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  1. There are others from the WWF games.. but none of theme are really good for textures as they so low res
  2. back when I got the game Angle was one of my first attire hunts.. I seen loads of amazing angle Textures on PC mod's and previous 2k games from other guys here.. Most I would never been able to recreate or even able to find the same textures they used. Trust me.. I had a go! Pro tip search ebay for "Angle Ring worn gear" he tends to sell off his Old TNA singlets In the end the only usable textures I managed to secure was these...
  3. I think some Topics under wrong sections can slide... Since you know.. end of the world. I guess we all just gotta be a bit more friendly, help each other too .. Some people might be going through major dramas and for me this is a nice escape from the real world at times
  4. So much is wrong with this post. 2k20 forum, not 2k19. Caw section on PS4. Not an E-fed Morbid Name for a Fed.... and isnt a joke to make a youtube video out of a wrestling fed based on covid 19 situation,
  5. WOW! I dunno if I love or hate the more animated style. But you done so many at such a high quality they would all look perfect. Bravo mate! very nice work.
  6. Petey_the_Clown

    Face Scans

    I too asked for this kinda guide a while back with no reply sadly... I never know how to line up the face textures and what's the best size to edit them at before the 2k Uploader. Any template would be helpful... anyone?
  7. Sorry Buddy, like the other Aj attire request post I'm not a pro at making from scratch, I too havent been able to find clean images of this attire.. Soooo... lets just Bump it and wait and see if anyone else can help out
  8. I legit didn't think he ever made it into an SVR game.. but he made the cut in 2006. Here's his textures.. not the best Resolutions but its all I ever found. Knee Pad Pants
  9. I gotta be honest mate, Life has massively changed for me. I don't think i'll be creating any Arenas for a long time. Feel free to use whatever textures I've Uploaded above.
  10. legend! I had literally started on that last night but you beat me to it.
  11. Thats one happy Punk haha! Like the face texture a lot
  12. or even 'paint.net' then saves as whatever format you need. There are loads of FREE software to use.
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