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  1. Good CAWs. Well done. And I always dig that logo you've got. ps. I want to thank you for that old thread in the 2K19 section you made. I posted a CAW in there and people said I should do an original mask if memory is right, so it was your thread that started me on my lucha CAW journey as it is today.
  2. These are some of my latest original lucha CAWs. I worked hard on these. I'd be interested to see what people say about them....
  3. For what I need to do the game has me satisfied mostly. I just use it mostly for com vs. com matches for my vids (my e fed or whatever you're supposed to call it). So yeah, the image uploader is what I use and making my characters through my own custom designs is a great thing for me. A lot of crashes in CAW mode though. Waiting for a patch to fix that. Material on the costumes looks very realistic this year and makes CAWs look better than ever before I've got to say.
  4. Hey just a quick question, I want to update my 2K22 CAW thread to show some of my new CAWs. I see people usually post new CAWs they've made in their own threads there even though they made the last post before that. I assume this means you can do that in your own thread in that section without it being considered spamming? Just double checking as I'm wanting to show off some of my new CAWs in my thread. Thank you
  5. Yes. I uploaded my character Dragon Infinite to CC but for some reason when I view my uploads it's not showing up but when I search for him with hashtags he shows up and even has some downloads but never shows up at the my uploads bit. That's why there's multiple uploads of him, because when he wasn't showing up at my uploads I thought it maybe wasn't uploading at all. But I can't delete them because as you know they won't show up at my uploads page.
  6. Nice work as always from you. If I ever wondered if it was possible to get highly legit Lucha Libre CAWs done with the image uploader you are one of the creators that has me saying "AHH. It's possible!!". Keep it up.
  7. Yo. Long time no see. Here's my newest character. Graphics on CAWs in this game are crazy. Feedback wanted.......
  8. My newest trailer for my CAW show.......
  9. Interesting. Now lets hope it fixes some of the things that need to be fixed.
  10. Yeah definitely better than 2K20. Thankfully I only use this franchise these days mostly for com vs. com exhibition matches for my vids to build stories off and such. I never take advantage of other modes like universe and such. Now if I can atleast just get some com vs. com exhibition stuff in then it's good for me (well, I need the video creator too of course). I literally put everything into my mask designs and saw the justice 2K19 did them and in 2K22 they look brilliant with the new lighting and stuff just excluding the mouth glitching through.
  11. Yeah it's a bit mad. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now though because it is early days and there's hopefully more patching to come but as for now I can't use this for my YouTube vids yet. It's a big thing for me too because just about nearly all the characters in my vids are masked Lucha guys.
  12. On mine the mouth area glitches through the material. I've reported this to 2K to see if they fix it.
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