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  1. *Censored* you Dunne! breaking my heart like that.
  2. yeah I think they see his push would be a liability atm. if they see money, they will go for it
  3. I really didn't see like they were no selling The Fiend. Drew was obsessed with Orton, for all the right reasons, and he was nowhere near the Fiend, and actually had him in his eyesight, so he was confident. And he was targeting Orton from the start, so maybe you could argue he foolishly didn't see him as a threat... as I think that The Fiend will first go after Drew before he goes after Orton, due to Survivor Series... And Orton was visibly scared when he realised The Fiend is actually behind him, in fact he would rather face Drew again, then directly facing The Fiend. I think that part was actually kinda obvious a bit. Like, "I'm just going to pretend he isn't there". As far as Keith Lee goes, he is still holding his own I think, and he is confident in his performances. For example, I think he would be a good idea to feud against The Fiend as a challenger for the championship. Much like I couldn't see Roman being scared against Bray, I can see Lee in that role. It would go well with his limitless character too, and could bring up his "rage" attitude he has been known to show also, while still mainatin his integrity. Riddle... not yet, but I think it's going there
  4. nah. they didn't need that spot to do what they did nad for the impact it had. Orton vs Mcyinter benefited from being the main event.
  5. also Miz should go nowhere near a title reign, especially now. Besides, he is a comedy act again and not even close to the level ge was at as IC champ.
  6. that's a sick stat really. and I can't remember when was the last time he had a reign that felt as natural as this one. and at the same time, had such well booked babyface champion. Drew had some weird quirks at times so to speak, sure, and if it wasn't for the Orton feud, it's very dubious how his reign would have gone after the Ziggler snooze fest. Now when I think of it... it probably seems even better than it is, because we have gotten used to Lesnar reigns and him always ending reigns randomly.
  7. guess Edge is really taking it off him then
  8. only if he is going to cash in on 24/7 championship...
  9. I'd still rather have Otis do whatever with it than Miz...
  10. maybe they are going that he was in a coma after the car crash lmao
  11. think Elias didn't get a memo saying there will be no crowd...
  12. they are proud of what trying to kill your cousin? that family is *censored*ed up.
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