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  1. Sounding like he was caught in a riptide. Truly a shame, he was far too young.
  2. Commentators made a point of saying that Brodie had taken it in his possession.
  3. I wonder if he was the one who rescued Ming Na Wen's character at the end of episode five. Completely unnecessary and the idea that Mando is bringing back all these former characters is a little lame. Can't they just tell a new story for once? I'll reserve my judgement for when I see the show, but I really hope they focus too much on him or Asoka.
  4. Sweet. Should be a fun watch after a long weekend in the hellhole that is work.
  5. Brandi would not have done it if she wasn't cool with it. She was also wearing shorts, not a skirt. She knew it was a possibility and signed off on it. Super hyped for Brodie getting a title shot, I just wish his and Archer's stories had been reversed.
  6. Entrance was cool, Scarlett was cool, but I had no idea what Killer Kross looked like before this and I almost burst out laughing. Dude looks like a meth addict.
  7. What a pointless reply.
  8. So the Skywalkers should be in Mandalorian? Just because they are iconic doesn't mean you have to keep dragging them through the mud. The fact that they keep involving them just proves that they are creatively bankrupt, not the other way around. They are only central to the universe because that's what you have been told by those too afraid to do Star Wars about anything else.
  9. Judas is just a fun singalong when you're live. Its generally a crappy song otherwise...Fozzy aren't great. Break is iconic.
  10. Oh god no more god damn Skywalker shit. No one cares about Kylo having kids Do something else, they literally have a whole galaxy to play with
  11. He is the perfect choice to breathe new life into it.
  12. Dream match means nothing anymore
  13. New force powers aren't changes. They are convenient plot devices. I do agree that Last Jedi exists to subvert expectations, but ultimately they didn't even do that. So they showed some new space magic stuff, but the movie ended up going back on itself and remained the same generic good vs. evil that they said it wasn't. They blatantly lied to their audience during promo junkets (though it's to be expected), but saying shit like: 'it's a whole new direction for the franchise!' 'Star Wars will never be the same!' except it was the same. I imagine the changes they ultimately pretended to make was Rian Johnson trying to put a new spin on things, but the Disney hammer came crashing down because they got too frightened about trying new things. They got frightened of trying new things because they did not have an overall vision for what the trilogy was. They winged it with every movie, and failed to do anything cohesive. JJ Abrams (who really shouldn't write his own shit anymore) was left to pick up the pieces of a mismatched story, and rushed to do so. They needed a Kevin Feige figure to watch over things, and keep things cohesive. I was genuinely surprised to learn that they had no plans for the trilogy and went ahead with them anyway. Especially after the MCU is handled so well. Now that apparently Taika Wahtiti has been given a Star Wars movie to co-write and direct...they really need to just let the creator be creative. Let him pull a James Gunn or, himself on Thor: Ragnarok. Let them create and do what they do best. They do it in another major franchise, no reason why they can't do it here. I firmly think Last Jedi is the worst movie of the whole franchise, even worse than Attack of The Clones. Poor writing, bad story structure, crappy action, and poor attempts at shock value. I mean thank god for Mando really.
  14. No, I mean the Last Jedi. I'm genuinely curious to know what interesting "sheeit" changed? Aside from some random new force powers...what changed? Because they pretended to shake things up, but nothing was permanent, or really mattered. It was a giant waste of time. If they wanted to do another good vs. evil movie, then do one.
  15. Creepia

    WWE Drama

    Watch wrestling fans conform to every stereotype and actually attend these shows. I swear America is actively trying to encourage more deaths.
  16. Aleister Black winning Money in The Bank wouldn't fit? Lmao WHAT. An uber talented upper midcard player on the cusp of main eventing during a recent push is not fit to win Money In The Bank? He is literally what the whole idea was designed for.
  17. Come to think about it... Rey was an entirely pointless character. The recent trilogy should have focussed entirely on Kylo and his struggle with his virtuous Skywalker/Solo heritage and wanting to live up to Vader's name with Snoke pulling his dark side strings. The Last Jedi teased an evolved state of force user, something neither Jedi nor Sith, and that is what Kylo's legacy should have been. An evolved force user for a new generation of Star Wars. Of course The Last Jedi got too scared of changing too much and reverted back to the same old bollocks where nothing changed or progressed and it all felt like a waste of time. If Disney wanted to seem passive progressive and have a female lead, then there was no reason Kylo couldn't have been female.
  18. Creepia

    Mount Rushmore

    Erick Rowan Rusev Shark Boy Booker T And I'm not joking. I started watching wrestling in 2006 because TNA was on free TV here. I thought Shark Boy was dumb and fun. I then went onto watch hundreds of hours of wrestling via the internet and Booker T became a favourite. Rowan and Rusev have been my top favourites in recent years.
  19. I like Cody a lot, but I want one match of his to end cleanly without manager *censored*ery or dusty finishes. Lance Archer is a S.T.A.R
  20. Uh no, it's going to be Murphy and he's just gonna give Rollins the briefcase.
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