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  1. Alexa Bliss Seth Rollins Sami Zayn Rhea Ripley Bianca Belair Drew McIntyre
  2. Xia Li Raquel Gonzalez LA Knight Karrion Kross MSK & Bronson Reed
  3. Roman Reigns. 4 MOTY contenders involving 4 different competitors at 4 different PPVs this year. We're only in May. Acknowledge him.
  4. Damian Priest The Mysterios Bianca Belair Roman Reigns Rhea Ripley Bobby Lashley
  5. Rycker is still employed... Head. Is. HOT.
  6. Nah man I genuinely thought that Joe would be returning to the ring now that he got taken off commentary. This is incredibly sad and disappointing.
  7. NO NO NOT JOE WHAT THE *Censored* MAN
  8. This date is cursed. The purge happened on this day last year too. There was no reason to split IIconics and Heavy Machinery. Nothing good came out of it for any of the four parties. Billie and Tucker's release was completely avoidable if not for breaking their teams up. Real shame about Chelsea Green too, certainly didn't see her release coming along with Billie's.
  9. That was the worst post-Mania RAW of all time. It actually takes effort to be that bad.
  10. I still had my complaints and I still think Reigns/Edge/Bryan was the only match across both nights that felt like a 'Mania calibre match. The mark in me wanted Edge to win but I'm not even mad Reigns retained. He's been brilliant since turning heel and that double pin was some GOAT heel shit. I wish Big E/Apollo lasted longer. That match was shaping up to be my ideal cup of tea from the get go but I felt they ended it too soon. I had that issue with Owens/Zayn too. But I'm glad the latter was a proper wrestling match and not just one where Zayn was being his usual chickenshit heel. Riddle/Sheamus was pretty fun but again, ended before they could take it to the next level. The match they had on RAW a few months ago that Riddle won was better than this. I might need to re-watch it but I thought Asuka/Ripley was the second best match of the night. I also thought it was better than Banks/Belair, speaking of which; I'm quite surprised with the praise it's been getting since the end of night 1. It was a solid match but man... some of the stuff I've been seeing on social media about it is outrageous. Opinions and all that, I get it, but still The women's tag was surprisingly good. As someone who can't stand Tamina and Nia, I was quite impressed with how it turned out. Thought it was going to be background noise but it was pretty fun. Orton/Fiend was crap, as simple as that. The worst match across both nights by an absolute mile. I don't care if there's some "bigger picture" in play with that ending, it was horseshit and the feud has ran its course. Just kill it. Overall, a good WrestleMania but I feel it's one people will remember for having the crowd back than any of the actual matches, except the triple threat which was superb. Night 1 had the better moments. Night 2 had the better matches. That's how I'll sum it up.
  11. Seen a lot of praise for Banks/Belair. It was probably the MOTN but I didn't think it was anything particularly groundbreaking. I didn't think any of the matches were particularly groundbreaking. The Turmoil was perhaps the only weak match on the show and everything else ranged from good - great but nothing WrestleMania worthy imo. Hell, Banks/Bayley from HIAC last October was significantly better than Banks/Belair in my view. Happy for Belair obviously and a real WrestleMania moment with her winning the title after what was still a great match. I thought Cesaro/Rollins was the second best. Could have gone for a little longer but the whole sequence from Cesaro countering the Curb Stomp into a pop-up uppercut to the UFO to the swing to the Neutralizer was smooth af. Really enjoyed the whole thing. Bad Bunny was the most pleasant surprise of the night. I had a feeling he was gonna be fun to watch but he exceeded my expectations. That "Bunny Destroyer" towards the end was picture perfect and mad kudos to Morrison for enabling it as well as he did. I thought they'd have McIntyre win to give him the 'Mania moment he couldn't have last year at the expense of a super short reign for Lashley but I understand why he retained. Think he's gonna hold on to the title for a while and I'm fine with it. McIntyre will have his moment again. Solid match between the two. New Day vs. Styles/Omos was whatever. I didn't like how weak they made Styles look but I get the angle they were going for with the whole focus being on Omos. He wrecked shit after tagging in and that was cool to see. Would be interesting to see them as champs because I think we all need a break from New Day as champs. Strowman/Shane was fun as expected. I don't get why people were shitting on this match even before it had happened like Shane doesn't always deliver. Did so again. Overall, a pretty good Night 1. Can't stress enough how much better it was to have the fans back and what a huge difference it made to the overall experience. But I expect Night 2 to surpass it.
  12. "Congrats to everybody except for BestInTheWorld614." I get what you mean but that just sounds straight up savage
  13. Bunny & Priest Cesaro Braun Strowman Naomi & Lana (Night 2: Naomi & Lana) AJ Styles & Omos Drew McIntyre Bianca Belair The Fiend Kevin Owens Riddle Rhea Ripley Apollo Crews Edge EDIT: Natalya & Tamina to win the tag titles
  14. He was always very underrated on the mic imo but since returning he's been operating on a level that is truly incredible. It's like when you start listing the beat mic workers in the company - and there are a lot - he's right up there at the top in a tier of his own. I don't think he's heel. I personally think it's impossible for him to be heel with his story arc. I think he's still a face/tweener who's been given a different dimension to sell the storyline leading up to the triple threat. I see him going straight back to full blown babyface as soon as he wins the title at 'Mania and achieves the objective he set for himself.
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