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  1. and dyed it blonde. that’ll take the heat off him.
  2. Retribution is dorky as shit. I halfway think they’re some kinda red herring, at least I hope they are. Otherwise what’s stopping somebody from just stuffing them in a locker? Maybe if they were silent and more organized they would look more threatening.
  3. Did anybody already theorize that Retribution is a bunch of recently fired dudes they brought back
  4. i’m sorry y’all. is UE babyface now? i’ma try tuning in tonight
  5. is Shayna a babyface?
  6. glad they had a plan for him not being blind
  7. Asuka just makes me smile
  8. EJ!


    shitty thing thing for Brock to do but i really hope that’s as bad as it gets.
  9. EJ!


    jesus man. there has to be a real conversation about the wrestling community and what within it makes it so welcoming of shit like this. this is reminding me of the catholic church.
  10. EJ!


    Marty had to know saying it was technically legal wasn't scoring him any points
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