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  1. Thanks my friend. Got another one here. The gimmick is, the mask looks normal when in normal mode but then the mask design changes when he activates tiger assault mode.....
  2. Thanks. Ahh interesting. Here's another side of a new mask I'm refining....
  3. Thanks bud. Yes these are my original designs. They DO look like the things you just mentioned. Power Rangers and Transformers and of course Lucha Libre masks are my inspiration. I like things that kind of look like those.
  4. Yes I've been getting this all day today and yesterday. 403 error and such.
  5. We should have had GTA 7 by now LOL. Any hopes for features in GTA 6?
  6. For what I need to do the game has me satisfied mostly. I just use it mostly for com vs. com matches for my vids (my e fed or whatever you're supposed to call it). So yeah, the image uploader is what I use and making my characters through my own custom designs is a great thing for me. A lot of crashes in CAW mode though. Waiting for a patch to fix that. Material on the costumes looks very realistic this year and makes CAWs look better than ever before I've got to say.
  7. Interesting. Now lets hope it fixes some of the things that need to be fixed.
  8. On 2K19 I got this thing where the universe mode would say, if memory is right that I needed at least a certain amount of characters to start one but even if I selected that exact amount or more it wouldn't start. Maybe I was missing something, I don't know. Thankfully I never really got into the whole universe mode thing. I'm getting something on the 2K22 image uploader saying I can only upload 50 images. I'm assuming this maybe means every 24 hours or so....? Does anyone know when you can start uploading more?
  9. Yeah the camera angle is HCTP in full effect. Do you think they did that on purpose so the people who love HCTP will take well to this one? Or is it just to be "different"? Looks good I must say.
  10. I know what you mean but it is only slight though. It's not as obvious as Battlegrounds or whatever it was called.
  11. Just to say something Tekken related: Tekken 2 - best game intro ever
  12. Nice. I recorded me doing all the main missions back in maybe 2016. If you want a real test you have to turn reflex mode off. Can't wait for another MGS although it might need Kojimas name on it to feel legit, I dunno.
  13. Yeah agreed. It just depends on who's selling it I guess. It could be to do with that whole thing about HCTP is meant to be the best wrestling game. I've not played HCTP in ages but I've been wondering if it truly is the best or if people are just saying that nowadays to sound cool or something. I've also noticed that a lot of people are selling sorta old things now as if those things are collector's items when I don't feel they always are. Some of the TNA dvds from the past are going for lots of money even on Amazon UK. If you don't believe me check them out LOL.
  14. Nice. I've still got my copies from back in the days.
  15. Another difficult one in a game was Sahelanthropus on MGS 5.
  16. Just beat the Bad Land bit or whatever it's called on the first Rayman. That was very hard.
  17. WSC Real 11 on 360. And might get back to recording my playthrough of Metal Gear Solid 1. Anyone here into that? There's got to be some Metal Gear fans on here.
  18. Yeah. As I say the scenery is just amazing.
  19. Completed CoD WW2 the other day and am now on Watch Dogs 2. The scenery in Watch Dogs 2 is amazing.
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