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    Breakin' Necks and Cashin' Checks.

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  1. That would’ve been insane with a crowd
  2. I would totally be down for MVP forming the BDC in WWE.
  3. Outside of Rhea Thiccley, Baszler is Goated.
  4. I think my old Display name(TheNewF’NShow) was glitched so I had to do change password and change account name to be able to login normally. Hope this helps for anyone with that problem.
  5. Let’s go Usos How’s everyone doing? It’s been like a week.
  6. I wouldve preferred John Cena as the part timer to take the title off of The Fiend, but Cena probably has the dignity to turn that down knowing how that feels.
  7. You know whats even better, Goldberg and Reigns but in The Rock/Cena form. We have Goldberg beat Reigns this year and then next year...wait for it...REIGNS BEATS GOLDBERG. Both Wrestlemanias SOLD OUT. You can catch AEW every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.
  8. Vinces Saudi Arabia bookers once again make Undertaker and Goldberg the spotlight of the show
  9. As the first ever Mens Rumble winner, I was hoping to make history again...
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