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  1. It's cool dude. Had an issue with my Game Friday & lost all of the DATA that I'd had done for Months. It crashed when I was trying to download a random Female CAW & it got Corrupted because of that. Have to restart the game from Scratch so that SUCKS. Not sure who this Acee5Star fella is but hearing your brother returning has me doing the Daniel Bryan Yes chant. Not sure how you got him to return cause I'd was sure he was going to RETIRE after the AEW game comes out. He was thinking of doing that game, but I'd was sure he was not going to do any more WWE games going forward. Thanks for the update & yes, there was one CAW that I'd wanted to see in 2K22 but it looks like you are not going to create him. Talking about Anshem Carter. That CAW puts Mark Henry to shame.
  2. Thanks. Will try to get him sometime next week.
  3. He has that Stone Cold Look. I'd might be interested in getting him as long as the image count is below 10.
  4. That's a lot of Images for The Fiend. May have to delete some CAWS to get him. May have to get him later down the road. Don't have a problem with the Images Glitch yet in 2k22. Surprised you uploaded Ridge Holland. He's had a few singles matches in the past & do know his Main Finisher. Not sure If I'll get him.
  5. Take your sweet time. I'm fine with the roster I'd have right now but will have to delete some old Caws to have room for your new ones whenever you put them out. Images could be an issue if what you are saying is true. The last WWE game that I'd got was very Strick with the Images even thought I didn't max out to 100 CAWS yet. So far, I'd haven't had that problem yet with 2k22, but I'd only have 88 CAWS right now & 10 of them are yours but some didn't have a lot of images.
  6. Get used to it because this is probably Simon's last ride. When 2k23 comes out, he'll probably retire.
  7. Nice Female Caw but when I get her, might make some changes. One is the Hair maybe & the second, hate to say this but it's her look. Just saying. Not going to go into details about that.
  8. I'd was just commenting on his CAW. I'd wasn't saying that to be BITTER. I'd was just giving my HONEST thoughts on it. I'll still get him unless something else interests me.
  9. Looks like a MJF ripoff but might be interested in getting him.
  10. Recognize some of those names but the one that has me SURPRISED is Simon Fierhart?! WTF?!! I'd thought he RETIRED!!! Also heard a rumor he got COVID & DIED! Maybe he got COVID but died would be a different story.
  11. Had an issue with that 2 weeks ago. Posted it on the Bug Topic page on this site. What happened is when I'd was searching in CAW mode the game freezes like what you did & then I'd shut it down by closing the game but when it got to the crash menu, did press it to send it to the headquarters or whatever it was but then it stayed frozen then I'd try to shut the PS4 down but still frozen so I did the one thing I'd thought I'd never thought I'd would ever do. I"D UNPLUGGED THE PS4 & REPLUGGED IT BACK IN. That is something you should not do but I'd did & ever since that, it has worked fine with no repercussions. Thought my PS4 would be broken after that. Sorry that you had to go through that today.
  12. If you did quit, I'd wouldn't blame Ya due to the fact that the morale of Pro Wrestling games is at a low in my eyes to some people either on this site or Twitter. I'll miss you if did retire but personal, Family or Health Issues comes first.
  13. I'd remember you dude. Haven't seen your work yet in the game. Hope you post a topic about your work on this site. Not sure if you are on Twitter but will do some digging on that later. Oz has always been one of the best besides his brother of course but glad he had guts & decided to do this game while others decided to step down until the AEW game comes out maybe.
  14. That has always been there ever since WWE 2k20. 2k19 never did that.
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