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GRPW vs LIMITLESS - The CAWs Emporium - Johnny Graves & Aaron Everett Added to GRPW Roster

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Working on Isaac Croft just for the hell of it. At the moment I'm struggling making the shirt i'm giving him look halfway decent thanks to 2Ks weird refusal to just let us change material on custom logos and this stupid *censored*ing line down the back of every clothing item if you put a logo over it.


(Why yes I did take the skull off google, and why yes, it is because i'm unbelievably lazy. Why do ya ask?)


In other news, the more I use the new kneeling double underhook facebuster on Johnny Graves, the more i'm tempted to give it to Brandon X instead and give Graves the double underhook brainbuster.

Edited by BrandonX

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