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  1. http://www.ddsconverter.com/ is what I use or I use IfranView to view them. Both are free programs.
  2. I think it might be late or delayed, but they will put it out.
  3. where's foley's sweet shin music, as has it been renamed ?
  4. the face drawing goes on the front of the bag , just line it up where goes where. I would upload it but the image uploader doesnt work for me and hasnt since one of the updates. 2k says it's a big that the dev's are working on. As for the Hurt/Heal Left is Heal Right is Hurt so thats correct and thanks
  5. I wish i I could upload stuff to my game, but the damn site isnt working.
  6. yeah, the deluxe edt is worth it for the 25 euros. I would get it for that price.
  7. Yeah, as this game is a hot mess. I cant even use the image uploader, as the dev's are still trying to fix it. The CAA logo thing is still there, as I downloaded 4 rings and none of the logos were there for example, but yeah, if you can get it for under $ 20 like I did on black friday, ( got mine for 30) then dont bother with it.
  8. War, here are the official job squad logos: https://ibb.co/qWGy8jK https://ibb.co/kX7GTwS enjoy
  9. Yes, you have to share accounts or is it profiles. I forget but it's one of the two.
  10. pat is correct in his comments about Ivan, as for the mask, it is a spoof on Bray as the Fiend. Hence the Hurt/Heal Gloves which are in his screen shot and like Gary's tattoo not visible elsewhere, so here they are: https://ibb.co/RN7r2gY https://ibb.co/NZ2tnCD As for which sandwich, Bob's Big Boy With Fries and Extra Cheese & Bacon or The Luther Burger. Also here is the face that goes on the front of the bag mask: https://ibb.co/T83nL4v also as you can see from the previous pictures, here is gary's missing side tattoo: https://ibb.co/MMNTg5Y And Tristan and Gary are both from Long Beach.
  11. the ONLY reason I got this game was I got the deluxe on black friday for under $ 30. If that was not the case, I would not have gotten it and just stuck with 19.
  12. X or Broke https://ibb.co/M9RMH0y (left arm tattoo) https://ibb.co/3Crw67m (left shoulder tattoo)
  13. Agreed Graeme, I thought that was stupid to lock caw parts. And having to go through 2 pages worth of objectives per match or whatnot is for the birds.
  14. I actually hate the fact that you have to play through everything in the towers that I did not ask for, nore want in a WWE game, to unlock stuff that the accelerator is suppose to do. As that is the option for those that dont want to, have the accelerator do it and bam.
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