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  1. I still cant get the damn image uploader to work..
  2. For your gambler character look to past fictional gamblers for ideas name wise
  3. also good points. I have been doing that too, ell logo and face wise..
  4. I have been making logos and such as I cant upload anything to 19 or 20 because the stupid logo worker will not work for me. Its heart warming to see your making stuff still in 20.
  5. from what she said, the only fans was for cosplay.
  6. nope, but the fear of unions doesn't suprise me as working in retail, the security cameras in most stores, like walmart are not for the customers security or for shoplifters. they are apart of the anti union package and are there for employees to catch them talking about a union.
  7. more on vega: https://nodq.com/news/607315174.shtml but that doesnt suprise me, but as Corney said, the WWE is the only wrestling company that could do a wrestling union and should have had one if it wasnt for Hogan.
  8. ok, thanks. I will have to try that and see if it works, as im sorta having trouble with a sleeve atm for one of my CAWS and was wondering how people did theirs.
  9. Question, how do you do the full arm sleeves ? do you do them in two parts and what sizes do you make them ?
  10. so basically they are not going to fix 20's shitty connection problems and I can not upload anything to either 19 or 20 and am stuck with what I have on my game.. wonderful.. that is also a pr stunt that ammounts to "sorry we took your money, this game is shitty, but hey, the next game might be cooler.."
  11. Owen's son looks like him and Athena looks like Martha. And I agree with Bret's statements about martha and this situation also due to the comments that the WWE's lawyer said about that lawsuit as well. But yeah that settles it. Owen is never going into the WWE HoF sad to say. On WWE manipulating members of the Hart family to go against her "Her and her lawyer, in reality, had tried to get the members of the Hart family, Owen's brothers and sisters, to sign a document in which they would agree to support Martha and her case and they would not talk to WWE. In exchange for that, they were all promised a share of any verdict or settlement, which is highly illegal, completely improper and you can get in big trouble for that. What happened was some of the members of the Hart family were offended by this because they realized this was wrong. ... They knew this was wrong and they faxed me those documents, which I fell out of the chair when I read them. I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me. This is completely illegal, you can't do this stuff.' All of that was then brought to the attention of the judge in Kansas City." On Martha's claims that that justice, not money, was the driving force behind the lawsuit "She talked about how $18 million settlement, she didn't really want to do that, she wanted justice. Again, that's just not true. There was court-ordered mediation. We went to the mediation, and her lawyers were demanding $35 million and some admission of punitive damages. Vince told her right there, 'Look, Martha, I feel so bad for what happened. I feel responsible because this happened on my watch. I want to take care of you and your family, I loved Owen.' He was almost crying. We offered $17 million to take care of her. How many times does a CEO walk in a room and say he feels responsible? 'I'm not going to argue, I just feel responsible for what happened.' They turned it down; they wanted to go to court for their $35 million. Fine, we'll go and litigate. The next day, I get a call from her Canadian lawyer, saying they didn't want to do it because they knew what they were facing with the other things I talked about. They said, 'If you could put a little more money in. If you can go to $18 million we'll settle right now.' That's how the settlement went down."
  12. Rekka_N0_Ryo

    WWE Drama

    here's an article about the WWE's laywer in response to CBS's Martha Hart Interview: https://rajah.com/node/wwes-lawyer-jerry-mcdevitt-fires-back-martha-harts-accusations
  13. where is logan at ? as could she be under one of those masks ? And Bazler vs Nattie was ouch
  14. rollins looks like he is about to go door to door to spread the good news.
  15. I would go back to 19 if I was able to upload logos but the 2k server has not worked for either 19 or 20 for me in a few months and is an ongoing issue that is being "worked on" by the dev team.
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