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  1. Have an update on Oz's status. His Brother just did a YouTube stream & it's still live as soon as this post is up. He was in the YouTube chat & talked to him. His laptop is Broken & until he gets new hardware, He's out of commission for awhile. His Brother is making a comeback & he'll be releasing some of his work soon. Some new, Some old with new Gear & whatnot.
  2. I'd would have to second that! There is a certain Request of CAWS that I'd would want but the ones that are Important for me to get is the Oceans Of Storm Tag Team CAWS. Once I'd get that then maybe I'll request some more Past caws.
  3. Listen dude, Haven't finished my list yet. When I'd do, I'll let you know & post it on this column. Plus My slots are full so It will be awhile till I'd request them.
  4. Can you take requests? I'd have a list of CAWS that I'd want from you.
  5. Some of the names that you mentioned are on my list too. Your requests are like 15% of the list I've had.
  6. Maybe the reason for that was Probably something to due with COVID 19 maybe? I'd mean the virus caused places to go Out of Business so whatever Job you had, probably lost your job or something like that. Take your sweet time until you are ready since your brother is doing a good job creating content for WWE 2k19. There is a list of CAWS I'll need from you when you do return & It's a big one but will wait till you are ready.
  7. Not sure what your mean by that. Maybe his brother was not comfortable telling me about what's going on with him. He did try to tell him to try to reply to the posts we are doing ever since the last post he did. Do have a lot of requests for him when he comes back from his issues but I'll try to wait for him a little bit longer. Besides, his brother is doing a good job doing work for the game. His special Project is cool to watch.
  8. Tried to contact his brother to have him try to respond to me & everybody else but so far no luck. Not sure what's going on with him but have a long request list of CAWS for him to re-upload.
  9. Hey Oz dude, I'm now back playing this game due to WWE 2k20 having crashed on me & has now been unplayable to me for 2 weeks now. There are a lot of CAWS that I'd will ask for you to Re-upload soon. One of them is Ryan Fierhart. There will be more but will make a list & will post it on this topic page soon.
  10. I'd have a question. What are your plans when WWE 2k20 comes out?
  11. Too bad I'd won't be getting the last of your CAWS anytime soon because as of Last week, I'd made the decision of stop playing WWE 2k19 due to a issue that I'd downloaded a CAW that was OUTDATED & had issues with the game due to it & then I'd have to DELETE the game with Memory of it. Going to spend the next 3 months playing Bloodstained until WWE 2k20 comes out. You'll also have to step up next year due to the fact that your brother will no longer be doing CAWS until the PS5 comes out with WWE games unless he does CAWS for a AEW game.
  12. The HDD is the PS4 hard drive. Not sure how he had his PS4 crashed but I'd think I'd bought mine when the 1st WWE game on the PS4 happened. how come I'd never had this happen is beyond me.
  13. Sorry to ask this but what is HDD? If what happened to your PS4 is true, WILL I have the save problem in the mere future? I'd have been waiting for this for a few weeks dude & I'd had some space left empty for this update & now it will take another month for him too redo them, I' don't think he's going to do another update anytime soon. I'd think the N1 update will be the last update for WWE 2k19 for him.
  14. I'd agree with Judas, What happened? You said end of the month & June & now it's almost July 3. Was there a Issue with your CAWS? I'd have been deleting CAWS so that I'd can get your N1 guys & still no luck since today.
  15. Some of them look good but I'll have to try to get them but If I somehow missed them, I'll message you to reupload them. There's no way I'll get the ones I'd want without deleteing some other CAWS that I'd still like.
  16. I second this as i need these guys in my universe too Thanks also Mercer and possibly Slade, although im not sure if there will actually be enough room for them at one time so they are not a priority necessarily as much as the others The following characters are re-uploaded: Alex Price Blake Evans Cody Prince Dru Mercer Evan Slade Sean Trueth As far as the Fierharts, you're gonna need to be specific...as there's 5 of them. Blake's always been one of my more coveted characters. I purposely make his moveset quite aggressive, so that might play into his success. Thanks for reuploading those CAWS because I'm thinking of getting Blake Evans & Sean Trueth since I'd did some Deleting Old Caws.
  17. Interesting! I'd wonder what will happen once I'd download them, & try to switch those parts with AJ Styles stuff.
  18. So it was entrance elements ALA AJ Styles that caused that?!! What does that mean?
  19. I'm not taking them down for a while. You can only download 20 items within a day. Give it until morning and you should be able to download some more content. The content itself is glitched I'm not taking them down for a while. You can only download 20 items within a day. Give it until morning and you should be able to download some more content. The content itself is glitched I'd think what OZ should do is getting his Brother's advice & try to find out who can try to upload those 2 without going through the Crap that people are getting when they try to get them. You mean to tell me that you have to beat that challenge in order to get them?!! *Censored* THAT SHIT!!! I'd would rather see somebody else try to REUPLOAD them then do that! Like I said eariler in the comments, his brother had the same issue with a female Caw I'd think it was Madison Star?! until someone uploaded the caw with no issues. He needs to seek out his brother for advice on this.
  20. I don't care what you think about my comment. I think it doesn't make sence for him to upload his new work after I got done with the game for the day & then he does this after I'd get done playing the game? That to me is BS!! Anyways I'm shocked to hear that there's an Issue with the Oceans of Storm tag team! I'd do know that sometimes the game does WEIRD SHIT. This problem reminds me of his brother when a certain CAW of his couldn't be uploaded until a certain CAW creator stepped up & created his own version of the character with the guy's blessing.
  21. Not sure how you found Finesse or created him because I'd haven't seen him anywhere in CC. How do I find him?! Also him & Prentice as NYC? WOW! Any ideas what you think their Entrance & Tag team Finishers are like? No worries, they're gonna be up for a while. I figure instead of busting my ass to put out small updates every week, for now it makes sense to do big updates every month, so I don't spread myself thin and hit creative burnout. Thankfully it seems a lot of great creators are emerging, so the absence isn't that bad. I'm not sure who you think are emerging Creators because I'd consider you & your Brother THE GOLD STANDARDS of CAWS in WWE GAMES but that will change due to your brother retiring due to 2k being lackluster on Create CAW mode & not releasing new stuff for the mode.
  22. Not sure why you didn't uploaded them TODAY DURING EASTER! Seeing this PISSES ME OFF!!! I was playing the game today & seeing this right now almost broke my Laptop. I'd have to wait till Friday to get your new stuff due to my work schedule but I'd do hope that it takes you another Month to do a new update because I'd just downloaded some new CAWS today & now, My slots are full so I'm not sure who to delete now. I'm glad to see Prentice Jones again & the Oceans of Storm again but not sure about Sean Trueth.
  23. They're up. Get while you can cuz the tag team update is almost ready to go. Hope those reuploads are still there by Tuesday!
  24. Funny you ask. Weeks ago I came down with a nasty case of the flu that knocked me out of commission for a while. That then transitioned into my chronic bronchitis flaring up, which did another number on me, and I'm still feeling the effects of. On top of those things, I've found myself playing other games and just flat out being lazy as far as CAW making since my last update. That being said, I have 2 of the 4 tag teams nearly completed, Ocean of Storms and Monolith. They just need movesets and they'll be ready to roll out. The Bruzas and The Regulators I hope to have done by the end of the week...hopefully. Looking forward to the Oceans of Storm tag team & Prentene Jones from you.
  25. Those Caws look awesome but I'll have to ask you to reupload some of them in the mere future because all of my slots is full right now! I'll have to do some early spring cleaning later this week to get some of your new CAWS.
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