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  1. I definitely wouldn't want another title feud we've already seen in NXT: UK so soon between Rhea and Toni. Storyline wise, I feel like maybe Dakota would be the one to somehow take the title off Rhea; and then Tegan makes a comeback and takes it away from Dakota. I could see a Triple Threat happening between them as well.
  2. I'm not saying that Shayna shouldn't move on from NXT and go on to the main roster; I'm saying that she shouldn't move on too soon from NXT by winning the Rumble straight away in her debut right after losing the belt. Maybe it wouldn't necessarily diminish anything, but at least let shit settle for at least a month or so if something so big were to happen. Not even remotely true. Just because she gets beaten by Ripley doesn't instantly wipe out the sheer dominance of her reign...there is no reason for that dominance to not continue on a different brand. I'm not saying her dominance shouldn't continue on a different brand, but for it to happen so soon after such a long, historic reign AND by winning the Rumble match in her debut not even a full month after losing the NXT Women's belt would be wild.
  3. I think it would diminish the effect of Ripley winning the Women's title a bit if Shayna were to lose, only to get called up and win the Rumble in her debut. Shayna should've loss the belt a long ass time ago, but that's a different story...
  4. I could give two *censored*s about Carillo. Best thing about him is his theme song. Other than that he's probably one of the most bland guys on the roster.
  5. If there is a new U.S. title, hopefully it'll look better than the new IC belt.
  6. I just realized Rollins went back to his original heel theme. Always loved that version
  7. Yeah it's already been announced that 10 NXT stars are gonna be in the Rumble.
  8. Heel Bayley has been a flop. I wanna blame booking, but idk. She's mad boring. And for the love of GAWD I wish they'd stop pushing Nikki Cross
  9. I don't see any NXT star winning the Rumble, either... I'm just saying it would be dope based on how hype the brand has been here lately with its exposure and NXT *censored*ing up RAW/SD at Survivor Series. But maybe that's a bit too much at this point, idk. I can see Roman most likely winning the Rumble. I can't see anyone but Sasha or Ronda winning the Women's.
  10. That's cool if it happens. I'd rather that than seeing more RAW participants than any other brand like last year's was. Feel like this would almost a perfect time to have an NXT guy/girl win the Rumble. If not now, then definitely within the next year or two.
  11. I don't think I've seen a crazier CW title match since the Murphy/Alexander series lol. My only gripe with that match was the finish. I was so damn irritated that they had Lio kick out of the Wing Clipper. I get tired of false finishes like that after such a crazy bump.
  12. I love this feud between Rollins and Owens right now. Rollins being revealed to be aligned w/ AOP was a bit predictable, sure... but predictability isn't always a bad thing in wrestling like a lot fans claim - and it was done very well. Owens looked smart as *Censored* all the way through, too. Dude saw through Rollins' bullshit and knew he was up to some sneak shit the entire time. I think it was pretty easy to tell that Rollins' real life frustrations were coming out for real during his promo. Hopefully this will fuel his mic work going forward and his overall character. I just really want Seth to change his theme and bring back the blonde in his hair. I feel like I'm one of the few who actually dug that look.
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