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  1. Imperium Bron Breakker Mandy Rose Carmelo Hayes
  2. Sheamus & Holland Drew McIntyre The Miz RK-Bro The Usos Liv Morgan Roman Reigns Big E
  3. Cameron Grimes Roderick Strong Imperium Raquel Gonzalez & Co. Bron Breakker & Co.
  4. Omos First eliminated: T-Bar Final four: Omos, AJ Styles, Cesaro, Gable Most eliminations: Omos The Usos Damian Priest Big E Becky Lynch Women's : Team Smackdown Survivors: Sasha, Shayna Order of elimination: Carmella, Natalya, Toni, Zelina, Shotzi, Liv, Rhea, Biance Men's: Team RAW Survivors: Seth Rollins Order of elimination: Corbin, Theory, Hardy, Owens, Balor, Woods, Sheamus, Lashley, McIntyre
  5. I enjoyed the PPV for the most part but Punk/Kingston was super underwhelming to me. Maybe I was just expecting more, idk, but it didn't hit the way it should have. Cody/PAC vs. Black/Andrade was mostly background noise to me but liked everything else. Omega/Page was the MOTN imo. Enjoyed the hell out of the 6-man and 10-man tag matches too. MJF/Darby kicked ass. Bryan/Miro could have been a bit better I thought. Overall, a very good PPV but certainly not better than All Out. Not by a long shot.
  6. The build-up has been *censored*ing trash good lord This company doesn't give a shit about anything anymore
  7. I'm honestly out of words. Can't make any sense of this company.
  8. Keith Lee, Nia Jax, Mia Yim all gone...
  9. Obvious exaggeration but it was terribly booked. Usos interfere in every single match of Reigns and are always taken care of but Lesnar of all people didn't see it coming. The ref spot was just dumb considering this was no DQ. And Lesnar shouldn't be getting done by a championship belt to the face. It was just a super underwhelming finish to a very strong show.
  10. Edge/Rollins was MOTN. Edge/Rollins was a MOTYC. Edge is the GOAT. Agreed on all three fronts? Good.
  11. That was the worst ending to a match in forever lmao
  12. What the *Censored*? That was *censored*ing shit
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