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  1. Sled Storm on PS2. Mean Gene is one of the announcers in this game. That was a nice surprise.
  2. Rollins, Nakamura or Styles please. Or Edge if you want to play to my biases, but that would be a mistake IMO. I'd love to see him in the final to actually put someone over, though.
  3. Just got round to watching. I really really enjoyed that show.
  4. Lots of talk that Bayley's walked out. This tweet stoked the flames. I'll be furious if they managed to drive her out.
  5. It's just insulting at this point. Amazing match but how the hell do you not pull the trigger? There's NOBODY who can challenge Roman.
  6. Why did they have to make the demon so bloody goofy
  7. The *Censored* are you wearing Edge lol
  8. You not been watching for the last 2 years?
  9. That that god damn amazing. What a bloody match.
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