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  1. I know the feels... they got me twice, as well. FeelsBadMan I thought they unlock as extra attire
  2. One question about these dlc skins, are we able to use them in Universe or only exhibition matches?
  3. I think there is an option where even if you purchase unlock all, you may choose to leave them locked in case you want to unlock them using vc. There is normally an option when you go to the unlockables menu to unlock all if you have purchased the accelerator. I also don't think attribute customiser is necessary if you play universe as attributes change automatically when you win or lose matches.
  4. But if someone makes a Fiend attire using the DLC fiend attire parts, you still have to purchase him to be able to download any CAW using his DLC attire parts I meant like last year when ppl used bray wyatt to create the fiend
  5. Looks like it is trying to do the pout
  6. Hope someone makes a good Fiend attire for Bray Wyatt. That is probably the only thing I care for from this DLC. I mean I like the idea of having skins for the roster. But I never like paying for it, especially as I'm not interested in fantasy gameplay in a wrestling game.
  7. That is a problem with all Showcase models. Since there is no entrance in Showcase, the models don't have an entrance attire. Unless at the point required by the entrance motion. Kinda dumb. Did anyone try that issue we had last year where, for e.g., Charlotte removes her robe in the entrance but she is wearing another inside? Because you have given her one while creating an attire but the entrance already gives her one for that one spot where she removes it.
  8. I like jow the ref is like " i dont want to be left out"
  9. I wanted those Charlotte's hair styles for my CAW. Guess im going to stick with the same old one from last year
  10. Just wondering, I didn't see the Riott Squad tag & trio entrances
  11. Chyna will only be able to wrestle women i guess
  12. I really want to know what else is included in the DLC this year. I don't want to get the deluxe edition if im only getting 2K original content like attires and caw parts i will never use. Fiend is then only character i want. Which i can get even after the game releases as pre order discs are always found on the shelves even after release
  13. Jay Lethal: sorry I don't think I'll get him from CC Io
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