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  1. YTR

    DLC Discussion Thread

    Highly doubt it, unless it's an OMG move. But seeing that arena did get me excited and hopeful that venue will be available in Create an Arena mode (which is also doubtful). Hopefully it's is available in the future, better games.
  2. YTR

    WWE 2k20 Wishlist?

    I wish they removed the invisible walls. Like if you did a backdrop in the ring close to the ropes, your opponent would fly over the top rope to the outside. Same thing around the stage. Also throwing weapons, I loved that in the old games where you can throw chairs, kendo sticks, tables, whatever. And you know what, just for fun, being able to unfold the chair like in Just Bring It and maybe even being able to place your opponent on the chair in a sitting position to do some cool moves. Unlikely any of this will be in 2k20, but still.
  3. YTR

    Women of WWE 2K20

    What do you guys think the chances are for NXT UK talent to be included? Like Toni Storm, Rhea Ripley, Viper and whoever else there are (haven't really watched it myself)
  4. YTR

    Women of WWE 2K20

    They couldn't get bald Baron Corbin in 2k19, heel Io Shirai has no chance
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