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Everything posted by TNFNS

  1. Mfs couldn’t even get The Rock to do a promo for them
  2. This match kinda sloppy but it got more thighs than a Lashley match
  3. Becky got the turkey meats out Charlotte tried the Andrade elbow and it looked like butt
  4. Damn did all that rapping throwing shots with WWE Dick down his throat just to get released, before I edited the other post I said they weren’t gone be shit.
  5. Shit at this point they about to terminate their video game contract to save money
  6. BIFF IS BACK BABYYYY WWE blows my mind everytime I see them trend, shit is hilarious
  7. Bro just spiked himself wtf
  8. This is Xavier Woods’ world title
  9. Zelina and then hopefully Woods, the gamers getting rewarded
  10. Hell yeah dude, ass all over Reddit
  11. I was literally about to ask about Santana and Ortiz, nice also I guess we’re not gonna see the spot the cameraman missed??
  12. I can’t believe Khan put that on the YouTube show, that was crazy
  13. TNFNS

    WWE Drama

    Ong I thought middle school fit too, bro need the Nike Elite socks and backpack then he’s ready for the school dance
  14. TNFNS

    WWE Drama

    Whole thing was dumb as hell but ngl, bro talking about sneaker heads and popped out in this fit . This the part that made me angry.
  15. TNFNS

    WWE Drama

    Edit: I just seen the backstory on the shit and it’s dumb as hell. It’s the sneakers comment or am I wrong?
  16. I hope to god Mox didn’t accidentally hit that person with the baby in their hands
  17. Need an Adam Page return in this i nutted
  18. Back to the Durags for Jack
  19. He says Bobby Fish is next in line for some reason
  20. Idk how I feel about that, cause Miro was on a killstreak
  21. yeah they gave him a Forex gimmick
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