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  1. That ending to Smackdown was cool as *Censored*. Time for heel Alexa, hopefully.
  2. Rollins himself has been amazing but man his booking... the booking involving him has been soooooo one-dimensional. Feels like he's been being the exact same way since November/December. Him and Black are literally doing the same shit every single week. Rollins attacks someone with Murphy, Black makes the save, rinse and repeat. It wouldn't kill them to involve someone new or move one of them on to something else. Otherwise, RAW was solid. Asuka/Sasha was once again a banger. I'm not sure why they've decided to make Nia Jax relevant again but I hope Shayna beats the shit out of her. McIntyre/Ziggler was pointless without the title on the line (something I only realized was the case after the match ended). McIntyre vs. Orton should be dope.
  3. Man, that triple threat was fire. Fantastic match. The ending to NXT was perfect. Absolutely loved the storytelling. Lee/Kross has the potential to be something really special.
  4. Hopefully that's the end of Big Show. Also, Orton is definitely assaulting McIntyre next week. Should be a good ass match between the two at SummerSlam.
  5. Man, I really enjoyed that PPV. Asuka/Sasha (bar the overbooked finish) was my MOTN, followed by Mysterio/Rollins. New Day/NakaSaro was a fire opener too and Bayley/Cross was good/ McIntyre/Ziggler wasn't as good as McIntyre's matches with Rollins and Lashley imo but fun nonetheless. Didn't enjoy the Swamp Fight too much though. Felt it dragged too much at times. Fiend's back though!
  6. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    Never really cared about Naomi. I mean, she's decent in the ring and all but beyond that I'm not sure what's special about her. She has no standout qualities and there are about four other performers on Smackdown itself I'd rather see pushed. Admittedly, that karaoke segment was cringe but that's typical WWE for you.
  7. Seth Rollins Bray Wyatt Asuka Bayley Apollo Crews New Day Drew McIntyre (Extreme Rules Match)
  8. Would have been good if WWE didn't make it super obvious that New Day are gonna win by letting Cesaro and Nakamura have their number on every single episode of Smackdown leading up to this PPV.
  9. I'm SO sick of Coribn being booked in major programs and/or against everyone interesting all the damn time. Hope all this feud leads to is a one-off match which Riddle wins and then he can move on to better things. Such a good roster and all they can come up with is Corbin.
  10. I think that was the first match between Lee/Dijakovic I didn't like that much. Don't get me wrong, it was obviously still petty good, but they've set their own standards so high that when it falls short of them, it's disappointing Io/Tegan was great. Let's see how Io/Dakota works as a feud.
  11. RAW was alright. Rollins/Owens was MOTN. Main event was fun too. So glad Shayna is back! About damn time Kinda wish they would book Drew to close out RAW more often though, feels like the WWE Championship has been taking a backseat for a while now. Ziggler hasn't exactly been legitimate for a while either so not doing more to include him in the limelight isn't helping.
  12. WrestleMania: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (XXV) SummerSlam: John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (2013) Survivor Series: Elimination Chamber 2002 Royal Rumble: Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan (2014)
  13. That was quite comfortably the worst Smackdown in months. Literally nothing worth watching bar maybe the main event.
  14. Didn't watch this live but the main event got spoiled for me on Twitter -_- Not outright spoiled but I saw a tweet from someone and was able to connect the dots ffs lol Fun match regardless of that, although I defnitely agree with @PaperThinWalls. It should have felt grander. The moment as well as the match. There was this huge match feel that I felt was missing despite the stakes. I think fans not being there definitely attributed for that in a major way though. The PC crowd just doesn't cut it in the same way.
  15. RAW wad good. Bayley/Asuka was niiiiiiiiiice. Rey/Owens vs. Rollins/Murphy was good too and Big Show being on the losing side is always a positive. Really digging MVP too and his attempts at recruiting others.
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