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  1. Today I learned a disturbing fact. At Over The Edge 1999, the ring had a large stain on it from Owen Hart's blood that can clearly be seen on the video of the event. The wrestlers had to perform right next to their dead coworker's blood. The whole incident was so disturbing. They should have just cancelled the event, what a *censored*ing nightmare.
  2. I haven't played it in a little while, I'm hoping I'll get back into it soon! At some point I got burnt out making caws.
  3. I agree, it's always fun to play! I haven't made any caws since January but I'm hoping someday I'll get back into it. There used to be a lot more activity on the All Stars section but it's been pretty dead for a while unfortunately.
  4. I haven't kept up with wrestling in forever but this looks great! It's good to see people still making caws on All Stars.
  5. I don't even think Biden's running the show behind the scenes. He can barely speak at this point. In 2024 I hope both parties nominate people that don't belong in a nursing home.
  6. I hope that doesn't get passed, that's *censored*ed up.
  7. I don't think very many people play WWE 2K16 anymore. Most of the subforums for older games are dead at this point.
  8. Personally all I would ever want would be a way to make all DLC movesets, finishers, and entrances available in CAW mode.
  9. I'm sorry to hear about all this. I hope you can figure this situation out.
  10. I'm heartbroken for the first time in my life. It's so emotionally painful, I feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't see how any relationship is worth going through this pain. I 'm almost 19 and I thought for a long time that I was aromantic, I'd never fall in love, and then I did, with a woman over twice my age that I never had a *censored*ing chance with. I'd never wanted a relationship before, and now I want one even less now that I know how much it hurts.
  11. When Roe Vs Wade was originally passed, the Supreme Court was made up entirely of men. Amy Coney Barrett is a woman, and she voted to overturn it. There are plenty of anti-abortion women and pro-abortion men, I don't know why people make it such a gendered issue.
  12. So you're a self loathing misandrist? That's wonderful.
  13. That's a massive slippery slope. Abortion becoming a state's rights issue is not equivalent to genociding gay people, the *Censored*? I'm pro-choice but making arguments like this does nothing but damage the pro-choice cause.
  14. Banning any type of gun from sale is not the solution. Prohibition didn't stop people from drinking alcohol, the War On Drugs didn't stop people from smoking crack, and banning guns won't stop people from getting guns. I think regulations are the best answer.
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