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  1. He looks good dude. Still have the original. Having him team with Ryker despite the fact that he's in DEEP SHIT in WWE right now. Looking forward to V2 of him sometime next week but I'd wonder what happened to the other Caws you were working at?
  2. Blackhart looks great so far & for Azrael for the 2nd attire. LOOKS GOOD.
  3. Not sure what is up with the Jack Straps but not a fan of it but I'll try to manage once he's up. As far as what to touch up, The only CAW that I'd can think of is BERZERK but want the Dark version of him.
  4. Looks like a Darby Allen wannabe to me but I'll still get him regardless of this.
  5. Dude, It has not fixed the problem on my end. You are probably a rare occasion that it got fixed on your end. But everybody else has the same problem.
  6. Sorry to hear you got banned dude. THAT SUCKS!! Good thing I'd got him before you got banned. Not sure about the other CAWS because I'd already got what I'd wanted. I'll wait till you do something so I'd can response to your new CAW whatever it is.
  7. I'm interested in his ALT ATTIRES now but his moveset needs to change thought. Didn't get him but I'd will if you upload his ALT ATTIRES.
  8. Found that out the hard way today. Had to readjust some of them when I'd got some of your CAWS.
  9. Got the Logos & the Final version of Him today. I'd did say something about some of the logos missing from the old one in the previous comments but glad that this guy who has replied to you has said something about it on your final version of him. I'd know of the Main changes that you have made in his moveset but can you tell me what strikes that you replaced with new ones so I'd could make a decision if I'd should change it back or not. Thanks.
  10. He's almost SANADA but with Tattoos & a Mask. He could be a good partner for one of the CAWS that I'd downloaded. Maybe one of yours maybe or could be a tag partner for the FIEND BRAY WYATT.
  11. Download him today & all the images in the 2nd attire are NOT THERE! Even if you do this Imgur, Have no idea what it does & how to download them from the PlayStation 4. Maybe what I'll do is put some Image that would be better for him like maybe a Tapout Logo or some Bold Letters to make up for the Images but I'll be playing the game again Friday. Anyways nice try on making a different version of him but I'd still like the game regardless of the bugs that this game is dealing with.
  12. Not knocking your opinion, but with the way the game is, we're lucky to even get good content like this. I think the reason the 2nd attire is missing the entrance gear is because he probably wanted to cut down on logos so it would be easier to download. Plus, you can always tweak the moveset yourself. It shouldn't discourage your reason to download it. Maybe your right but doing that takes time & due to my work schedule, I'd have limited time playing games unless I'd take personal or Vacation days. Didn't know there's a post in CC of his correct Moveset. I'll have to look for it later this week. As far as people who like him so far, not sure about them because they may have not watched him when he was in Evolve & I'd have known his somewhat moveset because I've watched him for a few years.
  13. While I'm happy that Austin Theroy has finally been Uploaded, I'd have a few gripes with him. First his 2nd attire is missing his entrance Attire which is supposed to be a small little shirt or something like that & also his moveset is not right at all. I'd know that guy on twitter sent you a tweet of his Youtube video of his corrected moveset but thought you were going to tweak it after that tweet instead you didn't. Maybe down the road, I'll get him but as for now, I'll pass.
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