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  1. they’re turning him into Dolph Ziggler quick. it’s all just shitty timing because even if he did win it at All Out, it would’ve been either out-shadowed that night or very shortly after. if and when Page wins it should be the biggest moment and the most important thing in the company, but that can’t happen with Punk and Bryan on the way. they could have him start from the bottom again but the writers would have to do some insane character work to keep him somewhat hot and i don’t know how much gas is left in the Adam Page story arc.
  2. no i’m acting like John Laurinaitis being the one calling these people to let them know they’re fired just like Punk complained about damn near a decade ago is shitty optics because truthfully it is. “damn i wanna fire some people that fans have shown they like and are willing to pay money to support, lemme call up ol Johnny Ace we got some work to do”
  3. that’s just Trips being a company guy because there are way too many examples of people getting over in NXT but then being changed when they get called up and then they get blamed for not getting over. we’re literally seeing it now with Kross and Balor, we saw it with Lee, with Roode, literally why call them up if you don’t like how they are? it’s so weird. because otherwise wouldn’t you wanna book them the same way on the main roster to assure that they remain over with the audience? they don’t get over on the main roster because they’re given bullshit to work with once they get there.
  4. this company is a cartoon. Johnny Ace is back in charge years after getting exposed for being a kayfabe and legit shithead and all the biggest names start getting let go. zero self-awareness and they couldn’t care less.
  5. you mean movies? because if so, then i can definitely see that but as far as wrestling, AEW really is the only place until other companies get they bread up.
  6. if i know anything about Trips, i know that after calling them a pissant company and after Cody’s shenanigans, his ego will not let him do that. but i do wish maybe he and Shawn can start their own company
  7. i’m at the point where i feel gross enjoying anything under the WWE umbrella. i wish Smackdown and NXT were separate properties that somebody with some semblance of a soul could purchase
  8. i *censored*ing hate it here
  9. yes good point i suppose that would help lol. hopefully it starts with him beating Jericho clean.
  10. EJ!

    WWE Drama

    is Jericho’s wife a Twitter bot? Jessica22035107?
  11. part of me would hate it because of how much i love Page and want him to be the top babyface that he spent the last two years becoming, but if Punk/DBry truly do get in the way, there are justified kayfabe reasons for a heel turn. or, and i will keep saying it until it happens, they can turn Cody into a top super heel because that alone would unlock sooo much of this roster. MJF is a great heel but i don’t know if i buy him as a tippy top heel yet and i’m not sure what he has to do to get there but he’s more of a little shit than like a legitimate evil villain and i think Codington can be that. like he can just do what he was doing in the Bullet Club but just crank it up to 100.
  12. that Pfizer shot couldn’t protect her from the Bank Statement
  13. well i missed the first hour of the show but the hour i watched was good television
  14. Sasha juiced up off anti-vaxx videos she came here with a point to prove
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