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  1. Can you please DM me the WCW Hogan logos need them for universe 

  2. One of if not the best Punk's I've seen. that looks very clean and beautiful as always
  3. DAMN! that Ref took one for the team lol That Hogan looking damn fine in gameplay sir, Brilliant work!
  4. God Damn Tekken57 is back! well you never left, but nice to see you dropping by on us 2k20 folks. Peja! you know you hit the big time When Tekken approves. Man's a legend modder, LEGEND!
  5. Dude, I been playing a lot of Battlegrounds and that Wrestlemania 2020 arena shows up a lot... you did a really nice job there. Let's see some pics of this new Hogan in action in the nitro ring or something to give the authentic feels !
  6. welcome, i'll check in every week or so if you need more... Only ones I dont have a full set of is 2k19 & 20 I think
  7. haha thats a bit broad... midcarders then or now? Say pick 20 wrestlers... i'll see what I can do by tomorrow
  8. You think you can cut and edit this for me please


  9. Aye, I think my textures on media fire have been removed. It wasn't easy to upload everything so PM who you might want and i'll upload whatever you need.
  10. Only available from Supercard Packs bought 16-18th Feb.. Code released 19th Feb.. (Might be a timed code or limited use) I've used it and worked for myself.... so fingers crossed
  11. Sorry buddy, my ps4 died on me last year and with it all my caw's and game saves. I never returned back to WWE2k20 having lost everything. I assume maybe 2K has removed Caw's that havent had active users for a while...
  12. ooooo This is where I think that HCTP remastered would have been the best seller for them. It's a blend of everything... and even to this day it graphically looks amazing. It's not even my favorite game of all time. but it certainly was the best made in terms of roster, gameplay, graphics and features as a complete package
  13. For me less is more.. of all the wrestlings my favorite was WCW nWo Revenge , it being limited in matches, edits and no custom moves or caw's took nothing away from that game for me. Battlegrounds I absolutely love because for the first time in over a decade I am enjoying playing the game, no Cawing, not having to re-edit movesets, Not haveing to think about universe mode or what match types to set up. Less is more.
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