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FWA: Federal Wrestling Association

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A New Era of Professional Wrestling






  • DAY: Monday
  • MATCH WRITING TEAM: Andy, Kyle, Mike, Shawn, Kieran, Jay
  • GENERAL MANAGER: Richard White - Face - Andy
  • COMMENTATORS: Matt Striker (Color Commentator); Joey Styles (Play-By-Play Commentator); Mike Stokes
  • RING ANNOUNCER: Kate Wilmer


  • DAY: Friday
  • MATCH WRITING TEAM: Andy, Kyle, Mike, Shawn, Kieran, Jay
  • GENERAL MANAGER: Richard White - Face - Andy
  • COMMENTATORS: Patrick Callahan (Color Commentator); Vincent Hawkins (Play-By-Play Commentator); Mike Stokes
  • RING ANNOUNCER: Clarissa Caine


Aaron Starr - Face - David

Alexander Krauss - Tweener - Reverse DVD

Axel Martin - Tweener - Matt

Daniel Bryan - Face - Andy

Davey Boy - Face - Oresama

Derrick Rivers - Face - Oldsie

Gabriel Gospel - Heel - David

Handsome Eric - Heel - Ipse

Jack Connell - Heel - Andy

Jayce Cruz - Tweener - Oresama

Jayson Addair - Face - Shaun

Jerry Oliver - Heel - Ipse

Joshua Black - Heel - Jones

JT/Jason - Face - Soap

Kareem Mack - Face - Shawn

Lewis R. Branson - Heel - Jay

Lukas Fischer - Heel - Chad

Marcus - Face - Marcus

Michael Falcone - Heel - Matt

Mikey Whiplash - Tweener - Oresama

Mr. Smiley - Face - David

Paul Burchill - Heel - Kyle

Rhett James - Heel - caged.

Rob Mortenson - Heel - Andy

Robert Gareth - Heel - Ipse

"Rockstar" Owen Young - Face - Kurtis

Roman Reigns - Heel - Jay

Sean Davis - Face - Reverse DVD

Shawn Hunter - Face - Shawn

Spartacus - Face - Kurtis

Stevie Boy - Face - Oresama

Zakk Night - Heel - Jones

Amy Garcia - Heel - Andy

AJ Lee - Face - Marcus

Arika Suzuki - Tweener - Jay

Kelly Kelly - Face - Chris

Lara Parks - Tweener - Kyle/Shaun

'Rad' Roxy - Face - Mike

Sora - Heel - Shaun

Velvet Sky - Heel - Chris


Inhumans (Axel Martin & Alexander Krauss)

Prestigious (Aaron Starr & Mr. Smiley)

Quintessence (Handsome Eric - Leader; Jerry Oliver and Robert Gareth - Tag Team)

Team Let's Get Wasted! (Davey Boy & Stevie Boy)

The Vegas Venenation (Rob Mortenson & Jack Connell)


Dean Osbert - Heel - Ipse (Manager - Handsome Eric)

Lambrinii - Face - Oresama (Valet - The Bucky Boys)

Mike Stokes - Face - Mike (Commentator, Segment Host, Resident Creep)

Paul Heyman - Heel - Chad (Manager - Lukas Fischer)

The Wee Man - Face - Oresama (Manager - The Bucky Boys)


  • FWA CHAMPION: Handsome Eric
  • TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Prestigious
  • WOMEN'S CHAMPION: 'Rad' Roxy




  • JANUARY: The Apocalypse (Elimination Chamber- FWA Championship will be defended inside the structure)
  • FEBRUARY: Honorbound (FWA's Biggest PPV)
  • MARCH: License to Kill
  • APRIL: OverBlow
  • MAY: Health Crisis (Extreme Rules Matches)
  • JUNE: Storm Night
  • JULY: Scars and Stripes
  • AUGUST: Summer Slaughter
  • SEPTEMBER: Something's Gotta Give (All matches will have stipulations attached to them)
  • OCTOBER: Hell on Earth (Hell In A Cell)
  • NOVEMBER: The Great Massacre
  • DECEMBER: End of Days



