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  1. Also they want Taker to teach at NXT and he loves the idea.
  2. all of this stuff has made me love Taker more.
  3. the paul tribute got me misty, as I think he would have loved it.
  4. Shouldnt Hogan also be there and also it would have been cool kinda to see Sting vs Taker but we were robbed of that.
  5. My pops always wanted Taker to retire as the WWE champ at wrestlemania.
  6. WTF, come on, do that cool piano version of his theme song..
  7. Paul is there in spirit along with Yoko.
  8. most of the BSK is there save for Yoko, RIP.
  9. Foley has The Zeb Coulter beard, and The Godfather !
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