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  1. Promos are a nice addition but they're a lot like create a finisher. If they're gonna be included, they have to be redone so they're not a completely useless feature. Even without the scoring system being ridiculously arbitrary, it just was never written well. Writing good dialogue is not 2Ks strong point in the least.
  2. I'm a bit tired so I completely missed it, sorry. But yeah, almost nothing in there is new, unless they're counting slight changes to selling.
  3. Who made this? Almost none of those are new.
  4. ehh... i still can't forget him bold-faced lying on camera during the Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 lead-up.
  5. I mean.. you could just wake up taunt them so that they're facing away from you, that's been in the games for years. I do hope there's a second version from the back though, vary it up.
  6. ehh... to be honest, I still like the idea of tired finishers far more than "runs slow when tired".
  7. I believe he wore it or something similar to it in AEW, probably just used that for reference.
  8. Kinda seems like he was just dodging the question. "Oh well uhh.. we... got some new textures! yeah, real nice textures... and uhh... yeah.." Which worries the absolute hell out of me, there are SO many features and updates the mode needs, so if he couldn't mention any of them over "well we got some new face textures" then that tells me they havent bothered to actually implement fixes, new features, or lessened restrictions.
  9. I dunno. I haven't watched NXT in ages but Bron seems.. kinda lanky in the game to me.
  10. 2K, could you do me a personal favour and stop inviting people to these *censored*ing events who only know how to spam stomps and running attacks? It's not much of a showcase of your game. I'm not impressed with what I've seen so far, sorry to say. The creation suite and moves list is going to have to really wow me in order to get a day one full price buy. Especially seeing the AI still is dumber than a rock.
  11. Watch them blame it on a last second glitch again.
  12. Rollins still has his old crappy stomps it seems.
  13. So far I've only seen for Cody, a new cross Rhodes from the front. I'm sure it's st least partially because the AI is dumb as a friggin rock and spams the same two moves the whole time but I'm really disappointed to see that crappy vertabreaker and the old Jay driller on him. AI didn't even try to go for the Cody cutter either, and he's using Nakamuras gourdbuster for some reason.
  14. New cross Rhodes looks good at least but man watching the Cody vs reigns video.. somehow I think the AI has gotten even dumber.
  15. Uses the old Jay driller too, massive missed potential there.
  16. Cody has the teeeerrible vertabreaker from the 2k22 dlc, the one even the defenders said "that looks *censored*ing awful"
  17. Stupid ass bouncing combat stance confirmed still in. *censored*s sake..
  18. JUST GIVE ME THE MOVES VIDEO AND NO ONE GETS HURT... except the guy taking the moves.. ONE GUY GETS HURT... unless its got the tag team moves too... TWO GUYS GET HURT In seriousness though, while the gameplay trailer didn't impress me much I will say that it looks like the Cody Cutter is indeed a new animation instead of the botched OsCutter from a few years ago which makes me very happy, as well as Bad Bunny seemingly getting a new destroyer.. finally.. god that old one looks so bad.
  19. Or worse, trying to jurry rig it by giving him a regular clothesline and then hitting it after jumping over the ropes. looks so bad
  20. Just gimme the goddamn moves video and no one gets hurt... much
  21. Heya Keyu, been a while! stuff looks good as always man
  22. Whether he has the codyvator or not, im not TOO bothered.. As long as he comes with a great plethora of moves. Give them to me. GIVE THEM TO ME
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