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  1. I suppose they changed it because they want to brand it and secure it, the things is, he has pretty good legacy already... how do you even explain this? a name change out of the blue... then agan it's WWE lol but seriuosly no ideas less goofy than GUNTHER?
  2. Hit Row is/was corny from the start. I was waiting for a gimmick like that or something, it's needed, but the implementation is... eh. A lot of times it just comes off as awkward. But then again, musician gimmick are always weird. I mean, Swerve just suddenly became a rapper or Adonis a producer, or... whatever. But they are not really musicians, they are wrestlers? Why are they fighting? Are they actually making any music?
  3. I get that they wanted to take a different direction, fresh look and whatnot but this reset is just random. Definetely regressed in terms of presentation. Why not hold on to CWC name? Why the look of a small studio show with the bright lights showing everything and tearing down the evolution of NXT? I mean get it, but it's shitty. Of all the things that needed a hard reset NXT wasn't it lol. Tweaking, sure, but idk. It was fun to watch NXT as it grew and constantly evolve, but this is just another thing that makes sense for the factory but little for consumer. It's not fun. It would be interesting to see HHHs perspective on all this. He is a company man, sure, and he pribably sees things in this as good too, but this feels like they wanted to put him in his place and tell him that he went too far with his vision.
  4. thing is, main event Balor would be fresh, midcard Balor isn't. Hell even the roster is not really different from when he went to NXT, and it feels like no midcard feud would be new for him. just same old same old.
  5. no need to have it closer to Mania. but the problem is it came out of the blue, especially when he was never even on RAW untill now lol and Randy "politicking" his way to have the shot earlier made no sense either. it's sad they have to scramble like this, but they have done it for the gazillionth time already anyway
  6. just saying... it will be same old for Balor then like he was in his first run. just not as smiley.
  7. ok, to midcard. or against a fresh WWE champ, then back to midcard in a month.
  8. Ok, Balor comes out lookong good and then does... what? back to midcard? feuding with Seth for 6 months? Because it's again happening, same superstars keep falling to Brock/Roman... yeah, Roman had a great run, but there is no point in that if someone like Brock beats him. We are literally back to square one then... again
  9. There is no point for Finn to get in this feud if he isn't winning. It's probably to put over the Roman vs Brock, but there is abdolutely no need for that lol
  10. Creed brothers looking good. Fan of them starting like this with the simplest of presentations.
  11. AONO.

    WWE Drama

    Coles promo is at the top in the whole company right now. You can feel the intensity and how he believes what he is saying.
  12. repackaging, lmao yeah Cole is out and AEW bound for sure. such a freaking shame.
  13. realeasing Bronson Reed is beyond puzzling. what the hell are you trying to achieve with that?
  14. when does DominickMysterio get a real name? Combining his real name Dominick and pretending that Mysterio is his last name is just trashy. I'm not sure they have any real idea for him anyway. They are just riding with the father/son story. Them becoming tag champs is ideal for the evolution of his presentation and character. Because he is still just a kid with his father...
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