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  1. Cheers dude ✌ Loving NXT made re fall in love with wrestling. A fresh 2 hour show each week with story building. Wish the main brands did more but, they drop things to fast. Looking forward to tomorrows show. Dexter and Undisputed ERA storylines great.
  2. Karrion Kross Fall And Prey ✌ That Instrumental is off the charts.
  3. Ciampa going to the main brand or staying NXT
  4. Take my money 1000 caw slots. Can I pre order now.
  5. Has the Hacker reveal happen
  6. Downloaded RVD come out in plain white tights .
  7. Got sword for Chrissy is it any good ?
  8. I haven't had that issue, just logos not showing up in matchs or Abyss Face Paint.
  9. Episode 5 Gunslinger is now up pretty boring episode.
  10. Still no patchs, wow certainly a kick in the guts.
  11. New Season I'll have to join in again. Clash of Champions.
  12. Any of you watch the Animated Releases.
  13. Is anyone else having trouble since the update on ps4. Mine is always buffering or freezing never had that before.
  14. I hated MK11 at first, starting you enjoy it slowly, just wish they had some more characters to use, for tower modes. I'm doing the crypt as we speak.
  15. July 3 2000 Monday Nitro Terry Funk vs Johny Stamboli.
  16. VanillaSlice

    WWE Drama

    R Truth is currently trending as the #1 Wrestler on social media in the company
  17. Cause I wasted my money on this game, I thought he good edition after the fun had on Injustice 2.
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