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  1. RK-McBro Omos Cody Rhodes Madcap Moss Edge Ronda Rousey
  2. Jade/Lyons The Creed Brothers Nathan Frazer Bron Breakker Cameron Grimes
  3. Nash Carter has been released
  4. My favorite 'Mania in forever. That was the stuff of dreams. Perhaps the best 'Mania ever purely in terms of moments. Cody's return, Austin/KO, the entertaining celebrity stuff on both nights, Lashley suplexing Omos, McAfee's stellar WM debut and being crazy over, Vince wrestling, Austin/McMahon all over again, Reigns continuing his legendary reign... phew! Night 2 didn't hit the height of Night 1 for me but it was still greatness. The New Day stuff was pointless but I liked/loved everything else. Edge/Rollins was easily MOTN and I'm surprised at the criticism I've been seeing for it on social media. It was never going to be a fast-paced, high energy bout like Rollins/Cody but it was still pretty great. Probably not the MOTYC I was hoping it'd be but it still delivered. Zayn/Knoxville was amazing throughout. One of the funniest matches I've ever seen and I enjoyed the hell out of it. McAfee/Theory was solid for what it was. I hadn't forgotten how good Pat was against Adam Cole when they faced off but it was still amazing to see him bust out his moves at 'Mania. The crowd absolutely loved him and I can't blame them. Triple Threat Tag Team match was good. Lashley/Omos was cool. The main event was whatever. I've seen Reigns vs. Lesnar so many times before that nothing they'd have done would have wowed me but it was good, I guess. Just hope it's the last we've seen of it. Superb 2-night show overall. Top 3 matches imo, in order: Rollins vs. Cody Becky vs. Bianca Edge vs. Styles
  5. I'm curious, what did you not like?
  6. Enjoyed the hell out of that. Liked every match bar the opener (due to no real fault of the participants). Didn't care about McIntyre/Corbin at all leading up to the match but it was surprisingly good. Mysterios vs. Miz/Logan seemed like filler but, again, ended up being really fun. Becky/Bianca was great, FAR better than Sasha/Bianca last year and I'm happy for Bianca. Cody's return was phenomenal holy shit. One of the greatest WM moments ever and it's truly incredible how he's gone from being a complete afterthought the last time he was in WWE to having the whole wrestling world talking about him. His reveal and the entrance gave me goosebumps and seeing him back just.... felt right. And the match itself was icing on the cake. It was incredible. Rollins was the perfect opponent to cap off such a hugely anticipated return and the match delivered on all fronts. MOTN for me and Edge/Styles is the only match I can possibly envision being better from night 2. Ronda/Charlotte was good but the finished sucked balls. I'm so over Charlotte. Just give us something new already ffs. Owens/Austin was just perfection all around. The segment, the match, the moment. Such a fitting end to the night and big props to Owens for how he managed the whole thing. The amount of trust Vince and Austin must have had in him to give the green light for the match is crazy. He deserves a big, big push and I'm so glad that he got to relive his dream. Night 2 is probably not going to be as good but we can only hope.
  7. Night 1: The Mysterios The New Day Drew McIntyre Cody Rhodes/Cody Rhodes The Usos Bianca Belair Ronda Rousey Night 2: Omos Edge Pat McAfee Johnny Knoxville RK-Bro Naomi & Sasha Banks Brock Lesnar
  8. Toxic Attraction Gunther Tommaso Ciampa Bron Breakker Mandy Rose Cameron Grimes
  9. Naomi & Rousey The Miz Drew McIntyre Bianca Belair (OOE: Nikki, Doudrop, Rhea, Liv, ALexa) The Usos Becky Lynch Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar (OOE: Riddle, Theory, AJ Styles, Rollins, Lashley)
  10. I actually thought the show was alright bar the two Rumble matches. Loved Reigns/Rollins bar the ending, Lesnar/Lashley was fun for what it was, I enjoyed the hell out of Becky/Doudrop and IT vs. GRIT was a nice breather. The Rumble matches though... good lord. Why are Bella Twins still a thing in 2022? Why was Charlotte among the final two as opposed to having her be eliminated earlier by someone that could have actually benefited by that rub? I was fine with Rousey winning as I'm not going to say no to her Becky and her returning after 3 years warranted a payoff. But I stopped vibing with the match after Sasha's elimination so early on. The Men's Rumble though... calling it a dumpster fire would be an understatement. No genuine surprises bar Bad Bunny, horribly produced, a winner anyone with half a brain predicted either weeks in advance or as soon as the WWE Championship match ended. Where to even start with what was wrong with this match? Styles eliminated by MADCAP *censored*ING MOSS. Someone please explain the thought process behind that. Damien Priest wasted relatively early. Omos did next to nothing relative to how he's been booked for months. Shane McMahon in the final 3. Big E eliminated like nothing, Orton eliminated like nothing. This was probably the worst Rumble match I've ever seen and it took some doing to beat the 2015 one. As unimaginative and lazy as a match could get and so fitting considering those two words perfectly encapsulate this company. Absolute shambles.
  11. The Miz & Maryse Becky Lynch Bobby Lashley Roman Reigns Men's RR: Brock Lesnar - What number will the winner enter at? 30 - Who will be the final four? (including your winner) Lesnar, AJ Styles, Big E, Edge - Who will have the most eliminations? Omos - Who will spend the longest amount of time in the match? AJ Styles - Who will spend the shortest amount of time in the match? Johnny Knoxville Women’s RR: Ronda Rousey - What number will the winner enter at? 30 - Who will be the final four? (including your winner) Rousey, Bianca, Charlotte, Sasha - Who will have the most eliminations? Bianca Belair - Who will spend the longest amount of time in the match? Charlotte - Who will spend the shortest amount of time in the match? Natalya
  12. Imperium Bron Breakker Mandy Rose Carmelo Hayes
  13. Sheamus & Holland Drew McIntyre The Miz RK-Bro The Usos Liv Morgan Roman Reigns Big E
  14. Cameron Grimes Roderick Strong Imperium Raquel Gonzalez & Co. Bron Breakker & Co.
  15. Omos First eliminated: T-Bar Final four: Omos, AJ Styles, Cesaro, Gable Most eliminations: Omos The Usos Damian Priest Big E Becky Lynch Women's : Team Smackdown Survivors: Sasha, Shayna Order of elimination: Carmella, Natalya, Toni, Zelina, Shotzi, Liv, Rhea, Biance Men's: Team RAW Survivors: Seth Rollins Order of elimination: Corbin, Theory, Hardy, Owens, Balor, Woods, Sheamus, Lashley, McIntyre
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