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  1. So how's the creation suite gonna work for this game with there being no community creations? Back to posting full formulas? Hell is there gonna be a dedicated section for the game? The Wrestling Code has one for goodness sake lmao.
  2. Sled Storm on PS2. Mean Gene is one of the announcers in this game. That was a nice surprise.
  3. Rollins, Nakamura or Styles please. Or Edge if you want to play to my biases, but that would be a mistake IMO. I'd love to see him in the final to actually put someone over, though.
  4. Lots of talk that Bayley's walked out. This tweet stoked the flames. I'll be furious if they managed to drive her out.
  5. Def Rebel love putting unnecessary voice over in their instrumental music, huh? Always either the wrestler's name, nickname or catchphrase.
  6. Heavy Rain (PS4 on PS5). First time playing it in over a decade and it's so janky.
  7. I think all the fingers on the monkey's paw just snapped all at once.
  8. From the stuff that I saw it seems it was due to how explicit the stuff she was posting had gotten. Like, I wont give any details obviously, but some of it borderlined on pornography.
  9. Thankfully yeah. Got a booster a while ago too so it could be worse. I hope I don't lose my taste eventually cause that sounds miserable.
  10. It took nearly 3 years but I finally got COVID. Jesus christ everything is aching.
  11. Just finished the main story. I love this game.
  12. Platinum'd Bloodborne. GOAT game. *censored*ing love it.
  13. I just beat Bloodborne! Never thought I'd be able to say that.
  14. Taking a little break from Bloodborne at the moment. Got through a truckload of Chalice Dungeons just to fight the Pthumerian Queen. Still got to finish the DLC and main story yet. Ludwig might just be my favourite boss fight ever. Holy shit. Playing Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (PS5) and really enjoying it too. The first game is so unhealthily adorable.
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