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  1. Made some slight tweaks to Zom-Boy! Let me know what you think!
  2. Pretty hefty update for you guys, hope you enjoy! So, let's start with JB's new arm tats that you wanted to see!
  3. Yeah, I didn't like how it looked in the end. I actually updated the arm tattoos as well - I'll grab a picture of the new tats to put on here later (I've done some work on Owen Powers so I'll include it in that post). I may still add a back tattoo at a later date!
  4. Hey Russo, I've just thrown all those logos up on the cc. If anything else is missing just let me know!
  5. Blackheart is now officially uploaded! Complete with a custom moveset and entrance, enjoy!
  6. Also, I've pretty much finished Ragnar! Here's the updated version!
  7. Hey XWF, always appreciate your feedback dude! Still have a fair amount that I'm working on. My main goal is to improve the quality of my previous work. That includes complete overhauls to the likes of Owen Powers and Antonio York. Also making some slight changes to my other creations (such as Berzerk, whose mask I'm experimenting with). I do have a few brand new creations in the works, like a comedy-jobber tag team that I'm having some fun with.
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Currently giving Ragnar a bit of an overhaul. Honestly I'm really stoked with the changes I've made so far.
  9. Sucks about your PS4 dude. With that being said, very excited to see you returning with some fresh creations! Been dying to see some new originals around here! Logo looks badass!
  10. Also working on a second attire for Azrael (white and gold). I've created a new ornate mask design, let me know what you think!
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