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  1. Talent means you automatically have to like someone does it? Shes lame and boring and nothing about her is appealing to me.
  2. Glad Belair got called up, cos now I dont have to watch her on a good show
  3. Express your opinions all you want. Just like I can say you should give up because it's a frivolous argument that goes nowhere all I want. Crazy world right? You're about 3 posts away from calling people snowflakes or something.
  4. Ozark being a GOAT show? I've only seen a handful of episodes, but it's nothing particularly groundbreaking. It's just well produced and well written, but there are several shows out there like it these days, it's a golden age of TV.
  5. That Wrestlemania was disgusting Boneyard, Funhouse and Edge were all great I guess. Drew winning the title was cool too (finally a Brit woo), but Lesnar is just gonna win it back at a Saudi show in 3 months anyway, so what is the point in getting excited?
  6. I guess he'd be doing less if he was on his own, but I'd prefer Jurassic Express without him.
  7. It's super redundant...Jungle Boy already fills the role of the smaller underdog. Also, what exactly is Marko's shtick withi Jurassic Express? We already have a dinosaur and a tarzan, but Marko is just a little dude who dresses relatively normally.
  8. I don't think Marko should ever necessarily be a champion (tag-team maybe?) but he definitely has his spot in wrestling. Wrestling was literally born from carnivals, and guys like Marko have always been part of carnival shows. He is fun to watch, fun to root for and does his job very well. Anyone who doesn't get it with Marko Stunt are too narrow minded in what their view of wrestling should be.
  9. Weekly defences would be too much, and too hampering for a weekly show that has to run all year without fail. Shows like that needs to be able to change overtime, and they don't need the hassle of people saying "you said you'd defend it every week!!!!111!!!!" when they decide to move in another direction. No need to be too strict on yourself, that's not a good thing.
  10. Nah I dont think hes meant to actually be Ryan Hurst lol. Idk if I want TWD to be that meta.
  11. Then they change the name of the belt, not that hard to do.
  12. Can't tell if you're joking or I missed something in the episode.
  13. I just realised that although TNT is the name of the Network, it's also a synonym for Dynamite. I don't love the name for the new title, but that's a pretty smart way of naming a TV title.
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