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  1. That's weird. When is it releasing then?
  2. I mean, just get rid of the grapple requirement and that problem would be solved.
  3. Even when fixing a goddamn major problem as fast as possible, they still find the time to add more MyFaction shit.
  4. Is the AI still broken from the last hotfix or did another get released.
  5. I'm going to be honest, i'm not exactly a huge Dijak fan. He's alright in the ring but never been what i'd consider particularly charismatic, and his social media behavior always came across to me as ridiculously try-hard like. That said, hopefully he lands himself a nice gig somewhere and lands on his feet. I'm always up for wrestlers to have a good pay day and prove me wrong if i dislike them.
  6. I think you misunderstood. I don't mean the styles themselves are missing, I mean specific caws have had their hairstyles taken off of them. So my swerve Strickland caw for instance is now bald.
  7. New patch removed a ton of CAWs hairstyles for some reason. Lol2K
  8. Another patch day, another patch that doesn't fix any of the moves issues listed.
  9. Im a little sad that double knee moonsault is in a positon that makes it unusable as a finisher.
  10. Wow, hats off to whoever mocapped that, they put the work in to get DDPs mannerisms down.
  11. lol 2K. I get not wanting what is clearly meant to be DLC content uploaded early, but that run around bullshit is just silly. Besides, someone else already reuploaded it. ---- Universe mode keeps resetting my CAWs entrances randomly and i'm getting very *censored*ing fed up with 2Ks refusal to fix this damn mode.
  12. Looking forward to getting access to that. I love the Will Ospreay I have downloaded right now but man they were reaching when they built his moveset.
  13. I'd really like to know what the hell they did to dives that keeps causing the impacts too break in CAM. It's like one moves impact animation is constantly overwriting the other moves.
  14. Looks like DDP will be getting a new diamond clash, which is excellent.
  15. If they're treating the McAfee DLC as an unofficial move pack DLC, i'll be happy. Really happy to see the hidden blade, especially since that one move in the game, the running forearm thing to a kneeling opponent, looks great but doesn't really match.
  16. Recovering from a hand injury; the floor and I had a heated disagreement where I wanted to not hurt myself and it wanted the opposite.
  17. There are absolutely ways they could allow us to adjust the pacing of matches to our liking without hard changes to gameplay. Things like a slider for over all down time (and a separate slider to adjust down time as the match continues), a stamina system that makes a bit more sense than the current one (or they could at least adjust dragging on the ground to not be the clunkiest piece of shit possible), better grappling (striking is in a great place right now, although I wouldn't be opposed to them giving us back 5 strong strike slots instead of three), and a host of other things. That said, Saturn, I appreciate and respect you like the pacing of the game, but unless you're only watching Dragon Gate matches, calling this the most realistic pacing you've seen is a bit strange to me. The pacing is way too fast. He'll, after hitting tired moves people get up within about 2 to 3 seconds. It looks comical. Every match feels like it's on fast forward, setting up any kind of spot is the most infuriating thing possible because even after a five minute beat down, opponents get up so damn fast it's like looney toons. There's gotta be lows to define the highs, all matches practically feel the exact same because of this too. But I don't just want them to set one pace and say "this is what everyone gets". This is why I'm such a huge advocate for making things as modular and optional as possible. For those who want fast paced matches where it's just constant high impact moves and combos, they should be able to have that. In the same vain though, those like me who want matches with varied pacing depending on whats happening and realistic down time should be able to have that with just a setting or two changed. There is no damn reason we cannot have the best of both worlds save for maybe this stupid yearly release schedule and 2Ks inability or refusal to fix their goddamn problems as they pop up.
  18. Frankly surprised no one has attempted to create a discord for this place yet in the event that it does go down.
  19. Anyone finding submissions straight up impossible now?
  20. It's been mentioned before but i really hope one of the DLC packs either puts the old moonstomp back in or adds a new one.
  21. Good news, the newest patch seems to have finally fixed the entrance defaulting on alt attires.
  22. Also Sandmans diving signatures have the wrong impacts assigned to them.
  23. Just to make sure, the person you're selecting doesn't already have two diving vs standing finishers selected, do they? ---- One of the first goddamn things I see when checking Punks moveset is that *censored*ing DDT.. TWICE! As both a combo ender and regular grapple. What on earth is 2Ks obsession with DDT 1?!
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