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  1. We Man I can’t unlock Eddie this lean against the rope DDT ain’t happening for me.
  2. Got sword for Chrissy is it any good ?
  3. Episode 5 Gunslinger is now up pretty boring episode.
  4. New Season I'll have to join in again. Clash of Champions.
  5. Is anyone else having trouble since the update on ps4. Mine is always buffering or freezing never had that before.
  6. I hated MK11 at first, starting you enjoy it slowly, just wish they had some more characters to use, for tower modes. I'm doing the crypt as we speak.
  7. VanillaSlice

    WWE Drama

    R Truth is currently trending as the #1 Wrestler on social media in the company
  8. Got 10 points and didn't, know a single single wrestler accept that bird did a porno or something. Did as good as my NHL tipping. Bring on the Rumble.
  9. Jordan Devlin Dave Mastiff Moustache Mountain Rhea Ripley Pete Dunne
  10. Drew Orton Lashley Nattie Truthmella Braun ends up Kurt beating Corbin Dean Ronda Cedric New Day Becky Bryan
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