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  1. reigns trash talking, calling strowman a monster only when he isnt around and wyatt a punk **** who hides behind a mask lol..
  2. I have updated Ivan's attire, as I was inspired by Kieth's look. just check BPW or RNR to find it. The Bag Face is now the PPV look ala The Fiend.
  3. Brock is up next.. this honestly does not suprise me about Brock.
  4. it will be a different landscape when the smoke clears from the fall out from all of this.
  5. Im agreeing with everyone's comments about dream being the one with the most solid evidence against him it's dream. When I first herd about his first allegations, I was like the dream is over.
  6. wow. the fall out from this will not be pretty.
  7. ok, thanks. I will have to try that and see if it works, as im sorta having trouble with a sleeve atm for one of my CAWS and was wondering how people did theirs.
  8. Question, how do you do the full arm sleeves ? do you do them in two parts and what sizes do you make them ?
  9. so basically they are not going to fix 20's shitty connection problems and I can not upload anything to either 19 or 20 and am stuck with what I have on my game.. wonderful.. that is also a pr stunt that ammounts to "sorry we took your money, this game is shitty, but hey, the next game might be cooler.."
  10. as a victim of bullying in the past, well people can be assholes at times. My heart goes out to her mum, friends and family. RIP.
  11. For Gary change the following: close range strike: forearm smash 2 then: forearm smash 1 roundhousekick 6 key lock combo 1 overhand chop 3 key lock combo 3 then forearm smash 1 body punch 3 body punch 4 low kick 2
  12. I have had surgery on both of my achilles tendons, my heart goes ot to Ember and a quick recovery.
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