  • A max. of 4 Characters/Person. Superstars/CAWS allowed; no deceased wrestlers.
  • Follow all Board Rules
  • No Spamming/Flaming/Advertising, etc.
  • No arguing over results/storylines. If you feel you're not getting rewarded for your work, talk to me via PM/Skype and we'll gladly sort it out. :)
  • No Auto-Attacks. But if you desperately want to, you must take my permission first via PM (or each other's permission).
  • Feel free to PM me anything you want on the show - promos, segments, fisticuffs - anything!
  • Be active. The more you contribute in the development of this RPG, the better will you get rewarded.
  • Quality, quantity and regularity - Cover up these three points in your RP and you'll be good
  • We all are busy; so please cooperate if, for some reason, there's a delay in results.
  • You'll be released it you don't RP for a while. If you know you're gonna be absent, notify me so I can work things out.
  • Feel free to build up your own feuds; and asking me questions concerning anything.
  • Use the App provided below to register your CAW/Wrestler.
  • ENJOY! :cool:



















*Use can use a custom form; but it must cover all of the above details.*

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Shawn Hunter

OverBlow | 4/7/13 - 5/5/13 | 28 Days

Handsome Eric

Health Crisis | 5/5/13 - Present |


Jalen Carter III

OverBlow | 4/7/13 - 5/6/13 | 29 Days



Zakk Night

Storm Night | 6/9/13 - Present |


Los Lobos Feroces (Esteban Reyes & Rick Everett)

OverBlow | 4/7/13 - 4/26/13 | 19 Days

Team Victory (Robert Gareth & Jerry Oliver)

Smash!N' | 4/26/13 - 5/5/13 | 9 Days

Prestigious (Aaron Starr & Mr. Smiley)

Health Crisis | 5/5/13 - Present |



OverBlow | 4/7/13 - 6/9/13 | 63 days

"Rad" Roxy

Storm Night | 6/9/13 - Present |

*Carter III was stripped of title and released from his contract for misbehavior following the the pay per view.

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Pay Per View Archive


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"Do you know who I am?"

The Profile of the Messiah

Real Name: Gabriel Thomson
Ring Name: Gabriel Gospel
Nicknames: "The Messiah", "The Savior", "Mr. Main Event", "Mr. MCW"
Hometown: Blackburn, England

Billed From: "A higher plane of existence"

Age: 30 (10th February 1983)
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 223lbs
Disposition: Heel

Brand: Electrification

The Gimmick of the Messiah

Traits: Cocky, Arrogant, Delusional, Two-Faced, Manipulative, Cowardly, Obnoxious

Gabriel is an ego-maniac, he is thinks very highly of himself, always pointing out this talents and often dressing in suits and sampling high quality goods to show his status as being better than the others. He thinks he is better than others and likes to show it, he believes he was born to be in the main event and until he gets there he is just being held back. He only cares about himself and will do anything to win, and will use cheating, dirty tactics and manipulation to get results. The man who believes himself to be a savior, saving the wrestling business from mediocrity, wants to be champion. He wants to have championship gold around his waist.

The Fighting Style of the Messiah

Specialty: Cheap/Heel moves & tactics, Pace slowing submission holds, Quick grapple moves

Gabriel is not a strong superstar, and therefore does not use power moves. He likes using strike attacks that quickly down his opponents. He likes to use quick grapple moves, and submission holds to wear down his opponents. He likes to try and keeps his opponents on the ground, but if needed with rely on his speed and will sometimes used high risk moves, if the situation calls for it. He will also use weapons if he is allowed, knowing that they are deadly and using them to his advantage.

However, Gabriel is a cheat. He is a heel and plays dirty. Along with often taunting and name-calling his opponent, humiliating them and getting under their skin, he will do anything to win. He will use low-blows, eye-rakes, will purposely knock down the ref to cheat and will get himself disqualified to keep titles. He would walk out on teammates to avoid injury, and would avoid conflict in multi-man matches, sneaking in at the end to hit the final strike.

The Entrance of the Messiah

Theme Song: "115" by Elena Siegman

The Move Set of the Messiah

Finishing Move

The Revelation - (A STO were Gospel grabs his opponents face with his right arm and then hooks their leg with his own to force their head backwards into the mat, often done while running, or after "stalking" his opponent. So basically, an STO.)

Signature Moves

Triangle Hold - (Often used a second, submission, finishing move)

Falling Facebuster - (Get's his opponent in the position for a powerbomb, but instead of lifting his opponent he slides his body backwards and pulls his opponent downwards, planting their face on the mat. Sometimes this will be followed by a triangle hold or a cross armbreaker)
Armlock DDT - (Sometimes followed by a cross armbreaker)
Cross Armbreaker
Sleeper Hold Leg Sweep - (When he has his opponent in a sleeper hold, and the opponent starts to find back, he sweeps his opponents legs forward and plants their face on the mat)

Favorite Moves

Various DDT variations
Various Neckbreaker variations
Sleeper Hold
Arm Drag
Running Forearm
Running Flying Forearm
Knee Drop
Various Headlock variations
Open-Hand Chops

The Achievements of the Messiah

Title History

Ass-Kicking Wrestling

1x AKW World Champion

Motor City Wrestling

4x MCW World Heavyweight Champion
1x MCW Television Champion

My Name: Muffin

"And that is Mr. Gospel to you cretin"

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app profile, screw being someone else to Marcus.

