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  1. I don't love that Benoits's hairline... But that DDP Sting and Malenko.. WOW.. that DDP is by far the best CAw.. no the "Best Model" of DDP i've seen in a wrestling game! Your work has reach new heights, in fact i've seen a lot of new talented Caw makers in recent months too New people on the caw scene from out of no where with some of the best caw's of any generation. Bravo Sir!
  2. Holy SH! I've not been keeping up on the caws in recent times but WOW these are amazing, You keep getting better and better with every one. And you had already smashed it back in the Matt Morgan upload
  3. Battleground challenge mode netting me about 10,000 a day in under 30 mins I created some half arsed character Highflyer! 1v1 Spam spring boards off the ropes and you can get a pin in 5-6 hits. 2v2 Tag out to a bigger powerhouse or all rounder , and chuck the other teams Player 2 tag partner into the ring, do a long move and they will be counted out at 5 count. Cage, little bit of effort but usually as long as you have the ability to escape Let the opponents climb to grab a bucks bag and escape as they going for money. Gauntlet and Rumbles, Sit on the turnbuckle and only jump when someone targets you.. let the herd thin themselves out. Basically i've gotten this down to an art now... play maybe 5-10 matches on battleground challenge, do a daily challenge, and have a few games of fun with wrestlers I wanna play as and I'm hitting 10,000 upto 40,000 bucks in a play session. Currently sitting on about 110,000 points and Literally nothing left to unlock but future DLC. I love this game, not saying it's perfect.. but it's more fun than I've had with 2k20 for sure! and I was one of the only a few people trying to keep that game alive on this forum!
  4. I think you need to take pics of these characters on the green screen background, the same CAW edit screen with the white background isn't really doing them justice. Unless its for your own reference points in which case... Yeh, I do that with all my caw's
  5. Man those logos and designs look really nice, you some damn good art skills. Kinda wish you did transfer that skill onto "Real life" wrestlers but hey man, keep doing what ya do!
  6. Hey Man, been a Long time, you been working on anything new? Seen your youtube channel uploading a lot of new content! Great stuff as usual.
  7. So this was my second weekend with the game having picked it up Black Friday sale... And I kinda really like it. - Done all the daily challenges - Got the Campaign clocked - Doing one of the Battleground Skill tree things to get those sweet sweet battle bucks - Unlocked pretty much every male Wrestler but not the alt attires yet It scared me a lot with the grind aspect but it's not been that bad! granted I've milked all the campaign bucks and that well is dry so Now I guess it's whatever I can farm 1v1 or Daily challenges.
  8. To this day I have no clue who sick boy was.. I dont think I ever seen him wrestle a match.. ever
  9. Think the face needs to be a bit slimmer and gaunt.... Orange tends to look like he's skipped a few healthy meals and maybe not caught enough sleep. I think you're insanely good tho, once you pull everything together he's gonna look amazing. Like the shades are gonna pull it all together for sure.
  10. I think mixing into one thread is probably better, to be fair people using your textures are gonna search both anyway... or if they on 2k19 on PC and like WCW they probably know your gamer tags! It's only just dawned on me with you being on PC, have to dabbled in Mod's for 2k20 or 19? Surely that is gonna be the next step in the ultimate wwe game
  11. I love that Eddie, but I'd have gone with his Eddie is my Favourite Wrestler Shirt *
  12. With the Rumble I had to "cheat" climb the top turnbuckle.. any corner at any stage in the match... only jump attack or kick if someone comes near you. Grind them right down and makes it a breeze to eliminate the last one standing! You will take mild damage but I made the whole rumble still within Yellow meter
  13. So I've only had the game a day, and got about 40,000 Bucks from the Campaign and messing about in Matches. Obviously the end goal is to unlock everyone, but with the Monthly store discount things what if I already have say HHH and he's available in two different packs. Do they still take the full points or do you get refunded any difference? And what's the deal with these discount Bundles... once they gone are they gone for good? or is it randomised. What's the most constructive point efficient way to Unlock stuff (Side note I'm kinda enjoying this game... feels a lot like TNA impact but with the All Stars / wwe mobile game Models)
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