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  1. So...Tara Reade...the Democratic Establishment really propped up a rapist corpse to be the nominee. They’re not touching this situation and it’s *censored*ing despicable to watch them try to ignore it to protect Biden at all costs.
  2. Speaking of Bernie and “not getting bills passed”:
  3. Just coming in here to say this shit. I just woke up not too long ago and I’ve already seen more than enough people saying they would rather die and imply they’d rather thousands of people die than have the economy on pause for too long (a couple weeks). Batshit. Capitalism might the worst religion of em all. Instead of trying to correct this clearly flimsy ass economic system they’d rather urge people to die so that it’s upheld. The usually mild defeatism of the establishment is now on full blast because even though we are seeing other countries rapidly overcome this, these *censored*ers are acting like they’re hands are tied and we just gotta take whatever comes and hope for the best.
  4. i appreciate Charly’s commitment to making it all seem incidental. Billie got some diesel ass nipples if they poking through that thick ass sweater
  5. Rollins cutting a fire promo I hear?
  6. It’s crazy watching everyone’s fears of a Trump presidency come true
  7. Ain’t no denying it now: establishment dems would rather have a second Trump term than have Bernie step foot in the White House. There is no other explanation for propping up the male version of the same candidate that lost to Trump the first time.
  8. Well, he’s not dead but... we are *censored*ing doomed either way man.
  9. The election isn’t really important at the moment even though it is, but it’s crazy/sad/frustrating/some bullshit that in a time like this, Bernie Sanders looks even more like the best person to be in the White House right now. All of the policies he has been fighting for, for 40+ years all of a sudden seem like common sense for everyone who opposed them. Isn’t a social safety net meant for situations like this? Imagine how much better off people would be if these policies they’re scrambling to implement were already firmly in place. Bernie has been live-streaming everyday, gaining support and using his platform to focus on the pandemic, behaving more presidential than the actual president and the Democratic presidential candidate who has seemingly disappeared long enough for people to worry that he’s dead (I’m not joking this is a real concern I have seen a lot the past few days).
  10. EJ!

    WWE Drama

    Can y’all imagine Braun’s large ass driving a Kia Soul? Probably used it like a roller skate
  11. I remember at first I didn't believe Adam Page as a main event player. This disgruntled edge he has now has changed my mind.
  12. Not mad at it. Future isn’t really promised at this time. Might as well put on a show when they know we’re all at home.
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