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  1. *Censored* this show man, Edge/Orton and McIntyre potentially becoming champion is all that looks worth a damn.
  3. I'm actually gutted man. I know there's basically no choice but what's happening is so disappointing. And not just WWE. It's incredibly sad how the whole world of entertainment has been impacted. :(
  4. It's almost a guarantee at this point that the season wouldn't resume. I believe the date they've given for resuming is actually the date on which they'll reassess as to what needs to be done, because the 14-day quarantine period for any affected player/manager is a must and if it clashes with said date, you'll have all the other members of the club in self-isolation too during that time. It just isn't going to happen, especially when you also consider that the virus is expected to peak in April.
  5. Null and void it. Only fair outcome imo
  6. I miss the times EC wasn't a filler PPV/match. The concept has declined so hard, it's sad.
  7. The very reason you follow literally anything is because it gives you joy, in one way or the other. What's so weird about that?
  8. This Rollins (&Co.)/Owens (&Co.) feud might just be the worse of the century. Never seen anything as dragged out, lazy and just plain predictable. Every *censored*ing week it's the exact same *censored*ing shit, like just *Censored* off man it's been four *censored*ing months, how hard is it to do something *censored*ing different
  9. What a waste of AJ Styles btw. Putting him against a bloke that should have retired 7 years ago at the very least. 'Taker is as finished as it possibly gets.
  10. Can say the same about pretty much every PPV nowadays. Doesn't feel like WrestleMania's less than a month away either. I sorely miss the days of good, strong build-ups. :(
  11. *Censored* this show lol, literally every winner is super obvious
  12. If all someone had to do to get a Universal Championship match at 'Mania was interrupt Goldberg and say "I'm next", screw Heath Slater for not taking the chance ffs
  13. Actually pretty excited about Cena vs. Fiend. *Censored* Goldberg though and unsure about Lesnar/McIntyre. Hopefully McIntyre has it in him to carry that piece of trash to a good match.
  14. I remember when Cena used to be called every name under the sun for going over everyone, even after a hard-fought match where his opponent(s) used to look strong. But it was always a "burial" because they lost. Seems like the same logic doesn't apply to Lesnar though, even though he's essentially been squashing 95% of his opponents for the last 6 years. Apparently it "makes sense". What's funny is that if Cena beats Fiend at 'Mania in his first match in forever, he would still be criticized. But if Lesnar beats McIntyre, it will all make sense because... it's Lesnar. No one embodies the phrase "same old shit" like Lesnar. Hope this helps
  15. You rate Lesnar, you're in no position to call anyone a no talent old turd. Lesnar actually has a history of good matches you know? Yeah, against CM Punk, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. Three wrestlers I would never in a million years expect to have a good match with a broomstick. Mysterio, Balor, Rollins, his Rumble performance, how many more times does he need to be "carried" before you can accept that maybe, just maybe, there is an outside possibility that he might actually be a little bit, halfway decent at his job? Don't need to accept anything because I've got a set of eyes and a functioning brain and have been seeing for myself how trash and predictable he is. Having a handful of "great matches" in 6-7 years against some of the best in the business is nothing to boast about, especially considering how many pointless and awful matches he's had against good opponents.
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