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Enter Muhammad Hassan, the one who has caused tons of controversy during his short but very eventful stint in the WWE, couldn't quite stay away from the wrestling world. The very proud Arab-American was quick to join the newly opened Federal Wrestling Association soon after it reopened. It was inevitable that Muhammad Hassan would be treated with the same disrespect and prejudice as he was in the WWE, not only by the Arabphobic fans, but by the other wrestlers and staff. Hassan would be as ruthless and pragmatic in his deals as he ever would be, as he climbs up the ladder against all odds and gain what should have been his a long time ago: World Championship Status.

Muhammad Hassan still calls himself the "Last True Patriot of America", standing up against prejudice and injustice against Arab-Americans since the tradgic day of 9-11. It never did occur that he is willing to jump the slippery slope and become much worse then injustice he fights against.

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I don't need no fancy graphical imagery, kids these days | Gabriel Gospel


Can you smell that? Can you? No you can't it's the smell of paint drying in my room. But what you can quite clearly see is the return of the living legend himself, Gabriel Gospel. Our hero has finally made his return back to wrestling now that NGBPW has gone under and The Messiah's wallet is starting to feel a little light, but this time it won't be in a suit and tie, behind a desk. It'll be in a suit and tie in the middle of the ring instead. Gabriel was just finishing up putting pen to paper on what can be described as a very tasty contract. My my that salary is very healthy, he's sure to enjoy that. As well as the chance to once again show off his brilliance. The word prove could have been used but it would seem out of place for a man such as Gabriel, one with nothing left to prove, a man who has already done all he has set out to do, a being who has conquered every wrestling company he has enrolled himself into. AKW, MCW, and very soon FWA will be added to that list. Yes cretins, snap those pictures while you can to paste around your company website, because when everything settles into place it will be only that face which matters, Gabriel Gospel, the face of FWA, the face of wrestling,

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The fun thing about Independent Companies, you can be in more than one. It's not like WWE where you can only be in WWE, you can book for other Shows. Yay for Money! So Marcus has accepted a Contract offer here and after dicussing with both companies they're both fine with it. If Marcus gets injured on one, the Company that he wasn't injured in wont pay as it wasn't on there time. That's more than fair enough. Who knows when their Shows are though, will be awks if they're on the same days. good job Marcus has powers of Teleportation again, only gets them when signed to more than company.

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My taglines bring all the boys to the yard | Gabriel Gospel


Gabriel Gospel doesn't need to come up with silly tales such as teleportation to justify his actions. If somebody were to quiz him about how he managed to keep up the demands and time schedules of more than one company with overlapping dates and totally separate locations and storylines he would just remind them that he is Gabriel Gospel and he does whatever the hell he wants because he is just that damn good. He'd then reprimand them for breaking the illusion of the fourth wall and not keeping up the fiction we reside in, then he'd beat the guy down with help from Mike. Apparently. So with Gabriel having no regards for the limitations of reality he is on his phone looking at all the breaking news coming hot off the dirt sheets, showing him who else has put pen to paper to join the FWA experience. Some Arab guy, some black guy... and Marcus. For some reason he can't seem to go anywhere without tripping over Boltonian filth. He sighs, same old, same old it seems.

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Gabe knows he loves the Company of Marcus. They enjoyed beating each other up in Matches quite the bit. Gabey B is also in two Companies, the same ones strange enough. Cleary companies love a bit of a Bolton/Blackburn rivalry. I would assume you're accepted in GQNQ as well Mr Gospel so you can spam there too.

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The B stands for Buttocks | Gabriel Gospel


I will spam when the time is right Mr. Marcus, and let us just make a quick correction. They did not have fun beating each other up, for several reasons. One, Gabriel does not have fun with Marcus involved. Two, the beating was not of each other and was specifically a one way thing directed to the lesser of the two, you don't even need to be reassured which one of them that is. Three, they are by no means rivals, Gabriel is a four time MCW Champion, he is above this industry while Marcus isn't even fit to grace the squared circle. The only reason the two occupy the same company is because they've hired Marcus to fill the card while they've hired Gospel to headline the act.

