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  1. New Characters: Scar/Crow, Babyface, Etc.
  2. Berzerk + Rampage / Clown Party
  3. So, I totally abandoned this post after making it but I have still been working on 2K19 whenever I get the time to do so! Here's a look at some of the stuff I've put together since October. BlackHeart
  4. Ragnar is a new character I originally made in 2K20, now ported to 2K19 (complete with a new face texture).
  5. One of the big changes I made in 2K20 was repackaging Jacob Grimm into Johnny Blackheart, which I've gone and done in 2K19.
  6. So since the news that 2k19's servers are staying up, I've dedicated some time into updating my 2k19 creations (as well as creating some new ones). So first of all, this is just about everything I've worked on since returning to 2k19. A fair amount of these are still actively being worked on, so I'll only post more in-depth looks at the things I consider to be finished.
  7. Sucks about your PS4 dude. With that being said, very excited to see you returning with some fresh creations! Been dying to see some new originals around here! Logo looks badass!
  8. Someone pointed out that it's an older pic (compare the body hair to his NXT appearance this week). Might not mean much, but could possibly lend some weight to his hack/leak claim.
  9. I don't think anyone's going to blame you for tapping out at this point. There honestly hasn't been anything to enjoy in regards to creation this year. And I don't for a second believe that another patch is going to fix anything. At least not without breaking a dozen other things. It might be worth taking a break until they close the 2k19 servers. The inevitable influx of players/creators may revitalise things.
  10. So the head bandages (headwear) that were added in the bump in the night DLC are missing. My character BERZERK uses them and the clipping has broken. But they're no longer in the menu so I can't remove them. Not sure if any other items have gone missing. Great update. Edit: So the bandages have been moved from headwear to masks, so my caw is now wearing two masks simultaneously. Naturally my game crashes whenever I try to fix it. Honestly f*ck this game.
  11. Try setting emboss to 1. That stops the opacity from resetting when I'm using custom logos.
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