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  1. keep us informed and updated
  2. I am good and have been making logos and whatnot, though 21 has the new moves but 19 is more stable..
  3. I still cant get the damn image uploader to work..
  4. For your gambler character look to past fictional gamblers for ideas name wise
  5. i want harpers friends and family to have their privacy. I dont care how he died, but that he is no longer with us and I will not get to see him with bray and the others on down the road or wherever else he would have gone for example. The AEW show was class.
  6. also good points. I have been doing that too, ell logo and face wise..
  7. I have been making logos and such as I cant upload anything to 19 or 20 because the stupid logo worker will not work for me. Its heart warming to see your making stuff still in 20.
  8. Also they want Taker to teach at NXT and he loves the idea.
  9. all of this stuff has made me love Taker more.
  10. the paul tribute got me misty, as I think he would have loved it.
  11. Shouldnt Hogan also be there and also it would have been cool kinda to see Sting vs Taker but we were robbed of that.
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