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  1. Single play exhibition with In game wrestlers... fine., it works now. Universe mode, Big buggy still. Lack of alt attires or random original DLC attires being used can be jarring. Caw Mode works, but feels broken still, CAA works but too little too late. Custom titles are still garbage, call names don't work and lighting makes them look like Toy belts in game Community is dead, bar a few great guys on here. But if you wanna search thousands of pages for caw's that are broken you'll be deeply frustrated. But.... it is playable. Worth a go for Cheap £/$ 25 max for Deluxe is worth it! Especially seeing as this might legit be the last WWE game for a long time now.
  2. tried Emailing or messaging the creator? sometimes asking direct can work... if peopl arent dicks.
  3. All very good points... I think ps5 and most AAA games have already been announced that they delayed till 2021 +.. soooo Yeh I think there is little to NO hope we'll be getting 2k21. Also... do we really care? Dunno about you guys but its certainly made me appreciate the little thigs in life more.
  4. I've looked hard, this seems to be an attire specific custom, haven't' tracked down any PNG logos or artwork yet. Also just realised it's got a red triangle thing behind the logos too, meaning we gotta look into designing that as well as the OC custom ones
  5. Hmm Not much Love for AJ styles it seems. I can't remember exactly what they even look like. These one's? As I said in other AJ Post... No guarantees i'll be able to find or make these logos, but i'll have a look
  6. You mean the attire where he botched Edge's spear? Which logo's exactly? I'm not confirming I'll be able to help but I can have a google at least. No promises! i'm not 100% committing here.
  7. I still prefer the old mate, but the beard itself looks better on the new.. and the face structure . You know what, I think you are trying too hard. Maybe it's because 2k20 in game models seem lesser than previous years.... your original edge texture looks like its straight from a 2k developer. (one of the good ones) The Updated edge.. might have looked better next to 2k19 models i'd say
  8. It's a real shame they never made this cross play .. like so many games have and are doing that now.
  9. These are amazing! like an RKO outta nowhere you are rocketing to the top of the best creator charts. Props mate.
  10. I've uploaded my own custom & "stolen" from N64 mod's textures for WCW WWE arenas. I would love to give credits to the original N64 texture creators but it's been years on some of these and I genuinely can't remember. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9gufkzjgy58x0eh/PTC_Custom_WCW_WWF_Arena_Textures.rar/file
  11. Thanks Mate, Well I have been meaning to re-upload these after 1.07 patch.. but with the world gone to hell I may have to pause on CAA's for time being. That being said I had already cut and made all the textures I once used or was planing to use. available here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9gufkzjgy58x0eh/PTC_Custom_WCW_WWF_Arena_Textures.rar/file
  12. Can I tag onto this.. If anyone even has the WWF classic Attires made up from caw parts. Like I've seen African Dreams Top, and Kamala mask, max moon etc.. But I haven't figured out exactly what ca part belongs to whom. Even from past 2k games... pics would be useful to port over.
  13. it's worth it. but aim low then. I just had to bite at it for Hogan.. because im a big Hogan mark. and I HATED previous years games only being able to have "the icon" " Hank Logan" or some other BS call name. Caw;s SUCKKKK if they dont have name calls
  14. I gotta be honest i don't really follow WWE these days.. but I got the rips from 17 & 18 games... Not sure if these were still being used exactly or which ones which. But here ya go; i also haven't edited these in size or anything.. so you'll have to trim them or re0size them for the 2k Uploader thing
  15. Thanks... I think I re-upploaded these after patch 1.07. I think... I honest can't remember!
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