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  1. I suppose they changed it because they want to brand it and secure it, the things is, he has pretty good legacy already... how do you even explain this? a name change out of the blue... then agan it's WWE lol but seriuosly no ideas less goofy than GUNTHER?
  2. Hit Row is/was corny from the start. I was waiting for a gimmick like that or something, it's needed, but the implementation is... eh. A lot of times it just comes off as awkward. But then again, musician gimmick are always weird. I mean, Swerve just suddenly became a rapper or Adonis a producer, or... whatever. But they are not really musicians, they are wrestlers? Why are they fighting? Are they actually making any music?
  3. I get that they wanted to take a different direction, fresh look and whatnot but this reset is just random. Definetely regressed in terms of presentation. Why not hold on to CWC name? Why the look of a small studio show with the bright lights showing everything and tearing down the evolution of NXT? I mean get it, but it's shitty. Of all the things that needed a hard reset NXT wasn't it lol. Tweaking, sure, but idk. It was fun to watch NXT as it grew and constantly evolve, but this is just another thing that makes sense for the factory but little for consumer. It's not fun. It would be interesting to see HHHs perspective on all this. He is a company man, sure, and he pribably sees things in this as good too, but this feels like they wanted to put him in his place and tell him that he went too far with his vision.
  4. no need to have it closer to Mania. but the problem is it came out of the blue, especially when he was never even on RAW untill now lol and Randy "politicking" his way to have the shot earlier made no sense either. it's sad they have to scramble like this, but they have done it for the gazillionth time already anyway
  5. Creed brothers looking good. Fan of them starting like this with the simplest of presentations.
  6. AONO.

    WWE Drama

    Coles promo is at the top in the whole company right now. You can feel the intensity and how he believes what he is saying.
  7. repackaging, lmao yeah Cole is out and AEW bound for sure. such a freaking shame.
  8. realeasing Bronson Reed is beyond puzzling. what the hell are you trying to achieve with that?
  9. budget cuts on a character they were looking to make merch on every thing possible lol and it sold. end to end the gimmick on the note that it did, embarassing.
  10. no idea where was it on this forum or somewhere but I think I read that dude from Rancid is gonna do her theme song.
  11. the clause is complete bullshit when you are released out of nowhere, budget cuts or whatever kind of circuimstance you had no part with. I can understand if a wrestler quits or something like that. but to get fired like that and then have a rule you can't work? lmao. yeah, *Censored* off. that should be ilegal, end off.
  12. that's a pretty convincing statement... but then I was in the camp of doubting the allegatiions. though the frst part is a bit weird... like, you wanted to stay true to your character and edginess of it as in risking alledging yourself as a sexual predator? I mean, get what he was saying, but it's a bit weird. and it may sound stupid and weird (maybe the wrong words), but what he was writting kinda also follows my logic about what possibly was going on, especially around Josh Fuller. he shared a lot of specific information and details too. IF all this is true... that it's majorly *censored*ed up. even though it may not be directly the reason for his release, I can see it influencing his attitude towards everything and his rumored unprofessional behaviour. in wrestling terms, he was and is still very young. and if all this is true, they all pretty much *censored*ed up due to not wanting to deal with a touchy subject like this due to "bad PR" and everything. in terms of, yes, Patrick Clark was being naive or however you want to call it, but a good employer especially if you see him as someone who would bring you money down the line... you stick by him and try to clear up the mess and not tippy toe around it. why? because wrestling fans are idiots and it would create just more controversy which you don't want to deal with it? Yes HHH was trying to be clear, but it was still brushing away with it and hoping it will go away for some reason, which was impossible. and they were obviously convinced he hasn't done anything wrong in that case. people wanted Dream to be fired due to allegations which weren't proven, and obviously couldn't have been. WWE did not have grounds to fire him due to that reason, would probably even risk a lawsuit down the line.
  13. shithousery around the Super League talk. as a Liverpool fan whose club would be one of the front runners of the whole ordeal, it's *censored*ing disgusting.
  14. not sure why are you saying "budget cuts" is a BS reason and saying "we have no use for you" somehow makes it better. they are not mutually exclusive. paying up bonuses while making budget cuts is just in line with their policy. and most big companies/corporations. it's shitty, don't get me wrong, but hardly a surprise. if they have no plan on using Bllie Kay and Peyton Royce for example, it makes they would axe them. Or any person on that list. However, it's BS that they can't see that Samoa Joe is a talent worth keeping for example. Unless he wanted to go too.
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