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Name: Jalen Carter III

Ring Name: Carter III

Age: 24

Height: 5'11

Weight: 204 lbs

From: Gary Indiana

Theme: 3 Peat - Lil Wayne

Disposition: Heel


Jalen Carter III was born in one of the most dangerous cities in America, Gary Indiana.He's seen things in his life that people just shouldn't see. Only at 24, Jalen has already outlived his parents and two brothers. After their untimely death, Jalen lost all most all emotion and empathy for everyone. He has no one, he can only care about himself, he's the only one left. Even though he's a professional wrestler now, Jalen still gets caught up in the vices that he grew up around. Sometimes coke, sometimes oxy, never been a big fan of drug testing. That doesn't stop him from competing however. It just gives him an edge in the ring, he's unpredictable, all though he prefers a hardcore style with reckless abandonment, he can chain wrestler with the best of them.



Carter Clash

Big Match Finisher:

Top Rope Carter Clash


Carter Lock

Regular Moves

Suplex Variations:

Stalling Suplex

Snap Suplex

Belly to Belly

Belly to Back

Dragon Suplex

Neckbreaker Variations:

Running Neckbreaker

Stalling Neckbreaker

DDT Variations:

Spike DDT

Tornado DDT

Reverse DDT


Triangle Choke

Surfboard Stretch

Fujiwara Armbar



Peruvian Neck Tie

Dragon Sleeper

Springboard Variations:

Springboard Hurricanrana

Springboard DDT

Springboard Moonsault to DDT

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I like cake | Gabriel Gospel


James Hanson would be turning in his grave right now before disappearing from that grave for a few months only to pop back in for a small period of spooning with Marcus before vanishing off again into the night. And at one point he'd be buried alive by SCPRN, but enough about these ramblings and onto far more tedious ramblings about Gooby. He'd finished putting pen to paper and he'd finished his meeting with some of the goons of the company which meant he was finally free, he was free to do anything he wanted, anything exciting and wonderful thing a man like him, with the world at his feet, could do. So of course Gabriel is going to go and find a backstage area so he can walk around it. Coming next post a rant about Ni No Kuni.

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Been whilin' and stylin' on em' for years. After making racks slinging, it's time for a new career. Something...more stable...and legal. Sitting on the coffee table in front of Jalen; blunt raps, cell phone, a pen, and a freshly singed contract to the Federal Wrestling Association. FWA was bout to be in for a big shock, the Carter III had just inked his deal and this now means he gets to compete against some of the best wrestlers in the world. But what this contract really meant was that his cash flow was about to increase. Money brings power, power brings bitches, and Jalen is about to be swimming in women. They love professional athletes. He's a VIP now, he can do anything he wants. When you got it, you better flaunt it, you better throw your money in they faces. You can be cocky when you got what he got. You don't need to like him, you don't even have to respect him, he's just doing it, while you're not. He's that guy with the money that you want, with the girl you want, it's okay to be jealous, you're not the first. Sit back and take notes if you want to be anything like Carter. First thing, you gotta dress the best, no cheap shit, now don't get me wrong, women would love him any way, but not everyone can throw out $5000 for a pair of sunglasses. Two, you can't make friends with little people, meaning, the guys that think the world is some nice peaceful place, that just means they haven't experienced the world and they're childish. Three, in this business, don't get caught up with all these dumb ass fans, it's understandable that people would pay to see him wrestle, but they don't care about you, why waste time on people that don't matter, have no money, and nothing to offer except yelling during your match? Finally four, avoid all drug tests, seriously, part of Jalen's contract states that he can't be drug tested, that's how you do it, the man can't keep you down when you are the man. Got that kids?

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Why did Jeff Hardy never think of that? | Gabriel Gospel


Ah yes it's not a wrestling organization without a walking stereotype. The business sure knows how to book people. For a look at stereotyping in wrestling just go and look at any foreign star working in the WWE today. Not like Gabriel could expect anymore anyway, there can only be so many people of his high class in the wrestling industry. I mean we have The Messiah, Gabriel Gospel. And then of course we have Damien San... no no, let's not go there. Don't want to give people the incorrect thoughts of Gabriel being a Sandow rip-off when everyone in the knows knows that Sandow is a Gabriel Gospel rip-off. They knew they couldn't have the real thing and had to make their own. The cretins. FWA have it lucky, they get to taste the true taste of perfection, not the Rolla Cola alternative. You're welcome.

