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  1. Sounding like he was caught in a riptide. Truly a shame, he was far too young.
  2. Commentators made a point of saying that Brodie had taken it in his possession.
  3. I wonder if he was the one who rescued Ming Na Wen's character at the end of episode five. Completely unnecessary and the idea that Mando is bringing back all these former characters is a little lame. Can't they just tell a new story for once? I'll reserve my judgement for when I see the show, but I really hope they focus too much on him or Asoka.
  4. Sweet. Should be a fun watch after a long weekend in the hellhole that is work.
  5. Brandi would not have done it if she wasn't cool with it. She was also wearing shorts, not a skirt. She knew it was a possibility and signed off on it. Super hyped for Brodie getting a title shot, I just wish his and Archer's stories had been reversed.
  6. Entrance was cool, Scarlett was cool, but I had no idea what Killer Kross looked like before this and I almost burst out laughing. Dude looks like a meth addict.
  7. What a pointless reply.
  8. So the Skywalkers should be in Mandalorian? Just because they are iconic doesn't mean you have to keep dragging them through the mud. The fact that they keep involving them just proves that they are creatively bankrupt, not the other way around. They are only central to the universe because that's what you have been told by those too afraid to do Star Wars about anything else.
  9. Judas is just a fun singalong when you're live. Its generally a crappy song otherwise...Fozzy aren't great. Break is iconic.
  10. Oh god no more god damn Skywalker shit. No one cares about Kylo having kids Do something else, they literally have a whole galaxy to play with
  11. He is the perfect choice to breathe new life into it.
  12. Dream match means nothing anymore
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