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  1. I think they would’ve said Cross Gen instead, but you still could be right edit: he said between PS and Xbox, just seen the video
  2. They just using Lesnar as the Black Champ slayer at this point
  3. Haven’t been in here during the PPV but just dropping in to tell you guys to remember to brush twice a day and floss. Don’t let your teeth end up like Lesnar’s
  4. Holy shit he was still on fire, that was *censored*ing dangerous
  5. Mfs couldn’t even get The Rock to do a promo for them
  6. This match kinda sloppy but it got more thighs than a Lashley match
  7. Becky got the turkey meats out Charlotte tried the Andrade elbow and it looked like butt
  8. Damn did all that rapping throwing shots with WWE Dick down his throat just to get released, before I edited the other post I said they weren’t gone be shit.
  9. Shit at this point they about to terminate their video game contract to save money
  10. BIFF IS BACK BABYYYY WWE blows my mind everytime I see them trend, shit is hilarious
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