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  1. I was wanting to update my lucha CAW thread with some updated CAWs of mine but there is a fair amount of images. Just wondering if there is a limit on the amount of images you can fit into one post? I mean, even if it works that's what that is but I'm just wondering if it's frowned upon by the mods to cram a fair amount of images into one post?
  2. Well that will please people. That's the one everyone's always wanting. Personally I don't think I used GM Mode ever so I don't even know what I missed. My question would be: why was GM Mode so exciting?
  3. Yeah the camera angle is HCTP in full effect. Do you think they did that on purpose so the people who love HCTP will take well to this one? Or is it just to be "different"? Looks good I must say.
  4. I know what you mean but it is only slight though. It's not as obvious as Battlegrounds or whatever it was called.
  5. Made this intro today....
  6. On mine, and I gave up on 2K20 ages ago but when I was using it the logos were so blurred in the matches it was totally ruined through that.
  7. Okay so march 2022 is so far away. Little let down here but hey if they need the time to get things right then fair enough. Footage looks pretty good.
  8. That would suck if true. I'm tired of looking at 2K19 (as good as that game is) and want to see my characters with a new look, even if it is a small difference or lighting difference or whatever.
  9. Yeah I won't able to afford a PS5 any time soon so I'm praying this is on PS4.
  10. That was the whole reason I gave up on 2K20. The images are hardly ever at the image manager after "uploading" them and then the few times they are they are all blurred during gameplay.
  11. Yeah it looks pretty good I've got to say.
  12. That has me on the "Edge" of my seat.
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