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  1. Were you perhaps trying to play in Universe Mode? There is a bug that causes changes to movesets to not translate to universe even if you set them to copy to it.
  2. Tables and ladders I set up keep falling over on their own any time i pick someone up nearby. It's like this damn game fights you on every concievable level the second it detects you trying to set up ANYTHING half-way decently cool.
  3. Is your weight detection triggering?
  4. I mean.. how long have we been waiting for a new cure stomp?
  5. I kind of doubt it. You'd need someone crazy enough to mocap it. I suspect it's the same reason we haven't gotten the hidden blade yet.
  6. For me it just doesn't look high budget. The animations are noticeably stiff looking, I really don't like the art style, and everything from their interviews makes me think the gameplay is going to have an identity crisis.
  7. Maybe if the site were as popular as it was in it's hayday, but no, afraid we do not have a discord that I know of here.
  8. There's this one very small animation bug that's been around in both 2K22 and 2K23 that I don't see anyone else mention and sometimes I wonder if im just crazy. Basically any time you get a pin where it plays the "sitting beside your pinned opponent nodding your head" animation after, the opponent who was pinned shifts awkwardly away from the winner. Has anyone else noticed this at all? ---- Glad they fixed the finisher/signature delay, that was a rough one.
  9. 2Ks bugs were maybe about equal for me but broke different aspects of the gameplay. The outside moonsault bug rendered an entire diving feature unusable, and the invisible wall on the right hand ropes made irish whips practically unusable as well. 2K23 in comparison right now makes standing finishers a nightmare to use. So really it depends which aspect of the gameplay you consider more important. At least we can all agree, Universe mode is still a shitshow.
  10. My copy got further delayed. This is torture.
  11. Wait, did it just get released? I'm so confused... about the game, too, but in general really.
  12. It's impact doesn't work properly, as if the game were doing that thing where a move whiffs but still technically "hits" so the opponent just ragdolls a bit. Can confirm this is the case in both CAM and in-match and has been the case since launch. It still technically works but considering I think it's by far the best superkick in the game it is a little sad that its the one that got hit with this issue, lol. For reference: 2K23 Superkick 4, the opponent still reacts to it obviously but its clearly not playing the canned animation (not in the video but sometimes it will ragdoll forward instead, too) and 2K22 where the canned animation plays properly with all the impact it brings. ---- Does anyone happen to know what Samoa Joes taunts were renamed to? I figured they'd be SoCal something like some of his other content but couldn't find them under that name while I was remaking a caw from yesteryear.
  13. Universe mode is still a fairly busted mess, unfortunately.
  14. I really *censored*ing wish Universe mode would stop replacing the referee I chose with some generic WWE ref.
  15. I saw reports on the subreddits for wwe games that the new patch introduced a frustrating delay on standing finishers when opponents are groggy and after checking it myself, yeah there is a noticeable delay that wasn't there before.
  16. That's fair. There's certainly new positions that would be great to see but that one would be pretty niche.
  17. Quick preview while I try to track down wherever the hell I left Miles Osbornes logo. Casey Graves returns for his second game. Casey Graves, TJ Elkins, and Ryan Soulless are all up, you can find them with the hashtags ProWrestlingFrontline and CROSSFIRE. Damian Webb will go up when I finish Miles Osborne, and Asher Smith will go up after I make some additional updates. Brandon Cross will also likely be replaced with an updated version later today. For those curious, his springboard enzuigiri finisher is called "The Dangan".
  18. They definitely made running springboard finishers easier to hit. Im hitting cody cutters left and right here, and loving it.
  19. As of the latest patch, the flickering CAW faces bug is still unfixed. I am, however, starting to think it has something to do with entrance pyro. Also they broke the leather material. And for some reason, the glitter material is applying a rainbow effect now.
  20. Superkick 4 still hasn't been fixed, unfortunately. It's new. We did have another one but its different.
  21. "Re-implemented exhausted Finishers using the new Fatigue system" Dope! While I still prefer the old stamina system (obviously, since im a simulation fan), i am VERY glad to have these back. Still hoping for a slider to slow down how quickly people get up in general overall in the future but this is a fantastic addition. It also mentions adjustments to running springboards. I wonder if that means just hit detection/tracking or if that also means we can use the finishers of them without the opponent having to be so close to the ropes that it looks a bit silly.
  22. I think a lot of my criticisms stand pretty solidly, but goddamn am I loving their patches this time. I won't go as far as to say they took the criticism of only patching for MyFaction to heart, but additional content like that and fixes that have been desperately needed is really good to see.
  23. That's pretty neat! Im very happy they're experimenting with more move positions. Is that only available to live or can anyone who uses that move hit it?
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