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  1. Can you take requests? I'd have a list of CAWS that I'd want from you.
  2. @Oz70NYCGlad to have you back doing what you do dude. I'll check them out today but not sure how many images you used on those but will try to get most of them. Don't forget, there is a list of CAWS that I'd need from you in the mere future in the other forum post. Will post it down the road.
  3. Not sure when your stuff will be ready but what is the hashtag to find your stuff?
  4. Some of the names that you mentioned are on my list too. Your requests are like 15% of the list I've had.
  5. Thanks! Got Cesar today & having him & the former WWE star Aiden English form Version 2 of the VaudeVillains. Had to change his entrance & theme to try to make him Old School. Not sure why some of your wrestlers don't have Entrance gear but not going to lose sleep over it.
  6. Some of your work is good. There are a few I'm interested in. Cesar Rivera, Jason Vance, & Mahmoud Hassan are the ones I'd want for now. There are others but will wait till later to ask for them.
  7. Maybe the reason for that was Probably something to due with COVID 19 maybe? I'd mean the virus caused places to go Out of Business so whatever Job you had, probably lost your job or something like that. Take your sweet time until you are ready since your brother is doing a good job creating content for WWE 2k19. There is a list of CAWS I'll need from you when you do return & It's a big one but will wait till you are ready.
  8. Not sure what your mean by that. Maybe his brother was not comfortable telling me about what's going on with him. He did try to tell him to try to reply to the posts we are doing ever since the last post he did. Do have a lot of requests for him when he comes back from his issues but I'll try to wait for him a little bit longer. Besides, his brother is doing a good job doing work for the game. His special Project is cool to watch.
  9. Tried to contact his brother to have him try to respond to me & everybody else but so far no luck. Not sure what's going on with him but have a long request list of CAWS for him to re-upload.
  10. OzCaws is one. If you really are desperate, should look at Twitter too.
  11. Hey Oz dude, I'm now back playing this game due to WWE 2k20 having crashed on me & has now been unplayable to me for 2 weeks now. There are a lot of CAWS that I'd will ask for you to Re-upload soon. One of them is Ryan Fierhart. There will be more but will make a list & will post it on this topic page soon.
  12. Sometimes dude. If you just look at the posts. It's rarely. I'd do know that my favorite Caw Creators have updated versions of their work plus new ones.
  13. Hope those logos are still there when I'd try to find them Tuesday. Had no idea about the logos being missing until Tonight.
  14. He looks good dude. Still have the original. Having him team with Ryker despite the fact that he's in DEEP SHIT in WWE right now. Looking forward to V2 of him sometime next week but I'd wonder what happened to the other Caws you were working at?
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