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  1. Hey guys. Things seem to be pretty dead around here (at least in relation to original caws - glad to see the rest of the community going strong), so I'm going to take some time to work on a few revisions to my current roster. Nothing too drastic, just a few redesigns to caws that I'm less happy with. I'm starting with Jacob Grimm (who I'll be repackaging as Johnny Blackheart). It's still a WIP but I'll upload a few images tomorrow; I'm very pleased with the changes already made.
  2. So I've decided to hold off on uploading anymore character variations for the time being; I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem to be within the interests of most people here. Obviously if you'd like to see my retro-themed character remixes let me know, otherwise I'll just be moving onto more new caws (as I'm finally unbanned!). Speaking of new caws, here's something I've thrown together today - I'm still tinkering with the current attire, but it's finished enough for me to show. Edit: Have decided to name him; Kaito Hamada!
  3. Thank you so much! I have a pretty hefty update dropping this week! Easily my biggest content update since my original post. Things that you can expect: The Big Throwback Throwdown (Retro reimaginings for the likes of Funk, York, Ramirez, Crow, Powers and Jackson!) Corrupted Berzerk (Similar to my dark Azrael) A preview of my next original caw/first female caw!
  4. Awesome stuff, love the gold/black/white attire!
  5. I don't think anyone's going to blame you for tapping out at this point. There honestly hasn't been anything to enjoy in regards to creation this year. And I don't for a second believe that another patch is going to fix anything. At least not without breaking a dozen other things. It might be worth taking a break until they close the 2k19 servers. The inevitable influx of players/creators may revitalise things.
  6. So you can get flagged for images even if you haven't uploaded them to the cc? Because I intentionally didn't upload Grimm knowing that his logo would likely be picked up on. Not a problem, I'll just be more careful with what images I use in future!
  7. Well it would seem that 2K aren't responding. It doesn't matter honestly, I can still create - will just be unable to upload for 2 weeks! I quite enjoyed doing Ragnar's alt attires, so I might make a few for my other caws (would be a handy distraction as I can't upload or download any new images for caws). Ever since the Southpaw DLC I've seen quite a few retro/throwback attires for wrestlers, so I figured I'd put together a more old-school look for Caesar! Would really appreciate any suggestions for alternative attires for my other caws!
  8. Well his alt attires are already on the CC. You can use the tag 'RMMS' to find them! And not to worry, I am currently working on his moveset! I'll probably have it finished and uploaded at some point today. [Edit] Cool. So apparently my account has associated with inappropriate content and I have been banned. So glad I stuck with this absolute turd of a game. Can anyone figure out what might've been flagged? Going to go through support and try to fix this.
  9. Hey guys, been busy putting together my first ever female-caw. Still working on it, but in the meantime, here's some alt attires I made for Ragnar. They're still in keeping with his Norse/Viking theme, but follow a more conventional style. Enjoy!
  10. Figured I'd just mention that I've uploaded nearly all of my caws to cc. They don't all have unique movesets as I'm still tweaking them, but they do have superstar movesets that I feel would fit them. Only two that aren't currently up are Zom-Boy (as I figured he was somewhat redundant with the BITN dlc including zombie wrestlers) and Grimm (who I'm making an uploadable attire for - that current logo will get me flagged pretty quickly!).
  11. My first brand new caw for 2K20 is here! The Nightmare of Norway; RAGNAR!
  12. I've had that problem too. When putting together one of my caws, adding any top would make some of his tattoos (custom images) disappear. It's a separate bug from the other mess.
  13. Currently have; Floyd, Vincent, Azrael, Berzerk, Powers and Reeves uploaded. Others will go up once their movesets are finished! I have something brand new dropping tomorrow: The Norwegian Nightmare, Ragnar!
  14. MacDaddy Funk has arrived! With Funk now finished, I'll finally be moving on to some fresh original content for 2K20! I'll be sure to have some exciting additions soon!
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