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  1. Just goes to show these mfs ain’t shit in the WWE without AJ Styles cause where the *Censored* have all of them been
  2. Gunns should’ve won off the entrance alone
  3. #FinishTheStory…Eventually
  4. Plans must’ve fell through, had to have had to call an Audible with Toni Storm last week
  5. They just had Darby beat Samoa Joe lmfaoooooo
  6. Lol, Commentary just mentioned it
  7. damn that sucks, but the content that’s about to leak now. Oh my lord
  8. This is what I meant when I said MJF is just gonna do the WWE thing over and over again, it’s not a good look as your world champion damn never trust the Devil huh someone check his pulse, he might’ve died from that bump
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