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  1. Motown do you still take requests Cause this is my only request for now can you please do Lana thank you Motown
  2. I asked like 2 questions I mean I said please but I did apologize
  3. Can you please do Lana and Liv Morgan if there finisher's and signatures change
  4. Im sorry to ask this but please can you be specific of what dancing leg drop to use
  5. I'm not sure if I already asked this but can you please do John Morrison
  6. Ok I need advice Wait does it have to do with wrestling what I mean is does it have to be wrestling advice
  7. Lol so do I Lol I do though and can you make sense you said your cousin speaks in sign language is she death it's werid that you mention your cousin well mine is sleeping in my bed she's like 13 lol she acts like a baby legit that's how she's sleeping rn legit at 5 am she comes in my room crying just because she's sick i swear this is annoying
  8. Ok I'm sorry I feel ya I lost a uncle this year I think uncle of mine and my grandma like 9 year's ago I still have 2 Grandma's left
  9. I'm talking about that Time hornswoggle came out of the Ring And I'm sorry I forgot one of those be who live in the present not in the past Lol my channel is good just if you want to get it out I changed the 19 to 20
  10. I mean i said thank you to jeb But thank you And can I ask you your opinion do your think hornswoggle was you know to zelina Vega thank you
  11. Does anybody know if the avalanche powerslam 2 is dlc
  12. Motown did he do the yes taunts on Friday
  13. Sorry to bother you I'm trying to be anoying but I'm not sure if Bryan changed his sigs/finishers I just want to know this is not a request plz don't ignore this is just a question
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