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  1. not down for Murphy to be in another team but him and Thorne vs anybody is likely a MOTN candidate every time. Murphy is an upgrade from Nick Miller and Shane Thorne is an upgrade from Wesley Blake.
  2. i need fans back. babyface Cesaro means we might get a hot tag at some point and i need to hear a crowd for that.
  3. bro enough of this what the hell
  4. i legitimately wanna see Shayna face dudes. think she’d be super believable.
  5. why are they spamming this Cesaro clip?
  6. bro how the *Censored* does Montez do this shit so easily
  7. Bianca/Bayley feud restarting? i’m down
  8. i just remembered the history between Pat and Michael Cole lmao
  9. i already smell a 6-person tag
  10. i’m sorry to anybody from Quebec in here but bro the way he says “against” is so funny
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