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  1. Damien Priest is the *censored*ing man. Been a good weekend for my favourites in NXT and AEW.
  2. Cant just celebrate something a little bit cool can you? how dare they do something else why cant they do what I want???? So *censored*ing typical of wrestling fans. WWE Network is finally doing something different with good, and highly entertaining wrestling companies and its STILL not good enough. Why cant you just stay un-subscribed and not have to whine about it? Absolutely pointless comment. I look forward to watching some wXw stuff. Been meaning to watch some of their product for a while.
  3. The vignettes where he talked about having a hard life? I saw them, and it was still generic stuff. Nothing super interesting and typical woe is me baby face stuff. I understand he is talented, but he is also bland.
  4. So what exactly is the big deal with Scorpio Sky? He can do a lot of moves and can jump high, but am I missing something? Hes so bland.
  5. Retribution for Napoleon? Them dudes are tiny. I think people picked out Ciampa, Carmella and Vanessa Bourne whoever that is. If Ciampa really is in this I'm gonna scratch my head. Debut by waving their weapons around and awkwardly pacing about ... great.
  6. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    Well apparently on some radio show be admits to killing the rapist with a brick in self defense. He also goes into detail about hiding the body. Also not the first time? Dudes needs jail time and rehabilitation fast.
  7. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    Anyone have Marty Janetty casually confessing to murder on their Bingo card? What an idiot. Sounds like the dude needs jail or some other institution, he needs help.
  8. You really think Corbin will get heat for that? The world is dumb, people will cheer cos its unexpected. Also that idea is beyond convoluted and stupid.
  9. People really like to see men beating on women I guess
  10. I got a lot of trust for Angela Kang at this point. I am hoping the extra six episodes dont extend the Whisperer War unnecessarily. I would like them to be a contained story that can perhaps lead into season 11. I'd even enjoy a mini season focusing on a small group of characters out on the road somewhere.
  11. Could say that for Ryder, but AEW absolutely does not need Hawkins. Both are very average talents with not much to offer, especially Hawkins.
  12. Well Zack Ryder debuted. I guess its time to stop watching AEW.
  13. What's going in with the MVP, Shelton & Lashley trio? Seems cool.
  14. WWE's lack of creativity, and monotonous "shiny" production. Their shows remind me of unfurnished showroom houses, clean and bright, but no character or substance.
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