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    any that sounds good
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    wwe,tna,ecw,roh,fcw....and indy feds
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    junk food
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  1. I appreciate that. I'm bad at making caws, but I was looking for more like his look when he was feuding with taka for the light heavyweight championship
  2. I was wondering if anyone had or knew if someone has a good brian christopher from his days before he was grand master sexay. I'm putting together a light weight universe mode. And I would like his attire and look from his early years
  3. I'm digging the Kane and Slaughter
  4. Is he up on CC and what are the hashtags
  5. amazing work as always on these wrestlers. But i cant find Matt Morgan
  6. Hey petey which one is Steiner's hair in the game..I cant figure it out
  7. Oh and I downloaded regal...I needed a really good regal for my UK universe
  8. Wizard I applaud you my broski another amazing job well done. I might have to make some space for this Steiner
  9. Jtown4life

    Original caws

    These look really cool. I will definitely download them and add them to my universe mode
  10. Awesome work as always buddy. For some reason the new jeff Cobb comes up with everything missing ? Any clue why ? Oh and keep up the amazing work
  11. I would add classic Kaz, Jeff Jarrett , Kid Kash, Jerry Lynn , chris sabin, just a few off the top of my head
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