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Found 7 results

  1. Formerly known as the GMPorium, but since I'm not using that name anymore, and introducing a competing brand vs GRPW, welcome. Of course, this is just a placeholder while I wait for my copy to arrive. So, lets go! VS GRPW Roster Project Wrestling Roster LIMITLESS Pro Wrestling Roster
  2. Hello to all of you beautiful people out there! I am pleased to announce the beginning of a new set of creations by yours truly, one of which has taken around two years to fully complete. You can find these and a few other items that I have available on there by looking up my username (Shawny). The tags to find the ten pack of Hogans are listed as followed: Shawny's Creation Suite, CAWS.ws/Smacktalks.org, Hulk Hogan, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and Mr. America. As for the ten sets, this is the order that they are in: WCW Hulkster ('95 & '00), WCW Hollywood Hogan (nWo '96-97), WCW Hollywood Hogan (nWo '97-98), WCW Hollywood Hogan (nWo Wolfpac Elite '98-99), WCW Hollywood Hulk Hogan ('00), WWF Hollywood Hulk Hogan (nWo '02), WWF/WWE Hollywood Hulk Hogan (R&Y '02-03), WWE Mr. America (R&W&B '03), WWE Hulk Hogan (R&Y '05-06), & WWE Hulk Hogan (WM31 & CJ18). (This is a placeholder image until a more professional image is made to showcase all of the creations.) Credits: Google Images, StutterStock (for some tie-dye vector patterns), Some textures directly utilized from past WWE game texture rips, @Peja12 (edited face texture and a few textures from his take on WCW Hollywood Hogan and WCW Hulk Hogan), EldarStorm (WCW nWo boot flames), DIGI Byte (WWF nWo and WWF/WWE Hulkamania boot flames), Tekken57 (Hogan's WCW Late '90's tie-dye wrestling tights texture via his 2K19 attire creation suite mod), Righteous for the movesets via his YouTube channel, and Myself for user-made textures and piecing it all together.
  3. Hello, I am new here. I need your help. there was this WWE 13/2K14 CAW Creator named "sspd077" and i contacted him on DeviantArt and, i have very upsetting news. I asked him on DeviantArt about his CAWS via a note I sent him and if he still has his formulas. well. the very sad and upsetting news is that he said he doesn't have them anymore. because he had a house fire a long time ago. and it destroyed everything including his xbox 360 and his HDD. I felt so bad for him, he didn't deserve that, poor guy. so, if anyone still has his CAWS like Hell Knight Ingrid, Asagi Igawa, even his WWE 13 CAWS. like Oboro, etc. all hope is probably lost because since the servers have been dead for years now.. I'm trying to preserve as much fantasy CAWS as possible. here's examples of the best CAWS he created. he said in one of his videos. that he wanted people to download his CAWS because of the house fire situation he had.
  4. Hello! Here are caws I made in 2K17. The reason I made them in 2k17 and not in 2k19 or 2k20 is cause my pc can't run the newest games. sadly I can't upload anyone to community creations because there is not servers anymore. Btw all my caws has been made in pc, using a cracked version. All I can do is show you how I made them, uploading my logos and textures and showing the details of every creation. I made many of them respecting the year of the game, so if all the wrestlers are from 2016, the caws too. If you want me to upload the details, please support this post and give me feedback. Caws: Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy '01 Rey Mysterio (Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Halloween DLC) Cody Rhodes Cody Rhodes '10 Drew Mcintyre Drew Mcintyre '10 Adam Page Kyle 0'reilly Kenny Omega Rob Van Dam John Morrison Shad Gaspard (I made him as a tribute after his death)
  5. Okay, well I'm trying to figure out which Custom CAWs (not ones based off real wrestlers mind you. These have to be originals like my Tinman 3099 or Black (which I haven't uploaded yet) you guys have downloaded and look and work best. I need both men and women (a lot of women would be nice, seeing as I want a full show to be just women. Working Title is Wednesday Women Warriors. It's corny but I dunno. Just want it on Wednesday and to use WWW as its initials for the Ring and Arena. Monday's would be mixed show (men and women) whereas Friday's are just males. No PPV shows that I can think I'd like to make yet. Gonna make custom titles too (or modifications to ones I made already. Like my WWE Women's Intercontinental Championship (see my post on my custom titles) might even use Andy Kauffman's Intergender Championship as a kinda mixed tag team championship. Not sure on that one. If you guys want to submit your customs to join the roster, you are welcome to. I can even keep you up to date on their progress and stuff. I won't skip matches but I won't play them where I control a wrestler. I'll just watch and stuff. Sound like a cool idea? (If I knew how, could maybe even post match videos and make like an e-fed out of it.)
  6. I would like if someone could help me create the caws from wwe 2k15's mycareer mode. I'm trying to make them for Universe mode, so if anyone could give me like a written formula for them, I would greatly appreciate it. (Just incase you forgot, the caws are Barron Blade, El Hondero, Ray Rich, Tommy Wall, Zeus Tucker and Flash Silva)
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