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  1. Hey can you cut this so i can use it in wwe 2k20 please1531078388_00032.thumb.jpg.af6e67c3c788ab60b6d1e76c9c5ef6ca.jpg

  2. Can you please DM me the WCW Hogan logos need them for universe 

  3. You think you can cut and edit this for me please


  4. That Raven is way more Improved on the 2k20 Version! NICE"
  5. Hair styles or tattoo's never bother me when playing the game, but the attire updates are nice.! That being said Gamevolts Kevin Owens tattoo's cheeky Body suit sleeves workaround was amazing
  6. ooo That Bailey is rough. I mean she looks rough IRL but that hair line.. ouch
  7. I literally just happened across that Britt Baker.. its amazingly good!
  8. So COOL! I wish this was on ps4
  9. Nope... it's the textures from 2k20, can cut, edit use faces logos whatever for anything you want.. pc, xbox, ps4. Just helps to have a bit of photoshop know how.
  10. Ooooooooo That's Not half bad! Colours look spot on. Like the snickers logo for extra points Yeh I mean, I've only just started working on mine again too... same textures slightly different Tron Drops but it looks the same. Well done! Once you got Souled out done you can copy and paste and change them around to get the others.. only ones that take extra attention are any classic 94 arenas like saturday night wcw arena and stuff.
  11. Loving how 2k20 is getting an influx of the old creators finally jumping on board. It's definitely gotten more CAW's love in recent months.
  12. it's about 12 Noon here in UK.. 11:52 GMT to be exact... 9th May 2020.. and 2k servers are down. anyone else have issues? There's nothing about it on Twitter or forums. Edit: they back up
  13. or even 'paint.net' then saves as whatever format you need. There are loads of FREE software to use.
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