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  1. You can acknowledge the very real issue of police brutality and systemic injustice without buying into the acab bullshit. There are 700,000 cops in the USA, I'm sure each and every one of them are murderous pieces of shit who are either racist or just bloodthirsty. That's very plausible. /s With that being said, I don't buy into the " just a few bad apples " rhetoric either. There are far too many shitty people that are cops, and steps must be taken to ensure that people like Chauvin are not allowed into the police force under any circumstances; and that cops are always held accountable for bad behavior of any sort.
  2. 100%. Police need to exist, but the system needs drastic change so it can work like it's supposed to. ACAB is just senseless generalization based on ( albeit justified ) outrage.
  3. Are you surprised? The HOF isn't really based on a wrestler's skill or accomplishments, it's always just been an industry award based on who Vince wants to go in.
  4. That's fair, I just really *censored*ing like feet personally lol
  5. Yeah it's photoshopped. I don't believe this infringes on any of the topic rules; but if I'm mistaken, I'll remove it.
  6. The original thread got archived, thought maybe I'd make a new one.
  7. I guess not directly related to Trump... but people that dogwhistle and call those such as George Floyd " thugs" that deserved to be murdered are generally Trump supporters by default. I have yet to see any Biden voters use the bullshit " blacks are 13% of the population, yet are convicted of 50% of the crimes, therefore racial prejudice is acceptable!" rhetoric.
  8. I see people still trying to shit on George Floyd and other victims of police brutality. Trumpanzees make me want to puke.
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