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  1. Just found this out from Judas Priest Superstar in the Forums. This game will no longer tell you that you are over the Logo limit. The limit is 1,000 & in the past, the game tells you not to download until you get rid of a CAW from the game. To me, It's bad news & should be for anybody that plays that game.
  2. REALLY?!! They took that away for that game? That is BAD NEWS INDEED. So far I've gotten almost 60 caws But will be 62 once I'd download his stuff. There are Caws that I'd download that have a lot of logos on them. Not sure how I'll know how many logos I'd got but usually when it comes to OZCAWS stuff, It's usually not a lot when I'd download his stuff in the past.
  3. Was playing that game today & this comes out tonight? Oh well, I'll get them Tuesday but only 2 or 3 BUT at least in this game, they'll allow you to upload as many CAWS as you want, I'd think. Maybe around the 100 mark? Anyways, Glad you are doing this but do hope that your brother could change his mind on this game. He just did a video about the Whole WWE2k19 server shut down situation.
  4. I'd second that but still will keep the game as a backup in case something happens to 2K22. Maybe I'll get rid of it once the AEW game comes out.
  5. I'm keeping WWE 2k19 until something happens to 2k22. I'd still have 94 CAWS in that game plus if you are going to download caws, Download Caws from OZCAW, 3XCAW, & WDW. Use those 3 names for Hashtags to find them. There is another name that you should get but forgot what it was, If I remember, I'll do a following post update.
  6. Had no idea you were a disciple AKA Protege of the great OZCAW. Never knew this & never heard of Ya. Looking forward to seeing your work on here.
  7. Had a private conversation with him if he was doing it & glad he's pulling the trigger on it & have been waiting for him to bring his work to the game & he's one of the best. It's a shame that his Brother & another Caw maker decided to not do the game this year but do hope that his brother will return when the AEW game comes out.
  8. Not sure why you think that. Almost done doing both divisions. Some of the storylines are OK while others are so LAME like the Woman's IC & US titles? That is just stupid.
  9. When I was created an almost Road Warrior Female CAW, Those Warrior Paints came in handy. Use 2 of them. I'd don't mind it. True, The creation suite is a setback in this game. Most DIEHARD CAW makers refuse to play this game due to that.
  10. The Money in the Bank ladder Match. It's really REALLY DIFFICULT in my eyes. Took me 40 minutes to win the match & THE AI BEING A ******* ****** even if I set the game to EASY MODE!!!
  11. Hope the reupload of the Female Caws are still up. Not happy that I'd have to delete the old ones but will get to it later today.
  12. I've been wondering that myself. Maybe this Friday or maybe during Wrestlemania weekend.
  13. I'd didn't know anything about that. Just download some CAWS the other day but didn't play Universe Mode yet. Thank goodness for that but it still worried if I should play Universe Mode due to that?
  14. I'd couldn't find Angela Xander the other day. What is the hashtag to find her?
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