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  1. If Sting is gonna be wrestling then he only needs to be in tag matches w/ Darby.
  2. Wandavision was quite enjoyable. Really didn't care for a spin-off involving 2 of the least interesting characters (to me), but I was pleasantly surprised and it seems the producers are keen to make it stand out. I have no idea where it's going to go tbh, it might be obvious to others, but I didn't keep up with trailers or production news so I have no clue. Katheryn Hahn is a delight though. I just read up on the slate of projects that Disney+ has coming up. I'm very keen on them gathering a street-level platform of shows. Very excited for guys like Moon Knight, Blade, Kate Bishop's Hawkeye (I think I saw that one?), She-Hulk and Falcon & Winter Soldier. IT's all very exciting to me, and could make for some very fun crossovers.
  3. MJF after he's usurped the Inner Circle from Jericho and has them all doing diabolical shit for him.
  4. Ah a fellow Hogdipper! Anyway. I really love AEW and it's real nice to look forward to a wrestling show every week. I don't like everything they do, but there is no denying that your time is invested well by watching it.
  5. WWE lost it's magic to me. You can pick out some fun things, but realizing they're never going to change makes watching pointless.
  6. So Goldberg beats Drew in 5 minutes, Lesnar wins the rumble and they give Lesnar the title again at mania... right?
  7. Do people still watch this show and post here?
  8. This place really aint that active anymore is it? hooooooooh boy
  9. Damien Priest is the *censored*ing man. Been a good weekend for my favourites in NXT and AEW.
  10. Cant just celebrate something a little bit cool can you? how dare they do something else why cant they do what I want???? So *censored*ing typical of wrestling fans. WWE Network is finally doing something different with good, and highly entertaining wrestling companies and its STILL not good enough. Why cant you just stay un-subscribed and not have to whine about it? Absolutely pointless comment. I look forward to watching some wXw stuff. Been meaning to watch some of their product for a while.
  11. The vignettes where he talked about having a hard life? I saw them, and it was still generic stuff. Nothing super interesting and typical woe is me baby face stuff. I understand he is talented, but he is also bland.
  12. So what exactly is the big deal with Scorpio Sky? He can do a lot of moves and can jump high, but am I missing something? Hes so bland.
  13. Retribution for Napoleon? Them dudes are tiny. I think people picked out Ciampa, Carmella and Vanessa Bourne whoever that is. If Ciampa really is in this I'm gonna scratch my head. Debut by waving their weapons around and awkwardly pacing about ... great.
  14. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    Well apparently on some radio show be admits to killing the rapist with a brick in self defense. He also goes into detail about hiding the body. Also not the first time? Dudes needs jail time and rehabilitation fast.
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