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    wwe,tna,ecw,roh,fcw....and indy feds
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    junk food
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  1. I would probably do lots of legends and some indy wrestlers
  2. Can you find the notes from the new patch update and see if it said anything
  3. I just think it's messed up if people who didn't get the nwo version doesn't get a chance to have them also
  4. I really do hope they do release a DLC for it
  5. I'm just shaking in my boots waiting to see who else you got coming
  6. Does anyone know if they will release the Nwo pack for everyone who didn't buy the nwo edition of the game, because that would be unfair to anyone who didn't buy that game to not have those characters
  7. Oh it's so great to see your CAWs for this year's game. Loving the Zack Ryder. Any chance you will do a Matt Cardona...and who else done have to look forward too. I haven't downloaded any wrestlers yet because I'm making room for your amazing work
  8. What other belts will you be making
  9. What other amazing arenas can we expect from you this year
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