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  1. am i tripping or were there no 24/7 shenanigans tonight?
  2. i don’t think that’s a move he can do to everybody, especially now with more hosses coming
  3. back to back fire spots from Rey
  4. do they improvise table spots to please the crowd?
  5. KO has been a beast this match
  6. lmaooo if i get outta bed too fast i’m limping the rest of the day
  7. Big E lmaooooooo OUCH
  8. no bottom rope is safe from KO think he busted himself open
  9. i have yet to hear them be announced as the Dirty Dawgs
  10. this attire is so ass. this better lead to a feud with Lashley bc i’m tired of seeing Hurt Business in the mud
  11. that was cool finish but boo
  12. Carmella bad enough but now i gotta hear Corey talk about her
  13. well aight T-Bar bumping his *censored*in ass off lmao
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