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  1. Sabre Jr. turned them down due not wanting to go through NXT, Ospreay would have been severely restricted if he signed, so that's probably why he turned them down. Heck, Hangman Page turned them down recently. Wrestlers on the indies love the freedom to do whatever they want, and use whatever moves they want. If anyone like Kenny or the Bucks did go to WWE, they would get most of their moves taken away due to WWE questionable rules. No doubt, and they dont allow people to have the same moves usally its so dumb
  2. WWE would ruin Marty Scrull character.. Zack Sabre JR turned down wwe offer pretty sure Will Ospreay did also... 95% of those guys who wrestle in new japan love doing especially since the wrestle for other companies also
  3. Excatly wwe doesnt have enuff money to grab all 5 of them and they wont go without all 5 of them getting a offer. And couldnt offer them the freedom they got now
  4. Looks like the elite is staying in japan, cody said hes working on all in 2
  5. Can't believe. Kazarian turned on Daniels and joined The BC
  6. Can't believe they made Davey Richards turn on his friend
  7. Nothing really yet but once I switch from my xbox one to ps4 then there is a fee games i will be picking up.. - Uncharted Series - Bloodbourne ( Maybe) - The Show - Until Dawn ( Maybe)
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