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  1. Hobbs got his dominant win and Starks got his hard fought win. Now push both these guys to the moon
  2. That was a legit save by Adam Page, crazy upper body strength
  3. maaaaaaan Damn everybody getting hurt, looked like Jade hurt her leg on that botched catch
  4. Holy shit, Action Bronson can actually move in there. He’s good
  5. Julia completely overshot that table spot, like damn that looked like it hurt
  6. House Of Black are so damn cool, perfect cast of people, shame they didn’t have anything creative wise for them. It’s automatically a flop cause they aren’t dominating the roster. Sting is literally trying to die in the ring
  7. he’s old with no individual value I didn’t see any White Rabbits tonight
  8. Actually hilarious after all the shit he’s been saying
  9. can we be honest, take away the lights and Scarlett, Karrion Kross is just Lance Cade
  10. Did she drop kick the camera man
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