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  1. Seen a lot of Creations related to this title. I'd did download the new title but is way better than the one you posted. Just saying.
  2. How can a game crash when you DELETE A CAW?!! THAT IS BULL****!! How are we supposed to get rid of them to have room for new CAWS & New images if that keeps happening?
  3. Can't wait to give that to Logan Paul.
  4. THE MAN HAS RETURNED!!! Knew this for Months. WAS A fan of him back in the day. THE KING OF CAWS!!!! This AKI-SAN is V2 of the CAW. Downloaded his DELETED V1 version today but not sure why he got rid of it. Gotten HALF of his CAWS for the last couple of weeks. This site has changed over the years but has been absent over the years due to his beliefs which I'd understand. Was shocked that he returned to WWE 2k23. Really thought that was done until the AEW game comes out but now he's back & really happy that he did.
  5. Do wonder if there will be a Tessa Blanchard CAW from you? Maybe Brian Cage but not interested in him for the moment.
  6. Have thoughts on the 1st DLC. I'd could care less about it. The Steiners are now a big MISS to me due to what happened to Rick Steiner at WrestleMania Weekend. Not interested in playing classic Scott Steiner. Want to play his BIG POPPA PUMP GIMMICK. Hit Row is not the same without Shane Strickland AKA Isiah Swerve Scott. Probably put them in NXT to rebuild them. That's my thoughts on the 1st DLC of the game. Do hope that when the game updates with the DLC stuff, the Tag Team Finisher still works. Will be LIVID if that happens!! Prettys sure my comment are going to be a mixed reaction to everybody on this Forum but this is how I'd feel about the 1st DLC of the game.
  7. Still shocked that he's still in the game. Really though that he was going to retire after 2K22. Also looking forward to your work too. Not sure what Caws you will create but will try to find them whatever the hashtag will be.
  8. Knew about this for a few days. Trios & Factions are Impossible to do in 2K23 this year. It is sad really but a youtuber named ASSEMBLER I'd think posted a YouTube clip yesterday about this situation. I did create a Trios Faction in the past but not recently & don't usually create Factions that much but I'd know it's a disappointed to some people
  9. WHAT THE HELL?!! Why is SIMON FIERHART still WRESTLING?! Isn't he supposed to be RETIRED AFTER WWE2K22?! Why does Dru Mercer have Grey Hair? He shouldn't have GRAY HAIR YET. Maybe in 2K26 or 27? Nice see the others return. Do hope the Females are next.
  10. Please do. Do hope Tony & Stacks walk away with the Tag titles. Once Tony is in the game, Do plan on him & your CAW becoming Tag Team champs but will have an issue trying to find a Tag Team Finisher for them since that Tag Finisher they did this week on NXT TV Last Tuesday is not in the game.
  11. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHO TONY D'ANGELO IS? Have been watching him for 2 YEARS. This Guy is AWESOME! You need to do some research on him or watch him on NXT on Peacock on the WWE Network.
  12. Hate to say this but it's not going to be called The Family. It sounds weird. It's probably going to be called THE MAFIA or some bland name I'll find in create Tag Team names.
  13. I'll probably get him when the Tony D'Angelo DLC comes out. He needs a tag team partner.
  14. This is my 1st time on this Topic & have to be Honest, I'm shocked by the Bugs & Glitches that these people found in the game. Haven't tried Universe Mode yet but after reading the comments, WOW! There's going to be problems but may have to adjust. May have to avoid Kevin Nash this year due to the comment of Attire Issues with him. Have some issues with the game. The one that I'd found out if you keep looking at the CAWS in the creation section a few times or maybe 20 times, not sure which, it crashes & have to restart the game. It did that in WWE 2k22 too. Not sure if they will ever fix that but doubt that. Also, I'm stunned that even the WWE superstars have random Championship Entrances. It was bad enough that the CAWS could not do a normal entrance with the belt in this game but now, the rest of the WWE Roster in the game have to do some RANDOM CHAMPION ENTRANCE?!! That's F***** UP!! I'd know it was an issue last year when sometimes the CAW could not do a normal entrance with the belt which I'd thought they would fix it for this game, but it didn't happen & it made it worse in my eyes but will have to adjust to it. Not happy about doing that for the WWE Roster in the game but 2K needs to find a way to make Entrances better & not bring back MYFACTION MODE! Not sure why they brought that back. Would rather have them fix the issues instead of focusing on MYFACTION. Pretty sure there are people that like it but I'm pretty sure that 80% of people on this site or anywhere around the world wants to see that mode GONE from future WWE 2K Games.
  15. I'll try to get the team sometime this week. What is their Tag Team Finisher since the Tag Team Finisher has not been broken yet? Also, what is the Hashtag? Akira19 right? What is their Entrance & Victory Motion? Alpha Academy?
  16. Hashtag is Akira19 right? Looking forward to getting a few of your CAWS this year.
  17. It's cool dude. Had an issue with my Game Friday & lost all of the DATA that I'd had done for Months. It crashed when I was trying to download a random Female CAW & it got Corrupted because of that. Have to restart the game from Scratch so that SUCKS. Not sure who this Acee5Star fella is but hearing your brother returning has me doing the Daniel Bryan Yes chant. Not sure how you got him to return cause I'd was sure he was going to RETIRE after the AEW game comes out. He was thinking of doing that game, but I'd was sure he was not going to do any more WWE games going forward. Thanks for the update & yes, there was one CAW that I'd wanted to see in 2K22 but it looks like you are not going to create him. Talking about Anshem Carter. That CAW puts Mark Henry to shame.
  18. That's a lot of Images for The Fiend. May have to delete some CAWS to get him. May have to get him later down the road. Don't have a problem with the Images Glitch yet in 2k22. Surprised you uploaded Ridge Holland. He's had a few singles matches in the past & do know his Main Finisher. Not sure If I'll get him.
  19. Take your sweet time. I'm fine with the roster I'd have right now but will have to delete some old Caws to have room for your new ones whenever you put them out. Images could be an issue if what you are saying is true. The last WWE game that I'd got was very Strick with the Images even thought I didn't max out to 100 CAWS yet. So far, I'd haven't had that problem yet with 2k22, but I'd only have 88 CAWS right now & 10 of them are yours but some didn't have a lot of images.
  20. Get used to it because this is probably Simon's last ride. When 2k23 comes out, he'll probably retire.
  21. Nice Female Caw but when I get her, might make some changes. One is the Hair maybe & the second, hate to say this but it's her look. Just saying. Not going to go into details about that.
  22. I'd was just commenting on his CAW. I'd wasn't saying that to be BITTER. I'd was just giving my HONEST thoughts on it. I'll still get him unless something else interests me.
  23. Looks like a MJF ripoff but might be interested in getting him.
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