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  1. facts. lowkey hope Jimmy ends up on Raw because Jey going back to tag action after this feels kinda lame. Roman’s delivery of his motivations is so damn perfect i’m scared he won’t be able to keep it up after this feud ends.
  2. Braun being a sacrifice >>>
  3. Jey’s haircut kinda reminds me of Eddie. random thought.
  4. lmao i totally forgot Braun was champion at one point
  5. that boy better have a new theme
  6. *Censored* you trying to *Censored* my daughter hell no we ain’t cool lmaoo
  7. *Censored* that was hard. i don’t trust it. Ambrose planted Seth on his head the same night Roman announced he had cancer.
  8. who tf is this dork rapping
  9. spamming this “freak” thing gotdamn
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