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  1. I made some CAWs here and there back in the days but I didn't start importing my designs until 2K19 I kid you not. I was pretty late to the whole image uploader and before that had never been very good at not only art but coming up with original art. I was kinda skimming community creations hoping for something cool but nobody was really putting up much in regards to what I was looking for (apart from an Ultimo Guerrero CAW which was pretty cool, amazing actually and the great Friedful with his Aerostar CAW. That guy's a legend for the Lucha CAWs) so eventually I got tired of waiting so I said "screw it, I'll just try it myself". I started with torso and lower body designs although would use the Rey Mysterio mask seeing as I had no faith in my ability to come up with original masks that actually look clever but then some guys on here said that my CAWs were good but would be better with original masks. And them saying that was the greatest thing ever because that started my original Lucha CAW journey and have been doing it ever since. You can see my ideas in the Misc 2K19 PS4 section.
  2. Agreed. I only stay tuned to this franchise to make my guys with the image uploader. If I can't do that then the game is more or less useless to me. Funny though 'cause back in the days of Smackdown 2 and such it was a totally different thing. I would play as the guys who come with the game and did that well in to the SvR days. But once I saw the brilliance of the image uploader and making a caw show my opinions have changed.
  3. Looks good. We're counting on you 2K.
  4. Lets hope for the best. As I say: fingers crossed.
  5. If WWE were to give the rights to another company who do you think it should be (if any) ? I can't really think of any because most sports games I know are either 2K or EA.
  6. There's always that thing about giving the rights to EA. My fear with that would be: EA fix things that 2K messed up but then mess up things 2K got right haha.
  7. Yeah the extra year is definitely something that should help this one. Fingers crossed.
  8. Anyone gonna make a prediction if the graphics on the higher consoles will look better than lower? Or will it be like MGS 5 The Phantom Pain where they are practically the same? Yes I know they haven't confirmed we will see the graphics yet but still. Remember when 2K15 came out it was the first one on PS4 so it lacked features from the previous games. That is my worry with this one (and the possibility of it being as glitched as 2K20). I'm kinda hoping that the PS5 version looks the same as PS4 so guys like me who ain't got a PS5 won't be missing much haha. Kinda worried that if the graphics on the PS5 are way better they might not get all the other cool features in like the video creator. I need that video creator to do my stories for my caw show. Should be interesting anyways.
  9. Yeah something about the way he was moving around was slightly different than what I've come to know in games. Then again though if it's a work in progress then it may get tweaked later. Decent though. But I say those movements need to be fixed just a bit.
  10. I got permission from the moderator Ernez to make this new thread showing off my new wave of original characters. These are the characters from the next era of my show EWTW. Some are prototype ideas. There will be a fair amount of images here so lets hope this doesn't crash the internet haha. I've spent the last couple years or so trying to refine the craft of Lucha Libre CAW making so lets jump to it.
  11. Very good and cool little back story as well.
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