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Found 3 results

  1. Formerly known as the GMPorium, but since I'm not using that name anymore, and introducing a competing brand vs GRPW, welcome. Of course, this is just a placeholder while I wait for my copy to arrive. So, lets go! VS GRPW Roster Project Wrestling Roster LIMITLESS Pro Wrestling Roster
  2. Dunno why we do this; guess I'll roll some stuff out before the servers go down. Here's the PC version thread for reference: https://caws.ws/forum/topic/480325-dr-fumbles-oc-showcase/ Tags are akira19 or original. Starting off with Kiyori Toda (whose already up) and Belle Ramsland(soon to be added). Also different are showcase vids; here are two showcasing Kiyori and Belle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RGEMWkzKT4&t=217s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PENmx7Sx3-Y The channel in general: https://www.youtube.com/user/AkiraSanBeer/videos
  3. Lawfool85

    EWE vs NLP 2k19

    Extreme Wrestling Empire & NXT LVL PRO are back again for 2k19. I'm not officially starting until November. My 1st ppv will be my MitB themed PPV ThanksKilling, where I will crown my 1st ever EWE/NLP Womens Champion! Yes, due to lots of requests I have created a whole new division that will be shared across both brands. I'm also going to trade up the roster to make it more balanced. Last year I felt EWE held more heavy hitters while NLP just put on great matches. Basically this 1st post is a place holder post for more to come. For those who don't know me. Back in the ps1 & n64 days my friends & I would always create wrestlers to play against each other. Over the years I've continued to recreate these guys for each new game. Thus the EWE was born. Few years back in universe mode the EWE got so large I had 2 brands EWE White & EWE Black. Wanting to keep things fresh I turned the 2nd brand into a whole new show NXT LVL PRO or NLP. I will eventually upload stuff. You may use it but please do not edit it. If you do use my stuff for any such thing I ask that you give credit & link my twitch page. Thank you. I stream these shows every Weds & Friday at 8pm. est. at twitch.tv/WildcardLL85 EWE World Championship EWE X Championship EWE/NLP Women's Championship The Blood Brothers "The Butcher" Yuri Yamashita & Suicide Dragon Billy Booger EWE's First 2nd Generation Wrestler. The Daughter of Mad Dog. Cherry Del Perro Brutal Bunny Old Dirty Panda aka ODP Mad Dog "The Judge" Crunchy "The Peoples Champ" "Double D" Devin Danger The Overgiver "Mr. 1980's" Eddie Van Diamond La Familia Billy Bandito, Diablo Loco & Numerico Wildcard "Onryu" Ushi Mairi "He's Jawsome" Sharkbite "Super Freak" Ricky Velvet The Disciples Damien Cross & "The Monster" Gabriel The Madmen The Flying Dutchman & The Fist The Inmates "The Spaz" Morgan Black & "The Human Horror Show" Menace Weird Science Professor Flex & Greggy The Gimp La Muerta NLP Global Championship NLP Internet Championship NLP Tag Titles WIP. 2ply Nelson Antonio Phoenix Jr. "Band Geek" Benny Jenkins Big Smooth "Voodoo Queen" Donna Hex Bro Force "Guido Sensation" Tony D & Jeremiah "The Bullfrog" Jordan Country Boys Justin Case, Kenny Lunchbox & Kenny's Girl Becky Sweet "Canadian Killer" Chris Torrance "The Meanest Cook in Canada" Chef Shady Dank Spicy "The Old Guy" Jack Ryder Dirty Money Dirty T & JD Money The Empire of Pain Pete Royal, "The Fresh Prince of NLP" Prince Ali & "The Kings Guard" Ruby Stoneheart "The Flying Hawaiian" Johnny Tsunami Hulkomaniaco "The Soviet Solution" Sokolov Jordan Heavenly The Rich & Famous "Hollywood Blockbuster" Richie Goldman & Tiger Millionaire The Greatest Internet Champion of All Time! Macho Dragon The Militia Action Jackson, Owen "16" Hammer & Kurt King Kelly Styles
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