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  1. EJ!

    WWE Drama

    Taker has seen like a bunch of people die from his generation and is mad that people don’t wanna live that life in this day and age. imagine this old dork walking in on a locker room full of people enjoying each other’s company and all he can think is “where the *Censored* are the guns?”
  2. looks like Raw was spicy asscheeks aside from Ricochet/Styles. glad i skipped it.
  3. worst part about MLK day is all the most vile people quoting his most surface-level messages for cheap points. i NEVER wanna hear ICE have anything to say about MLK.
  4. somebody gotta die when you split tag teams up that’s the rule in WWE Tucker knew his days were numbered the second he turned on Otis
  5. getting Matt Hardy vs MVP energy from Bianca and Bayley >>>
  6. not watching bc One Night in Miami + Hawks basketball: Cesaro a babyface by association or no?
  7. aye man Denim KUSHIDA >>>
  8. *Censored* i missed Dezmond Xavier and Zach Wentz i knew i shoulda watched wait wtf are their names???
  9. yeah the Senate is where it died the last time they tried to impeach him. might be different now because some of the same Senate republicans that voted no last time may wanna save face for future political endeavors.
  10. not yet. now the Senate has to vote.
  11. Raw is aggressively *censored*ing garbage for no reason
  12. Triple H didn’t wrestle at all in 2020 and it was scientifically the worst year of all time. i’m just saying...if 2021 is a good year we know who to thank.
  13. did Samoa Joe just develop a harsh lisp outta nowhere
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