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  1. who got money on him getting released before he ever shows up?
  2. i would guess both. i think i remember crowds starting to get on board literally as soon as Izzy’s parents got exposed. hope Vince is keeping an eye on Santos because he deserves stardom whenever he gets called up
  3. i just sense a lot of the in-game roster are not with the company anymore and they’re obviously not gonna wanna announce those people so they gotta milk tf outta this with the people that are still employed for as long as they can.
  4. i think it’s brave of them to even do a roster reveal
  5. i would love her to win so we can get the singles match we never got if not then Naomi or Shayna for me
  6. AJ is insane how tf did he bump so precisely in position for the next spot off that springboard
  7. Chad Gable is literally Kurt Angle i don’t understand why it took them so long to have him do stuff this shit is so dumb i hate that i’m enjoying it lmao
  8. such an underrated theme i still catch myself spitting that shit every now and then
  9. i’m actually happy to see reversal limits gone, especially if it’s being replaced with a system that lets damage/stamina determine reversal windows. i think the more we can get away from having to look at an opponent’s HUD the better. behaving a certain way because your opponent “has no more reversals” or “has a finisher” doesn’t make much sense to me in terms of realism. button mashing to kick out of stuff i’m less excited about. if the old pin system is in then cool, but i gotta hear more about this button mashing to see if i’m on board. just thinking about the last time i played SvR2006 is making my hands hurt. i think there’s a way to do it that’s more strategic and less barbaric but i guess we’ll see.
  10. tf he signed for 6months? scratch that because he signed in September. ”Lio Rush is temporarily #AllElite” idk they probably shouldn’t do the “ ___ is #AllElite” for short term deals imo
  11. Cody’s promo was a thrill ride i didn’t know wtf was goin on but i enjoyed it
  12. lotta pretty looking old shit in that trailer tbh. no new animations i saw. hoping that point blank standing Claymore was just for the trailer.
  13. EJ!

    WWE Drama

    you can’t even chant it in the same way, it sounds goofy as hell. maybe that’s why they changed it? WALTER was too catchy for a heel? idk
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