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  1. hey krad i have a request..im looking for a good jeff jarrett..if you could give it a shot i will provide pics if you want..i need a jarrett from the wwf era..double j style

  2. good to have you back bro..so what caws have you made so far

  3. bro let me just as as everyone has said..your caws kick ass..and please let us know when you upload them the psn..ive been looking for some good caws and no one has any good ones
  4. hey wats up...so i like ur caws....can i get the formula to some of them

  5. hey kradiation i heard u got some awesome legends and classic superstars...do u mind sending me some..ive tried finding good ones no one had any..i heard u got some good ones

  6. so what kind of caws do u have...let me no..

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