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Real Name:

Caralyn Leah Lorraine

Ring Name:

Cara Leah


August 21, 1988 (24)


Miami, Florida


5 ft. 6 in.


125 lbs.



Entrance Song:

"Let Go" by Red


Multiple Color Variations


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Caralyn grew up a wrestling fan. Growing up her wrestling idols were the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita. She started out being a sports & fitness model before deciding to finally pursue a wrestling career.







Finishing Moves:

Sunset Split

Signature Moves:

Roundhouse Kick

Headscissors Armbar

Inverted Neckbreaker


Snap Suplex

Inverted Facelock

Standing Moonsault

Springboard Drop Kick

Straight Jacket


Bicycle Kick

Flying Clothesline

Knee Drop

Lou Thesz Press

My Name: Mayhem

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This can't be real | Gabriel Gospel


Breasts have arrived! Gabriel has been keeping up with the news, seeing the numbers slowly creeping in. He doesn't even know why anybody would bother after seeing the company has already signing the greatest professional wrestler the world has ever seen. Surely they know who the first World Champion will be. And surely they know that they won't be able to pry that title from him, no matter what they try. But then again the cretins simply won't listen to reason, they seriously think that they'll be able to grace the ring as Gospel's equal, when truly they'll just serve as cannon fodder to bring in the viewers. Gabriel puts down his phone, time to go to bed, he'll check for more news in the morning.

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personal statistics

REAL NAME: Shawn Matthew Harris

RING NAME: Shawn Hunter

NICKNAME(s): The New Age Killer, The Nightmare, The Devil Himself

HEIGHT: 6 foot 3 inches

WEIGHT: 227 lb.

HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

BILLED FROM: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

RESIDES IN: Buffalo, New York

BIRTH DATE: December 11th, 1985

AGE: 28 years old

wrestling statistics


TRAINED BY: Lance Storm, Ohio Valley Wrestling


THEME SONG: "Let it Die" by Ozzy Osbourne

ALLIES: Dynamite, Adam Valentine, Malcolm Brice, Ana Somnia, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel

ENEMIES: Handsome Eric, Dynamite, Marcus, Edgar Von Durer, Daniel Rain, Adam Valentine, Randy Orton, CM Punk, AJ Blair

move-set statistics


. The Victimizer (Double Underhook Piledriver)

. Means to an End (Crossface/scissored armbar combination)


. Buckle Bomb (Running Powerbomb into turnbuckle; often proceeded by The Victimizer)

. Catastrophe Kick (Bicycle Kick)

. Spinal Reconstruction (Swinging Side Slam Backbreaker)

. Ankle Lock

. Belly-to-Back Suplex

. Cross Armbreaker

. Diving Double Foot Stomp, sometimes to a tree of woe opponent

. Enzuigiri Kick

. German Suplex

. Missile Dropkick

. Reverse STO, followed by a Koji Clutch

. Scoop Powerslam

. Spinning Heel Kick

. Swinging Neckbreaker


Sin City Wrestling

. SCW Barbed Wire Championship (1x)

International Wrestling Association

. IWA Z-Division Championship (1x)

Motor City Wrestling

. MCW Atlantic Championship (2x)

Federal Wrestling Aassociation

. FWA Championship (1x; inaugural)

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REAL NAME: Zachary Nigel

RING NAME: Zakk Night

DATE OF BIRTH (Age): June 21, 1987 (25)

HOMETOWN: Detroit, Michigan


HEIGHT: 6' 1"

WEIGHT: 227 lbs.

FINISHER(s): Turning of the Night (Twisting Reverse DDT), Nightwing (Anaconda Vice)

SIGNATURE(s): Nightfall (Frog Splash), Whipser in the Dark (Reverse STO)


- Float Over DDT


- Missile Dropkick

- Belly to Belly Suplex

- Diving Crossbody

ENTRANCE THEME: "Call You Out" by Flyleaf

SHORT BIO: Zakk has been in the wrestling business since getting signed to NEW in February of 2010, aged 22. Fresh out of the University of Michigan, Zakk began taking bookings in NEW, winning his first world title (of six) in his debut match. Zakk would later be signed to WWE, ending the career of Jeff Dynamite before the company released him. Jeff would later return, but never got back off the ground. Night would join multiple other companies in AKW, MCW, WEW, HPPW, and others. Zakk inked a deal with FWA on March 21, 2013.


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