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  1. guess they listened to me. that match is stealing the show... not that it's going to be hard... but still. Edge and Orton will probably put some memorable stuff despite everything.
  2. wouldn't be surprised if it's Lesnar tbh. Just scrap the match, vacate the the title, and retire Berg. Or retire the belt with him at this point. I doubt anybody would care anyway. I'm glad that Roman thinks about his health first and foremost. And I know I always shat on The Fiend vs Roman, but have they booked it... this wouldn't look as bad. It would be just one more "oh damn" situations where everything could continue with a new challenger. Now it just looks pathetic.
  3. tear gas maybe, I don't know which exact videos are you referencing though. But I know where police was battering a man on a motorbike or something with some long sticks... which proved to be old and no connection with the situation.
  4. I like the idea of just giving Garganno and Ciampa the whole arena to do whatever the *Censored* they want... But it's probably just going to lead to Killer Cross interupting it in the end, and we are not gonna have a winner of the feud again. Hopefully he just picks the pieces of it or whatever. Really not interested in that dude. I tried watching his match with Brian Cage, and it was like I was watching those green and red dudes when you make your moveset in the game.
  5. I can totally see Brock winning now for some reason.
  6. I would say he does't believe in anything really.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/24/coronavirus-cure-kills-man-after-trump-touts-chloroquine-phosphate https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/24/us-may-become-centre-of-coronavirus-pandemic-who-says “This is not a country that was built for this.” Well, no shit.
  8. tbh, he can't just "start up the country", because if everythings should go back to normal a couple of weeks, at least 70% of the population would be infected. What he is saying, is just impossible. Besides the fact that the epidemic is nowhere near slowing down, nor nowhere near it's peak. And with his, or their, idiotic behaviour they are just prolonging the effects and consequences. That's why I said he is just spouting moronic gibberish like always.
  9. they should have put Cole vs Dream at WM, instead Black vs Lashley for example.
  10. yeah, I really doubt the whole roster is at disposal. and even though it sounds like a random RAW match, Black vs Lashley sounds like a good "opposite worlds" matchup.
  11. who is Brendan Vink? lmao So they broke TM61, got Thorne a singles Run, just to put him back in a team again... AJ is deff one of my favorites with promos.
  12. he won't. he is just spouting moronic shit as before... as always. Barr, with having to listen to that crap, looked like he got stupider with every new sentence coming out of Trumps mouth. lmao And at the same time incredibly sad and tired.
  13. wait, I thought this was the WWE show discussion at that these matches were announced for RAW, lmao well... this interesting purely wrestling wise.
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