks a lot considering the create modes in the game. Dont get why they dont have one when you can create arenas and stuff. The Rest, i like. Been playing a lot of Old school Wrestling games, especially the Gamecube games and the gameplay still is so incredible fun. As i always say, what good does 2k23s Graphics when the game is buggy and lifeless? Nothing. But you cant change the perception on this. A boring talking point used over and over and over again. I said this before, i will give them the Free pass for this game. I will pay the full price for this once, this they have earned because what i see looks fun and that is my main focus for a wrestling game. But they need to deliver in the future, after the launch. If i dont see them evolve what i think is a "Foundation Game", then i will not be a full price customer in the future. But for now im really happy that next month is the Release of the very first AEW console game.
  9. I wouldnt say worse, its more that they shifted to somewhere else. Like some stuff is fixed, but then other stuff is stupidly broken for no real reason. To me, surprisingly its less the bugs and glitches that are a problem and more stuff that is by design not working. Its stuff like Title belts not going under jackets of caws, its stuff like one set of hair or beard not working with clothing yet other longer/bigger stuff working. In General i would say that seems to be the problem mainly for most. Outside of create an arena problems, i see very little bugs and glitches talk...its more the usual annoyance the community has for years. The servers, the limitations in terms of slots and so on...but the game itself seems to run more solid for many.
  10. Never a dull day with Punk involved. There is no reason to bring Steel back at all...and if Punk demands that, *censored*ing get rid of Punk. This shit is just insane at this point. These are grown ass people and they act like god damn children. Someone has to put their foot down and make hard decision. Get your shit together and make a ton of money...how freaking hard is that?
  11. Seems the release is close. Achievements, preload...could be that june 29 is the date. Its about time, this is kind of messy. The Marketing on this and all, is worse than the wwe2k series...and i cant believe i say this. Like, when first announced they talked about it as being this huge investment and important part of going forward with AEW. But where? The Marketing so far was horrible. Not even that the game looks bad or so, just how they try to sell it is so absolutely awful.
  12. As i always say, there are so many small and big issues in this game that should be addressed but barely anybody talks about. And then we get Free Superstars and some fans act like we should fall to our knees and pray to 2k/VC for giving us free characters that should have been in the game day 1. I long ago gave up on tag team matches because its little fun with the mechanics and the awful AI, but i would love to do more tag team stuff for sure.
  13. Well he considered AEW once before his return so i wouldnt rule it out 100%. But this sounds to me like he is done in general with Wrestling soon. Would be neat to see him one more time with Christian or in an AEW ring. Either way, man its sad to hear him say that he is looking towards the end of his In-ring career. The good thing is that he can end it on his terms.
  14. I do, but since it is pay to...well not win because if you have to pay 100 bucks for 50 splitter of a wrestler you need 3000 for...that is not even pay to win anymore. It would be a neat game if not for how much you need to grind unless you literally pay hundreds. Oh, i wanted the beared BNB one. Was hoping for a new Bullhammer and all that.
  15. Yeah. Sure Miz is a great worker who does everything, has no ego and all that...but considering his on air character, there is no reason why he should be part of this. I checked it and the last match he won was Raw December 2022 against Dexter Lumis. Im sure there are names that arent in that won more and more recent matches than him. Being a loudmouth on screen shouldnt be enough to have a place in a tournament for the title. As for the title, im afraid they give it Cody...which would feel so bad to me at least. It would make the title really feel like second place. So i do hope they pull something and take cody out of the tournament. Im all for Rollins winning the title, he seems to me like the best solution. He is on fire for a long while and can elevate the title from the start. Edge would be neat too. Balor i dont think, would be cool. Styles has the return momentum, i could see him. Nakamura too has the momentum so it would feel good. The rest i cant really see with the title.
  16. Having a few of the Kneeling, sitting moves as Finisher/Signature would be cool. There is this cool Big boot that i would love to have as Signature move from that position.
  17. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    They have UFC under their banner, i doubt that negative press is bothering them too much. But then, literally the only problem for weeks is one person...its not a bunch that cause negative press over and over again. Its really just one old guy who has been proven to be out of touch. Like, just get rid of Vince...thats all they need to do for things to run smooth again.
  18. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Well the idea to help Eddies Daughter who her mother threatens to sue because she spoke out about being Sexually Assaulted by her Mothers current husband, isnt the worst idea ever. But still, Chavo behaving very weird here in General.
  19. Its insane, they only just started modding 2k23...imagine what will be done in 4-5 months. Crazy to see what this game could be and do.
  20. Oh i didnt knew that, well thats Good then for Sure. The moves Not connecting right is something i saw a few Times in Videos already, weird since i dont remember that being this noticeable in previous games.
  21. The AI was always such a huge problem in these games...a complete rework there would be so great. In general AI in wrestling games can really hurt a game. The Bloody Cross was in 2k22 under "Lift Underhook Gutbuster". Even got 2 versions of it.
  22. Seeing stuff like this, makes me dislike them all even more. They have done so much to sterilize the game for years to the point where they killed the Bumps/Edits community. Its shame because by now there is a lot of fun stuff possible again.
  23. I really dont envy those who have to work on the Patches. It must be frustrating to work on a Super Old game engine that breaks at a different place while you try to fix something at one place. On that i dont even wanna knock them too hard, they dont have it easy trying to fix a game that runs on something that is already full of bandages. But i cant deny, there is some comedy to be found. The patch fixed the emboss feature, a feature that should work since day 1...but to do so, they had to remove the creases in clothing...which also should have been a day 1 thing. You cant make stuff like this up.
  24. Wait, the Buckshot Lariat is not DLC? The only good move and its Free for everyone. Saw the other new moves and they all suck imo.
  25. The work arounds etc people have to do just so stuff in a 90 bucks game works, is insane. In a fair world, the outrage of 2k20 would be standard by now...but as it stands, people criticizing the game are still not well liked while people pat each other every year on the back for pre-ordering the most expensive version of this game. A unofficial AEW move pack, would make them a lot of money. Im kind of glad that they havent realized the huge DLC potential of this series, they already make enough money selling a overpriced update. They could sell several Movepacks, arena packs, Attire Packs...hell people woul probably pay a good chunk of money for Caw Parts packs. Instead they only go for 5 rather empty wrestler packs. But then, i guess they make up for it with the 100 bucks icon edition etc.
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