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  1. I've never understood the appeal of Rusev. He's far from being bad, but I don't think he's good, either. Rusev Day was sort of cool at first, but it got lame as *Censored* really quick. The Rusev Day chant was more over than Rusev himself.
  2. ^ I feel the same way. Fiend's debut entrance at SummerSlam was perfect.
  3. It's still a great character, but I feel like a lot more could have been done with The Fiend character at this point. I feel like him having the Universal title is unnecessary. That's one of my biggest issues. I also hate his entrance now. Too much lighting and shit goes into now and it's no longer eerie or creepy.
  4. These weekly Sasha photoshoots is what I'm currently living for
  5. ^ Exactly what I was thinking. It's not really a matter of how good or bad Punk currently is compared to everyone else in the ring. I'm sure he may have slowed down and is rusty, but the dude's character and appeal alone trumps the majority in that regard.
  6. I love Riddle, too. The main reason why I'm a big fan is because Riddle reminds me a lot of Rob Van Dam - and RVD is one of my all-time favs.
  7. I can understand why he made the comment. Whether or not it was intended as an insult, idk. A shit ton of fans have said similar things about NXT for a while, saying that NXT is basically PWG w/ air-conditioning lmfao... and I hardly hear about any crazy NXT slander.
  8. I don't get why a lot of fans dig so deep into the ratings to begin with.
  9. Braun's whole appeal was about him wrecking shit and being flat out unstoppable. Yeah, he could have won Universal title at any time w/ the briefcase, but it wasn't needed based on what you said earlier with him being 'a monster who can destroy anybody at anytime'. Him having the briefcase isn't something I found to be as unnecessary as much as it was for him to fail at successfully cashing it in; neither proved to be beneficial. It was already bad enough that Braun had like 3 opportunities at the title beforehand and failed to win - and with a guy like him with the MITB briefcase, he STILL comes up short. I just think it all made him look like shit.
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