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  1. I only saw that dude Pat Mcafee 3 times I think: 1. NXT invasion of SD where he was on commentary IIRC on some matches, and I was impressed how good he sold NXT. Usually those ex football stars or whoever will be cringey or just annoying, so he kinda surpsrised me. 2. His show where Cole was the guest. I was again impressed with how natural it all is to him, and was looking forward to the story. 3. Last night, he was a certified douche. And I liked the whole angle. The only thing I am not a fan of, is the potential match between them. But I'm keeping an open mind, since this is obviously an attempt to make Cole more sympathetic. And I can see the UE getting into "it's all about Cole" mode. And I *censored*in' missed O'Reiley. So glad to see him back.
  2. never heard about Bloodsport, but I've checked it out. if it was something along those lines and more serious production wise... maybe I would be open to the idea. this was just far too silly, gimmicky, came in totally random and far too phony. and I kinda do like how the talent is working the "Hurt busines", but I don't like the all black aspect of it. And I know MVP is constantly talking how they are all friends etc etc, but it doesn't feel right. And so far, he/they have recruited or tried to recruit only black people and feuded with... black people, Apollo and R-Truth. Idk, it's just all so weird. And to see Tozawa doing no effect rapid punches on Shelton Benjamin... dressed as a ninja... what the actual *Censored*? The only good parts were Drew vs Orton promos, I think they killed that and it's a good wrestling story that will result in a potentialy great match. No nonsense, 2 characters that were built up for a while now, clashing over a top title. Shame that Drews momentum kinda slowed down a bit, but that happens literally every time Ziggler gets thrown in championship feuds. And that Shayna vs Asuka interaction was cool. I can see the talent is actually performing on a really good level, but the overall direction of the show is shit and on a downward spiral. And even though it was tedious and has been tedious to watch for a long while (too long), it really began to fall apart when they gave Pritchard double duty. I think his job would have to be a nightmare right now. Not to mention that 3h aspect of RAW which has been a problem since it's inception and it's becoming a bigger problem as time goes by. And the Molotovs... JFC.
  3. I read somewhere how this made look Brawl for All like a genius idea, and I kinda agree.
  4. Big E with the Stretch Muffler, nice! And yeah, that Fiend and Alexa segment was dope. Like how the tension was very viable.
  5. O'Riley is back! Can't say I expected UE back in this fashion. With Cole being more concerned about the group and going after the tag titles again.
  6. they are nothing like the Nation though... I mean, aren't they called "The Hurt Busines"?
  7. The eye thing should have stopped with Rey really. And the thing is, I can't see Black coming out on top against Seth as he should. And they have faced eachother a couple of times already anyway, this is igonna be dragged out like Owens and Rey again... I can also see Aleister Black just fade away after a while, no pun intended. And yeah, "Dominik Mysterio" as a name that he gets reffered by is so lame. RAW is again becoming a mess. Happens everytime when something sets a fire under their ass and they scramble. Drew vs Orton, I like that though. Both guys are on a role, even though Drews momentum kinda missed a beat with Ziggler, but no surprise since that always happens when he is involved. And I don't get why MVP is the champ? wasn't he supposed to be Lashleys manager? I hate when they do these kind of things. And I'm iffy on the fact that if MVP has to have a group... it has to be all black, and that he approaches only black people.
  8. I would love to see a Oney push with NA title. Tbh, I don't think I have cared for a single NA titlr run thus far. VD was cool, but the title did nothing for him and he didn't do much for the title either. Strong had some dope matches with it though. I think they still haven't properly established it, it's always just kinda there and that's it. Keith Lee giving *Censored* all and just let it go also didn't help that lmao
  9. That looked like Paddys Pub to me. Hopefully they go all out with Big E, but I doubt they will. For some reason I always remember when Lesnar first appeared to confront Kofi, Big Es reaction was so dope to me. Getting pumped up, ready to kick Lesnars ass. If they would want to, they could still book him a dominant force. A huge plus is his personality that has kinda been established, but there is so much more room to grow even more as a singles guy.
  10. Just saw it, and loved every second of it, lmao I mean, the way they have set it up with Pat talking about bruises in the ring... and everything after that was to put Cole down. I think they might be working for Cole to distance himself from the UE as him wanting to prove himself on his own. Even though, I think argument could be made that he was never dependent on them in such a big way as some heels do with their group.
  11. wouldn't mind that really.
  12. AONO.


    so basically still a kid... lmao
  13. AONO.

    WWE Drama

    I know... that's what I mean when I said "they", I reffered to AJ and G&A. Idk, but I can see Vince try to shift the blame to someone since AJ would be on his ass about it, and he is a valuable commodity to him. But then again, would he outright like? lmao. it's weird really. But like I said, thing lacks context really, since Heyman actually got them what he promised them before. FTR actually said they were both bullshitters, but Bruce "respected them more". But it's all so very vague tbh. Later they said they don't envy their position and that they can understand it.
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