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  1. At this point, the Draft is just an annual event where they screw Smackdown as hard as they can. Every single time. And it's not like they're going to put to good use more than half the performers they hoarded from there on RAW either.
  2. Imagine not managing a clean sweep lol can't relate
  3. KUSHIDA Santos Escobar Damian Priest Io Shirai Finn Balor
  4. The IC Triple Threat Ladder match was one of the best matches of the year man. So *censored*ing good. Class ending too. Heel Reigns is perfection. *Censored* WWE for robbing us off this version of his for over 5 years. The storytelling in his match against Jey was some of the best I've seen. Third best match of the night was the Ambulance Match. Would have obviously preferred a normal wrestling match between McIntyre and Orton but I can understand why they went with it. Wonder who McIntyre moves on to next. Will probably be Lee but let's see. Didn't really like or care for the other matches. Those three were the ones that WWE gave me a reason to give a shit about and they all delivered.
  5. Asuka Andrade/Garza Cesaro/Nakamura Jax/Baszler Bayley Bobby Lashley Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre Jeff Hardy
  6. Liv & Ruby Los Mysterios Big E Randy Orton Matt Riddle Baszler & Jax Bobby Lashley The Fiend
  7. SummerSlam was thoroughly enjoyable man. Rollins/Dominik had some incredible storytelling while McIntyre/Orton was a great wrestling match. Hard to choose my MOTN between those two. Didn't like Strowman/Fiend as much as I should have and Mandy/Sonya was the only other match I didn't find good. Everything else was solid.
  8. Dominik Mysterio Mandy Rose Garza/Andrade MVP Asuka (vs. Sasha) Bayley (vs. Asuka) Drew McIntyre The Fiend
  9. Breezango Adam Cole Finn Balor Io Shirai Karrion Kross Cameron Grimes
  10. That ending to Smackdown was cool as *Censored*. Time for heel Alexa, hopefully.
  11. Rollins himself has been amazing but man his booking... the booking involving him has been soooooo one-dimensional. Feels like he's been being the exact same way since November/December. Him and Black are literally doing the same shit every single week. Rollins attacks someone with Murphy, Black makes the save, rinse and repeat. It wouldn't kill them to involve someone new or move one of them on to something else. Otherwise, RAW was solid. Asuka/Sasha was once again a banger. I'm not sure why they've decided to make Nia Jax relevant again but I hope Shayna beats the shit out of her. McIntyre/Ziggler was pointless without the title on the line (something I only realized was the case after the match ended). McIntyre vs. Orton should be dope.
  12. Man, that triple threat was fire. Fantastic match. The ending to NXT was perfect. Absolutely loved the storytelling. Lee/Kross has the potential to be something really special.
  13. Hopefully that's the end of Big Show. Also, Orton is definitely assaulting McIntyre next week. Should be a good ass match between the two at SummerSlam.
  14. Man, I really enjoyed that PPV. Asuka/Sasha (bar the overbooked finish) was my MOTN, followed by Mysterio/Rollins. New Day/NakaSaro was a fire opener too and Bayley/Cross was good/ McIntyre/Ziggler wasn't as good as McIntyre's matches with Rollins and Lashley imo but fun nonetheless. Didn't enjoy the Swamp Fight too much though. Felt it dragged too much at times. Fiend's back though!
  15. Crazy.

    WWE Drama

    Never really cared about Naomi. I mean, she's decent in the ring and all but beyond that I'm not sure what's special about her. She has no standout qualities and there are about four other performers on Smackdown itself I'd rather see pushed. Admittedly, that karaoke segment was cringe but that's typical WWE for you.
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