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Divas of WWE 2K16


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I don't understand the reasoning behind having Goldberg be the cover star? I feel like it should have been someone like Sasha Banks, or any of the women who have made an impact this year.

I don't think that will ever happen unfortunately

Wonder if 2k17 adds more.

Oh I am sure they will. No doubt The 4 Horsewomen will be in this year. Possibly even more of the NXT women
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My bet goes to either Charlotte or Sasha

I go back and forth with the.

I can see them holding the T4HW back as a DLC knowing how in demand they are. OTOH I can see Charlotte being the default Women's Champion and if she is then there is no need not to include the rest on disk

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^ I don't think there's any reason for them to be a DLC. I know they could be a huge selling point, but that would just enrage people and I think 2K is smart enough to understand that (besides Shinsuke Nakamura is probably gonna be their flag ship DLC this year). Perhaps Bayley might be a DLC, but Sasha, Becky and Charlotte should be and I bet they are, in there right away.

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After the outrage with the Four Horsewomen not being included last year, they'll definitely be included this year, not DLC.


As for the first Diva revealed, I think it'll be Charlotte. And they'll want to show off the new Women's Championship, as well.

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Super excited that Sasha's confirmed. I hope they have the back stabber transitioned into the cross face version of the Bank Statement in the game as well as a grounded straight cross face Bank Statement. We can make our own combos then like from a wheelbarrow bulldog as she sometimes does. Hoping her corner knees to a rope hung opponent is in the game to.

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So I am thinking Charlotte default WWE WOMENS CHAMP and Bailey default NXT WOMENS CHAMPION


Hopefully we get a few of the NXT Divas in the next game




Dana I think are locks

I hope so and o hope we actually get Heel Emma

And I hope they still keep her old entrance motion

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