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  1. Has the Hacker reveal happen
  2. There another game coming too with tons of Indy wrestlers already signed up.
  3. VanillaSlice

    WCW Project

    Can we have Ralphus now haha.
  4. VanillaSlice

    WCW Project

    I hope the CAT gets up next one. I'm the greatest. I need to level out that midcard.
  5. VanillaSlice

    WCW Project

    Konnan and Chavo are both excellent.
  6. VanillaSlice

    WCW Project

    Cheers I'll fix that today, before I start my universe.
  7. VanillaSlice

    WCW Project

    Thanks for Kidman, The thunder show is the Great American Bash arena.
  8. VanillaSlice

    WCW Project

    Thanks for Alex Wright Faces Of Gear and one else added that's 15 up now. What else you have for upload coming up. Just lost to Alex Wright as Raven
  9. VanillaSlice

    WCW Project

    Got most these now can't wait to start a WCW Universe.
  10. VanillaSlice

    WCW Project

    OMG this thread . Dude you are the Goat of WCW caws.
  11. So has MVP and Edge both signed deals ?
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