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  1. Sucks about your PS4 dude. With that being said, very excited to see you returning with some fresh creations! Been dying to see some new originals around here! Logo looks badass!
  2. Also working on a second attire for Azrael (white and gold). I've created a new ornate mask design, let me know what you think!
  3. Turns out I'm incredibly fussy. Did some more tweaks to Blackheart. Created a new chest tattoo for him, and changed his attire to a Ouija board theme (honestly I think it's better by default, as it fits better with the tarot design on his jacket).
  4. Someone pointed out that it's an older pic (compare the body hair to his NXT appearance this week). Might not mean much, but could possibly lend some weight to his hack/leak claim.
  5. Another great update dude! Absolutely love the posters you've put together!
  6. Wrong place to post this. This is strictly for work in 2k20. There's a forum for 2k19 where you can post this!
  7. Few minor tweaks to Johnny Blackheart: made some slight adjustments to the face; changed up all of his tattoos; added more logos to his gear. Feeling quite pleased with where he is now, although I am now working on redoing his second attire. You're not wrong XWF, definitely some Darby influence in there. There is a background/gimmick reason for his face paint though, so it isn't totally unoriginal! Out of interest, which of my creations do you guys think needs a touch up?
  8. Glad to see you're keeping with it dude. Don't worry about it; nobody will blame you for being stressed at this time. I know the requests must be a nuisance, but it only speaks to the quality of the caws you're putting out. Speaking of which, these two are your best work so far! Really fantastic stuff!
  9. It's crazy that creators like you and Soul Rider (and many others) are busting your asses to bring us this amazing FREE content and still people keep demanding more and more of you - especially considering what a trainwreck 2k20 is when it comes to creating. I won't blame you if you're done at this point dude, so I'll just say thanks for all the stunning work you've given to us. Same goes for you too Rider; your efforts at improving this game are genuinely appreciated.
  10. Hey Wizard, would love to see you work your magic (pun intended) on the Motor City Machine Guns! Love all the TNA stuff you've put out so far!
  11. That's much better! Really nice work dude, are they up on CC?
  12. Here is the first update regarding my roster tweaks and revisions! As previously mentioned, this is still a WIP, but I am quite pleased with the changes made thus far. Say goodbye to Jacob Grimm, and say hello to Johnny Blackheart!
  13. Hey guys. Things seem to be pretty dead around here (at least in relation to original caws - glad to see the rest of the community going strong), so I'm going to take some time to work on a few revisions to my current roster. Nothing too drastic, just a few redesigns to caws that I'm less happy with. I'm starting with Jacob Grimm (who I'll be repackaging as Johnny Blackheart). It's still a WIP but I'll upload a few images tomorrow; I'm very pleased with the changes already made.
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