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  1. Couldn't find a thread for Resident Evil and can't remember if we ever even had one so I thought i'd make one. It says VIIlage in the title but feel free to discuss any of the games. So regarding VIIlage.. Goddamn what a strong start.
  2. I played about 2 hours of RE8 last night and goddamn what a strong opening.
  3. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    Most of the time it's an automated bot on YouTube.
  4. Might've figured out why CAW hair looks so god awful in this game, by the way. I'm noticing that hair shine settings constantly reset themselves to zero so i'm guessing somethings wrong with the way lighting hits hair.
  5. TBH the new IWGP World Heavyweight Championship is starting to grow on me. Reminds me of a shield. Still not as good as the previous belt but I don't.. hate it, anymore.
  6. One more *censored*ing bug to round out this piece-of-shit-sandwich. I think i'm done with this game. The only reason i've been playing was to test out my new brand for the next game and now I can't even do that because it refuses to let my PPVs work.
  7. Hopefully we start hearing more soon.
  8. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    God they're so *censored*ing stupid..
  9. Scared my cat laughing at this.
  10. Well I do know that not everything they mocap makes it in on the year it was mocap (since they need to convert the mocap data and they mocap as much as possible). So there's definitely hope, ANTI.
  11. Not a new move but I hope the Bloody Cross standing version has had its animation fixed.
  12. Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer, anyone?
  13. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    Done washing that egg off your face yet Austin?
  14. Insert nuclear bomb joke here
  15. Has anyone here who has a PS5 had a problem where the touchpad on the controller just starts triggering on its own? I had to pull out the second controller i still had in its box because the other one randomly just started bringing up the menu in Days Gone.
  16. individual stances went bye-bye loooong before 2K took over.
  17. I don't really care about the roster. I don't watch WWE and I don't play as the in-game wrestlers very often anyway, what matters to me is the gameplay, how buggy it is, and the moves. Give, me, moooooves.
  18. Its not exactly a secret that he tends to have his voice in McMahons ear.
  19. Don't forget a PROPER Joe vs KENTA.
  20. Still, God *censored*ing damn you Johnny Ace.
  21. I'm still surprised they got rid of Kalisto over the other two though, assuming they're not next on the chopping block.
  22. I could, and I probably will at some point. *Censored* this company.
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