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  1. tbh if Jimmy joins him, the whole "bloodline" thing is gonna get prolonged waaaay too long. they are just gonna run the Roman thing way down into the ground.
  2. yeah, don't like that either
  3. Cesaro has looked liked such a doofous against Roman, and it's shitty when you know when he isn't beating Roman anyway.
  4. yeah, my comment was more in jest really. using the photo is not the issue by itself, the wording how she is a "grown woman now" and in line with a photo like that made it weird.
  5. that's one weird ass tweet. wtf Santino
  6. of course they are not the same they were 3-4 years ago. nor am I expecting them to be. and it's not about "sports entertainment" or "wrestling" oriented really. It's the fact that their first and foremost role isn't developemntal anymore. the format changed when they stopped shooting a month in advance, and when they went 2 hours. so with that, you run the show completely differently. the main difference what still sets NXT from SD/RAW is that the shows aren't just filler shit from one PPV to the next, which RAW and SD really are. But ok, back to comparing the "wrestling" and "sports entertainment" aspect. I'm not saying that it's not true at all what you are saying, it is to a degree. but it was always going to be that way with them getting bigger and going live. I'm not saying I like it either. but you have taken some examples, where there are good examples also of aspects that were in the past 2 years give or take, more wrestling oriented. Let's say it was a mix. Especially whole Finns run. But yeah, is Kross with his shit an example of what the new "era" will look like? Possibly, and I don't like it. Hopefully it's just him and they move on from him, cus I don't see any other main stars on the show that follows the same formula. I think you are overreacting with: "a barrage of bad formulaic matches". I mean yeah, the wrestling surely wasn't up to the standard that they've set for them, but it was always really really high, especially what we saw on TOs where they pushed the envelope with every show, which was unreal. But on the weekly show... yeah, I get what you are saying, but it's not like there weren't there before. In fact maybe there wasn't, beacuse it was half the size production in terms of show lenght and talent available. In terms of characters you've mentioned... can't call myself a big of all of those. But Garganno did all there was to do in NXT, so comedic gimmick was the only way he could go, other than the RAW/SD where he would have no chance. Austin Theory, nothing that stood out about him, other than his "athletic ability", so I'm fine with him getting some stuff to do there, as he was moved from RAW due to allegations most likely. Shotzi, The Way, Grimes, can't say I find it funny or cool, but I understand why they are doing it. Dexter Lumis, was not a fan due to boring ring work but he is starting to grow on me. Tyler Rust, lol notsure what you can do with that guy yet. New star? Come on. LA Knight, hope we never have to take him seriously tbh. As for Priest... not sure how NXT botched it. He was never NXT title type material. he lingered a bit too long with Garganno sure, but they obviously wanted him to move on to RAW for whatever reason. but could have he been bigger in NXT? Eh, not sure he would take a loss to Finn or Kross and that's it. Sorry for the long post, since I don't post often I kinda got into it lol Not saying I completely disagree with you on things, but just trying to give some perspective. Cus I can't say it's just THAT bad, even though it's obviously worse. I see how they are trying to do with SD something... but it's just seems like a lot of creative heabutts from different sides and some compromises that are going nowhere. NXT s obviously a mix that wants to balance things out but they are struggling. It's still the only show that's watchable for me at least.
  7. Toni Storm is still pretty young. 25 to be exact. I mean I get the point about losses and everything, and she almost somewhat becoming a "veteran" of NXT, but it really isn't like she is becoming a lost cause... And I agree she shouldn't have turned heel, especially since they are low on single babyfaces. Wha t I want to say is, in NXT things can be turned around way more efficiently than on RAW/SD. And saying NXT booking is on to becoming SD/RAW is overreacting tbh. I think they have hit a rough patch in terms where, before, they had new and exciting signings, superstars were being promoted to the main roster etc. It had a distinct flow and was always fresh. Now they don't have that anymore. And they have booked themselves in a corner. In mens division, Kross is champion, I couldn't care less about him, and the only challenger is KOR. And if Kross beats him, he has no one that could step up to him. Raquel... yeah she was on a good run and everything, but it's also confusing on why is she champion and where do they wanna go with it. And tbh, imo she shouldn't have gotten the title. I guess the feud with Dakota Kai the plan, but eh... it's also weird as hell where she is the champion but still looks like her bodyguard or whatever. All in all, my point is, the problems of NXT booking is really different than RAW or SD. And they can turn things around with the talent they have and with some decent booking decisions much more easily than the other 2. to say those two are lacking fresh faces would be a massive understatement. can't say I have interest in anybody there or that I can see anything that would be considered even remotely fresh. those few that have moved from NXT recently, like Riddle and Lee are jokes. even if Keith Lee gets back and steps up... I have no faith whatsoever they will handle him correctly. And Aleister... well I thought there is no hope he will be back, and this character work can have potential, and could b a reason why they moved from Seths "jesus type" gimmick. But then again...why would I care? he will be tsuck in some random midcard feuds at best. And nobody is there who can step up to Roman, and God know for how long they will continue to rinse and repeat this stuff. Cesaro ain't beating him that's for sure.
  8. Edge is probably going to screw Bryan.
  9. was LA Knight always imititating The Rock or? Like, was that his style in Impact too? it's hard not to see it tbh, his cadence is spot on lol
  10. the finish was bad, it didn't look like a real distraction lol loses like these don't really matter since they only serve the "revenge" part in the feud.
  11. and at the same time iirc he was talking about how he wants to wrestle less now and go more part time. mainly due to wanting to be more with his family. don't remember even indicating he would leave WWE completely. and tbh I don't see a reason why he would.
  12. Bryan is not retiring, what sendoff? he has been talking about being part time for a while now, since at least before Royal Rumble.
  13. Sarray is intriguing in terms of how will they approach her. She is also only 25. It's interesting also how when one major japanese star move on, they bring another almost immediately. Asuka - Kairi - Io - Sarray.
  14. shithousery around the Super League talk. as a Liverpool fan whose club would be one of the front runners of the whole ordeal, it's *censored*ing disgusting.
  15. not sure why are you saying "budget cuts" is a BS reason and saying "we have no use for you" somehow makes it better. they are not mutually exclusive. paying up bonuses while making budget cuts is just in line with their policy. and most big companies/corporations. it's shitty, don't get me wrong, but hardly a surprise. if they have no plan on using Bllie Kay and Peyton Royce for example, it makes they would axe them. Or any person on that list. However, it's BS that they can't see that Samoa Joe is a talent worth keeping for example. Unless he wanted to go too.
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