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  1. Love thats Jericho.. I've been waiting for weeks for him! Thank you
  2. Peja game me faith in people here! also It's so cool seeing your caw's on Element Games channel.
  3. 3Do gaming on youtube has a couple of Videos to show gameplay
  4. So, for those that don't know me I started off Modding n64 No Mercy back in 2004.... Helping out guys on NoMercyZone the same as I try for 2k20 here. For ages I've been waiting for an N64 Classic to be made..but it never has. I've been keeping tabs on Retro Emulation Consoles out of China. Usually Low cost ones $30-$70 max because i'm more into tinkering than I am wrecking a $300 High end device. And a while back I saw this... Retroid Pocket, that Ran N64 games.. but had limited controls.... then Retroid 2 launched.. and By GWARD! flawless for N64 Wrestling games. It's android based so you can use n64Oid or Mupen64 emulators to run the N64 classics.... there's also PS1 support for the original Smackdown games! So this thing runs about £80 Plus shipping now for me in Uk... It's a handheld Device... in multiple colours It does Support HDMI out to a Tv.. and Bluetooth.. So if you want to invest you technically can hook up Wireless controls and have it as a Gaming System. So far this thing can run Mame, Nes, Snes, GB, GBA, GB colour, Sega Master system, Megadrive, GameGear, Ps1, N64 ... and potentially Dreamcast and Nintendo DS with some tweaks. But the highlight by far is PS1 Smackdowns, WCW Mayhem, WCW Revenge, all the WWF's and of course NO MERCY! Bonus.... "Might" be able to run Textures too.. So can texture mod No Mercy like 2004 all over again! For those that are interested, there are Reddit Threads & Facebook groups about this device. But i'm sliding in here being I bought it for N64 Wrestling Games
  5. Thanks guys for your support and praise but for now my days on 2k20 have come to an end... I've moved on to a game 20yrs old ... Doing Textures for WCW Revenge on Retroid Pocket 2
  6. That Raven is way more Improved on the 2k20 Version! NICE"
  7. Not Bloody Likely now my game glitched and I had to wipe everything.. Haven't started on any arenas since ... I've had fun with 2k20 but it's sadly broken me when I realised how bugged universe mode was. For the rest of my time I'll be just lurking here and helping out peeps until the next simulation game hopefully...
  8. I Love that hogan! Holy Smokes.. you nailed every era... he looks amazing... Gotta be the best Caw hogan I've seen to date.
  9. Wow that comes out super good! Great looking Buff face too.. Very nice work With your stacked roster now i'd love to see some screen grabs of them all in WCW action next time you fire up for a few games. Lets see the arenas too
  10. I probably won't be doing a Buff myself, but curious how do you play the side logo bricks? Looks very very good!
  11. Ooo Very Nice! That sting logo is great!
  12. More of a passion project, If you havent' checked his thread out on PC go see Peja12's P threads for amazin WCW and Attitude era Caw's! Go DO it! With His face morphing of RVD and a bit of tweaking I made this... No movesets yet and Not uploaded yet! 2k18 RVD And today's 2K20 With Peja's Textures and Morphing... Ish...
  13. ARGHH STRESS.. I just spent 2 hrs doing your RVD… and I Was just doing the name and stuff and forgot to save it and my game bloody crashed! "FU 2k and Visual Concepts!"
  14. I love when creators cross platform share.. It's a great way to spread the wealth between both consoles.. Side note, I just watched that David Arquette Movie... and I'm sure if and when you see it he'll be on the list? I pray!
  15. These look so crisp! Love those DDP tattoo's
  16. It's a weird request... I don't think thre's a good one on CC.. not to our standards at least... I wouldn't mind even working with Peja or Soulrider if they fancy a crack at this one.... Just thinking it's time the former WCW champ got some love.
  17. I don't normally quote.. but when i do it's because I wanna double take at how awesome that is! HOLY SMOKES!
  18. Really Nice RVD! Thats very close to the 2k18 RVD for sure!
  19. Good Spot! Thats also a really good pic
  20. Hair styles or tattoo's never bother me when playing the game, but the attire updates are nice.! That being said Gamevolts Kevin Owens tattoo's cheeky Body suit sleeves workaround was amazing
  21. ooo That Bailey is rough. I mean she looks rough IRL but that hair line.. ouch
  22. I have no clue who she is.. I did a google, seems to be a few good face pics on Getty Images. But like I say I dunno who she is.. so can't really tell whats a more common look and whats a red carpet look
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