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  1. I also rate a lot of their matches very highly. It's crazy how opinions work.
  2. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    I got respect for him. WWE is a terrible company that owe him money. All the respect in the world for publicly speaking out on how awful they are.
  3. It's annoying that HBO max isn't available outside NA. Seems like it has a good library.
  4. Wandavision was quite enjoyable. Really didn't care for a spin-off involving 2 of the least interesting characters (to me), but I was pleasantly surprised and it seems the producers are keen to make it stand out. I have no idea where it's going to go tbh, it might be obvious to others, but I didn't keep up with trailers or production news so I have no clue. Katheryn Hahn is a delight though. I just read up on the slate of projects that Disney+ has coming up. I'm very keen on them gathering a street-level platform of shows. Very excited for guys like Moon Knight, Blade, Kate Bishop's Hawkeye (I think I saw that one?), She-Hulk and Falcon & Winter Soldier. IT's all very exciting to me, and could make for some very fun crossovers.
  5. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    Well apparently on some radio show be admits to killing the rapist with a brick in self defense. He also goes into detail about hiding the body. Also not the first time? Dudes needs jail time and rehabilitation fast.
  6. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    Anyone have Marty Janetty casually confessing to murder on their Bingo card? What an idiot. Sounds like the dude needs jail or some other institution, he needs help.
  7. You really think Corbin will get heat for that? The world is dumb, people will cheer cos its unexpected. Also that idea is beyond convoluted and stupid.
  8. I wanna see him go the full G1
  9. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    The BritWres sex predator ring is rivalling Hollywood at this point. All wrestling is gonna be Big E vs Kofi at this point
  10. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    Time to get rid(dle) of these pricks. Surprised at some of these allegations, but others are almost so obvious that I’m shocked that they’ve not surfaced before. The British scene needs a huge clear out and hopefully this does it. The one that struck me as different was the Jimmy Havoc situation. It didn’t seem so much as a physical sex abuser, but an emotional one due to poor mental health. Jimmy needs to own up and apologise beyond belief, but he also needs therapeutic help.
  11. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    David Starr is a dumb *Censored* and all those subsequent tweets have not done him any favours. He never once apologised for sexually assaulting someone, he just apologised that he got caught. He rambled on about being introspective and changing, but it all just seemed hollow. Plus that first statement he admitted that he pre-wrote it, which is massively suspicious. He typed a lot of big words, but he isn’t half as intelligent as he thinks he is. He was sorry he got caught, but not that he seemingly raped someone.
  12. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    Any amount of money that WWE pays definitely can’t be worth the hassle these women receive on an hourly basis.
  13. I wonder if he was the one who rescued Ming Na Wen's character at the end of episode five. Completely unnecessary and the idea that Mando is bringing back all these former characters is a little lame. Can't they just tell a new story for once? I'll reserve my judgement for when I see the show, but I really hope they focus too much on him or Asoka.
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