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  1. Cena: "Roman Reigns is nothing more than a blood sucking product of this machine that is too afraid to fail". Embarrassing.
  2. ThePrince as world champ would be nice... but... it's so weird. you are telling us that Roman is not accepting Cenas challenge because he is potentially or is afraid of him, but he does accept Finns challenge, which would automatically put Finn beneath Cena, because Roman isn't afraid of him. Sure it will be Roman yapping about how Cena doesn't deserve the shot and all that meta stuff, but ultimately the story is that Roman is afraid of John...
  3. imagine going to RAW in 2021 and cheering Goldberg lmao instead of building up Limitless vs All Mighty, the Limitless loses to the champion the first night back and you bring back Goldberg after him, wtf man... Kross and NXT, jesus... I can see if Vince or whovere doesn't see much in Kross, but you have to be an idiot to book something like this. Can't even imagine hoe would they treat Aadam Cole....
  4. I've read about opinions how fans wouldn't like Drew winning it, and I am not sure about what it is based on... I mean, I get how he has been on top for a minute now, but would they literally boo it? Can't see it. Or boo Drew asa face in general lol
  5. for some reason now I'm expecting Cena to win the MITB
  6. so they bing back Finn and just revert him back to the way he was before returning to NXT lmao
  7. what a compelling narrative, who is more beautiful.
  8. So... all they see in Nakamura is his movements and all that. no promo, no nothing, just him doing moves or whatever. no kind of personality or character.
  9. no idea where was it on this forum or somewhere but I think I read that dude from Rancid is gonna do her theme song.
  10. even though Mitb concept has been killed years ago... please not Edge lol there was no need for him to win the rumble, and there is no need for him win mitb
  11. the clause is complete bullshit when you are released out of nowhere, budget cuts or whatever kind of circuimstance you had no part with. I can understand if a wrestler quits or something like that. but to get fired like that and then have a rule you can't work? lmao. yeah, *Censored* off. that should be ilegal, end off.
  12. Kross was always annoying to me, but at thisnpointbI'm just laughing
  13. Joe coming out as some no bullshit type of authority figure, which Regal basically already was, would be fun. Especially if that allows him to have physical altercations but not necesseraly matches. Joes promo game is always about him staring you down and making you believe he will kick the shit out of you. Wouldn't mind him beating Kross either. Even though I think KOR should have been the one to do it 1 on 1. I just don't get the point of these kind of matches where you put everbody in and have Kross beat them. I guess they aren't planning on him feuding with anybody other than KOR down the line, whom by the way wasn't supposed to be the one who gets chocked out. Maybe they did plan to refresh the scene after this anyway, it would make sense then. And it's badly needed. NXT always thrived due to exciting new signings and challengers, I guess that's why they are fumbling right now..
  14. just cought up with the last couple of weeks.... Cole is just another level in terms of presence and charisma. His promo game has been top notch these past year/year and a half. He speaks with so much confidence and conviction too. His promo with Kross even reminded me a bit of CM Punk and his heel run or ssomething when he yells at your face.
  15. that's a pretty convincing statement... but then I was in the camp of doubting the allegatiions. though the frst part is a bit weird... like, you wanted to stay true to your character and edginess of it as in risking alledging yourself as a sexual predator? I mean, get what he was saying, but it's a bit weird. and it may sound stupid and weird (maybe the wrong words), but what he was writting kinda also follows my logic about what possibly was going on, especially around Josh Fuller. he shared a lot of specific information and details too. IF all this is true... that it's majorly *censored*ed up. even though it may not be directly the reason for his release, I can see it influencing his attitude towards everything and his rumored unprofessional behaviour. in wrestling terms, he was and is still very young. and if all this is true, they all pretty much *censored*ed up due to not wanting to deal with a touchy subject like this due to "bad PR" and everything. in terms of, yes, Patrick Clark was being naive or however you want to call it, but a good employer especially if you see him as someone who would bring you money down the line... you stick by him and try to clear up the mess and not tippy toe around it. why? because wrestling fans are idiots and it would create just more controversy which you don't want to deal with it? Yes HHH was trying to be clear, but it was still brushing away with it and hoping it will go away for some reason, which was impossible. and they were obviously convinced he hasn't done anything wrong in that case. people wanted Dream to be fired due to allegations which weren't proven, and obviously couldn't have been. WWE did not have grounds to fire him due to that reason, would probably even risk a lawsuit down the line.
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