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  1. Liv Morgan The Usos Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair Damian Priest Roman Reigns
  2. I hear you. It was a good match but I just wasn't into it until Omega hit that snap dragon suplex on the ramp. From there on out it picked up massively for me and I was fully hooked. Loved it overall. Another solid episode. I've only recently started watching AEW in full so I'm not entirely sure whether Brian Pillman Jr. is supposed to be a big deal (I know MJF is), his match felt throwaway after the last couple of weeks' build. Not necessarily a bad thing on an otherwise stacked card (for free TV) but it gave filler vibes. Guess that was the only minor gripe I had, if you could even call it that. Sting moved surprisingly well in the tag match which was again fun. Britt/Ruby and Black/Cody solid as expected and Punk's promo was great as always.
  3. Man, this was the first AEW show I watched in full in over 2 years and I'm in awe. I couldn't miss it because of Punk's return + the possibility of Cole + Bryan showing up and I'm so glad all three events occurred and delivered BIG time. What an awesome show from start to finish. That tag team match, holy shit. Punk looked great and that was a great match in its own right with Darby. Omega rules. Cole is here, Bryan is here, Punk is here. In one night, I think I now have a new favorite wrestling promotion and I simply have to follow it as regularly as I still follow WWE (for whatever reason). Top notch stuff, hasn't felt this good to be a wrestling fan in quite a while.
  4. Summerslam: Alexa Bliss Drew McIntyre Edge RK-Bro The Usos Sasha Banks Sheamus Lashley Roman Reigns Charlotte Takeover: Ridge Holland Kyle O’Reilly (First fall: Cole, Second fall: O’Reilly, Third fall: O’Reilly) Cameron Grimes Raquel Gonzalez Ilja Dragunov Samoa Joe
  5. What the *Censored* is going on with this company
  6. Yo this PPV SLAPPED. Such a great show. Even matches I cared little about like Styles/Omos vs. VR and Ripley vs. Charlotte ended up being bangers (especially the latter, which kicked serious ass). Lashley squashing Kofi was awesome to see and the men's MITB was insane. Big E at last! Reigns vs. Edge was kinda overbooked but still a fantastic match. Think the only match I didn't like was the women's MITB and that ending was lame as hell. This Nikki ASH shit is kinda lame and I'm happy she is getting pushed because she's a very good worker but just wish it could have been under better circumstances. Still. plenty of time to improve on that. Cena's return was spoiled for me so that kinda ruined the moment his entrance music hit but the crowd pop for him was amazing and really put into perspective what we had been missing for over a year. Perfectly fine with him facing Reigns at SummerSlam so long as he doesn't actually win (which I'm confident he won't). But Edge vs. Rollins is one match I can't wait for. A dream match in the making that I wanted for the longest time and never thought I'd actually get until Edge's return. It's gonna be a blockbuster and I want SummerSlam here already. Awesome show.
  7. The Usos AJ Styles & Omos Rhea Ripley Roman Reigns Bobby Lashley Big E Alexa Bliss
  8. Alexa Bliss Seth Rollins Sami Zayn Rhea Ripley Bianca Belair Drew McIntyre
  9. Xia Li Raquel Gonzalez LA Knight Karrion Kross MSK & Bronson Reed
  10. Roman Reigns. 4 MOTY contenders involving 4 different competitors at 4 different PPVs this year. We're only in May. Acknowledge him.
  11. Damian Priest The Mysterios Bianca Belair Roman Reigns Rhea Ripley Bobby Lashley
  12. Rycker is still employed... Head. Is. HOT.
  13. Nah man I genuinely thought that Joe would be returning to the ring now that he got taken off commentary. This is incredibly sad and disappointing.
  14. NO NO NOT JOE WHAT THE *Censored* MAN
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