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  1. I expected that finish, but it looked even better than in my head. kudos. glad for them that they got the time. and tbh, I think Sheamus would be rated differently if he was in Japan. He is so damn consistent with his work for years, he is low key under appreciated.
  2. very sound match to be fair.
  3. AONO.

    WWE Drama

    I try te refrain myself from using that term, but... that whole list is just super cringe.
  4. Afrocentric character and color me surprised... he is a heel. Why couldn't he be all this, and have this "edge", but be a babyface? Also, what this is saying since he is doing this after he is tired of being a "nice guy" with no personality... that that was actually good... and being proud of your heritage is, well then, bad.
  5. Hmmm guess they don't expect Bobby Fish back so soon. I'm liking this so far.
  6. oh, ok, that might be interesting then I guess. Not sure if he has that good of a diction for it though. maybe "diction" isn't the right word... but je always talks like he has a full mouth, and not exactly "clear".
  7. That's... weird to say the least. He was obviously a bore in WWE for years and years now, But I guess he thinks he still has something in him?
  8. not sure how many times they did the same thing over and over again. Ric Flair appears, after a few months he either gets slapped or yelled at and goes away. Rinse, repeat. Her "gimmick" is that she is his daughter, if not, or when it's not, her "gimmick" is that she is the best. And all they have to do is giver her some more accolades and titles to do that part. She doesn't really have "character".
  9. all this cunundrum just so Drew can "win again in front of the fans", is absolutely not worth it. It also doesn't make sense, since it's not the same taking it off from Bobby Lashley (who I don't mind in general), after a month long reign... and Brock Lesnar after all the shit he was pulling and Drew winning a Royal Rumble. Not to mention he is already main part of RAW as a dominant champion for almost a year now (not counting the Orton interuption). If they wanted to do it, then he could have lost it in the chamber and regain it at WM. But you would have to think about that at least a month or so in advance and not scramble in the last minute. Wonder what the rest of the SD will be doing too... since Roman is doing what he is doing and Edge just swooped in.
  10. so what was the point of SD elimination chamber? Roman didn't have enough heat already? whats the end game with Edge? he isn't wrestling full time, so I very much doubt he is winning, and even if he does... he still isn't wrestling enough to be a champion. And if Roman wins... ok, he killed the whole roster in like, half a year. what then? Brock v 2.0 reign? Raw is such a sad state overall lmao
  11. because we haven't already had a Drew vs Lashley? Because now you waste a month for Drew to get the title back just for a random Lashley feud for WM, with a month build up?
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