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  1. I didn't know who she was until this thread but RIP. I got to thinking if somehow she could have seen this thread in advance maybe it would have prevented what unfortunately happened. You know if you could see all the people that care maybe things wouldn't have seemed as bad.
  2. I don't know if this will definitely work but I've been faced with this problem before. What I would try is if you have Microsoft Paint just click the banner (not the writing on it though) and match the colour with the colour matcher tool and just paint over the writing with that exact colour. Edit: Right I just tried it but it's proving to be a bit tricky because of the shiny parts on the banner.
  3. That truly is a "great" Khali, man. Nice job.
  4. Cool screen grabs.
  5. Yeah agreed. It just depends on who's selling it I guess. It could be to do with that whole thing about HCTP is meant to be the best wrestling game. I've not played HCTP in ages but I've been wondering if it truly is the best or if people are just saying that nowadays to sound cool or something. I've also noticed that a lot of people are selling sorta old things now as if those things are collector's items when I don't feel they always are. Some of the TNA dvds from the past are going for lots of money even on Amazon UK. If you don't believe me check them out LOL.
  6. Nice. I've still got my copies from back in the days.
  7. You ever feel like doing a caw of Mr. JL? Yes typical of me to suggest that costume LOL.
  8. It'd be cool to see your take on Super Dragon in 2K19 because if memory is right you showed off one in the other thread (I think anyway). There is a cool looking one on 2K19 CC but it says I need something from the showcase or something to get it and it appears the showcase is glitched so I can't get that Super Dragon.
  9. Good job again! I can Hardy tell the difference between those and real life.
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