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  1. Orton’s winning this won right? It’s like their 3rd or 4th title match in a row
  2. Remember she posted Morrison’s dick pill prescription on Twitter. I do.
  3. Corey said “I’ve seen her on Tik Tok, I’m not surprised”. Same here Corey...same here
  4. they definitely lack the intensity for the spots in this match lol
  5. Kross looks like the dude from American History X
  6. TNFNS


    Oh yeah that’s true as well, I remember Taichi getting a suspension and paycut too. It’s real serious in Japanese culture. I’m just hoping they can keep it on the side until the more serious matters get resolved.
  7. TNFNS


    Big shoutout to all the women and men coming out speaking on horrible things happening to them. Nothing but respect from me and I hope justice is served one way or another. I just hope these crucial allegations don’t get shadowed by some cheating allegations. I know cheating on a spouse is very bad, but sexual, predator like and mental abuse is much worse. I’m not trying to downplay cheating but there’s more serious situations needing the light. My take on it, I don’t usually speak on these things here.
  8. they’re doing a whole lot for something that’s probably going to be so mid oh this is pre-recorded
  9. Okay, it looked hard for Tozawa until he did that
  10. Remember when they made that rap video years ago? Lol
  11. what are the chances Street Profits join Lashley and MVP cause I could totally see that happening. But the only way I’d see it happening is if they surprise attack Drew on a random RAW before PPV. You know how the usual Title match thing goes where rivals (MVP and Street Profits) interferes and then the allies (Viking Raiders) come to the rescue blah blah blah it gets dragged on to the next PPV. keep in mind I don’t pay attention to RAW and barely know what’s going on
  12. Someone drop the IG of that female judge, I need to see if her judgement was correct
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